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The History of Henry County Illinois,
Its Tax-Payer and Voters
Chicago: H. F. Kett & Co., 15 Lakeside Building

 Business Directory


Barker Jas. Wall Paper Dealer and Hanger.

Bassett Chauncey, Publisher and Editor Kewanee Independent.

Bennison Thomas, Grocer.

Bigelow Andrew F. Township Assessor and Stock Buyer.

Berlin Swen N. Carpenter.

BronSOn Ethel V. Prop. Kewanee House; W. M. Elliott, Clerk.

Bryan H. H. & Son, Manufacturers of Wagons and Carriages, Dealers in Carriage Stock. General Jobbing and Repair Shops.

Cahow Geo. W. Agent American Express Co.

Charlton Edward, Prop. Coal Mine, Sec. 21.

Cherry Richard, Tailor.

Cross Wm. T. Dealer in Monuments, Sculptor, Monument Designer, and Builder.

Danielson Charles, Lessee of Coal Bank. Coal delivered at lowest market price.

Davis Jno. D. Proprietor Coal Bank, Secs. 16 and 17.

Day Wm. H. Physician and Surgeon.

Doty M. & Co. Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Seeds, Plows and Farming Implements.

Elliott George D. Manufacturer and Dealer in Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Fly Nets, Whips, etc.

Ewing Andrew M. Auctioneer.

Fash Michael, Wagon and Carriage Manfr. Repairing and General Jobbing.

First National Bank, C. C. Blish, Prest.; C. S. Wentworth, Cashier.

Gierhart & Crawford, Props. Livery Stable and General Draying business attended to.

Gleason L. P. Jobber and Wholesale Dealer in Choice Brands of Cigars. Fine-Cut; Plug and Smoking Tobacco. Particular attention will be given to Choice Brands of Havana and Domestic Cigars. Orders solicited.

Goodrich Wm. R. Gunsmith. Repairing of all kinds done to order. Guns, Pistols, Ammunition, Shot. Agent American Powder Co. Cigars, Tobacco, etc., always on hand. Also Agent for the Home Shuttle and Home Sewing Machines, price from $40 up.

Grim Henry, Barber, Hair Dresser. Manufacturer Hair Switches, Curls and Hair Restorative.

Gunther Fred. Brick and Tile Manufacturer, Sec. 27.

Hillsdale Myron H. Druggist and Apothecary.

Hoffman Joseph, Plain and Ornamental Painter. The finest House, Sign and Decorative work done. Having had extensive experience in Europe and this country he will guarantee perfect satisfaction.

Jackson Stephen H. Furniture Dealer and Undertaker.

Johnson Andrew, Photographer.

Kewanee Manufacturing Co. Charles C. Wilson, Prest.; Josiah Keeler, Secy.

King Pius, Tailor.

Ladd Chas. K. Attorney at Law.

Little C. J. T. General Auctioneer.

Loomis O. H. & Son, Dealers in Agricultural Implements, Salt, Lime, Cement, and Seeds.

Lyman, Lay & Lyman, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing. Groceries and General Merchandise.

McAdam Adelaide Mrs. Dressmaker.

Maul Adolph, Baker, Confectioner and Insurance Agent.

Miller Jas. P. Carpenter, Contractor and Builder.

Mulholland F. A. Carpenter. Contractor and Builder.

O'Brien Bros. Manufacturing Co. Mnfrs. Wagons, Carriages and Agricultural Implements.

O'Neill Bros. Dealers in Hides and Tallow.

Parker & Merritt, Dealers in Dry Goods and Groceries.

Parrish Pufus P. Dealer in Books, Stationery and Wall Paper.

Parsons Ephraim, Physician and Surgeon. Vapor Baths, Magnetic treatment, Sanitarium for treatment of Chronic Diseases. Ample accommodations for Patients from a distance.

Pierce & Bros. Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Iron.

Pratt Norman H. Postmaster.

Raymond E. C. Manufacturer and Dealer in Sash, Doors, Blinds, Floorings, Mouldings, Siding, Bedsteads, Turning, Lumber, Lath and Shingles.

Ronk Jno. G. Deputy Sheriff and Village Constable.

Russell Wm. H. Supt. Public Schools.

Scutt W. Is prepared to Prospect for Coal, or Sink Artesian Wells.

Searle Theodore N. Carpenter, Contractor, and Builder.

See Frederick, Brewer. Manufactures Ale and Beer. Orders promptly filled, Sec. 34.

Thackeray Jno. B. Photographer.

The People's Bank, H. L. Kellogg, Cashier.

Warner S. W. Produce Dealer and Grain Buyer.

Weeks, Greenfield & Co. Dealers in Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Merchant Tailors.

Whiffen John, Butcher and Stock Dealer.

Whitney Cephas N. Editor and Proprietor Kewanee Courier.

Wilson Chas. C. Attorney at Law and Prest. Kewanee Manufacturing Co.

Wilson Lewis P. Manfr. Picture Frames. Furniture made to order and repaired.

Wilson T. W. Cabinet Maker.

Zang John, Butcher and Proprietor Kewanee Meat Market.