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 Submitted by Max B Cushman



01 Jack helped J.Moon all day, Liford helped fore noon I paid him 1.50 for yesterday and today Carpenter put a cow in field today it makes 43 head I worked in Hay Foster and an agent was here left a bucket of Condition Powders here on trial nice day Lydia and Ella came Home

02 Jack helped J. Moon thrash I cut hay nice day

03 Jack helped J. Moon 1/2 day I cut hay fore noon we both helped H. Moon thrash after noon nice day

04 Sunday Carter here. J. Rocky and wife here. C. Fisher here big rain at night

05 Jack hauled manure I did nothing Lydia took the folks all to Kewanee as it is Labor Day there nice and Cool Threatened rain borrowed Rockys Buggie

06 Jack hauled manure I went to town cut some Hay Carter here to see mower nice day

07 Helped H. Moon Thrash all day Morgan Married nice day Lydia went to Irves and to Mineral and to Annawan Ed here to see about clover hauling

08 Went to help H. Moon thrash Fick down and threw up the job We came Home and worked in clover nice day Agent here to have picture enlarged Jack went away at night R. Henry hauled a load of Straw from Remores it is his last load he has hauled 3 from there and one from here Ina here went to Irves tonight

09 Jack hauled manure I went to Fathers after Grapes fore noon and went to Annawan after noon got bl salt 1.00 and sugar 1.00 had it charged at Barkers saw Snyder said he was going to get Cattle week from Monday or Tuesday nice day but cool Burr stayed with Alford Monner all night tonight Lydia and Ella went after Hazel Nuts

10 Jack hauled manure I Cocked hay nice day

11 Sundaoy Went to Irves Ed was here H. Moon here for us to help thrash nice day

12 Worked in Hay fore noon Jack hauled manure We both helped H. Moon Thrash after noon nice day Lydia and Ella went to Bob Henrys

13 Went to Annawan Cut Hay, Jack hauled manure rained some last night nice day Organ Tuner here Fisher here got 21 bu corn for Father

14 Mowed Hay, Jack hauled manure nice day Smith here bought my Hogs for 3.55 am to take them in tomorrow Jack went to town Lydia went to Winnies then to town

15 Took 4 Hogs to town 1300 price 3.35 $43.55 cut grass after noon Paid Barker 4.35 bal Book Paid Vankecker 7.00 for Franks work last Spring Jack hauled manure C. and H. Batten here to get Hay to Press for 1.00 per ton, went to see Carpenters Cattle out at Hay's

16 Took load of Oats to Dewys stored them Jack hauled manure I finished cutting clover nice day Killed Bees Rocky here for help

17 Helped Rocky thrash Lydia helped too nice day Rocky had 16 loads of Oats I paid Farnum 15.00 for thrashing It makes us square now bought 20 sacks at 20 cts each paid for them

18 Sunday Went to Ed's Johns were there Irves were here brought 1/2 bu peaches C. Hise here to get my Clover to Hull Red Cow at Fathers had Calf yesterday nice day Lydia paid 1.00 to her Mother

19 Snyder took 13 head of steers out of field Ed came over and hulled Clover after noon he hulled 85 lbs John Dewitt helped all day nice day Jack got 38 bu coal of Piles

20 Hulled 750 lbs of Clover Ed Remore helped Ed Evans helped too John Dewitt too 1/2 day nice day

21 Hulled all day Ed Remore helped 1/2 day C.Batten all day E. Evans all day J. Dewitt all day Hulled 801 lbs clover Nice day sprinkled at night.

22 Rained hard last night Bob Otley and I went to Moon Boys Ralph Remore here I went down there and looked at Calf Told him would give 15.00 for it

23 Jack took men home I went to Annawan and sold the load of Oats I had left in Elevator for 20 cts Sold my Corn to Dewey for 25 deliver in 20 days Paid Ed Remore 15.00 for Calf, drove it home at night Jack raked Hay nice day but awful muddy man here peddling Organs and sewing machines

24 Jack hauled manure got load coal 31 bu of Moe Piles I cut pigs and cut J.T's Calves nice day Jack went to town at night Lydia and Burr went to town

25 Sunday nice day

26 Huled afternon Hulled 488 lbs J. Moon's man helped after noon Ed Evans and clarence Betten helped all day nice day

27 Huled 513 lbs nice day H. Bumphrey here Ed went to Annawan at night. Quarts Boys here to Rent land Evans, Clarence here all day J. Moon 1/2 day

28 Hulled 541 lbs Clover nice day J. Rocky here Monta here Evans and Clarence Batten helped all day

29 Hulled 474 lbs Clover Have hulled 3659 lbs or 60 and 52 lbs we call it 61 bu and it comes to $45.75 didn't pay for it Ed Evans and C.Batten helped all day nice day P. Dewitt here Snyder took 11 head of Catle out of Pasture

30 Hullers left for Dewitts Jack got Wagon of Nick I dug potatoes fore noon Jack helped Dewitt Hull Clover afternoon I hauled load of Corn for J. Moon after noon. A man from Kewanee put 9 Steers in pasture for Benedict Lewis Ferguson's Boy Killed by Cars Father and Mother came Home from Ohio.