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Submitted by: Bonnie J. Wiley


Name: John Henry SCHUMAKER   

Birth: 23 Aug 1820 Oldenburg, Germany
Death: 24 Oct 1877 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Burial:  Weller Twp., Henry Co., IL
Father: Unknown SCHUMAKER

Marriage Date: 6 Jun 1848
Marriage Place: Quincy, Adams Co., IL

Spouse: Anna Catherine GRAMMER

Birth: 1 Jan 1826 Hanover, Germany
Death: 10 Jul 1915 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Burial:  Weller Twp., Henry Co., IL
Father: Bernard D. GRAMMER
Mother: Margret A. LANGHOUSE


1 M: William Bernard SCHUMAKER
Birth: 23 Nov 1849 Quincy, Adams Co., IL
Death: 29 Oct 1858 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL

2 M: Frederick Henry SCHUMAKER1
Birth: 7 Jul 1852 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 8 Aug 1933 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Mary Lucinda HIER
Marriage: 31 Jan 1877 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Sophia Augusta (1877-1929)
 Addie Ann (1879-1962)
 Frederick William (1882-1949)
 Daisy Adelia (1884-1961)
 Herman Henry (1887-1950)
 Mae Lucinda (1890-1980)

3 M: John Henry SCHUMAKER Jr.
Birth: 1855 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 21 May 1939 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Anna A. HOLMGREN
Marriage: 23 Feb 1876 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Nellie Elizabeth (1878-1947)
 Axel (1879-)
 John William (1880-1945)
 Roy Leonard (1885-1945)
Spouse: Lydia M. DALTON
Marriage: 6 Nov 19245

4 F: Margaret Lizzette SCHUMAKER
Birth: 1859 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 5 May 1935 Kewanee, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Thomas E. BURNES
Marriage: 4 Oct 1881 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Spouse: Anton Garret MEYER
Marriage: 12 Dec 1887 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Anna Rose (1888-)
 Mary Louisa (1891-1891)
 Ernest Leonard (1900-)

5 M: 'Gari" Gerhard SCHUMAKER
Birth: 14 Jul 1861 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 12 Mar 1928 Genoa, Nance Co., NE
Spouse: Charlotte Johanna ELM
Marriage: 4 Dec 1884 Bishop Hill, Henry Co., IL
Children: Clyde Lawrence (1885-1909)
 Ethel Anna (1887-1969)
 Eunice May (1890-1967)
 Pearl Leora (1892-1983)
 Florence Matilda (1896-1928)
 Lester Melvin (1905-1991)

6 F: Mary Louise SCHUMAKER
Birth: 13 Jun 1864 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Death: 1 Apr 1933 Woodhull, Clover Twp., Henry Co., IL
Spouse: James William SLATER
Marriage: 3 Jan 1882 Cambridge, Henry Co., IL
Children: Bertha Olive (1882-1886)
 Millie Eveline (1886-1964)
 George Henry (1888-1962)
 Mabel Lavina (1891-1953)
 Donald Edward (1894-1918)
 Mary Katherine (1898-)
 Myrtle Lillian (1901-)

7 ?: Infant SCHUMAKER
  Birth: 5 Aug 18673

8 ?: Infant SCHUMAKER

9 F: Carolyn Mae SCHUMAKER
Birth: 5 Mar 18723
Death: 7 Aug 18723 

Notes for John Henry SCHUMAKER
p. 302.
SCHUMACHER, J. H.Farmer, Sec. 28; P. O. Ulah; born Germany, Aug. 23, 1820; Ind; Luth; owns 200 acres land, value $12,000; lived in Germany nineteen years; sailed on the ocean; went to Australia; crossed the ocean to this country five times; served in Grand-duke’s army of Oldenburg, Germany, and came to this country in 1846; came to this state same year; came to this county in 1851, one of the early settlers; hold office of School Director and Pathmaster; married Anna Carrie Grammer, June 6, 1848; she was born in kingdom of Hanover, Jan. 1, 1826; have five children, lost four.
He sailed the seas aboard a whaling vessel.

Notes for Anna Catherine GRAMMER
Anna Catherine Grammer Schumaker, daughter of Bernard D. and Margret A. Langhouse was born in Hannover Germany Jan 1, 1826.Came from Kingdom of Hannover to Quincy Ill.Lived in Quincy 3 1/2 years.Came to Henry Co., Cambridge, Ill., Nov. 1851. She was youngest daughter of 8 children, 4 boys, 4 girls.When 21 yrs came to America by way of New Orleans, up the Mississippi River to Quincy, then to Keokuk, Iowa, then to Henry Co., Cambridge, Ill.

Notes for Frederick Henry & Mary Lucinda (Family)
Book B, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL. No. 38.
Notes for John Henry & Anna A. (Family)
Book B, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL.No. 62.
Notes for Gerhard & Charlotte Johanna (Family)
Book 1, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL No. 1960.
Notes for James William & Mary Louise (Family)
Book 1, Marriage Records, Henry County, IL.No. 977. 

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