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Submitted by: Bonnie J. Wiley


Name: Herman Garrett HIER 1
Birth: 25 Mar 1822 Hanover, Prussia (Germany)
Death: 1 Apr 1907 Weller Township, Henry Co., IL
Burial:  Weller Twp., Henry Co., IL
Marriage: 5 Dec 1843 Hanover, Germany

Spouse: Mary Adelaide ELTING 1
Birth: 16 Jan 1824 Hanover, Germany
Death: 9 Sep 1901 Weller Township, Henry Co., IL
Burial:  Weller Twp., Henry Co., IL


1 F: Dina HIER
Birth: 1844 Hanover, Germany
Death: 1844 St. Louis, MO

2 M: George HIER
Birth: 18 Aug 1846 Andover Twp., Henry Co., IL
Death: 25 Aug 1875 Weller Twp., Henry Co. IL

3 F: Sophia HIER
Birth: 30 Jun 1848 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 6 Jul 1937 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Joseph BILLS
Marriage: 1889 Alliance, Box Butte Co., NE2

4 F: Mary Lucinda HIER1
Birth: 31 Jan 1851 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 28 Jun 1926 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Frederick Henry SCHUMAKER
Marriage: 31 Jan 1877 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL3
Children: Sophia Augusta (1877-1929)
 Addie Ann (1879-1962)
 Frederick William (1882-1949)
 Daisy Adelia (1884-1961)
 Herman Henry (1887-1950)
 Mae Lucinda (1890-1980)

5 M: Garrett W. HIER
Birth: 23 Mar 1853
Death: 30 Jul 1899 Weller Twp., Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Anna J. WALLINE
Marriage: 8 Mar 1894 Bishop Hill, Henry Co., IL3

6 F: Eliza A. HIER
Birth: 1855 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 10 Sep 1934 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Wallace Organ KINCAID
Marriage: 1 Jan 1919 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL

7 M: Herman Henry HIER
Birth: 3 Jun 1857 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL2
Death: 12 Oct 1942 Alliance, Box Butte Co., NE2
Spouse: Nora Lea KELLER
Marriage: 1895 Alliance, Box Butte Co., NE2
Children: Gladys M. (~1896-)

8 M: Frederick William HIER
Birth: 19 Nov 1859 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 5 Nov 1905 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Anna Josephine GUSTAFSON
Marriage: 8 Dec 1891 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Mary Irene (1893-)
 Esther Josephine (1894-)
 George William (1896-1987)
 Ray Leonard (1897-1971)
 Helen  Eliza (1900-)
 Henry Walter (1902-1962)

9 F: Caroline  C. Adelaide HIER
Birth: abt 1863 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Harvey Ernest GREEN
Marriage: 14 Aug 1886 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Lawrence (1900-1901)

10 M: Bernard August HIER
Birth: 1866 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 1910
Spouse: Minnie Georgie DIXON
Marriage: 2 Mar 1892 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Eva L. (1893-1970)
 Herman Garrett (1894-1965)
 Bernard F. (1897-1965)
 George Milton (1898-1961)
 Lillian Minnie Addie (1900-1981)
 Elting Eugean (1902-1979)
 Hazel Fauntella (1905-1982)
 Mae Mathilda (1907-)

Notes for Herman Garrett HIER
p. 496.  HIER, H. G.  Sec. 3; P. O. Bishop Hill; farmer; Ind; Lib; born Hanover, Germany, March 25, 1822; owns 700 acres land, value $35,000; lived in Germany 22 years; came to this country 1844; came to this state and county same year, and has lived here over 32 years; one of the earliest settlers; only one house between here and Lafayette, 12 miles off.  Has held the office of School Director and Pathmaster.  Married Mary Elting Dec. 1843; she was born Hanover, Germany, Jan. 16, 1824; they have eight children, four sons and four daughters; lost two children.4

In 1844, he came to America, stopping awhile in New orleans and St. Louis, then to Henry County in 1845, where he spent the remainder of his life, having lived here for 62 years.  He came here when the country was new, and by his industry and careful saving, became a man of large means.  He was gretly attached to his family and his departure causes a vacancy which will be sadly mourned by his friends.  His sickness was of short duration, passing away in a few minutes after complaining of illness.5

Misc. Notes
Death given as Apr. 1, 1907 Book 4, p. 440.6

Notes for Mary Adelaide ELTING
She was the eldest of four children.  Her father died when she was but ten years old, leaving the care of the children to the mother.  Mary as she was called, was obliged to help in the support of the family, which she did by spinning and weaving.

Notes for Frederick Henry & Mary Lucinda (Family)
Book B, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL. No. 38.

Notes for Garrett W. & Anna J. (Family)
Married by Axel Gabrielson, pastor of the M. E. Church, Bishop Hill, Il on 8 March 1894.   Witnessed by Jonas E. Walline and Minnie C. Burke.

Notes for Harvey Ernest & Caroline  C. Adelaide (Family)
Book 1, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL.  No. 2486.

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