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Submitted by Max B Cushman


From Book #1 - dated at Annawan, Illinois.

01 Sunday Jim Rocky Hide Baker and Modest were here fore noon

02 Went to Annawan to see the races Labor Day

03  Hauled manure  Guss Rich was here after me to work roads.

04 Elmer Conklin came and got ten pigs for Norm at one dollar apiece and let it go on the thrashing Jack commenced work we took the colts over to Fathers pasture and to Modests and helped him sharpen his cutter. The heavyest rain of the season last night, some hail

05  Went to Johnys and got some tomatoes  Bowen was here  mowed yard  helped  Modest load some hogs

06 Sowed grass seed on the lower 20 Book agent was here and stayed all night

07  Cut willows and hauled manure fore noon  I went to Kewanee after noon  Jack hauled manure  It rained last night a little

08 Sunday Stayed at home all day

09 Cut Willows and hauled manure J.Rocky came and got 28 lbs of Timothy sed to sow

10  Jack hauled manure  I dug some potatoes  cleaned out the stable and killed some rats

11 Dug potatoes and Jack hauled manure

12  Went to Fair and Lydia stayed all night  Jack was off today

13  Went to Fair  Lydia came home  Jack is off again today

14 Rained built some fence in afternoon.

15  Sunday  Went to Ed's  stayed all night

16 Built fence and tinkered around

17  Built fence in fore noon  took job of W.Haxby fencing for a row of shocks across the field  scraped manure in yard

18 Hauled manure Dug potatoes.

19  Hauled manure and Dug potatoes.

20 Hauled manure and scraped around the well and dug potatoes after noon Jack hauled manure

22  Sunday  Took Lydia to Kewanee  went to Jims and spent the day

23 Hauled manure and dug potatoes and went to Kewanee at night after Lydia she went to Galesburgh to the show

24  Hauled manure and dug potatoes

25 Dug potatoes in fore noon and took load of Oats to Mineral got 16 cts and had on 60 bu 10 lb Jack hauled manure fore noon and helped George Messmore haul millet after noon

26  Finished digging potatoes  Jack hauled manure fore noon and helped Billy haul millet after noon

27  Cut Corn and set posts between Haxby and I.  Trimmed a little hedge  Father and Mother were here

28 Built fence between Haxby and me

29  Sunday  went to Irves  paid him 50 cents for butter

30 Mowed grass Jack helped Rocky fore noon, trimmed hedge after noon Big Frost last night first frost