Cemetery Data

Below is a list of cemeteries in Lake County and the village⁄township in which each is located.

The Lake County (IL) Genealogical Society has indexed a number of cemeteries, and Zion Genealogical Society has indexed others. The publications are available at the Lake County (IL) Genealogical Society Reading Room at Fremont Public Library. Cook Memorial Public Library also has many of those publications. The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) has made their information about cemeteries in Illinois available.

Cemetery Location
Am Echod Jewish Cemetery
Established 1931
Grand Ave. East of Greenbay Road, Adjacent to Union Cemetery
Angolian Cemetery
(aka: Lake Villa Cemetery)
Established 1855
Rt 83, just S. of Rt 132
Ascension Cemetery
Established 1928
NW corner of Buckley (Rt 137) & O'Plaine Rds
1920 W. Buckley Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
Office holds records for all Catholic cemeteries in Lake County, except St. Mary's in Buffalo Grove and Mt. Carmel in Antioch.
Avon Centre Cemetery
Established 1847
Round Lake Park
Shorewood Rd. just E. of Rt 83
Benedictine Abbey
Established 1964
Antioch. 1⁄4 mi. E. of Nelson Rd, just S. of IL⁄WI state line
Bennett Cemetary
Ela Twp. S. side of Miller Rd. at Indian Trail Rd, W. of Lake Zurich. This is an abandoned cemetery, but some stones can still be found, lying flat, in the front yard of one of the homes built on the property. (Ask first!)
Benton Greenwood Cemetery
(Howe Family Cemetery)
Established 1845
Wadsworth. West side of Rte. 131, 1.5 miles north of Wadsworth Road
Briggs Family Cemetery Ela Twp. N. side of Midlothian Rd. near Echo Lake Road about 1 mile NE of the village of Lake Zurich.
Cranberry Lake Cemetery
Hainesville. now gone - was in Section 28, on the west side of Hainesville Road, 3⁄4 mile north of Rte. 120 on Cranberry Lake
Daggit (or Grace or Braeside) Cemetery
Established 1845
Highland Park. N. side of Lake⁄Cook Rd. 1⁄2 block E of Braeside train station
Deerfield Peace Love & Charity Cemetery
(Deerfield Cemetery)
Established 1853
Deerfield. Waukegan Rd.(43) S. of Deerfield Rd
Diamond Lake Cemetery
Established 1853
Mundelein. South side of Rt 60 between Rt 45 and Butterfield
Druce Cemetery
Established 1842
Grayslake. North side of Washington St. 1⁄4 mile W. of Rt 45
East Fox Lake Cemetery
(Monaville Cemetery)
Established 1855
Lake Villa.Old Monaville Rd. East of Fairfield Rd.
Fairfield Cemetery
Established 1853
Lake Zurich. East side of Quentin Rd., just s. of Fairfield Rd.
Fischer Family Cemetery
Established 1854
Wauconda Township. E. side of Fischer Rd., 1-1⁄4 m. S. of Rt 120. No stones are left.
Fort Hill Cemetery
Est. 1844
Round Lake. North side of Rt 120 1⁄4 mile E. of Fairfield Rd. Next to St. Joseph's Cem.
Fort Sheridan Cemetery
Established 1890
Highland Park
Grant Cemetery
Established 1845
aka Shepherd's Burying Ground
Ingleside. No. side Molidor Road, 3⁄4 mile E. of Rt 12 Caretaker: Fischer Bros. Constr. Co.
Ingleside, IL 60041 847-546-4701
Grass Lake Cemetery Established 1875 Antioch Township. West side of Grass Lake Rd. between Hillside Ave and Lake Ave abt. 2 mi West of Rt 59
Grayslake Cemetery
Established 1847
Grayslake. N. of Rt 120 on Lake Street, past Lakeview School
Great Lakes Cemetery Shields Twp.  On the Naval Station
Gridley Cemetery
Established 1841
Diamond Lake
Hickory Union Cemetery
Established 1860
Antioch Township. North side of Edwards Rd. 1⁄2 mile East of Rt 45
Highland Memorial Park
Established 1966
Libertyville. Rt 120 (n. side) a couple miles west of I-94 33100 N. Hunt Club Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
Hillside Cemetery
Established 1875
Antioch. Hillside Drive at Rte 173
Hope Grove Cemetery
(Shaw Family Cemetery)
Established 1847
Island Lake. W. side of Darrell Rd just S. of Rt 176. Small, abandoned cemetery
Ivanhoe Cemetery
Established 1841
Ivanhoe. Rt 176, just W. of Rt 60⁄83
Knopf Cemetery
Established 1855
Arlington Heights⁄Buffalo Grove
Arlington Heights Rd N of Checker Dr.
Lake County Poor Farm
Established 1923
No markers
Libertyville. near NW corner of Milwaukee Ave. (Rt 21) and Winchester Rd behind Winchester House
Lake Forest Cemetery
Established 1859
Lake Forest. Lake St. between Sheridan Rd. and Lake Michigan
Lake Mound Cemetery
Established 1860
Zion. SE corner of Sheridan Rd. and 29th St.
Lake Zurich Cemetery Lake Zurich. West side of Midlothian Rd. across from Lake Zurich High School
Lakeside Cemetery
Established 1843
Libertyville. Lake St. 2 blocks W. of Milwaukee Ave. Across from Butler Lake
Liberty Cemetery Kenosha Co, WI
Rt 83 1.5 mi. N of IL⁄WI state line.
Long Grove Cemetery
Established 1847
Long Grove
Millburn Cemetery
Established 1861
Millburn. Millburn Road east of Rt 45
Mooney Cemetery
Established 1907
Highland Park
Mother of God Cemetery
(New Serbian Cemetery)
Warren Twp.
Mount Carmel Cemetery
Established 1902
Antioch. Next to Hillside Cemetery
Mount Olivet Memorial Park
Established 1903
Zion. 1436 N. Kenosha Rd
Zion, IL 60099
Mount Rest Cemetery
Established 1844
North Shore Garden of Memories
Established 1917
North Chicago
Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064
Oakdale Cemetery
Established 1847
South side of 9th St. between Rt. 131 and RR tracks
Northfield Union Northbrook, Northfield Twp, Cook Co.
On Dundee Rd., across from Sky Harbor Airport
Not Lake Co, but close!
Oakland Cemetery
Established 1846
Also known as Home Oaks.
Lake Villa⁄Antioch Township
Deep Lake Rd, just N. of Grass Lake Rd
Oakwood Cemetery
Established 1851
Waukegan. East side of Genesee at 10th Street
Pahlman Family Cemetery Kildeer. 200' W. of Middleton Dr & 150' N. of Andover Rd. up a steep path.
4 graves on top of a hill
Pineview Memorial Park
Established 1913
Beach Park
10750 W. Beach Rd.
Beach Park, IL 60087
Saint Bede Cemetery
Established 1872
Rt 59 at Wilson Rd.
Saint Joseph's Cemetery
Established 1921
Round Lake
Rt 120 E. of Fairfield Rd.
Next to Fort Hill Cem.
Saint Mary of the Lake Cemetery
Established 1940
On Seminary grounds, just E. of the entrance on Rt 45 in Libertyville Twp.
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Established 1875
Buffalo Grove
West side Buffalo Grove Road
Right behind St. Mary's Catholic Church
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Established 1865
Fremont Center
Erhart Road West of Rte. 60, right next to St. Mary's Church
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Established 1840
Highland Park
Ridge Road 1⁄2 block North of Deerfield Road
St. Mary's Cemetery
Established 1876
Lake Forest
Right next to Lake Forest Cemetery. Corner of Sheridan & Spruce
Shields Twp.
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Established 1873
East side of Genesee adjacent to Oakwood
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church Cemetery
Established 1863
Lake Zurich
South side of Fairfield Road between Midlothian and Quentin
Old McHenry Rd. Behind the church
Saint Patrick Cemetery
Established 1840
West Lake Forest. West side of Telegraph Road between Everett and Old Hill Road
Saint Patrick's Cemetery
Established 1849
Wadsworth. East side of Mill Creek Road 1 mile south of Rt. 173
St Paul Cemetery Barrington. N. side of Main street just E. of Rt. 14 Cemetery belongs to St. Paul's United Church of Christ
St. Peter's Cemetery
Established 1885
Volo. S. side of Volo Village Road, just west of Rt 12, behind St. Peter's Church
Sand Lake Cemetery
Established 1846
Lindenhurst. S. side of Rte. 132 (Grand Avenue) approx. 1⁄4 mile east of Deep Lake Road
Serbian National Cemetery Gurnee. E. side of Rte 21 (Milwaukee Ave.) betw. Rtes. 120 & 132, north of Libertyville
Shaw Family Cemetery
(Hope Grove Cemetery)
Established 1847
Island Lake. W. side of Darrell Rd just S. of Rt 176. Small, abandoned cemetery
Swan Family Cemetery
Established 1841
Fremont Township. North side of Winchester Rd. just E. of Rt 83 in yard of a construction company; surrounded by foliage
Transfiguration Cemetery
Established 1856
Wauconda North side of Rt. 176, west of Fairfield and East of Wauconda
Union Cemetery Waukegan. Rt. 132 (Grand Ave.), 1⁄2 block east of Green Bay Road
Vernon Cemetery
aka Half Day Cemetery
Established 1835
Half Day
E. side of Milwaukee Ave. (Rt. 21), at the east end of Cemetery Rd. The first road north of Rt. 22
Warren Township Cemetery
Established 1846
Gurnee. Rt 132 just west of I-94, so. side of Rt 132
N. Cemetery Rd.
Gurnee, IL 60031
Volo Cemetery
Established 1835
Volo. East side of Fox Lake Rd, just N. of Rte 120. (W. of Rte 12)
Willow Lawn Cemetery
Established 1964
S. side of Rt 45 at Prairie Rd, betw. Vernon Hills & Half Day. 24090 N Hwy 45 (Mundelein)
Wauconda Cemetery
Established 1845
East side of Barrington Rd. (Rt. 59) just south of Rt. 176
Publication Information
White Cemetery
Extablished 1855
Barrington. NE corner of Cuba Rd and Barrington Rd



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