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The History of Annawan Township Churches


This history of Annawan Township, Henry County, Illinois churches was originally published in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County IL, written in 1885. Copies provided by Linda Lang and transcribed by Susie Martin-Rott.


This church was originally organized in the country, south of the village. It was moved into town about 1866, and supplied by Rev. Mr. Lyman, of Sheffield, who remained till the church was built in 1867, and was succeeded by Rev. Mr. Allen, who was followed by Rev. Mr. Howard, the preacher in charge at Atkinson. There was no regular pastor from that time till 1876, when Rev. John A. Griffin, of Atkinson commmenced preaching.


The Annawan Baptist Church was organized in Sept., 1843, at Wethersfield, but was removed to its present location in 1854. Its original membership was eight, whose names were Rev. Edw. Otis, Hannah Otis, Edw. Otis, Merrill Otis, Hileman Otis, Sarah Otis, Charles B. Miner and Mary G. Miner.

The present church was built in 1856, at a cost of $1,000. The following ministers are among those who have served as Pastors; Rev. Chas. E. Tinker, Wm. McDermond, R. Turner, D.S. Dean, R. Everts, Wm. Stoors, David Heagle, J. D. Cromwell, Harvey Kingsbury, G.A. Hogeboom, Edward Jones, Wm. Archer and G. W. Lewis.

The present membership is about 125, with a Sunday-school of 100.


This church, now located three miles south of Annawan, at Fairview Chapel, was organized in the village of Annawan in May,1854, by Almond Baker and others, with a total membership of eight persons. The first meetings were held in private houses and in unfinished or unoccupied buildings, and not until 1858 did the society build a church, which was dedicated by Rev. Wm Rinekart, Dec. 15, of the same year, at a cost of about $1,400.

The following are the names of its Pastors and their respective terms of service:

First services by Almond Baker, Julia Baker and Jared Sexon; William C. Romine preached one year; John Cubbage two years; St. Clair Ross, two years; J.R. Evans, one year; David F. Bear, two years; M. Bonnet, one year, J. L. Condon, one year; David F. Bear, one year; Elisha Godfrey, one year; Amos Worman, one year; I. Kretzinger, one year; Seth Coats, two years; William Hankins and J. Edwards one year; B. Wagner has served two years; Archie W. Collahan, two years; O.F. Smith, one year; N.M. Douglas, present Pastor.

The membership is 60, Sunday-school 50. Present Church Trustees: Daniel Blinn, Joseph Frank, Richard W. Batten, Thomas Crosby and Philip J. Wintz. Class-leader, W. B. Heaps.


The Congregational Church of South Grove was organized in May, 1854, at King's School-house, near the present residence of I.G. Heaps, at which place the earliest meetings had been held prior to organization.

The original membership was ten persons,as follows: Elijah Benedict, wife and son, Thomas J. Hunt and wife, Asa Prescott and wife, A. B. Noyes and wife and Mrs. J. McConney.

The society built their present church in Annawan in 1866. The following in succession have been the Pastors: Rev. Asa Prescott, A. Lyman, John Allen, Alva Hurd, O. Howard, John Griffin and the present pastor and only minister now stationed in the village, Rev. O.O. Smith.


The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1854; first meetings were held in the house of G.W. King; the original members being John Hays, Jacob Hodges, Isaac Shelinberger, G.W. King, Almon Woodruff, John P. Bassett, William Benson, Solomon Minard, William Barber and their families.

The church was built in 1856; cost $2,000. The Pastors in their order were as follows: Revs. Wm. White, P.J. Moulton, J.T. Linthicum, G.M. Morey, G. C. Woodruff, W. Odell, W.W. Sedore, G.W. Brown, R.L.W. Jameson S.S. Gruber, W.E. Williamson, A. E. Day, C. C. Woodruff.