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Fahnstrom Emigrations to the US and Henry Co IL

Submitted by Marianne Andersson (who lives in Sweden)
and Susan Fahnstrom


Here is first a list of three brothers of Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom who emigrated to the US:

- Anders Johan Johannesson, born May 20, 1840, who got his papers for emigration May 11, 1866.

- Johannes Gustaf Johannesson, born March 27, 1843, who in 1865 is said to have escaped to North America.

- Karl Peter Johannesson, born June 14, 1846, who is said to have escaped to North America in 1869.

All three brothers were born in the parish of KVENNEBERGA.

Also Ingrid Catharina´s brother-in-law, Johannes Jonasson, who was born November 24, 1827 in the parish of HJORTSBERGA and the widower after Ingrid Catharina´s elder sister Anna Christina Johannesdotter, got his papers for emigration May 7, 1892 and went by boat from MALMÖ a few days later and had bought his ticket to DENVER, COLORADO.

Also the following nephew and nieces of Ingrid Catharina´s emigrated to the US:

- Niece Anna Sara Petersdotter, born November 5, 1871 in the parish of KVENNEBERGA and the daughter of Ingrid Catharina´s sister Lisa Johannesdotter went March 14, 1890 by boat from GOTHENBURG and had bought a ticket to GALVA, Illinois. She must therefore first have come to one of the Fahnstrom brothers! (If the boat made the Atlantic crossing).

- Niece Ingrid Maria Johannesdotter, born August 23, 1864 in HJORTSBERGA and the daughter of the above mentioned Anna Christina Johannesdotter and Johannes Jonasson, who got her papers for emigration to North America February 11, 1886.

- Nephew Karl Peter Johannesson, born March 4, 1867 in HJORTSBERGA and the brother of Ingrid Maria, who June 12, 1885 sailed om board the steam ship "Orlando" from GOTHENBURG to HULL in England and from there had a ticket to NEW YORK, N.Y.

- Niece Wendla Sofia Andersdotter, born December 6, 1868 in the parish of MISTELÅS and the daughter of Ingrid Catharina´s sister Maria (Maja) Johannesdotter, who April 25, 1889 got her papers for emigration.