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Excerpts from the Kewanee Illinois
RLDS Branch Minutes/ Record Book

Submitted by Susie Martin-Rott

Things to bear in mind about this information:

  • Transcribed from microfilm copies of old handwritten text
  • Spelling as it appeared in the original text
  • ** or ? indicate illegible or damaged text
  • Some portions totally illegible-trying for better copies
  • X in a field indicates no information found- ** or ? indicates information there but not legible
  • Children are "blessed" shortly after birth - Baptism is usually as Adult
  • This is not a complete transcript- these are excerpts!
  • Years written as /64, /74 etc refer to 1864, 1874 and so forth
  • Dudley England was at one time part of Staffordshire, now considered part of Worcestershire.
  • Have found records indicating both in this document depending on time frame of birth, etc.
  • I bear no responsibility for the accuracy of this data-some may have been entered incorrectly in the original or transcribed incorrectly. I have done my best to indicate questionable transcription and am still working on getting better copies
  • Information from other sources may be used in deciphering the entries in this record book (example: some of these are my family members and I know the first names not legible in the record based upon the birthdate, etc). Any information added via this method will appear in RED.
  • If you recognize a name or piece of information on this list and can add to it, please send email. With CLUES, I might be able to pick out more information.
  • As I work my way through the pages of the records, more facts about those already listed may be amended or changed. Notes may be placed at the end of the listing regarding such changes
ALLEN, Joseph E ? 13 Nov 1808     possibly the father of James Allen mentioned in other Branch Records
ATKINSON, Sarah 1852 England   This most likely is Sarah Ann Atkinson b 19 Oct 1852 in Worsley, Lancashire, England; married James Henry Martin; sister of Caroline Atkinson
ATKINSON, Caroline       Most likely Caroline Atkinson; b. 06 Jul 1833 Worsley, Lancashire, England; d/o James & Sarah Berry Atkinson
ATKINSON, Ma** A. 3 Feb 1836 Lancashire,England    
ATKINSON, Sarah 27 March 1811 Worsley Lancashire, England   Sarah Berry Atkinson, wife of James Atkinson.
ATKINSON, Susannah       Possibly Susanna Eno Atkinson, wife of Levi Atkinson, b 25 Jun 1844 Boston, Linconshire, England, d. Lamoni IA
BIRCH, ** 28 May 1866     Might be BURCH
BIRCH, William 01 Jan 1844?     see BURCH
BISHOP, **        
BORDON or BORDEN, Martha Jane 1860 Salt Lake City, Utah    
BOSWELL, **       rest of entry illegible
BOSWELL, ** 24 Nov 1833 Dudley, England    
BOSWELL, ** April 1835 Dudley, England    
BOSWELL, A ** 20 Feb 1860 Kewanee, Illinois   parents Joseph & Mary Ann Boswell
BOSWELL, Patience May 3/66 May 16/66   Blessed: May 16/66 by John Boswell: Not sure if he entered the information or did the blessing
d/o Joseph & Mary Ann Boswell
BOSWELL, Sarah Ann April ? 185? Dudley England   may be April 12 1857 or 59
BOSWELL, M**(Maria? June 12 1855      
BULLARD, Albert M. 14 Aug 1836 West Canada    
BULLARD, Mary E. 03 May 1842 Knox Co, Illinois    
BURCH, William        
CARTER, Mary Jane 12 May 1826 ** England   wife of William Whitehouse
CARTER, Terre?   Adcock,England    
CHARLES, **       four entries surname only part legible
CHARLES, **       four entries surname only part legible
CHARLES, **       four entries surname only part legible
CHARLES, ** 24 Ju* 1852 Dudley   four entries surname only part legible; possibly Selina Charles, b. 1852 d/o Thomas & Caroline Charles
CHARLTON, Margaret        
CHISNALL, John 27 Jan 1833 Lancastershire, England    
CHISNALL, Elen 29 Jun 1831 Lancashire   Ellen Standiford, wife of John Chisnall
CHISNALL, Edward   Durham England    
CLIFFORD, James       husband of Mary
CLIFFORD, Mary       had a childborn January 14, 1871 blessed on 12 Mar per other branch records
CURTIS, William        
DAVIS, **       "received out of the old organization by Vote"
DAVIS, ** 06 Jul 1851 or 57 Moline, Rock Island Co, Ill    
DAVIS, ** 16 Dec 1855 Moline, Rock Island Co, Ill    
DAVIS, Ann Elizabeth 13 Feb 18** Jefferson **, Pa   wife of Thomas H. Davis
DAVIS, Mary Jane 09 June 184? ?    
DAVIS, Thomas H 13 Nov 1837 Staffordshire England    
DUKE?, John Dec 9 18**(63? **,England    
EDWARDS, Thomas S. 04 Aug 1796 Rutherford Co. NC    
ERLEY, Rosehanna 21 Mar 1863 Dudley England   This is Roseanna Earley; d/o Wm & Sarah Whitehouse Earley
FLETCHER, Adam 27 Mar 1862 Kewanee, Illinois   s/o Isaac & Ellen Fletcher
FLETCHER, Adam 08 Nov 1841 England    
FLETCHER, Elen       wife of Isaac Fletcher
FLETCHER, ** J.       most likely Isaac Fletcher
FLETCHER, ** Mark 13 Feb ???? Kewanee, Illinois   an Ann Fletcher b. 13 Feb 1864 d/o Isaac & Ellen has been noted in other Kewanee branch records
FRANCE, William Nov 17, 1863 Kewanee, Illinois   s/o Thomas & Alice Carter France
FRANCE, Thomas       most likely Thomas France; b. Jan 1832 in England; married Alice Carter
GALLOWAY, **   Lancashire England   possibly John Galloway; noted in other Branch records
GEORGE ?, Joseph        
GIBBS, Thomas        
GARLAND, Mahala 08 Sep 1855 Burns, Henry Co, Ill.   Mahala Tharp Garland; wife of Robert Garland
GRICE, ****       most likely Wm T. Grice
GRIFFITHS, Evan .     Elder - Received by Vote
GRIFFITHS, Margaret .     "Received from St. Clair Pen 09 Feb 1868; wife of Evan
HART, James       "Ordained 22 Dec 1867 by teacher Clifford V (*or J) LORD"
HART or MORT, William 18 Mar 1847 Lancashire England    
HIGGINSON, **? E. 22 Oct 1869 Kewanee, Illinois   the Wm. Higginson family were members of this church
HOLT, John 8 Feb 1814 England    
JONES, ** E. 1 Nov 1853 Victoria South Wales    
JONES, David       May be one of the ones already listed
JONES, David D.       Saint David (a place, not a title)
JONES, David W July 16 1861 Alma, Henry Co. Illinois   husband of Rosanna Lamb; also found in other Branch records as born in O'Fallon, St Clair IL; s/o John D & Ann Jones
JONES, Jerimiah        
JONES, John.       May be John D. Jones already listed
JONES, John D       Elder from Galva
JONES, John D       Priest
JONES, John D. Jr 16 June 1864 Kewanee, Illinois   s/o John D. & Ann Jones
JONES, Margaret       most likely wife of George Jones; mentioned in other Branch records
LAMB, ** 20 Mar 1856 Dudley, England   most likely Eliza Lamb Woodward, b. 20 Mar 1857 in Dudley England, wife of Richard Woodward
LAMB, George 12 July 1862 Dudley, England   s/o Edwin & Eliza Whitehouse Lamb
LEWIS, Jane       wife of David Lewis; m/o Morgan Lewis
LORD, Clifford V (or J)       teacher in church
LORD, J**       probably James Lord
MARTIN, Henry James 28 Feb 1856 Greets Green England   s/o Wm & Martha Tucker Martin; also found b. 1855; later went by James Henry Martin; became RLDS priest; died Lamoni IA see obit
MARTIN, Martha 1837 Dudley, England   Martha Tucker Martin; wife of William Martin; see obit
MARTIN, Martha   Kewanee, Illinois   d/o Wm & Martha Martin; b 10 Apr 1863; later married James Tucker
MARTIN, William   Henry Co, Illinois   s/o Wm & Martha Martin; b. Sep 1865; killed by train in Independence Mo 1911;  see obit
MARTIN, William Sep 8,1831 Allgreen STF England   see obit; correct name of town is Hall Green
MERIDETH, Aron        
MORGAN, Mary        
NORRIS, Henry 28 Dec 1846 S** Durham England   husband of Alice; f/o John Henry; mentioned in other Branch records
PERRY, Sarah       wife of Wm. Perry mentioned in other Branch Records
PETERSON, J**        
RANDALL, Jacob June 17, 1811 Aswich, England    
REESE, Eliza       could be wife of Rees Reese
RICHARDS, James   Dudley England    
SMITH, Ann       most likely Ann Smith, wife of James Smith, mentioned in other Branch records
STANLEY,**. 1845? England   possibly Jacob Stanley b. May 1845 in England, s/o Wm & Sarah Smart Stanley buried Taylorsville, Christian, IL
TERRY?, William       surname may be PERRY
THARP, Jonas Sep 17 1834 Washington Co, Ohio   also found d.o.b. as 05 Sep 1834; resided in Burns Twp; brother of Mahala Tharp Garland
THARP, Eliza 08 Dec 1862     most likely Eliza Mort Tharp b. 08 Dec 1840 (not 1862), 2nd wife of Jonas Tharp
TIDGELL?, **       From Kansas
TIDGELL?, **       From Kansas- two listings under surname first names not legible
**DGELL, Charles       May be TIDGELL** "Elder from Salt Lake City"
WATKINS, John Sr.       Elder-Canton
WATKINS, **       Canton
WATKINS, John Jun       Priest-Canton
WATKINS, Margaret Jane        
WATKINS, ** Louise?        
WEEKS, Rachel       daughter of Thomas Weeks; b. 23 Jan 1856 in England; later married Joseph Hiram Whitehouse
WEEKS, Thomas 5 May 1825 Dudley Wor England   died in Nephi, Juab, UT
WHITEHOUSE,** 17 Jan 1863      
WHITEHOUSE, ** 11 Dec 1847     Probably Isaiah Whitehouse; born Dec 11 but year 20 years later-could be error on listing
WHITEHOUSE, ** 28 Feb 1857 Albadore Wales    
WHITEHOUSE, Emma       most likely Emma A. Whitehouse, d/o Thomas & Martha Charles Whitehouse
WHITEHOUSE, Isiah 11 Dec 1867 Dudley, England   s/o John Wilhelm & Rosannah Robinson Whitehouse
WHITEHOUSE, Martha       most likely Martha Charles, wife of Thomas Whitehouse
WHITEHOUSE, Thomas   "from England"   this could be either husband of Martha Charles or son of same both were born in England
WILLIAMS, ** B.       Elder Saint David Middle Initial is B
WILLIAMS, **       St. David
WILLIAMS, **.       St. David
WILLIAMS, **.       St.David- Four listings this surname
WILLIAMS, Daniel 27 Jan 184? South Wales    
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth        
WILLIAMS, Thomas **