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 Submitted by Max B Cushman


 01 Sowed Grass seed all day finished sowing east piece nice day

02 Helped Rocky take his sheep to Neponset he got 4.12-1/2 per head Big Rain at night George Bowen gave me 5.00 in Neponset for hauling corn last summer

03 Went to Fathers and got old Bess and Colt Nell went to Galesburg Mr. Bowen was here after Kindling and ladder we went to look at J.T's steers, and Modest's steers I rented the place for next year Mr. Bowen threw off one hundred and twenty-five Dollars on this years rent and said I could have the place for one Thousand Dollars a year after this year. I am to keep the place in good shape trim the hedge and sink some stone, John T. here at night nice day

04 Went to Annawan fore noon, sowed Grass seed after non rained some toward night

05 Dug potatoes all day cloudy and a cold wind J. Rocky was here

06 Sunday Irve and Vesta were here

07 Dug some potatoes started to Annawan and met uncle Charles and turned around and took him over to Fathers Bryan speaks in Kewanee tonight nice day train would not stop for him to speak

08 Went to Kewanee after Lydia nice day

09 Dug potatoes nice day Burr started to School Lydia went to town at night

10 Dug potatoes nice day rained at night

11 Rained all day Jack was here after some clothes

12 Rained most of day went to Annawan

13 Sunday went to Irves rained fore noon nice after noon

14 Rained Father and Uncle Chas came Father got 6 bu Oats J.T. was here got corn knife said he would give me 29 for cow

15 Went to Annawan Uncle went to Cliff nice day

16 Carter and Winnie came up and dug some potatoes Win stayed all night Norm Conklin came down and we went over to Fathers and got my Horses Norm took Stub Home to haul Manure with a few days, rained some, I sowed some grass seed out North brought all my Horses Home from Fathers

17 Carter and Winnie dug Potatoes on the halves Conklin dug too nice day I sowed grass seed

18 Conklins finished digging Potatoes rained most all day

19 Went to Annawan rained some

20 Sunday Went to Mineral to see Howard about his Cow stopped at Winnies he went to Rock Island nice day

21 Went to Annawan Steve came nice day Jack was here to hire

22 Steve and Jack commenced work Jack by the day and Steve by the Month Jack helped C. Eyre thrash Steve hauled manure nice day

23 Jack helped C. Eyre thrash fore noon hauled manure after noon Steve hauled manure and cut wood I went to Kewanee with John T. I sold 10 bu potatoes to C. Romley for 25 cts per bu in trade nice day

24 Picked up Boards around yard nice day Jack hauled some manure

25 Hauled one load Oats to Mineral got 10 cts had on 57 bu hauled 4 loads to Annawan after noon sold for 10 cts. nice day

26 Hauled 6 loads Oats to Annawan big rain after noon Jack helped

27 Sunday nice day

28 Hauled two loads of Oats to Atkinson came back to Annawan and settled with Dow paid Vandermark for Wheel paid Odeman Howard came with load J.T. cut hay I sowed some Grass seed nice day Paid Howard $17.00 on Cow

29 Rained all day We did nothing

30 Went after Howard Jack and Steve and I went, nice day finished sowing grass seed, Jack went home at night