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Edwin Jonas Fahnstrom/Selma R. Florine Family

Submitted by Susan Fahnstrom


son of Jonas & Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom.

Edwin Jonas Fahnstrom born April 20,1877, died Jan 3, 1956, he married Selma Rosine Florine. She was born Jan 16, 1888, at Bishop Hill, Galva, Illinois, the daughter of Abraham Florine born Sept 23,1847 at Soderala parish, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden, and her mother was Mary Christine Florin, born Aug 15, at Bishop Hill, Illinois.

Mary's father was Nils Olsson Florin, and her mother was Cherstin Jonsdotter Vikberg.

Selma had six brothers, Clarence Arthur Florine, born Oct 3, 1881, died Oct 18, 1881, Clarence Teador born Aug 27, 1882, died June 17, 1963, Francis Elmore born July 27, 1883, died Oct 1, 1883, Fred born June 8, 1884, died June 9, 1884, Gilbert Gaspar born Aug14, 1885, died  Aug 9, 1927, Albert Francis born Nov 27, 1891, at Bishop Hill, died Feb 24, 1963, at Bishops Hill, George Edward born Mar 26, 1895, at Bishop Hill, died Nov 4, 1947.

Edwin Jonas and Selma Fahnstrom married in 1909, Edwin owned a tailor store in Galva, Illinois, it was called Fahnstrom's Tailor Store, his brother Andrew Erland Fahnstrom was in partenership with Edwin for a while, later Edwin must have sold out, Andrew took the store over,and went into partenership with his two sons, Elmer Fahnstrom and Axel Fahnstrom. The tailor store was sold in 1944 to John Gurin, after Andrew Fahnstrom died.  Axel continued to work some at the store for a few years with John.

Edwin Jonas & Selma Fahnstrom  had two children: Doris Elaine Fahnstrom born Mar 25, 1911, died Oct 10, 1992, she married James Christopher Blackie, they had two sons, Johny  and Donnie Blackie.  Donald Edwin Fahnstrom born Sept 9, 1915, died 1995, married Margaret Lucille Fortman, who was a school teacher; she died March 10,1995  just 2 days after Donald  Edwin Fahnstrom was buried.

Donald and Margaret had three children: Judith Ann  Fahnstrom born 1938. Dale Edwin Fahnstrom born 1940. Richard Eugene Fahnstrom born 1942, died 1942.

Dale Edwin Fahnstrom married Margaret (Dorsey) Fahnstrom, (Div) they had two sons. Later married Constance Denise  (White) Fahnstrom.

Dale Arthur Fahnstrom born 1963.  Bret Donald Fahnstrom born 1967. Dale Arthur married Barbara (Rychlinski) Fahnstrom, (Div) they had two sons, Kiel Joseph Fahnstrom born 1988. Christopher J Fahnstrom born 1991.

Bret Joseph Fahnstrom married Sandi (Litt) Fahnstrom born 1964.

Judith Ann Fahnstrom married Gary Lee Fish, they had three sons: Robert Fish born 1968. Micheal Dale Fish born 1971.

Teery Lee Fish born 1967, Terry married Jill (Pearl) Fish, they have two children. Megan born 1994 and Justin  born 1995.