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Fahnstrom Family Genealogical Data

Submitted by Susan Fahnstrom


If you are researching this family, you will also wish to check the biography and obituary sections of the website as well as the Van Auken Family Genealogical Notes also contributed by Susan.

ANDERS SKOLD (which means Shield) was born 1788, in the parish of Hjortsberga and his wife ELIN INGERMARSDOTTER was born 1784, in the parish of Vislanda, all these parishes are within a few miles of each other, only about 10 - 12 miles apart. They had 4 children:

SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA was born Nov 22, 1810. (Fahna means Flag)

The TRIPLETS, INGEMAR, INGRID, and CATHERINA FAHNA were born May 26, 1816.

STINA FAHNA was born March 28, 1818.

SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA married CAJSA JONASDOTTER, born Oct, 10, 1801, Sven was 19 year sold and his wife was 28 years old when they married, they had 5 children:

ANDERS (FAHNA) changed his last name to LINDBLAD, a name that he took from the Swedish Army. He moved to the US, from Sweden, he was probabably one of the first in the Fahna family to pave the way to moving to the US, he settled in Denver, Colarado.

JONAS (FAHNA) FAHNSTROM, born April 8, 1833, he came to the US in 1893, and settled in Galva, Illinois. JONAS married INGRID CATHERINA JOHANNESDOTTER, they had 9 children. William, Andrew, Charlie, Ben, Edwin, Fred, George, Amel, and Stina Cajsa Wilhelmina.( Minnie.)

INGRID (FAHNA) JOHNSON, born 1840 went to the US to be with her two children. AMANDA JOHNSON FAHNSTROM, her daughter, born Jan 9, 1875 in Smaland, Sweden, she married GEORGE FAHNSTROM, on Oct 10, 1901 in Davenport, Iowa, son of JONAS FAHNSTROM, and brother of ANDREW FAHNSTROM. GEORGE FAHNSTROM died Jan 6, 1968, and AMANDA FAHNSTROM died Dec 29, 1940, they were cousins because AMANDA'S mother INGRID was the sister of JONAS FAHNA FAHNSTROM. INGRID (FAHNA) JOHNSON's son SVEN GEORGE HENRICKSON JOHNSON, went to Galva, Illinois, in 1895, he dropped his last name Johnson, and took his third as his last name, so he was SVEN GEORGE HENRICKSON.

Two other daughters of SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA and Elin INGERMARSDOTTER were ANNA FAHNA (FAHNSTROM) and SARA LENA FAHNA (FAHNSTROM) ANNA got an illness and died in 1878 in Smaland, Sweden, SARA LENA FAHNA got the illness to and was confined to her bed, their parents SVEN & CAJSA FAHNA died in 1881 and 1883, SARA LENA was the only one left, in Sweden.

INGRID FAHNA, sister of Jonas Fahnstrom. (JOHNSON FAMILY)

This lady was Jonas Fahnstrom's sister, she did live in Galva or Victoria for awhile before she went to Michigan, her daughter Amanda married Jonas's son George Fahnstrom, they were cousins, George also lived on a farm near Galva, George's descendents still live in the Galva area today.

INGRID FAHNA, sister of Jonas Fahnstrom. (JOHNSON FAMILY)

INGRID FAHNA was born in Sweden in 1840. she married JOHN JOHNSON in Sweden had two children who immigrated to the US. She had lived as a married woman at Moheba, Sweden, but went back to the house of her parents to live, before she also immigrated to the US, she either separated from her husband or got divorced, we don't know what happened there, anyway, she went to the US to join her son, SVEN GEORGE HENRICK JOHNSON and her daughter AMANDA JOHNSON.

INGRID FAHNA died Oct 25, 1922 while living in the US.

SVEN GEORGE HENRICK JOHNSON was born Jan 19, 1875 in Moheda, Smaland, Sweden,. He arrived at Galva, Illinois, in 1895. He changed his last name from Johnson to Henrickson. He graduated from Augustia College, Chicago, Illnois in 1897. While being a student preacher, he met and married Malvina Christina Anderson in 1900 at Allegan, Michigan. She was born on Oct 12, 1879 in Abrona, Allegan County, Michigan and she died at the farm in Allegan County on May 8, 1964, Sven George Henrickson died April 11, 1941 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


1. SELMA AMELIA, born 11-2-1900, Died 12-10-1985.

2. SIDNEY MORTON, born 1-3-1902, died 3-9-1965.

3. EULALIA AMANDA, born 8-13-1903, died 3-13-1989.

4. GRACE MIRIAM,born 12-10-1904, died 5-4-1957.

5. PEARL EVELYN, born 6-20-1906, died 5-18-1996.

6. INGRID VIRIKA,born 12-4-1907, died 8-6-1964.

7. CARL LENART. born 10-11-1909, died, 6-16-1980.

8. EVALD WILHELM, born 5-26-1911, died 3-23-1951.

9. RAYMOND VALDEMAR, born 4-6-1913.

10. ESTHER MARIE, born 3-31-1916 died 1-1-1995.

11. ELVERA MALENA, born 8-25-1918,

12. VICTOR EUGENE, born 3-?- 1921, died 1-2-1923.

Only Raymond and Elvera are still alive, living in Michigan.

AMANDA JOHNSON was born 7-19-1899 in Sweden and married on 10-10-1901 in Davenport, Iowa to GEORGE FAHNSTROM, son of JONAS FAHNSTROM,GEORGE was born in Smaland,Sweden, he died 1-16-1968 and AMANDA died in 12-25-1940.

GEORGE"S father JONAS changed his surname from FAHNA to FAHNSTROM while he was in the Swedish Army, GEORGE FAHNSTROM'S father and AMANDA'S mother were brother and sister,so they were first cousins, AMANDA'S brother SVEN GEORGE HENRICKSON was against this marriage but they married anyway.


1. ANNA, born 8-25-1904, married JAMES HUFFMAN, their children are ARLENE (HUFFMAN ) BATES and ROBERT HUFFMAN.

2 FREDRICK, born 6-25-1904..

3. EDWARD HERMAN, born 5-1-1906, died in Galva, Illinois, 3-28-1979.

4. CARL HARVEY, born 7-7-1909, died ?.

5. FLORENCE, born, 6-5-1912, died 1/1920.

6. ESTHER, born,6-15-1915, married SWANSON, their children are LARRY, GEORGE.

7. GEORGE ALBIN JR, born 2-16-1919, died 8-?-1919.

Stewart Fahnstrom, son of Ben Fahnstrom.

BENJAMIN FAHNSTROM born March 11, 1970 in Kvenneberga, Smaland, Sweden, he came to the US in 1888, he was a factory worker, he married Hattie (Steward) Fahnstrom, he did marry a second time to Mamie Fahnstrom, all three are buried in Galva Cemetery. BEN FAHNSTROM and Hattie Fahnstrom had one son, STEWART J FAHNSTROM born on June 22, 1895, in Victoria, Illinois, then the family later moved to Galva, Illinois, where Stewart attended school.

When Stewart (Stewie) was only 15 years old, he did an apprenticeship for the Hay's Company in 1910, later he became a soldier on May 13, 1917, and he was in World War I and while serving overseas one of his jobs was to shoe horses, he also worked at the John Clark Company , and was employed in a blacksmith shop in Peoria, Illinois, and received his State Licence for being a Blacksmith. there at the shop, he also owned a Blacksmith store in Galva, Fahnstrom Blacksmith Shop, located on NE 1st Street , Market Street, in Galva.

Stewart also worked at the Colony Blacksmith shop in Bishops Hill the old Swedish Settlement, near Galva, (which was a tourist Center then, and still is today) where he made many items for state property, chandeliers and other iron work structures, and he also did demonstrations for them.

Stewart married Mary (Franz) Fahnstrom on Jan 12,1921. She was born Sept 4, 1898, and died Dec 1980, they fostered a daughter named Pearl Fahnstrom who married a Edward Wilkerson, they lived at 219,SW 7th Street, Rock Island, Illinois, most of their life.

Stewart Fahnstrom had memberships in:

The Masonics.
The American Legion.
The Low 12 Club (masonic)
The Bugle Corps
The Galva Lodge 243 AF
The Club of his WWI Army Unit and he was a member of The First Baptist Church.

Stewart had an article in the National Geographic Book, a hard back book, the article was called "Craftman of America" it was a two page article about Craftmans from all parts of America, it was a article about his work at Bishops Hill, in the 1975 issue.

Stewart and Mary celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1971, He died in June of 1979, at the age of 84 years old, he had spent some time in St Mary's Hospital, Galesburg, before he died. Mary Fahnstrom died Dec 1980, she was 82 years old, both are buried in Galva Cemetery.

JOHN AMEL FAHNSTROM born 1883 in KVENNEBERGA , Smaland, Sweden came to US in 1893, with his father Jonas and mother Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom.

John Amel married Mary Adalia Hanson , they moved to Brady, Texas, he was a farmer and had three daughters:

Rena (Fahnstrom Bassett) a nurse born 1908, died 1981.

Emma May (Fahnstrom) Earl.

Ruth Fahnstrom.

GEORGE FAHNSTROM born 1881, in KVENNEBERGA Smaland, Sweden, came to the US in 1881, he was a farmer, he married Amanda Emma Johnson, born 1877, died 1940, their daughter married Ralph Huffman,and their son Robert Huffman is living in Kewanne, Illinois.

George Fahnstrom' s daughter Ester married Harry Swanson and their son Larry George Swanson is living in Galva, at Harvey Fahnstrom's house, his uncle Harvey died in 1993 and he had no children, so Ester his sister and her son Larry George Swanson moved into the house, now Ester is in a nursing home and Larry lives there, phone number still under the name Harvey Fahnstrom.

Andrew Erland Fahnstrom's children.

OSCAR ADOLF FABIAN FAHNSTROM was born in Sweden in 1887, he came over with his mother Lisen, and father Andrew on a ship from Smaland, Sweden, he died young in 1912, in Galva, Illinois and is buried in the Cemetery there.

ELMER FAHNSTROM was born 1890, he married Mildred (Craine) Fahnstrom on July 12, 1928, she was the daughter of Charles A and Sophia Cottier Craine she was born June 25, 1901, on a farm two and one half miles west of Galva. Elmer and Mildred both worked for a time at the Fahnstrom Tailor store on Front street in Galva, which was owned for a while by Edwin Fahnstrom, Elmer's uncle, and later owned by Elmer's father, Andrew Fahnstrom. They lived at 16, N W 4th street, and both died there, he died in Oct 1967, and she died on June 1985, they had no children, Mildred had a brother in Galva, Maurice A Craine, died April 1988, but he had one son Elliott Craine who now lives in Ashland, Ohio, Mildred's relatives were originally from the Isle of Man, in England, they are both buried in Galva Cemetery.

CARL VANNARD FAHNSTROM was born 1893, he contacted TB after he was in the first World War, and he died in 1921, he married Wilhelmina Van Auken, daughter of Frank and Grace Van Auken, who was born 1898, and they had one son , Carl William Fahnstrom, born 1920, after Carl died Wilhelmina stayed in Galva for a time then she and Carl William (Bill) who was about 3 or 4 years old at the time, moved to California, to be with her mother and her father, Grace and Frank Van Auken, and her brother Fletcher Van Auken and his wife Leona (Miliken) Van Auken, who had moved to California in 1922. Wilhelmina died 1972, in Boise, Idaho, and is buried at Syringa Gardens, Boise, Idaho, and Carl William Fahnstrom died July 16,1996, and is also buried there.

Wilhelmina had one sister Flora Margaret (Van Auken) Engstrand born 1895, who stayed in Galva, Illinois, she had married a Swedish farmer, Charles Engstrand, and they had one son named Van Engstrand who was born 1921, Van took over the farm when his father died in Sept 1968 , Van still lives in Galva, and is married to Marsha Ann, a nurse. Flora is buried in Galva Cemetery.

AXEL I FAHNSTROM was born 1896, he married Helen (Strand) Fahnstrom on June 23, 1930, in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Arvid Strand with the Reverand C Gideon Carlson, the Swedish Methodist preacher, Helen was born in 1904.

Axel was in the military service, he enlisted in the United States Army in 1918, after that he became a partner with his father and brother Elmer in the Fahnstrom Tailor and clothing store . They continued the store on Front street, then after their father's death in Dec 1944, the business was sold to John Girvin in Jan 1962, and Axel still continued to assist there until 1973. He was a Reverand for many years in the full gospel mission church in Galva, Axel and Helen lived at 1009 West Division street, in Galva, they had no children, Axel is buried in Galva Cemetery. Helen Fahnstrom is still alive and is in Seminary Manor in Galesburg, Illinois, she is 94 year old.

HULDA FAHNSTROM was born 1899. She married Roy Alverson, they had no children, but they did adopt a baby boy, (Bill) he was the son of Byron and Wretha Boastrom, but his mother died a few days after his birth, so Roy and Hulda adopted him. His name was Williard G Alverson born March 18, 1930, Williard did service in the Army in Germany from 1951 to 1953, he died in 1994 in Peoria, and is buried in Galva Cemetery.

Roy Alverson died a few years before Hulda, and then Hulda died in 1986, they are both buried in Galva Cemetery.

Fahnstrom Family.

Sven Johan Vilhelm Fahnstrom went to US, from Sweden in 1880 -

William Karl August Fahnstrom went to US in 1883

Charlie Bengt Aaron Fahnstrom went to US 1888

Ben Anders Erland Fahnstrom went to US with his wife Lisa Inga (Lisen) Fahnstrom and their first child Oscar in 1888

Andrew Gustaf Fritiof Fahnstrom went to US in 1889

Fred Jonas Edvin Fahnstrom went to US in 1889

Then in 1893 Jonas and Ingrid Fahnstrom and their three youngest children: Nils Goran Otto, Johan Emil, and daughter, Stina Cajsa Wilhelmina, went to the US., they settled in Galva, Illinois, which is sister town to Galve in Sweden.

For more information see Fahnstrom Family Emigrations

Fahnstrom is a very unusyal name in Sweden and also in the USA, from what we know of the Fahnstrom family still living in the Galva area, they all pretty much stayed in that area. There are Fahnstrom's living in Galva, Galesburg, West Point, Victoria, Mapleton, Chicago, and Glasford, which are all places in Illinios, and some in Lakewood, Mi and Grand Ledge, Mi, they all are descendents of Jonas & Ingrid Fahnstrom and their nine children, that came over from Sweden.

Jonas & Ingrid are buried in Galva Cemetery, also Andrew & Lisen are buried there to and Andrew's second wife Amanda is buried there. William, Fred and his wife Ingrid, a few of their children.

George and his wife Anna, and a few of their children, and Stina Cajsa Wilhelmina, she is buried with the name Minnie.

Andrew's children are buried there also, Oscar Fabian, Carl Vannard, Elmer and his wife Mildred, Axel.

Hulda (Fahnstrom) Alverson and her husband Roy and their adopted son Williard Alverson,

John Amel, moved to Brady, Texas and is buried there.

Ben and Mary, Stewart and Hattie, and some other Fahnstrom's are buried in Galva Cemetery in another part of the Cemetery.

Edwin Jonas & his wife Selma, and some other members of the Fahnstrom family are buried in Victoria , Ilinois

Wilhelmina (Van Auken) Fahnstrom

Wilhelmina (Van Auken) Fahnstrom was born April 8, 1898 in Annawan, Illinois to Frank & Grace A Van Auken, she attended schools in the Galva area and attended Galva Business college in Kewanee, Illinois. Her sister was Flora Ann (Van Auken) Engstrand and her brother was Fletcher Van Auken.

Flora lived all her life in Galva, Flora's and her husband Charles Engstrand owned a farm there in Galva.

Fletcher moved to California in the 1930's.

Wila married Carl Vannard Fahnstrom in Galva in 1918, he died in 1921 of TB, which he contacted while serving in World War I. Their son Carl William Fahnstrom was born February 28, 1920 in Kewanne, Illinios.

Wila and her son Carl William Fahnstrom later moved to California be with her mother & father and brother Fletcher and his wife Leona. She married a second time on November 4, 1940 to Alvord Hubbard in Las Vegas, they moved to Boise in 1948 and lived there ever since. She died there December 1972 and is buried in Syringa Gardens, Dry Creek, Boise, Idaho.

Letter from Arlene Bates, George and Amanda Fahnstrom's Granddaughter

Arlene Bates is a descendent of George Fahnstrom she still lives on a farm near Galva.

"Thank you for the Fahnstrom-Johnson Family History, I appreciated it very much. I didn't have very much on my grandmother's side of the family, I knew that Grandpa George and Grandma Amanda were cousins, also that her brother Sven Georg Henrickson disapproved of the marriage. In the early 60's, my parents went with Tom and I to look up the Michigan relatives, we had never met them. My mother's brothers Harvey and Herman Fahnstrom had been there several times."

We stayed all night at the Henrickson farm and had a nice visit. Selma invited us in for dinner and we visited her son Victor and family. I would liked to have met her daughter Arlene, since we had the same name.

Selma showed us pictures of her brothers and sisters, Uncle Harvey resembled Evald, but Evald was a lot better looking, my Aunt Esther and I looked like some of the sisters, Grandpa and Grandma must have been young and foolish, I am sure Grandma (Amanda) she was lonely coming to this country and living on the farm with George's parents, (her Uncle and Aunt), She probably didn't meet many young fellows, this was the horse and buggy days.

George and Amanda had seven children:

1 Anna, b Aug. 5, 1902, d Oct. 18, 1994 - my mother.

2 Herman, b May 1, 1906, d 1979, never married.

3 Harvey, b July 7, 1909, d 1993, never married.

4/5 2 infant sons died, George Jr., and Frederick.

6 Florence, b 1913, d 1921. died 8 years old, of kidney and heart failure.

7 Esther, b June 5, 1915, she's in a nursing home.

I remember well when my Grandma Amanda died, it was near noon on Christmas Day 1940, I was 15 years old, my aunt Esther came that morning and said that her baby son Jackie had just passed away, they had a double funeral.

What made it more tragic she had lost her first baby Joan from Pneumonia on New Years Day almost 12 months.

I loved to visit Aunt Amanda (Andrew's second wife) at Uncle Andrew's home as I grew up, she was a very good cook and a gracious hostess.

Elmer, Mildred and I worked on Easter Egg projects at our church, Hulda (Fahnstrom), my mother Anna, Aunt Esther and I used to get together for coffee and visits. Axel christened our daughter Bonnie, she later married a Catholic fellow and joined his church.

Elmer, Mildred and our family belonged to the Methodist Church.

Karl and Sven George Henrickson were handsome men, several of the Fahnstrom's and the Johnson's were good looking people, also musical and some loved to dance, guess that's something I inherited. Grandpa George and his sons played accordion by ear, Great Uncle Fred's sons, Wesley (Jack) Elmer (Unk) and Leslie (Pete) were very good and played accordion, guitar and banjo for dances.

Uncle Fred was a tall handsome man who loved to dance, he and I would do the polka's, shottice, and the jitterbug, two step and waltz, he danced till I was afraid he would die on the dance floor, his sons Pete, Jack and Unk played for dances

A little story about our family, my parents farmed for many years, so did my brother until 1990 when we retired, and moved to Galva. Our son Dan and our son in law Dave, grained farmed our farm, we got out of hogs due to the pork situation - BAD. Dan is now a mechanic and Dave an electrician, our daughter, Bonnie and our daughter in law Pam, work at the local banks.

Bonnie's son, Don works for Cablevision, his wife graduated from Nurses training in Streator and Eric is attending Northern University. We are a busy family, Tom my husband helps on the farm, I baby sit the two great granddaughters a lot, when I get time I will send more information."

Memories of the Fahnstrom Family

Part 1

October 4, 1998.

I have good memories of my Uncle Elmer and his family over many days, thus I would like to share them with you.

I have written histories of my Father and my Grandmother Sophia, which are related to Aunt Mildred and would be of interest to you but have not written the story of Mildred and Elmer. So the the next paragraph will give you some insight to my remembrances of Mildred Craine and Elmer Fahnstrom, some of the story you already know.

Galva was an ethnic community in the early 1900's, I estimate by about 1940 when I was in High School, the population was 80% Swedish, 10% Manx ( Isle of Man, England) and 10% miscellaneous. Some friends would be a little disturbed as being classified as "miscellaneous". So that was the environment for Mildred and Elmer.

Mildred Craine as the second of three children born to Manx immigrants, Charles Alfred Craine(Alfie) and Sophia Cottier. (Maurice, Mildred and Donald) Mildred was born in 1901, in a farm house on the main road West of Galva about a mile from the turn off to Bishop Hill. When she was nine years old, Alfie moved his family to Minnesota, where he purchased a farm in the Red River valley. The venture was not successful. Grandfather Alfred (Alfie) died and Sophia returned to the Manx community of Galva, Illinois.

Sophia purchased a house at 218, SW Third Street, about a block from downtown Galva and opened a boarding house. Both of Mildred's brothers had wandered: Maurice (my Father) to many places in the Middle West and Donald to Chicago. Sophia and Mildred survived the trials in Galva.

My memory is vague about many events to be described and I have very few notes.

Elmer was one of three sons of Andrew Fahnstrom, a tailor immigrant from Smaland, Sweden, at some point in the 1890's maybe earlier, Andrew came to Galva and set up a tailor shop and sold men's clothing.

All three sons were involved in World War I. Elmer was an infantry man the 4th Division, he was wounded and gassed in action, ( I do not remember where, it is difficult for me to understand why I did not record all this information). Carl died later from TB, and Axel was also in the War.

After the War, Elmer and the youngest son Axel returned to Galva and went into business with their father Andrew Fahnstrom, selling men's clothing. As I remember, Andrew liked to do the tailoring, and Elmer wanted to do the selling and Axel was in between.

In 1928 Elmer and Mildred were married, Sophia modified he boarding house, making an apartment on the West side of the house for Elmer and Mildred. About 1936 it became apparent that Sophia a the age of 74 was not able to run a boarding house by her standards.

My history of Sophia describes her as the strongest woman (let me change that to person) in my Family History; she was extraordinary.

Her oldest son Maurice (my Father) stopped his wandering, and brought his small family (me and mom) back to Galva to support Mildred and her mother. Our presence in Galva created tensions. Mildred and my mother were not compatible then or ever in their lifetimes.

Elmer purchased a house on NW Third Street and Elmer and Mildred moved out, leaving 218 Third Street SW to Sophia and Maurice. It was a better location for Elmer, a block away from the tailor shop, an easy walk no matter what was the weather, Elmer never owned a car.

By 1937, it was apparent that Sophia was very ill and she moved from her boarding house home ( it really was a home) to live with Mildred and Elmer on Third Street. Sophia died in 1939.

Part 2.

Elliott Craine. ( Mildred's Nephew)

In 1937 when I was 13, you might visualize my life Galva. We lived on the South Side of the tracks in Grandmother Craines old boarding house.

It was a substantial house for the times, just a block away from the main line of the CB & Q 9 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Line, and 50 yards from the Rock Island Depot.

Elmer, Mildred and Grandmother Craine lived in the small Fahnstrom home a block north the tracks Both junior high school and senior high school were on the north side of the tracks, so many times on my way home from school in the afternoon I went by Aunt Mildred's house on Third street. I think she loved to see me and Elmer always encouraged me to be there. They never had children and certain I became their surrogate son. I spent many hours there. In the afternoon we had Manx tea and Swedish Rusks were there, and they were compatible, even for a sophisticated teenager of the 30's. Mildred had learned to make rusks and they were better than those at the Peterson's bakery.

The tension between my mother and Aunt Mildred never subsided. It was a cross for me to bear; neither my father nor I was able to bridge the gap between them.

The Fahnstrom Store was also a great place for me, I would stop there on my way home from school to talk with Mr Fahnstrom (Andrew), Elmer and Axel. I really do not know why; I just liked them and the store. They had alot of good junk. memorabilia of the Great War, etc, after alot of pressure from me. Elmer gave me his steel helmet from the war. It was a great treasure for me, I wish I could tell you it was still with me, but my mother was not a saver, during my absence in World War II , it disappeared with many other items. I would love to have it today.

Holidays for me usually involved the Fahnstrom's Swedish stuff and I liked it. When we first came in 1936, activities were at Andrew Fahnstrom's home and it was strange to me, but at the same time it was great. Mrs Fahnstrom overwhelmed me, she seemed more stern than her men. Andrew, Elmer and Axel were quiet gentlemen; she was strong, large and vibrant.

After she and Andrew passed away, holiday dinners moved to Elmer's house where I was so comfortable.

Usually they involved Axel and his wife, sister Hulda, her husband Roy Alverson, and son Bill and the Craine group.

Both Elmer and Axel were active with the American Legion Post. The Post sponsored an exceptional Drum and Bugle Corps. Military bands of that type were very popular in the mid 1930's. The Galva Group was really impressive, dark blue miltary jackets, white jodpurs, black puttees and silver helmuts (World War I style). Elmer played a bass bugle in the back row and I don't remember what Axel played. When they came marching down the street with their impressive drum major, setting the pace, it was difficult not to be aroused. They were good and pleased a crowd. In 1936 they went to the American Legion National meetings and were first in Class B Drum and Bugle Corps.

My Father was not active with the Legion Post, although he was a veteran, Mildred and my mother were very active in the Legion Auxiliary. I am glad I never had to attend one of those meetings, but I did get an account of the meetings from different prospectives.

The Fahnstrom's were a good experience for Galva. Andrew was a successful business man and produced an environment for his two sons who survived the War to be useful Citizens. Elmer not only was the bulwark of his father's business but also served as a Treasurer of the City for many years.

Axel Fahnstrom produced a particularly interesting story by himself. In the 1930's associated with the American Depression, several evangelical religious groups arose throughout the United States. One group was called the Four Square Church Gospel, a Four Square group arose in Galva and purchased a small building on the north side of town. Axel and his wife Helen became involved.

By 1942 that involvement was so strong that both Axel and Helen became Ministers in the Church Structure. These churches did not have stature or respect in most communities, including Galva, with its great strength within the Swedish Churches, but Axel persisted in his quiet, refined manner. He achieved a very respected stature for himself and his little church. He was frequently asked to speak or offer prayers at community functions. He became better known for his ministerial activities than for his tailoring activities.

Fahnstrom Family History.

Except from "The Book about the Parishes of Slatthog and Mistelas" and the article "The Emigration from Slatthog" by Eva Fransson, page no 744 - 745.

Many single peoples fates deserve to be noticed, at Foreberg the family of the blacksmith Holm lived but was rapidly split up in February of 1870, when the parents both died of typhoid fever only twelve days apart and 6 children ged 2 - 15 were solitary.

The responsible ones of the parish did, of course, act and place the children in different homes. The youngest daughter, Amanda had to be a maid at the retired vice-corporal Fahna at Gamleboda atthe age of twelve.

The Fahna couple had two sons and three daughters, the sons did walk in their fathers footsteps and were soldiers.

Jonas, who took the name Fahnstrom, was a soldier for the Harlatorp village, while Anders, who took the name Lindblad, served as a soldier for Basterna, Norregard, during 6 years, before he in 1869 emigrated to the US.

Their sister Ingrid lived as a married woman at Moheboda but came back to the home of her parents before she emigrated to the US, too, where her two children had already emigrated to the US.

The two other daughters of Fahn's lived with the parents and were severely hit by illness. Daughter Anna died in 1878, the parents died in 1881 and 1883. Left behind was the daughter Sara Lena who was confined to her bed and Amanda, but in 1884 Amanda took the step over the Atlantic ocean as an emigrant.

Her first years had been filled by ordeals but apparently the fortune was more with her in the new country. She came to Chicago and a letter from America in 1893 tells that she has now become Mrs Frank Johnson and that the pair had been blessed by having one son and one daughter.

Later her husband died but she entered into a marriage and thereby a circle was brought to its end. Her new husband, who was a tailor, was Andres Erland Fahnstrom, born at Harltorp, and the son of the above mentioned soldier Jonas Fahnstrom and the grandson of the Vice Corporal Fahna whom she served during four years.

Finally, it can be mentioned that Amanda had five sisters and brothers and that one brother and two sisters emigrated to the US, The brother first went to Germany and one sister went to Denmark before they went to the big country in the West.