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Van Auken Family Genealogical Notes

Submitted by Susan Fahnstrom

If you are researching this family, you will also wish to check the biography and obituary sections of the website as well as the Fahnstrom Family Genealogical Notes also contributed by Susan.

Fletcher Van Auken married Leona Alberta (Miliken) born 1904, in Lafayette, Illinois, she died in 1983, and Fletcher and her are both buried at Oakwood Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, Ca.

The had one daughter named Evelyn, who was born Jan 14,1929 in California, she now lives in Seal Beach, Ca. Flora Margaret Van Auken married Charles Lester Engstrand a Swedish farmer, born Oct. 17, 1895, died Sept 1968, the had one son Van Engstrand, born 1921, and he is still living in Galva today.

Wilhelmina Van Auken married Carl Vannard Fahnstrom, they had one son Carl William Fahnstrom (Billy) born Feb. 28, 1920, died July 16, 1996. Carl Vannard Fahnstrom got ill after coming back from duty in World War I, and found out that he had TB, from which he died in 1921, so Billy never knew his father.

Fletcher and his wife Leona moved to California in 1922, and Frank Grace, Willa and Billy came later, Billy was 4 or 5 years old, they all lived together at 15417, Sherman Way, Van Nuys, Ca.

While Flora Ryan (Grandma Ryan) came to stay for the summer, she died there Oct. 1923, at her Grandson's house ( Fletcher) at Northridge, she was taken back home to Peoria, and buried near her husband at Springdale Cemetery, in Peoria, Illinois.

Also while they lived in California, Margaret Van Auken, Frank's mother came for a visit and died there May 6, 1930 in Van Nuys, she is buried at Oakwood Park Cemetery, Chatsworth, Ca.

Grace died at the house in 1936, and she is buried at Oakwood Park Cemetery, Chatsworth, Ca. Some time after Grace's death Frank, Willa and Billy moved to a house in Northridge, across the street from Fletcher, Leona and Evelyn.

Van Auken Family

Aaron Van Auken born Feb. 3, 1804 in Albany, NY married Catherine (Ostrander) Van Auken, from Lowell, she was born Jan 30th, 1808, Aaron died Sept. 2, 1890 in Oneida, Illinois, and Catherine died Jan 12, 1892, in Oneida, Illinois, they are both buried in the Oneida cemetery.

Aaron & Catherine had six children:

Martha Van Auken?

Hannah Van Auken born Oct. 1, 1827, in N.Y. she married one of Joseph Armstrong's sons, brother to Margaret & Euphanis Armstrong, Hannah died Feb. 13, 1891, she is buried beside her parents, Aaron & Catherine in Oneida cemetery, Illinois.

Wesley Van Auken born in 1835, in NY.

William Harrison Van Auken born 1836 in N.Y. married Sarah Ella (Ray) Kienney, born 1852 in Fraukein Co, Penn, (her second marriage) daughter of Robert Ray and Margaret (Skate) Ray, Harrison Van Auken died in 1909 in Oneida, Illinois and is buried in the cemetery there, Sarah Ella Van Auken died in 1920 in Oneida, Illinois and is buried there beside her husband Harrison.

Calvin Van Auken born 1840 in N.Y. married Euphanis Armstrong in March of 1862 in Knoxville, Illinois, Euphanis Armstrong was born 1841 in England, the daughter of Joseph Armstrong, she was also the sister of Margaret Armstrong.

Fletcher Van Auken was born 1841, in Albany, NY. married Margaret Ann Armstrong, born in 1845 in England, another daughter of Joseph Armstrong, he was killed by a train Oct. 21, 1892 in Galva, Illinois and is buried in Galva, Cemetery. Margaret died May 1930 in Van Nuys, CA, she is buried in Oakwood Park Cemetery in Chatsworth. CA.

Fletcher & Margaret Van Auken had six: children:

Baby born April 17, 1865, died April 23, 1865, only 6 days old, buried in Galva, Cemetery.

Frank Van Auken born 1867, died 1945 in Patton, CA, he is buried in Oakwood Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, CA.

Vanessa (Vinna) Van Auken born 1871, she married Ralph Wilson in 1903 in Knox County, Illinois.

Emma Van Auken born Sept. 9, 1874, died Oct. 1882, only 8 years old.

Paul Van Auken born and died 1900.

Frank Jr. Van Auken born and died 1903.

Frank Van Auken Sr married Grace Alouth ( Ryan ) born 1872, in Indiana, daughter of John William Ryan & Flora (McCellan) Ryan, Grace died in 1936 in Van Nuys, CA, she is buried in Oakwood Park, in Chatsworth, Ca, beside her husband.

Van Auken Burials

In the Oneida Cemetery, Oneida IL there is a stone that has on it
Aaron Van Auken born Feb 3, 1904 died Sept. 2, 1890
Catherine His Wife Born Jan 30, 1808 Died Jan 12, 1892
(On the left side)
Hannah Armstrong Born Oct. 1, 1827 Died Feb 13, 1891

Also there were:
Harrison Van Auken 1836-1909
Sarah Van Auken 1852-1920

In the Galva Cemetery, Galva IL
(Front) Fletcher Van Auken Born July 11, 1841 Died Oct. 21, 1892
(Right Side) Baby Born Apr 17, 1865 Died Apr 23, 1865
(Left Side) Emma J. Born Sept. 9, 1874 Died Oct. 13, 1882
Children of F & M.A. Van Auken
Infant sons of Frank & Grace A. Van Auken
Paul Frank Jr.
1900 1903

Vinnie Van Auken married Ralph L. Wilson in 1903 in Knox County, IL. (Index of marriages, Knox county)

Van Auken Descendants

Fletcher Van Auken born 1841 in Albany, NY, killed by a train in 1892 in Galva, Illinois, married Margaret Ann Armstrong on Oct. 18, 1863 in Knox County, Illinois, she was born 1845 in England, died In Ca, 1930.

Infant baby, b April 17, 1865, died April 23, 1865.
Frank, b 1865, died Jan 1945 in Ca.
Vanessa (Vinnie) b 1871.
Emma J, b Sept. 9, 1874, died Oct. 21,1882.

Frank Van Auken born 1856, died 1945, married Grace A (Ryan) Van Auken born 1872 in Indiana, died 1936 in Ca.


Fletcher, b 1892, died 1956.

Flora Margaret, b 1895, died Jan 1986 in Galva, Illinois.

Wilhelmina, b 1898, died 1972 in Boise, Idaho.

Wilhelmina Van Auken b 1898, married Carl Vannard Fahnstrom, b 1895 in Galva, Illinois.


Carl William Fahnstrom, b Feb. 28, 1920 in Kewanee, Illinois.

Carl William Fahnstrom married Audrey Jean Harris Nov 26, 1944 in Las Vegas, she was born Jan 22, 1927 in Arkansas.


Gordon Paul Fahnstrom b Sept. 11, 1946.

Martha Jean Fahnstrom b Jan 8, 1949.

David Carl Fahnstrom b July 2, 1952.

Sarah Ann Fahnstrom b March 12, 1957.

Mary Vanessa Fahnstrom b Oct. 10,1959.

Gordon Paul Fahnstrom, b 1946 in Boise, Idaho, married Susan Christine Smith Dec 3, 1966. She was b Nov. 26, 1944, in Cambridge, England.


Daryn Carl Fahnstrom b Sept. 7, 1967, in Cambridge, England. - Twin

Steven Paul Fahnstrom b Sept. 7, 1967 in Cambridge, England.

Erica Nicole Christine Fahnstrom, b Oct. 14, 1971, at Mountain Home, (Air force Base) Idaho.

Daryn Carl Fahnstrom b Sept. 7, 1967.

Steven Paul Fahnstrom married Stephanie Claire Zehnder, b Jan 23, 1969.


Kieran Paul Fahnstrom b, Oct. 9, 1994.

Kylee Joann Fahnstrom, b. Nov. 30, 1992.

Braedan Carl Fahnstrom b, 1999.

Erica Nicole Christine (Fahnstrom) Van Guilder married Eric Paul Van Guilder, b Aug. 29, 1970.


Kayleigh Christine Van Guilder, b Feb. 27, 1992.

Kendall Paul Van Guilder, b Oct. 15, 1997