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 Submitted by Max B Cushman

 October - December 1900



01-05 website note: no listings were in the file received for these dates

06 Came Home from Iowa J.Corwin got 20 bu potatoes he is to pay 50 cts per bu

07 Sunday stayed at home nice day

08 Mr Bowen here we worked at Barn Lonie dug potatoes Paine and Barber here nice day Lonie got 24 bu Coal didnt pay

09 thru 20 No entries

21  Sunday  Vesta and Miss Sommers here  misty

22 Picked Corn some Albert Mumford came and got Lydia and took her to Kewanee to see Em

23 We picked Corn Lydia was in Kewanee nice day

24 Picked Corn Em Died this morning at 2 oclock Lydia came Home Ed brought her and a rough box for Em He and I went to Annawan Ed saw to getting a lot for John Williams and saw to getting grave dug C.Fisher and Ella came

25 Went to Em's funeral the relatives all came here for Dinner nice day

26 Picked Corn Mrs Pete washed for Lydia

27 Picked Corn Burr went to town nice day

28 Sunday rained some

29 Picked Corn rained some

30  Picked Corn

31 Picked Corn rained some


01 Picked Corn Burr watched Cattle nice day

02 Picked Corn Burr watched Cattle nice day

03 Picked Corn finished South 80 Burr watched Cows

04 Sunday H. Kemerling here nice day Harry wanted to break my Ponies for 10 and me feed them I wrote out my Sale list ready to have printed will have it the 27 of this month

05 Louie Commenced husking on 80 will pay him more money from this on Irve came at night Mr Elly here from Kewanee nice day Sow had 9 pigs

06 Election day Louie husked fore noon then he and I went to tdown to vote turned Cloudy and Cold got two sacks of Oil Meal paid 4 of it got bu salt paid 1.45 for it

07 Husked Corn all day Defleeger here and got some rags and old iron nice day

08 Husked Corn all day Smith the Hog man here nice day

09 Husked all day nice day Nell and Ida Barret here in evening

10 Husked all day spit Snow for first time rained some Louie got 30 1/2 bu Coal didnt pay for it

11 Sunday nice day Jack here

12 Husked fore noon I went to Geneseo afternoon and had Sale Bills printed came home at 8 oclock

13 Husked all day strange man came to husk corn windy and cold

14 Johnsons Sale Will Ed and I went new man husked 47 bu at 2l 1/2 per bu snow at night paid Ed back 50 cts that he paid me things sold well at Norms sale

15 Picked Corn Butchered Hog went to town Irve here

16 Picked Corn J here got some meat nice day

17 Picked Corn Lydia went to town nice day

18 Sunday rained some J Rocky here

19 Rained some I put up Sale Bills West of here Burr went to Henrys went to Irves and got team

20 Went to Kewanee rained I put up Sale bills got Box Crackers for Sale

21 Went to Annawan put up Sale bills broke wheel Pete husked 61 bu Corn at 2 1/2 per bu I sorted seed Corn at night got letters from Ella and Land Agent

22 Husked Corn Pete husked 69 bu Burr came Home nice day I sorted some seed Corn

23 Husked Corn all day Pete husked 71 bu his wife helped Lydia and I paid her 75 cts put some Cows across the road nice day but threatens storm sow had some pigs south of Barn by straw stack

24 Went to Kewanee got things for Sale Pete herded Cattle for 1.50 Snowed and rained most of day

25 Sunday Pete herded Cattle again Lonie and I divided Hogs and bedded them thawed some of the snow off Black Bowen Cow had a Black Bull Calf Burr went to Willies and got some Eggs didnt pay for them owe 40 cts for two Doz

26 Got things out ready for Sale It's for noon Afternoon
herded cattle and went to town after noon Johns came Pete helped all day and stayed all night got 3 halters didnt pay for them

27 Had Sale. Red milk cow and little red calf didnt sell and red steer and seven small sow pigs got out didnt sell gave horse buyer $25.00 to leave team. John Bowen paid me for potatoes and calf hide. Jim Corwin paid $10 for potatoes paid Sand $28 Davy gave road receipt Pete helped all day

28 Mr Shute got 500 ears seed corn and paid 70 per bu John Ripka said he would pay for his stuff in a few days I sold two Registered Cows to Mr Hutchinson for $137.50 on terms of Sale Mrs Bowen,s Son said he would send his money by Will or Mr Bowen Little Pete got plow and Seeder didnt settle for them Colors boy got fat Bowen heifer didnt settle for her Pete helped all day

29 Lonie and John husked corn all day I helped divide Cattle forenoon and husked afternoon John Archer got 10 steers he paid me Joe Piles got 12 heifer calves he is to give me a note in a few days Morey and Jack Messimore got their things away they are to give their notes Monday Jake bought 3 sows for $40.00 on the terms of the Sale he also engaged 15 bu Seed Corn Douglas Cows came back and Lehmans too

30 Husked Corn all day Lonie got 30 bu coal Dr. here to see Eugene John helped husk Leehman here and got Cow


01 Husked all day John helped Douglas here for two cows cloudy all day 

02 Sunday John went Home Winnie here Lonie went to Smiths

03 Went town fore noon got some notes Jake Messmore here and got 3 Sows for $40.00 and signed two notes one for himself and one for T. Money, husked after noon nice day cloudy, got some things at Barkers paid for them took vinegar to Jacobs

04 Husked all day nice day Agent here to sell a chart for School land Agent Brown here

05 Husked Corn all day Mallory here to buy Chickens

06 Finished Husking Mallory came and got Chickens they came to 15.90 Paid him $23.00 Owe him $56.00 yet snowed some in fore noon and then came off fine, got a letter from New York Life

07 Finished Husking

08 Went town got 100 at Bank paid J.McChesney 5.00 for J. Williams

09 Sunday nice day Mrs Rocky here Lonie and Pete here gave Lonie 85 cts that I owed him Burr went to J.Ts

10 Paid Lonie $56.00 and took 4 Hogs to town and got $68.64 for them Paid John Odeman $13.75 Paid Perry Rose $1.25 Paid Holzinger $5.00 for Clerking Sale settled up with him and left notes and $386.01 at Bank nice day

11 Went to Kewanee got money that Mrs Bowen Ripka and Hank Bumphry had left at Bank, and $10.00 that was left there to my credit by some one else, I left $100.00 at Bank for John Bowen for rent of the year we got some clothes and groceries paid for everything we got Sow had 9 pigs last night all alive and doing well

12 Pete here in morning Guss Hise here and got 5 bu seed Corn at 75 cts per bu J.Rocky here I went and got 30 bu Coal and paid for 104 bu $7.28 nice day Hank Moon here Man moved in Johnsons House today he came from Hooppole

13 Robert Martin here and bought Sir Robert for $20.00 paid me $5.00 and owes me $15.00 went to town left $80.00 at Bank for Howard Batten, paid Billy Shute 50 cts for helping stack straw Mrs Rocky here nice day got letter from Ella

14 Took Robert to Martins George Pearl here and bought two calves and 5 bu seed corn he is to give $26.00 for Calves and 75 cts per bu for Corn nice day

15 Went to town got a letter from Osgood at Estherville Iowa Sold 4 Hogs at 4.50 per hundred to be delivered Monday nice day Ed here and got his wages

16 Irves here nice day

17 Took 4 Hogs to town got 4.50 and 4.30 for them Goerge Pearl came and got two Calves and gave Lydia 30 Dollars his going to get 900 ears seed Corn and will owe for it all but 50 cts I got a note from Hugh Hutchinson of $137.50 left it at Bank got a letter from Osgood Sold the Ponies to G.Humphrey he is to give me a note of 40.00 drawing 6 per cent from date of my Sale Ella came at night nice day and clear at night

18 Helped Rocky haul Hogs then went to Sale G. Humphry took Ponies and paid me $20.00 for them Hank Moon had Sale Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee nice day

19 Went and got Johns and got 160.00 from Kewanee Bank Ella went Home nice day

20 Went to town Winnie and his Mother here Sold Winnie Bridles and lumber for $3.50 didnt pay Went to Iowa to visit and look for some Land, Drew $386.01 from Annawan Bank left Sale Notes at Bank

21-26 website note- no entries for these dates were included in the file

27 Got Home from Iowa nice day bought farm in Iowa 160 acre paid 600.00 down, am to pay $2000.00 April 1st '91 and $4000.00 Jan 1st '92 and the balance is 3000.00 in a loan made by a company in DesMoines made payable on any interest pay day inside of 9 years and opay day is April 1st of each year can also pay one Hundred on any multiple of 100 any pay day

28 Went to town sold my Corn for 30 cts John went with me I sent letter to Lydia in DesMoines nice day J.Bowen here

29 Hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy, John Templeton gave me 15.00 that Bob Martin owed me J.Rocky here John Wiliams went to Port Heap's today nice day Wind South got notice from Myrtle Jane

30 Sunday nice day John went to Church Pettitts Children here

31 Hauled two loads of Corn to Dewy nice cold day John cut kindling got letter from Lydia said she would come Home next thursday