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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01  Hauled 4 loads of Corn for J. McChesney  Hot and Dusty

02 Plowed fore noon two teams, Jack Plowed after noon I shot pigs up Hay pressers came Sula came home with Ella and Burr hot day Jack went to town at night

03 Sunday nice day Lydia and Ella went to Church Sula went home

04 Evans came out and worked all day Hay pressers came and pressed straw El and I helped press 3/4 day they had 3 men and team here for 2 meals We pressed 185 bails and they weighed 89 lb each Reynolds pays me 1.25 per day for Ed and I and I board myself, He pays 50 cts each for 3 men and team per day for board, He also presses my Hay for 1.00 per ton and furnishes 2 men I furnish rest and team and board Hot Day Jack plowed

05 Pressed Straw fore noon Ed and I helped Men went to Annawan afternoon 3 men here for 3 meals apiece and team 3 meals Mother and Jessie here Jack plowed Windy day Isaac Cook here to see Jack

06 Pressed Straw all day Ed and I helped 3 men here for 3 meals each team 3 feeds, Jack Plowed warm day Mrs Rocky sent some meat up by Burr Reynalds here at night his Son came to help press and one man and Boy went Home

07  Pressed all day  2 men here 3 meals each and team 3 feeds  Ed and I helped all day  Jack plowed  Modest said he was going to shell Saturday and wanted one team  I spoke to Frank Vankeck to helop me tomorrow

08 Pressed 1/4 day on straw 2 men here 1 meal each team also, commenced on my Hay at noon and pressed 80 bails Frank Ronhecker helped all day Ed helped all day windy day threatened rain

09  Bailed Hay all day  Bailed 157 bails  Ed worked all day  Harry Kemerling hauled Corn for Modest in Jacks place, He went to Kewanee  nice day

10 Sunday nice day Billy Mortan here Will Bradley came out to press Hay tomorrow

11  Rained some, Jack hauled load of corn for Modest  I picked some Apples  9 bu at Modests  sack full at Rockys and I piled some Hedge along Rockys, Jack cut some corn  Bradley went to Annawan  Jack went away with Will Morton at night

12 Pressed Hay all day Ed helped all daiy Bailed 109 Bails, the boys went Home nice day Bowen came out and killed Bees and gave us one hive

13 Hauled load of Coal paid up for all of the Coal I have had $7.00 and some cents Jack plowed and Ed dug potatoes I burned some weeds along fence, nice day saw Mr. Bowen on road

14  Hauled two loads of Oats out of the Old House for Rocky  Jack finished plowing on west forty  Haxby rode to town with me  nice day  Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee

15 Hauled two loads of Oats for Rocky to Annawan Jack piled Hedge and picked some apples Hot Day Got Plow sharpened at Comps paid 25 for it Got some irons made for shoveling board at Odemans paid him 20 cents for it

16  Husked a load of corn fore noon  Will Lyle was here and paid me $35.00 for straw and said he would like to have me put some straw on the Bails  Colts got out and we went to Nicks for one colt  Cool day  Pete came and got wagon box  Jack went away  W.Bradley here  said they would be here to press Monday

17 Sunday nice day

18 Pressed 166 Bails Liford Haxby helped all day put the Hay all in Barn Mr Bowen and George were here hunting Sula came Home with Lydia and Ella from town They got some spilt Meat nice day

19 Bailed all day Ota George and Liford Haxby helped all day, 169 Bails Bailed today nice day Paid Ola one Dollar for today's work Owe Liford for two days work

20  Pressed part of forenoon  Pressed 48 Bails  makes 728 Bails of hay all told  Paid Frank Regnald $19.75  Guessed the Bails weight at 100 lb each and if they weigh any more I am to pay for the differnece  They took the Press and went Home nice cool day  J.Rocky here and got spring seat  said He was going to Cambridge  Jack hauled some cobs  I fixed some fence down at ditch

21 Jack husked all day I hauled cobs Will Bowen here I paid him 15.00 on the Heifers he said he wanted 100 bu Oats He bought Sorrel mare paid me 30.00 cloudy Lydia went to Kewanee

22  I hauled cobs fore noon and Husked corn after noon  Jack husked all day  Lydia went and took Ella to Kewanee  she went to Galsburgh  nice day but warm for husking  finished the piece below road  turned Horses down there

23 Went to Kewanee took Stove sent it to Galesburgh paid Freight I got some shoes for Burr and some clothes for myself Bowen's were out for Chickins Jack husked all day Elrod was here for money said I owed him 7.50 for work. I tried to sell some Hay but couldn't nice Day Tommy Stanton Buried

24  Sunday  Went to Fathers  nice day  Bradley was here

25 Husked all day saved some seed corn George haxby here nice day but too warm to husk

26  Husked all day  both of us  Messmores commenced husking on 20 and brought one load  here  Bert said 6 rows made a load, warm day

27 Took 26 bu corn to Fathers and traded it for Boar pig Bowens here hunting Ed Evans here I paid him 10.00 and he is to pay me back 2.50 as I owe him but 7.50 nice day threatened rain

28  Husked corn all day  Messmores one load  nice day  Man here to see Jack about Insurance  Mr Maurer her to see about cow pasture

29 Husked corn all day nice day Messmore one load Jack went to town at night after Sula Messmores 2 loads

30  Husked all day  Jack layed off  Lydia and Sula went to Kewanee  Bradley and his gang came out at  night  they went to Annawan and got Oysters and we danced till 3 oclock  Hot day

31 Sunday Cloudy Sula went Home