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Submitted by Max B Cushman

October thru December 1901


01 Lydia went to Dexter I turned Clover nice day

02 Hulled Clover nice day Wetrich hauled some here and Darby hauled some too nice day I paid Harry 11.50 for Thrashing

03 Dug potatoes nice day

04 Went to Earlham to Train Show nice day

05 Dug potatoes nice day

06 Sunday Went to Bosleys nice Cool day Cloudy at night

07 Picked Apples and finished digging Potatoes nice daye

08 Picked Apples and hauled Manure Paid S. Neal $50.00 on the $90.00 note I owe him nice day Cool

09 Helped Nellis Thrash all day I paid Mr White for Pony he owes me 50 cts nice day Overhouser here at night

10 Helped Wetrich 1/2 day rained after noon

11 Fixed fence and hauled manure big rain all last night Mr Witrich here we settled up and I owed him
$2.30 paid him and we are square now nice day

12 Hauled manure Lydia and Burr went to town sleeted some

13 Sunday I put potatoes in Cellar Lydia went to Lakes nice Cool

14 Hauled manure nice day

15 Hauled manure nice day spent evening at Wetrichs

16 Hauled manure nice cool day

17 Hauled manure went to Dexter nice day

18 Hauled Manure Lydia went to Stuart nice day

19 Chopped wood went to Earlham got scoop board paid 1.75 for it nice day

20 Sunday nice day Bosleys Girls here we went to Wetrichs after noon

21 Went to Earlham and got Aunt Mary Mumford nice day

22 Mont and Clara came up and Mont and I went to Junkins Sale I bought 8 Heifers, two two years old for 34 apiece and one two year old for 30 and five yearlings at 23 per head gave note for $213.00 on years time Mont signed with me, nice day Paid F. Junkin 9.00 for Hay

23 Husked 4 rows of Corn in the piece Steel farmed and got 12 bu took Aunt Mary to Dexter afternoon, Johnson went with us nice day

24 Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn nice day

25 Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn nice day went to Athertons at night

26 Husked 48 bu Corn in Steel Corn nice day

27 Sunday Nice day Wetrich here

28 Rained in fore noon picked Corn after noon

29 Finished Steels piece of Corn fore noon, Mr Mabert here to sell me some recorded Cattle, nice day

30 Went to Mr Emerts Sale bought 7 Cows and gave note for $190.00 to be paid at Dexter Bank in one year nice day windy paid S Neal $1.57 cash road tax

31 Husked Corn in after noon in Mr Nelis Corn, Husked 25 bu nice day, Nelis husked 15 rows and I husked 10


01 Husked Corn in Nellis, 50 bu nice day, Nellis husked 30 rows and I husked 20 

02 Husked Corn in Nellis they husked 36 rows and I husked 24 rows or 50 bu nice Cool day Lydia went do visit School at No 8

03 Sunday Big Snow two in. last night snow melting nice clear day

04 Went to Dexter got an outfit of shoes for winter chilly day

05 Cut willows and went to Penn Center and voted, Nellis came and got a pig that I shut up nice day

06 Hauled dry wood fore noon and husked 8 rows of Corn after noon Mr Piatt here and bought a lumber cut out of 10 different trees and paid me 5.00 for them we marked the trees with X nice day

07 Husked 8 rows of Nellis they husked 34 rows and there are 10 ahead went to Wetrich Sale nice day

08 Husked Corn nice day

09 Finished Husking nice day

10 Sunday Cloudy and Cool

11 Went to Earlham twice Mrs Mumford came from Doctor S.Neal put Mare and Colt in pasture husked some Corn nice day Cloudy

12 Nice day Sheriff tok mare I Snapped Corn Roy Nellis husked on west 40 Charley White here evening

13 Husked Corn, Roy husked nice day Lydia and her Mother went Dexter heard Aunt Mintie was Dead she Died Nov. 2nd

14 Husked Roy Husked Mrs Lake here nice day

15 Husked Roy Husked til noon nice day

16 I chopped wood fore noon and Husked after noon Burr went to Oyster supper at No 8 Johnson here in evening nice day

17 Sunday nice day We all went to Monts

18 I husked Corn all day sold what Corn I have to spare to Marion Flemming for 51 cents I am to deliver it any time after Jan 1st

19 Husked Corn Burr went to Earlham Mr Wetrich here in evening nice day

20 Husked nice day

21 Husked nice day Nellis 1/2 day

22 Husked nice day Nellis 1/2 day

23 Husked nice day I went to Oyster Supper at No. 8

24 Sunday Nice day folks went to Lakes Mr Lake was here

25 Husked all day nice day

26 Husked Neal Husked Pel Cline here and we marked some logs that he is to give 50 cts apiece, Neal is to take 6 trees in the yard, Pel said Cox is coming here to set his saw nice day got one gal mollases of Wetrich

27 Finished Husking went to Earlham got bl of Salt nice day

28 Worked on Ice Pond nice day

29 Went to Distons and around a little with C. Fisher nice day worked on Pond C.E.Knox came John Neff worked on Pond

30 Worked on Pond all day S.Neal too Went to Ed Scars and rented his 80 acre farm for $3.25 per acre then went to Pel Clines to a Dance C.Fisher Lydia and I, nice day


01 Sunday Nice day all stayed at Home

02 website note: no entry found for this date in file received

03 Witrich Neal McConcey Fisher and I worked on Pond nice day Took Hog to town went to Scars and then killed Hog nice da

04 Went to Dexter nice day

05 Fisher and Mrs Mumford went Home Jack came Fruit agents here and stayed all night nice day

06 Jack and I went to Earlham after trunk, nice day. Pel here to work on trees

07 Hauled fodder and worked on trees. Pel here and worked on trees Eppard here to buy some trees Pel and I went to Coxes to see about sawing nice day turned Cold at night and snowed some

08 Sunday nice day, Cool, sun shone Cox and Wetrich here

09 Trimmed trees fixed pig pen Cowden here and bought some willows at 50 cts a load 12 ft long and 4 high Fett bought some willows same as Cowden, nice da

10 Snowed most of day cut some of Piatts trees

11 Cut Trees fore noon went to Grahams Sale after noon and then to Dexter got Saw set and sharpened, got some things at Downys paid for them nice day Pells hauled some logs down to saw John Cowden got load of Willows he is to give 50 cts per load

12 Jack and I cut and sawed logs all day, Pells hauled logs Rosenberger here to buy logs. Mr Myers here and bought 10 of my Shoats at 4.50 per hundred, C.Thompson here with man to see Bulls. John Cowden got load of willows from west line misty and sleety all day

13 Chopped wood forenoon Eb.Lee here and got load of wood for Millsap paid me 50 cts for it Jack and I took 10 Shoats to Mr Myers they weighed Eleven hundred and twenty lbs at 4.50 per hundred amount $50.40 M.C.Konkey here to get some wood Cold north wind

14 Chopped stove wood, tied Bulls in Barn, Cold day

15 Sunday Lydia went to McKonkeys Lakes Boys here nice day

16 Chopped Cool day Epper here and marked trees

17 Chopped some Lydia Jack and Boys went to Dexter nice day Man buried at Penn Center

18 Chopped wood, Pete Schlarb got 4 loads of wood he is to pay 50 cts per load nice day spit some snow Lydia went to Lakes to the Ladys Aid

19 Chopped all day Pete hauled 4 loads wood, nice day

20 McConkey got load of wood I let him have it for his Boys work on pond he spoke for Trees east of House. Pete and George hauled 4 loads of wood nice day -147-

21 Jack hauled load of Hogs for Stanley we chopped Rose Berg got load of wood nice day Man got Evergreen branches Pete got 2 loads of wood makes 14 loads for Pete

22 Sunday We all went to Monts nice day, sleighing fine snow about two inches deep Lydia went to Church in evening. Schlarb here and bought Lady Rose for $10.00

23 Schlarb and Monts here and got 4 loads of wood, Wonts paid me $3.00 for 6 loads and Schlarb gave a check for $16.00 $10.00 for Cow and 6 for 12 loads of wood, a man living East of here bought what wood there is in north Cow yard and paid me $3.00 for it he hauled two loads today Lydia and Jack went to Dexter Burr drove the Cow to John Wetrichs nice warm day Sleighing went today

24 Worked on logs Pel piled some logs, warm thawed snow Burr went to Dexter, young Nellis here for Evergreens to make Christmas Tree

25 Christmas We chopped fore noon Jack and I went to Earlham I got ax and Coffee Pot Lydia went to Witrich nice warm day McConkey paid me 5.00 for 5 trees

26 Worked in wood fore noon tinkered around after noon went to Stanleys at night man stayed all night nice day

27 Worked in wood all day Jack helped Witrich saw wood after noon, nice day Pel here John Piatt here for wood

28 Helped Stanley Saw wood all day snowed last night Millsap got a 50 cts load of wood and paid for it Jack cut willows nice day

29 Sunday Wetrich here nice day

30 Wood sawers came and sawed all day. I paid them $6.00 Witrich, Neal, Stanley McConkey Jack and I sawed nice day, Millsap Piatt and McGree here

31 Jack and I went to Dexter forenoon got some Groceries at Downeys and paid for them we went to Pitzer and got old Dick paid Mrs Banker 50 cts for feed, nice day thawed some John Piatt paid me $5.00 for wood Millsap moved in Lees House McConkey hauled some wood from in the road