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Submitted by Max B Cushman


 01 Took load of Corn to town fore noon Chored after noon Bowens here got 16 Chickens gave us two Hot day, Ella went to J. Corwins

02 Went to town John McChes paid me for Seed Corn I paid W. Vandermark for setting tires. Moell Christian came and butchered Cow I took Cattle to Fathers Jack came Home with us from town Ella went to pie supper at Church Hot day Burr got Hat and got Hair cut

03 Sunday Went to Remores Jack here Hot day

04 Went to Kewanee got Books for Burr Went to Annawan paid Barker all I owed him paid Dont for meat and Mell paid me 35.00 for Cow Hot day Rockys took Engine to thrash for Debates

05 Went to town fot two pair shoes for Lydia she kept one and sends one back John J. here to look at his Corn, Irve here said there was no water in pasture at Fathers and Jeittz place I took 4 Ears of Corn to Dewey Hot day Threatened rain at night I cut a shock of Corn by windmill I signed an order of 6.00 for Elum Mitten for cleaning School House and yard

06 Went to Pasture to fix a watering place for Cattle fixed the fence so the Cattle can go from one to the other Hot Big rain

07 Hauled load of Oats to town fore noon 4040 1160 big rain Just at night Mrs Moon Died at two Oclock this afternoon Ella took some shoes back to store and paid 1.25 for one pair got flour and some other things paid cash for them and got some Books for Burr raining after night Remore had a mare Die

08 Went to town with load of Oats 3160 1160 and shelled some after noon those who shelled were J. Templeton J. Rocky Ed. Remore, myself P. Wells T. Quart Parsons W Lempka Guss Quart N. Conklin. Pete Par Ed Remore and my self shoveled nice day Burr drove 4 Calves Home from W. Haxbys one is gone yet

09 J. Templeton J. Quart and myself hauled a load of corn apiece to town that was shelled yesterday.
P. Wells got a pig paid $6.00 for it. Shelled this afternoon. Those that hauled were Irve Crosby 1 load P. Wells 2 loads Stone 1 J. Quarts 2 Limpka 1 Parsons 1 G. Quart 2 Conklin 1 Templeton 1 Rocky 1 R. Remore 1 E. Remone 2 Myself 2 Grifs 1. P. Wells little Pete and Jack Eyer shoveled 1 half day. Irve shoveled some Old Mrs Moon buried today. Nice cool day.

10 Sunday Ed and Jennie here Lydia and Ella went to town

11 Finished Shelling those who shelled were Rocky 2 Templeton 1 Remores 2 Stone 2 T. Quart 2
G. Quart 1 Wh. Shaw 1 myself 2 have shelled 60 loads in all, nice day Haxbys found one of my Calves dead in their field Jack and little Pete helped shovel 1/2 day got letter from Alice Kirk

12 Took a load of Oats to town have hauled 928.22 of Oats and 3276.14 of Corn got 27 cts for the Corn and 19 cts for the Oats, got Draft $1,061 at Annawan Bank nice day fixed fence

13 Mer Maurer Comes back to Preach at Fairview it will make his third year here at night Alfred here and stayed all night I fixed fence and hauled load of Coal for School House paid for Coal at Dreweys gave Lydia 10.00 she gave Ella 5.00

14 Burr Alfred and I went to Fair in Kewanee I paid John Bowen 1,000 one Thousand Dollars for rent for 1898 he allowed me $3.00 for road work and his money was deposited in Union National Bank in Kewanee nice cool day for Fair, there was quite a nice display of most ever thing but Cattle no opposition much on them one herd of Black one of White face one of Holsteins and two of Jerseys no Short horn on the ground, I rented the farm for another year Ella Mitten Died 8 Oclock in evening

15 Cut and picked some Corn fore noon paid Rocky 20.00 for shelling 3276 bu of Corn got 3 panes for House paid 60 cts for them John McDonald came at night nice day

16 Went to town got Barrel for cider ingaged some money to go out to Iowa saw Jim Corwin he is coming to see some shoats I have nice day Myrtle here

17 Sunday Went to Ella Mittens funeral misty day rainy evening

18 Husked Corn and Cut some fodder fore noon Jack came at noon and commenced work we went to Fathers and picked some apples for cider nice day got some plums at Fathers

19 Jack took apples to mill and got 58 gallons didnt pay for it I husked corn fore noon took load Oats to town and got a Draft of 400.00 from Dewey got glass for window Ella came Home Albert Mumford here nice day Cool

20 Charlie went to Iowa today so I will have to write what happens here I suppose. Old DeGleiger was here after Burwells bones he has to sell Jim Rocky came up to see if we had pigs to sell Jack hauled out manure this afternoon and went to town tonight after his trunk. It was a very nice cool day.

21 Jack hauled manure all day. Some warmer today

22 Jack hauled manure part of forenoon. It rained untill noon. He trimmed hedge after dinner. Ella went to Kewanee and took salt over to the cattle.

23 Jack hauled manure all day, Ella went to Annawan in the afternoon Jack went to town at night and to the Catholic Fair.

24 Sunday Cloudy and threatened rain all day. Ella and Fisher went over to John Williams. Irve and Vesta were here for dinner then went to George Winters funeral at two Oclock. Ed Mapes here to sell calf. Ed Remore here tonight. Irves have a new buggie.

25 Jack hauled manure and went after load of coal. Got 23-1/2 bu. did not pay for it. Mr Cushman was here after cider keg. Cloudy and cool today.

26 Mrs Rocky brought out mail, got a letter from Charlie Jack hauled manure all day. Ella and I went to Annawan afternoon Cloudy and cool.

27 Jack hauled manure all day Ella and I went down to Mrs Rockys and got apples to make apple butter out of. Warm and cloudy wind blowed hard from South. Rained a little in the night.

28 Jack hauled manure. I made 7-1/2 gal of apple butter. Ella went town after flour. I expected a letter from Charlie but did not get one. Tom Dun and Chris Ibson here after turkeys Ed Remore here in evening. Said he and Ralph had bought 42 steers to feed.

29 Jack hauled manure Lydia and Ella went to town nice day

30 Got Home with 12 head of Cattle from Iowa Geordge Kirk came too Went back to town after noon for trunk nice day paid 39.90 for Cows J. Rocky here to see Cattle I paid P. Rose 15 cts for fixing Harness got some rope of Barker I promised George Kirk 18.00 per month to work through Corn picking he said all right, and he is to commence next monday