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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


 01 Sunday Lydia and I went to Fathers got some crabs and some apples from the orchard Ed Remore here Burr went to Church at night nice day Cool

02 Jack George and I went to Fathers and George picked apples Jack and I sowed and harrowed grass seed nice day wrote to Kirk and secretary of Short Horn Association for copies

03 Went to town sent draft of $300.00 to Tom Kirk to finish paying for the Cattle I got of him and sent a letter to secretary of Short Horn association for Blank pedagrees, nice day Father here with some cider, hired Jack for 22.00 per month he has gone to town tonight George dug potatoes Jack hauled manure we picked jag of Corn. Ralph here for ladder

04 Went to Kewanee saw Bowen he told me to go and get some stone in Annawan, I went and got some of Dewy they charge 12 cts per hundred Aunt Kate and Millie here nice day Myrtle here Ella went to dance at Clarks, Jack worked on road got receipt from Dwyre for 3.29 for road work

05 Went to town got 3330 lb stone at 13 cts per hundred Jack hauled manure George dug potatoes I got harness at Remores nice day

06 Mr Bowen here we put some stone under the crib dug some potatoes Jack hauled manure Remores Boys here with ladder wanted to buy some shoats of me George Parker here nice day

07 George Kirk and I went to Kewanee Saw McKinley and his Cabinet nice day went to Annawan at night got letter and note from Alice Kirk, got Burr some shoes paid for them Mrs Rocky and Myrtle here Remores got 30 pigs are to pay me $150 for them

08 Sunday We all went to Irves in wagon got some pumpkins nice day, Nell and Edwins and George Fisher were at Irves

09 We finished digging potatoes Jack hauled manure Bowen here to work on Crib he gave me 10.00 to pay for stone and lumber George husked load of Corn after noon nice day looks like rain Jack went to town at night

10 Went to Annawan got some lumber paid for it and some Stone Jack hauled manure George husked some Corn rained some got receipt for Stone and lumber for Bowen he gave me money to pay for them

11 Mr Bowen here we fixed porch and Cistern George husked all day Jack hauled manure Ella went to town misty and Cloudy gave Bowen receipt for Lumber and stone

12 Jack hauled manure George and I husked corn went to Bumphreys and we Directors bought a Chart for the School I brought it Home nice day Lyale and Nell here

13 George and I husked Jack hauled manure Lyle here nice day rained at night

14 Jack trimmed Hedge George husked Corn I went to town ordered a stove at Dows for 47.00 nice day Jack went town at night I got Kerosene and Oat Meal it came to 90 cts didnt pay

15 Sunday George and Burr went to Church Irve and Par Wells here I went to Fathers nice day Ed Mumford and Albert here Ed bought a wagon of me for 10.00 for it he didnt say when he would get wagon

16 George and I went to Fathers and got Dewey Jack husked fore noon rained after noon William Troye Buried at Fairview

17 Jack trimmed Hedge George and I tinkered around the Boys husked after noon I went to town got hedge shears fixed Keener said Stove had started from shop I got sugar 50 cts and Cheese 21 cts didnt pay Cloudy fore noon nice and sunshiny and warm Lydia and Ella went to Holdridges

18 We all husked fore noon Jack and I went to town I got Stove of Dow am to pay 47.00 for it nice day Lydia and Ella went to G. Carters, Remores started to haul Oats to Dewey, John J. finished hauling Oats We finished husking south ten acre piece and started on west 25 west of barn

19 We all husked fore noon I hauled one load Corn for Holdridge Jack and George husked after noon Ella went to Kewanee Cloudy has Quart got a load of his Oats out of Grainery

20 Went to Kewanee got tank Jack hauled two loads of Corn for Parsons George and I husked load of Corn after noon, nice day

21 Rained fore non Jack and I went to town to see Broncoes sell, nice after noon, got 25 soap and Box Ly

22 Sunday Went to see Remores Callte Irve and Al Clark here to see Cattle nice day, John J. here

23 We all husked Corn two loads on south 40 John J. husked two loads too Bowen here to set tank Ella wnet to Kewanee with him Jack went to town Ed Mumford here and got wagon paid me 5 and owes me 5 yet nice day

24 I husked all day George hauled two loads Corn for Par and Jack shoveled for him nice and Hot Ella came back with Bowen, June Cronau Shot self last night

25 We all husked went of Barn fore noon and on south 80 after noon Emigrant stopped all night commenced raining about 5 oclock

26 Rained all day Jack went to town after noon ricked seed Corn in old House

27 Rained some trimmed Hedge Lydia and I went to town got flour paid for it, got Boots for George didnt pay for them rained at night Ed Remore here

28 Husked load Corn and trimmed Hedge fore noon Jack trimmed after noon Emigrant paid us a Dollar and went on East nice day wind in North clearing off, went and got 19-1/2 bu Coal paid for it and 23-1/2 that Jack had got Mr Bowen came with load of posts he and I put in gate down at west 80 he told me to go to Annawan and get 80 boards to make yard, Jack, George and Burr went to town at night, George got Boots changed

29 Sunday nice day Lydia and Ella went to Irves

30 Went to Annawan got 100 fence boards and a 16 ft plank didnt pay for it we all husked Bowen here with load of posts he gave me $16.55 to pay for lumber nice day Jack went to town at night

31 All husked Corn killed Hog at night