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Present Day Newspapers of Henry County:

Kewanee Star Courier [Obits]

Cambridge Chronicle

Geneseo Republic

Orion Gazette

Papers in surrounding areas which also have Henry county obituaries or other information

Bureau County Republican

Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus

Peoria Journal-Star [obit briefs under "Matters of Record"]

Newspapers Known to Have Operated In Henry County

This listing may not be complete. Dates are based upon information from various sources (clearly if you have an obit dated 1896 from a newspaper you know they were in operation in that year). Some are basically the same newspaper with a slight name change or switching back and forth from daily to weekly, etc.

Name of Publication Approximate dates of operation
Cambridge Chronicle at least 1878-present
(Cambridge) Daily Chief 1875 to ??
(Cambridge) Fair Budget 1876-1877
Galva News 1916 to ??
Galva Union 1865-1866
Galva Weekly News 1879-1915
Galva Weekly Standard 1886-1887
Galva Standard 1881-1886 and 1887-1915
Geneseo Daily Arena unknown but was in business in 1896
Geneseo Daily News unknown but was in business 1905
Geneseo Enterprise unknown but was in business 1906 - 1907
Geneseo Journal 1860-1860
Geneseo News 1887-19??
Geneseo Republic & Henry Co. News 1856-1859
Geneseo Republic 1859-present
Geneseo Sun 1879-1883
Geneseo Weekly Sun 1883-188?
Henry County Arena (Geneseo) unknown but was publishing in 1899
Henry County Chronicle (Cambridge) 1858-1878
Henry County Dial (Cambridge) 1854-1865?
Henry County News (Geneseo) 187?-1887
Kewanee Advertiser at least 1857-1863
and 1870
Kewanee Courier 1876-1898
Kewanee Daily Star Courier 1898-1926
Kewanee Independent 1871-1882
Kewanee Independent 1882-1896
Kewanee Labor Herald at least 1906
Kewanee Star Courier 1926-1948
1948 to present
Kewanee Weekly Star Courier 1898 to at least 1909
Orion Liberator andTimes unknown but was publishing in 1897
Orion Chief unknown but at least
Orion Gazette 1992 - present
Orion Times unknown but publishing 1878-1880; 1883-1887; 1888-1992
Orion Vidette 1877-1877
People's Union Mission (Geneseo) unknown but at least publishing in 1895
Prairie Chief (Cambridge) unknown but at least 1871-1893
Union Advocate (Geneseo) 1861-1863
Woodhull Dispatch 187?-1971