Independent Register, 31 August 1933, page 7, columns 5-7

Board of Supervisors June Session. Licenses issued for handling malt and vinous beverages.
Name Address Business Amount
Louis Landrock R. No. 3 Antioch Grocery & filling station $35
Fred Schnur Spring Grove Jackson's Landing $70
John W. Koukol R. No. 3 Antioch Grocery Store $35
Walter Neely R. No. 2 Waukegan Lunch Rm. & filling station $70
John J. O'Connor Antioch Tavern, summer resort $70
Jane Bouchard North Chicago Tavern $35
Otto Schueneman Spring Grove Grass Lake hotel $70
Charles Bezchelba Antioch Norshore Store, Lake Catherine $70
James Kusan Lake Villa Sand Lake hotel $70
Nels H. Nelson Wauconda Road stand $35
Clinton C. Green Barringon R. No. 2 Barbecue stand $70
Henry J. Potts Barrington Biltmore Country Club $35
Gust Dulleck Spring Grove Bullock's Hotel, Grass Lake $70
Ernest Suneson Prairie View Grocery & sandwich shop $35
William Mandel Antioch Hotel, Loon Lake $35
Hugo A. Hoffman Zion R.F.D. White House Tavern $35
Charles G. Krippner Ingleside Charley's Corner Tavern $35
Katherine Grady Lake Villa Grady's resort and hotel $70
John Jackson Lake Villa Resort, Deep Lake $70
Floyd E. Stafford Waukegan Barbecue, Green Bay & Wash. $70
Ted Smith Antioch Restaurant, Channel Lake $35
Albert Barnstable Antioch Tavern, Loon Lake $35
L. M. Wadelton Diamond Lake Dutch Mill $35
L. M. Hokemeyer Mundelein Service station $35
Terrence Fossland R.F.D. Kenosha Service station, Rt 41 $35
Conrad Kraus Barrington Store $35
Charles H. Keller Antioch Tavern $70
Jack Monroe Libertyville Refreshment & sandwich stand $35
L. F. Tulley Libertyville Libertyville Country Club $35
Martin Thellman Grays Lake Hillside Barbecue $70
Charles Cermack Antioch Grocery, Loon Lake $70
A. Lade Round Lake Royal Blue Store $35
B. E. Velisek Ingleside Restaurant $70
W. H. Theehs Lake Villa Fourth Lake Restaurant $35
Elmer C. Wall Prairie View Road stand & lunch room $35
George J. Schober Antioch Grocery, Loon Lake $35
Frank Goggins Mundelein R. No. 1 Tavern, Half Day $70
Heckinger & Walt Waukegan Lunch room & filling station $35
to be continued....

Little Fort Porcupine and Democratic Banner, January 6, 1846, page 3

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Little Fort, quarter ending Dec. 31, 1845.
Austin, D. P.
Anderson, Nath'l C.
Anderson, J. M.
Buell, Horatio
Barns, Horace
Brith, Geo
Burgess, Wm
Backus, Benj W
Bull, Mary
Burch, Thom
Brady, Rev J
Calaghan, Bridget
Crusan, Garrett
Campbell, Srah E
Covert, James
Carrier, Sidney
Clark, N P
Campbell, John H 2
Corvis, John
Clark, David P
Carver, S or J
Claus, John
Conlin, Patrick
Dodge, A R
Douglass, Chester W
Dooley, Richard
Dodge, J B
Druse, Alexander
Daw, Richard
Dwyer, Wm
Daily, Thomas
Davis, Nelson H
Edmunds, Melvin
Esty, Joseph
Hutchinson, K M
Henderson, K m
Henderson, mr
Hamilton, Besley
Hinckston, L
Hearne, Edward
Howard, Stephen
Hollister, Innis
Hutchinson, Henry C
Henderson, Wales
Hinkly, Sarah E
Gourly, Alexander
Gray, John 3
Godfrey, Samuel D
Gregg, Corydon
Garwood, Samuel
Glab, Johannes
Gray, John B
Greenleaf, S S
King, John
King, W
Kimball, Diane
Kinnicutt, Benj S
Lally, Mikel
Ladow, Wm C
Lewis, Joshua
Larabee, Elvyrn
McKay, John
Miltimore, Aaron
McGuire, M C
Mulry, John
Meath, Miss
MInchin, Charles
O'Conner, James
Oaks, Daniel
Pond, Clarissa W
Pond, Willard E
Palmer, Thomas M
Palmer, C
Russel, Gen W
Richmond, Hazard W
Rolf, Joh S
Rose, R
Sheldon, Edwin A
Shea[?], Jeremiah
Salisbury[?], John
Sheffield, Mary
Stevens, Hiram
Smith, E H 2
Trott, G
Turnball, Wm
Thompson, Schuyler
Tuttle, Orange B
Whitnell, Mr 2
Whitney, David
Warden, Bernard
White, Ebenezer
Wenban, Gideon
Webget, Jacob
Wright, Harvey
Wilbur, Parley J
Yard, A P
Yates, Urial
D. O. Dickinson, P.M.


Waukegan Gazette, October 12, 1850; p3 c 2:

Democratic Convention

At a Democratic Convention in Lake County, held persuant to a call of the County Corresponding Committee, at Libertyville, on the 5th day of October, A.D. 1850,
Convention organized, by the appointment of ARTEMIS M. LEIGH, President, and WILLIAM A. BOARDMAN, secretary.
The following named delegates from the several towns in the county, then presented their credentials, and took seats in Convention, to-wit:
Antioch- J. C. Rowley, L. D. Gage, T. J. Backus, E. S. Derby.
Avon- S. W. Marvin, R. D. Gordon, E. Anderson, George Thompson.
Benton- A. Q. D. Leach, Philo H. Paddock, Arthur Conly, R. E. Soper.
Cuba- Innis Hollister, Robert Connell, James Jones, R. P. Buck.
Deerfield- Michael Meehan, James McNamara, Anthony Melody, William Corcan.
Ela- George Ela, Oran Ott, W. Slocum, Daniel Walters.
Freemont- E. P. Pennaman, Charles O. Walters, P. C. Schenk, Henry Ames.
Goodale- A. a. Archer, William Moore, Patrick Gorman.
Libertyville- Life Wilson, Artemas M. Leigh, J. C. Clark, William Cunningham.
Newport- B. W. Backus, John Reed, John Dixon, Caleb Cook.
Shields- Lawrence Carrol, Thomas Marsterton, Thomas Artridge, John Melody.
Vernon- Jarvis Barker, Philander Stewart.
Warren- DeWitt Spaulding, Alva Trowbridge, James Canada, Philo Noble.
Wauconda- David Lewis, Robert Fairweather, James Monaghan.
Waukegan- Thomas McCall, Wm. A. Boardman, Isaac Hopkinson, E. P. Ferry.

Waukegan Gazette, October 12, 1850; p3 c3:


One OX, deep red color, broad horns, large body, short legs, short tail and about 7 years old. Has been gone about 2 months.
Any one that will return said ox, or send word where he may be found to the subscriber, shall be liberally rewarded.
Oct. 12 EPTHIA SMITH, Bristol, Wis.


Waukegan Gazette, October 19, 1850; p3 c4:


In Ostico, NY on the 5th of September by the Rev. A. K. Strong, Mr. Francis N. Pratt, of Waukegan, Illinois and Miss Emma U. Cowles of Ostico.


The Waukegan Weekly Gazette, June 1, 1867, page 3 c 5

Married. In Wilmot, Wis., May 16, Mr. James Lucas Harden to Miss Josephine Vandsten, both of Antioch, Ill.

Died. In Poland, Ohio, May 19, Eliza Ann, wife of Prof. M. C. Butler, formerly of Lake Forest, Ill. Mrs. Butler was a model wife and mother, and a devoted Christian, whose daily life abounded in the "fruits of the spirit."


The Waukegan Weekly Gazette, July 18, 1863, p. 3

Personal. Mr. Jefferson G. Botsford, now a resident of Little Rock, Ark., is on a visit to his former home and friends in this city, accompanied by his wife. Mr. Botsford speaks in flattering terms of the country in which he lives, and states that Arkansas is thoroughly Republican and will give large majorities for Grant and Colfax. Mr. Botsford has our thanks for late Little Rock papers.


From the Sheridan Road Newsletter April 29, 1899 page 7

Miss Margaret O'Neil has returned from a visit to Harvey.

Father Vatman left this week for a visit to Washington.

Mrs. Gillette, wife of the ex pastor of the M. E. Church, is very ill.

Miss Grace Ives of Cuyler is visiting her brother, Superintendent Ives.

Miss Belle Mowers returned this week after a two weeks' visit in Evanston.

Mr. T. L. Horne has in line a series of novelties in photographs. A $3.50 per dozen for $2.

Work has been commenced on the C. & M. electric railway power house. An addition will be placed on the south side of their present power house, which will be over 135 feet long.

Thank You
Brenda Gaetz
Manitoba, Canada.


Local news items from North Shore Newsletter April 4, 1908 p.2

Robert J. Watson of Co. H. 27th Inft., who has been seriously ill for some time past is now improving and will be around again soon.

Troop C, 13th Cavalry will be first to hold a dance in the new dance hall and it will be on or about the 24 of April.

Corporal Stanley J. Bingham, Battery "E" 4th Field Artillery has been recommended for Battalion Sergeant Major of the 2nd Battalion, 4th field Artillery.

Sergeant John, Battery "E" 4th Field Artillery, leaves on a furlough of three months in a few days, during his absence Phil. Sergt. Reading will act as 1st Sergeant.

The base ball out look here is unusually bright, there being some very fast players among the new men. The acting manager has already listed games with Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan, Northwestern University, Lake Forest University, De Pau University and the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago. There are about eight pitchers all of which are in good condition and better back stops than Sounelly would be hard to find. To say it in a few words, the Fort Sheridan Base Ball team will be hard to beat during the coming season.

Towns with tail-end base ball teams will this year have a chance to appear more interested in the race for the presidency than in that for the pennant.

The new game of Roco has been placed on the parade ground for the use of the men and it seems to be quite a success. The game resembles hand ball to a great extent, but when played, it causes more and quick action.

Lecture by Mr. C. S. Nicholas of Chicago, in the Grammar School on Friday, April 3rd, after we go to press. The subject is "Asbestos" from the mines to consumers.

Mr. Cortland Howell formerly of Linden Avenue, is very sick with typhoid and is in a Chicago hospital.

The Highland Park Woman's Club have their annual meeting April 14th. At this meeting will be elected the officers for the ensuing year, also some other important business will be discussed and voted upon. It is hoped every member will make a special effort to be present.

Mrs. S. Levin entertained Mrs. Williams, The Worthy Nations of the Eastern Star Chapter of Evanston, and also Miss Haggenson on last Tuesday.

Mrs. W. C. Eddy, is entertaining Miss Helen Eddy of Meringo, Iowa.

The many friends of Mrs. A. Seiffert will be sorry to hear of her serious illness, she was taken to the Augustains Hospital Friday evening and her condition is still very critical.

Beware of any cigar that Mrs. Lynch may hand you, for nine out of every ten are loaded with black powder or have ____

Thank You
Brenda Gaetz
Manitoba, Canada.


News items from Highland Park Press October 31, 1912 p.4

Capt. and Mrs. McAndrews entertained Mrs. McAndrews' mother, Mrs. Murphy of Chicago on Sunday.

The officers and ladies of the Naval Training Station gave a large hop on Friday night. The officers and ladies of Ft. sheridan were invited.

Lt. M. Crawfoot, Jr., who has been on a leave to Washington, D.C., returned to the post on Sunday.

Capt. and Mrs. S. Ford of the 27th Inf. have returned from Jefferson Barracks where Capt. Ford has been on quartermaster duty.

Major C. C. Clark left Monday for China. Mrs. clark will leave in two weeks for West Point to visit her son.

Capt. Gilbrath of the 27th Inf. returned last week from Ft. Leavenworth school. Mrs. Gilbrath is visiting relatives in St. Paul.

Capt. R. B. Parrot was transferred to the Philippines transport which sailed on October 25.

Mrs. J. Gren (?) had as her guest last week, her mother of Toledo, Ohio.

Mrs. S. L. Stevens returned to Fort Sheridan after a three months' visit with her parents in San Antonio, Texas.

Thank You
Brenda Gaetz!
Manitoba, Canada.

The Daily Sun [Waukegan], September 20, 1920; p2 c 6:


Adoption Notice- State of Illinois, County of Lake, SS.- County Court of Lake County. In the matter of the petition of George W. Carr and Helen Taylor Carr, his wife, to adopt Roger Lee Hammond, No. 8966.

To Carl Hammond, Rose Hammond and to all whom it may concern:
Take notice that on the 4th day of September, A.D. 1920, a petition was filed by George Wallace Carr and Helen Taylor Carr, his wife, in the County Court of Lake County, Illinois, for the adoption of a child named Roger Lee Hammond and to change his name to that of Wallace Carr.

Now unless you appear within twenty days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and a decreee of adopton entered.

Dated, Waukegan, Illinois, September 20, A.D. 1920.
Lew A Hendee, Clerk
2040 Sept. 20.


The Daily Sun [Waukegan], September 21, 1920; p10 c1:

Frances W. Gibson was taken to Elgin hospital for insane yesterday.

Mrs. Jos Bomkamp of Beach left Sunday for an extended visit with relatives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Thursday Evening club of Christ Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Burt Swanson tomorrow evening instead of Thursday evening.

The social committee of the Women's club will meet Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of Mrs. W. C. Rutherford to arrange for a luncheon to be given by the club Saturday, Oct. 2, at 1:30 o'clock.

Louis Zupec, aged 24, and Mary Co[l?]t of North Chicago, obtained a marriage license here yesterday.

August Glogovsky, 28, and Paulina Cogala, 19 both of Waukegan, yesterday obtained a license to wed.

Miss Mary Olson of the circuit clerk's office, returned to work yesterday after a three week's visit at Oshkosh.

The Rev. Fred Gratio will hold a class of instruction this evening at the Parish House at 7:30 sharp for all the officers and teachers of the primary and kindergarten departments of the Episcopal Sunday school.

Carl and Edna Smith of 307 Spring Street, several months ago took a boy for adoption and when the matter came up today before Judge P. L. Persons, it was learned neither of the couple is of age. Mr. and Mrs. Smith agreed to wait until they reach their majority, which is only a few months distant, when they will formally make application for adoption of the child.

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