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Submitted by Max B Cushman


01 Commenced Shelling corn shelled 18 loads, Modest and I went to Annawan after noon George Fittzkee Ed Evans and litle Pete shoveled corn 1/2 daoy. 2 loads were hauled by R. Peart, Norm and Jack. 1 load by Rocky, Modest, J. Moon, H. Moon, Marg, Irve, Conklin, Stone, Bumphrey, Wheelock Shaw, Wellington Shaw and Quart. Norm and and a man here to fix Engine rained about noon

02 Rained this morning so we cannot shell Norm came and brought a machinest to fix his Engine Wheelock came up too but went back we shelled one load and Jack took it to town Modest came up to take a load but went Home J. Rock stopped here on his way to town Hank McCully here on his way to Tom McClures

03 Commenced Shelling again nice day Nell and Bob Henry here 45 loads were hauled by Rocky, Quart, Johnson, Jack, Swab, Jim Moon, Modest, Conklin, Irve, H. Moon, Batten, Marg, Wellie and Stone. George Fittzkee, Ed, Evans and little Pete shoveled all day I shoveled too

04 Shelled 1/2 day nice day 31 loads hauled by Nick, Eli, Barton, Quart, Rocky, H. Moon, J. Moon, Bumphrey, Johnson, Swab, Jack, Wells, Haxby, Stone and Marg. Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee with Vesta Irve stayed here Norm cleaned boiler to Engine Saw Pace and asked him for receipt for road work Fittzkee and Ed shoveled 1/2 day

05 Sunday nice day Jack went away Ella stayed in Kewanee all night Norm and Rachel stopped here on their way home from Fittzkees

06 Nice day shelled 3/4 day Ed and George worked 3/4 day. 36 loads hauled by Jack, Nick, Marg, Wellie, Elmer, Barton, J. Moon, H. Moon, Haxby, Modest, Stone, Conklin and Wells Hauled one load for Rocky Jack shoveled 1/4 day J.Pace gave me a receipt for road work

07 Jack shoveled corn for Rocky I hauled two loads corn for him, say Oliver George nice day

08 Hauled load of corn for Rocky Jack shoveled 1/2 daiy I settled with Dow got Draft of $1901.95 for corn Jack quit at noon, Spencer came and got load of cobs for Nick Ella went with Jack over north to see Billy nice day

09 Went to Kewanee drew $1901.95 from the First National Bank Settled with Mrs Bowen for last years rent and paid $400.00 on this years rent, paid her $1238.00 all told. Owe $600.00 yet on this years rent took load of cobs to them. Lydia and Lyle here to buy some straw I gave Lydia $10.00 Hot Day Jim Rocky paid me $28.00 for Oats he got last spring, Jack came and stayed all night

10 Went to Annawan Paid Champion Note and Barker Note, and Barks Store Bill Paid Al Fittzkee, George Swagger, John Odeman, High Comp, Colon Fick and paid Jack $20.00 for his Mother, Owe her 50 cents yet I took a Supoena down and subpoenied Howie Fittzkee and left it with Al to give to Oliver George to serve on George Fittzkee rode to town with Jim Rocky and Home Hot day Saw Ed Evans he said he would come out in the morning and go to Kewanee Hot and dusty Paid Norm for Shelling $5.00 Called 3 Colts $15.00 and threw off two Dollars it was $72.00 in all I paid Hart 80 cts for potatoes and Paid George Fittzkee for shoveling corn Jim here at night went to town with J.T. he was Subpoeined

11 Ed Evans came out to take Jim and I tgo Kewanee I Paid him all I owed him we went to town and I paid Pratt for fixing harness Harney and I had Suit I beat him had Jury they were Kemerling, Hadsal, Blair, Martin and Renals hot day I paid Wilson $10.00 and paid 3 for Jury wrote mrs Bowen a letter Will Lile bought straw stack $35.00

12 Sunday W. Haxby here Hot day Bred Bess

13 Took 25 bu of corn to Fathers and paid $114.00 to John Henry got note went to Modest to get Wagon to haul corn tomorrow Hot day Lydia and Ella came Home from Galesburgh, Jack came back to commence work tomorrow

14 Hauled two loads of corn for H. Moon Jack hauled load of Oats for Modest after noon I cut some millet then went to Rockys and got jugg of cider Hot day

15 Jack trimmed Hedge all day I went to Fathers after pig Irves came and stayed part of day rained some Lydia got some apples at Modest

16 Jack Trimmed Hedge I went to Annawan Rained all night last night and part of fore noon We wrung some of the Pigs I settled up with Jack and paid him $1215.00 all I owed him up to Date jack went to town at night Lydia paid Mrs Eyre 50 cents that she owed her that makes us square on the Chickens we bought of her

17 I mowed millet and pulled Beans Jack and Ella went to the Fair nice day Lydia made some Catsup

18 Mowed some Clover, raked some Millet and went after hazelnuts Jack trimmed some Hedge and cocked some Millet Irves here and went nutting nice day Jack commenced to work again at 20 per month he went to town tonight

19 Sunday Nice Cool day J. Rocky here, Lydia down to Rockys, Lee Haxby were looking for Bull, Bred Bess, Jack went home

20 Commenced Plowing on 80 Put up some Millet fired a Stone Will was here with Mr Broadbent Mr Bowen and W.A. Bowen here and stayed all night Irve and Vesta here at night nice day Paid W.A. $1.00 for fixing Watch

21 Hauled Millett Bowens struck for the swamps nice day Lydia and Ella went nutting Modest here at night Jack went to town at night

22 Finished hauling Millet Weaned Colts Mitten here for cobs nice day

23 Irves and We went to Fair at Cambridge nice day

24 I helped Modest sow some Rye on the place where he is going to live next year nice day Ed and Wife were here nice day Man here to examin Lydias Eyes

25 Mowed some Clover nice day Marg here Jack went to town

26 Sunday nice day at Home all day

27 Plowed buried stone and hauled a load of Hay Modest here to get me to haul load of Hay up to his place

28 Hauled load of Hay for Modest Jack plowed Lydia went to Annawan got her glasses hot day

29 Loaded load of Clover Jack plowed some I hulled Beans Lydia and Ella went to Kewanee Irves here night Hot day

30 I hauled two loads of Corn for Johnson Jack helped Irve thrash got Plow sharpened and cutter fixed 40 cts did not pay for it Hot and Dusty