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 Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Dug some potatoes in morning Jack hauled some manure rained most all day Lydia and Jack went to Funeral in Annawan Mrs Stevenson died in morning

02 Sunday I went to Fathers Lydia to Funeral Al Irves here nice day

03 We hauled 3 loads of Corn J.Moon and 2 loads for Hank. Hot day

04 I hauled one load for Hank and Jack hauled two for him John Bowen and W.A. was here hunting Lydia and Ella went to town Ella stayed nice day Cloudy

05 Hauled 3 loads of Corn for Rocky nice day Colborn came with Sheller Jack went town night Ella came Home turned Bull across the road with Black Cow.

06 Shelled Corn got done middle of afternoon Mr Bowen got two loads Father here wants two loads of Hay nice day cool Men who helped haul were: H. Moon 3 loads, J. Moon 3, J. Rocky 3, R. Remone 2, E. Remone 3, C. Cush 3, I. Crosby 3, P. Wells 3, W. Stone 2, N. Griffen 2, Eli Batten 2, G. Quart 2, Parsons 2, W. Limpka 2, Elmer Batten, Little Pete, C. Fisher and myself shoveled. Did not settle for Corn

07 Went to Elmers to help shell he didnt shell we went to town I drew my money for corn and paid Drew $14.10 for shelling got Draft of $390.00 and the rest in cash got wheel fixed and paid for, got 5 rods for wagon didnt pay for them, misty day tinkered around and fixed crib for husking agent here selling Hog feed they had a trial for theft in town yesterday for stealing Bridles and Rings of Climins

08 Mrs Rockyfellows Jar weighed 13 lbs. Hauled load of Oats to town sold 1000 bu white Oats for 20-1/2 cts I shoveled corn for Elmer Batten all day Jack hauled 5 loads for him Lydia and Ella went to see Nell Mumford nice day Paid Jack $20 at night got pair pants at Barker paid $2.00 for them

09 Sunday Charley Quart here he has rented the west 80 he put the North 40 in oats, he gives me half of the grain and all the straw I am to take my half from the machine, and he puts the south 40 in corn and gives me half the grain and all the stalks, I am to husk my half of it. Will Limpka here he takes the northeast 40 he gives me half of the grain and all the stalks he puts into corn I am to husk my half Young Jersey Calf took Bull, nice day cloudy Tom Mason skipped

10 Hauled two loads of Oats to town then we hauled 4 loads of shelled corn for Eli and Platt then we came Home and hauled 4 loads of Oats to town sprinkled some Lydia and Ella went to town Organ tuner here Lydia gave him one Dollar for Vista and one she owed him Parsons wants man to haul corn tomorrow Shaws say the shell next thursday

11 Jack hauled 3 loads of corn for Parsons I hauled 3 loads of Oats to Dewy have hauled all the white Oats and sold the red Oats for 20 cts per bu Benedict here and bought Snyders Cattle he said he would pay for keeping the Carpenter Cattle from today on and for the Weller Cattle from the time they were put in, nice day had 871 bu White Oats

12 We hauled 8 loads of Red Oats to town nice day sprinkled some Clarence Batten here J. Rocky here

13 Hauled 5 loads of Oats to Annawan nice day snowed in morning Wheelock Shaw and W. Stone here went to Rockys at night Clarence husking picked 40 bu

14 Hauled 2 loads of Oats to town I hauled 2 loads Corn for Stone Jack hauled 4 loads for Shaw Irve here at night We killed Bees Will Mumford and family came at night bought Calf of Stone for 16 Dollars nice day Clarence husked 80 bu

15 Hauled 5 loads of Oats Jack hauled 2 loads of Corn for Quart Got reach for wagon nice day Ella went to Kewanee got her Mother

16 Sunday Will and Nell went to Ed's John Taud, E.Remore here Counted the Cattle in pasture and only counted 27 nice day Jack gone Fisher here Cloudy all day Annawan paper started yesterday.

17 Went to Fathers and got cattle and colts out of pasture then went to Stones and got a steer Calf that I allowed him 16.00 and he owes me 14.00 yet rained most all day saw J. Rocky said he wanted me to furnish man on road tomorrow Clyde Benson here to see Clarence Batten about husking

18 Rained all day Jack went to Kewanee Ralph Remore here put Horses across road turned Cattle in
North 40 Clarence went Home

19 Hauled load of Oats to town settled with Carpenter for pasture he paid me twn Dollars and some cents paid one Dollar for Annawan Newspaper Jack worked on road 1/2 day started to plow Clarence came to husk Cloudy. J.Bowen here John Odeman here to see Clarence

20 Hauled two loads of Oats to town Clarence Husked 40 bu Corn I killed Hog Cloudy and misty Jack plowed

21 Hauled load of oats to town settled with Dewey he gave me 20-1/2 for all I hauled misty day Clarence husked 55 bu Jacko husked a little I plowed a little set fire to clover chaff have sold 3025 bu Oats in all

22 Plowed some, went to Remores for pumpkins got 3, Cold cloudy Father and Mother here Jack went town at night settled with Father for pasture paid him 66.00 he paid me 11.00 for 2 ton Hay I am to haul it soon

23 Sunday Father and Mother went Home nice day Ralph Remore here I bought his 3 Calves for 30 Dollars tok out 6.50 for Millett and seed Corn and paid him $21.50 It leaves 2.00 I owe him. He owes me for two sacks of oats and 64 cts for butter, am to get the Calves tomorrow if it rains. Jack went away today buet came Home at night clear at night Fisher here at night

24 Went to Kewanee Paid Bowen $600 Paid Whiting $43.35 got note Got 3 Calves of Remore owe him two Dollars yet Mrs Mumford went to Kewanee Settled with Jack and paid him 102 Dollars all I owed him Clarence husked 92 bu Jack husked all day nice day windy

25 Rained and Snowed big storm done nothing drove Calves from across road

26 Jack got load of Coal paid for all we had got before at Joe We put 26 head of Cattle in Remores field that belonged to Benedict I kept a Bull for security until I got $18.85 from Snyder and $10.91 from Benedict nice day but muddy snow most gone Jack went town at night

27 Plowed some went to Rockys took Butter down nice day, Ella went to Kewanee with Rockys weaned colt

28 Dug ditch for Rocky Clarence husked 100 bu Jack went to Kewanee Rained some Cattle got in Haxbys field

29 Tiled for Rocky Clarence finished husking for Duke we are square on the trade all but the ton of Hay

30 Sunday nice day J.Rocky paid me 5.00 for Tiling J.Knox here for meat Paid Mrs Evans 7.00 paid C. Mason 14.50 for a Batten got lug fixed paid for it got knife paid 50 cts for it C. Batten husked 80 bu corn Jack husked clarence took Hog for 4.00 didnt settle for it Killed two for myself and one for Clarence he went to Bensons Jack went to town at night nice day Clyde Benson here for Clarence