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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


01  Howard commenced work.  lost half day  He works one year for $22.00 per month  gets one Hog to kill  one Cow to milk  a garden patch  a team to haul his Coal, Eggs to use and will give him 20 bu potatoes when his year is up  Jack and Steve lost 1/2 day  we went to Kewanee to hear Joe Fiper speak

02  Jack and Steve took two loads oats to Atkinson  got 11 cts  Howard hauled cobs  Fathers and Aunt Ann came over and took Burr home with them, paid Howard $8.00  finished paying for Cow  hauled two load oats to Annawan  nice day

03 Hauled six loads of Oats to Annawan nice day

04  Went to Kewanee  folks all at Jims nice day took my Cow to Bull

05 Took load of potatoes to Barker settled up with him and gave note took load of Oats in afternoon and settled with O.P. Rose Howard hauled cobs for J. McChesney Jack and Steve hauled manure nice day

06 Mowed hay in barn hauled manure nice day

07  Hauled manure  fixed fence  hauled one load of corn for McChesney  nice day  Myrt here  Lydia went to Kewanee

08 Hauled twelve loads of corn for Modest nice day Settled up with Jack paid him $13.00 makes us square

09 Howard and I got a load of Coal apiece Howard got 27 bu and I got 29 bu I paid for Howards and paid for my load and 40 bu I got to thrash with Settled with Steve paid him $15.00 for work and what Johnny owed him gave Howard $20.00 at night as he went to Annawan Mrs Griffin here for us to help thrash buckwheat tomorrow nice day

10  Howard and I  helped N. Griffin thrash Buckwheat  Sprinkled several times  J. Rocky came home

11 Sunday nice day

12  Jack commenced picking corn for 1.50 per day  Howard picked too  I went to Kewanee and bought wagon for 17.00  gave note till December 1st  J. Rocky came and got Stub to work  nice day

13 Husked corn fore noon helped Nick with Buckwheat after noon Boys husked after noon Steve commenced husking nice day Lydia and Lill went to Kewanee

14 Jack lost 1/2 day went to rally Otto came nice day

15  Jack lost all day  Otto worked all day  his first day  nice day

16 All husked corn nice day

17  All husked  nice day Howard went to Mineral  stayed all night

18 Sunday nice day Irve and Vesta here

19 All husked nice day

20  All husked  nice day  C. Eyre changed wagons

21 Otto went home paid him 6.25 borrowed 1.25 of Jack nice day All husked

22  All husked corn  nice day  Lydia paid Jack 1.25 that I borrowed

23 Jack lost 1/2 day rest all husked nice day Lydia went to Fathers

24  All husked  nice day

25 Sunday nice day Steve went to Fathers

26, 27 & 28 All husked nice day

29  Jack lost 1/2 day  rained

30 Jack lost 1/2 day rained fore noon Billy here at night

31  All husked all day  nice day  Jack and Steve went to town at night  Jack has husked just 15 days at one fifty per day  makes $22.00