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Gustav Graef's "Traveler's Book"

Submitted by Mary Zirkelbach

A translation of a "Travelers Book" belonging to Gustav Graef, who learned the Tailor's Trade, the diary is stamped with a government stamp at the various places he studied, transcribed as written by his Great-granddaughter Mary Zirkelbach from a Xerox copy. The location of the original is now unknown.

We thank Mary for sharing this data with our visitors.


A translation of a "Travelers Book" belonging to Gustav Graef, who learned the Tailor's Trade, the diary is stamped with a government stamp at the various places he studied.

Gustav Graef, born in Eisenach, Saxony, November 10, 1813, was instructed to be a tailor beginning June 30, 1828. He completed the course on April 11, 1831.

Gustav Graef of Eisenach was five ft. five in. tall, blue eyes, dark brown hair, brown beard and eye brows, face and chin round, nose regular, mouth medium, forehead open, color of the face healthy, special marks, none.

Gustav Graef emigrated to America from Bremen October 24, 1844. My father was born November 7, 1765. His trade was cloth manufacturer, and his life journey ended in his 73rd year. He was a healthy, tall, and strong man. My mother was born March 5, 1778, her maiden name was Yami. She has born nine children. She was a healthy, pious and God-fearing woman.

In 1846 four of us were still alive, namely: August Elias Graef born February 18,1798. Friederica Graef born May 27, 1806. Gustav Graef born November 10, 1813. Theodore Graef born March 31, 1821. To my sister, a boy was born March 28, 1820. He was given the name - Louis Voigt. Then Gustav Graef was born February 19, 1835.

In 1841 March 3rd, I became Master Tailor in Eisenach.

Until October 24, 1844 I lived with my mother, here she herself kept house for me to the greatest satisfaction and I call to her, though under the ground, my childly and heartiest thanks in the greatest love and esteem.

Oct. 24, 1844 i left my precious Fatherland, my dear mother, my brothers, and sister and all of my friends that were close to me. My mother was deeply grieved, may the Lord forgive me. After 11 long weeks of sea voyage I landed in New York, here I worked 3/4 of a year, then I went to Fredrich, I worked here another 3/4 of a year.

On June 1st 1846, by the Grace of God, I was united in matrimony to Barbara Erdman. My wife was born March 25, 1824 in Oberdoria near Muchlhausen in the kingdom of Prussia. On August 6, 1846 we moved to Boenswil. On January 21, 1847 in the early morning 3 A.M., by the Grace of God, my wife gave birth to our first child, which received the name Maria Elizabeth Graef. Sponsor was my mother, in whose name I held the child.

The second child was born July 6, in the early morning, 1:30, 1849. His name was Alexander. He weighed 8 3/4 lb. He died Sept. 16, 1850, 6 P.M. at the age of one year, two months, and nine days.

The third child was born July 26, 1851 early 7:45. His name is Louis.

The fourth child, Emma Friederica Louise born April 17, 1855, early morning 12:15, she weighed 8 lbs. She was born in California, Sacramento County.

My wife-- Anna Barbara nee Erdman sisters and brothers: Anna Dorthea born October. 9 1826. Johann Heinrich born October. 18, 1829. Maria born Sept. 25, 1832. Elizabetha born Aug. 7, 1835. Andreas born September 25, 1836. Susanna born May 8, 1840. Phillipp born September 27, 1842. Johann born January 1, 1846.

This was transcribed from a typed copy of Ethel Achterhof's. The location of the original document is unknown. A second hand written note in English thought to be Gustav's at a much later date:

Gustav Graef Born Nov 10 in Eisenach Socts Weimar

Barbry Erdman Born March 27, 1825 in Millhausen in Krohnigrich, Preusen

And were married June 1 1846 in Fredric State of Meriland

first child
Elizabetha Born Jan 2 1847 at 3 in the morning in Fredrick Mariland

second Child
Alexander was Born July 6 1849 Warren Trumbel Co Ohio
and Died Sep 16 1850 aged one year two months and nine days

Lewis Andrew Graef Born July 26 in 1851 in Waren Trumble Co Ohio

Emma Friedérika Louise Born April 17 1855 in Sacremento California

Boren Oct 16 1861 Clara Agnes in Henry Co. Ill

Boren Oct 23 1866 George Christan Graef