Lake County Internments
Waukegan Daily Sun
Saturday, January 14, 1905
List of Persons Interred in Local Cemeteries During the Year
List Compiled from City Clerk’s Books in City Offices
The following is the list of the people who died in Waukegan during the year 1904, also of those who died outside the city, and were brought here for burial. The cause of death and age is also given.
Jno. Merchant, 1 year, pneumonia.
Wm. M. Reid, 68, fire.
Clare E. Reed, 59, fire.
Mary A. Rectenwald, 37, tuberculosis.
Ray Allenhofer, 24, killed at coal docks.
Chas. Everett, 75, Bright’s disease.
M. A. Horenden, 70, acute nephritis.
Lawrence Petersen, 2, pneumonia.
Ed. Tyrell, 45, Sclerolis of liver.
David Johnson, 51, pul oedenia.
Peter Popp, 44, Mengitis.
Chas. S. Bangs, 75, heart disease.
Jas. H. Quinn, 66, pneumonia.
Relief E. Vose, 77, carmumonia.
Walter D. Scott, 3, Peritonitis.
Margaret Poppleman, 4, Embolesin of cerebral.
Hannah Fair, 33, phthisis.
Mrs. Ellen Connolly, 64, dysentery.
Earl V*tibur, 1, tutusisusception.
Edward [rest of line lost in tear]
Grace Amet, 36, heart failure.
Lucy E. Lanyon, 56, general paresis
Peter A. Zewe, 1, pneumonia.
M. Kantenberger, 44, C. & N. W. R. R.
Peter Kozak, 35, sugar refinery.
Michael Maloney, 78, Apoplexy.
Chas. H. Reed, 30, pneumonia.
Mary Bezzio, 45, pneumonia.
Margaret Broderick, 54, celebral hem’ge.
Polly Cromwell, 79, pneumonia.
M. Smolenski, 49, consumption.
Fred Schlank, 54, fracture skull.
Chas. Joslin, 35, Bright’s disease.
Emanuel Waca, 59, Paresis.
Carl Hummors, 68, tuberculosis.
Sarah Yeomans, 82, heart failure.
Mrs. E. Herman 45, commonia.
Lummiora Bruno, 1, pneumonia.
F. Perrin, 23, C. & N. W. R. R.
Carrie M. Barker, 53, Cancer stomach.
Anton Jacobsen, 27, peritonitis
Sam Bronson, 20, C. & N. W.R. R.
Linda Williams, 24, Inquest pending.
Samuel Cone, 88, old age.
Jos. Brisach, 31, found dead.
H. Schneider, 45, pretminsus.
Ebenezer Mead, 72, stone in bladder.
Moses L. Earle, 84, heart failure.
Jane E. Dolen, 80, paralysis.
Geo. M. Shea, 34, drowned.
W. Trowbridge, 81, Abscess.
Clarence Amurreo, 53, chronic naphretis.
Ed. Morrison, 19, peronitis.
Ellen Duffy, 82, decibitus.
Clarence Murray, 53, chronic nephritis.
G. Slogysiski, 22, C. & N. W.
Sarah S. Tidy, 77, Bright’s disease.
Mabel Sneesby, 17, suicide.
Chas. Darrs, 44, Locomotor ataxia.
Ed. Patterson, 55, C. & N. W. R. R.
B. B. Parkhurst, 81, old age.
Caroline Miltimore, 67, carcemona, breast
Annie Fitzgerald, 61, heart failure.
D. Haney, unknown, Warner Refinery fire.
Jacob Speis, Warner Refinery fire
Thos. Raddzas, Warner Refinery fire.
Chas. W. Menfrist, unknown, tuberculosis.
Eliz. Peterman, 79, cancer of liver
A. J. Totterdale, 36, endocarditis.
Emiline Coleman, 69, hemorage.
Lillian Lohfink, 19, spinal megitis.
Turner J. Mason, 15, tuberculosis.
Emiline Parkhurst, 76, cerebral hem’ge.
Bertha Ebert, 30, asphyziated.
Eliz. Murrie, 72, pneumonia.
E. King, 35, convulsions.
Jacob Kraus, 59, Abcess of lungs.
David Dietmeyer, 32, D. Tremens.
E. Harrower, 34, Ab. In brain.
E. D. Hale, 54, locomotor ataxia.
Stephen Wolverton, 36, alchoholic meuritis.
Joe Bernories, 32, appendicitis.
Cath. McGrain, 9, Neptiritis.
Jos. Schwery, 79, pneumonia.
Mary Citke, 21, ped olkema.
T. Lyons, 65, pneumonia.
Mrs. W. Jilson, 46, cancer.
[name lost in tear], 21, consumption.
Mark Lansing, 47, cerebral hem’ge.
Jno. Merlock, 53, pneumonia.
Hugh Riley, 50, cancer of stomach.
Pat. Grady, 70, Bright’s disease.
D. Prowitt, 2, scalded.
E. Ackenbach, 71, Bright’s disease.
A. Newkisiko, 40, Found dead.
Henry Totterdale, 10, drowned at Gurnee.
Lew Schwartz, 54, degeneration.
Clayton E. Trepenier, 1, cramps.
Ida Backer, 70, pneumonia.
Henry Vandevere, 25, drowned.
Mrs. Roglance, 26, tuberculosis.
Mike Bolland, 55, suicide.
Reinhold salevski, 4, congestion of brain.
A. Keller, 33, tuberculosis.
Jos. Grom, 18, pneumonia.
Bridget McGrain, 80, fracture of femur.
John Kane, 36, convulsions.
Thos. Palet, 45, concer of pancreas.
Herman Hagen, 90, pneumonia.
Geo. Palmes, 76, paralysis.
Marsh A. Dorset, 79, pneumonia.
Nellie Drury, 14, osteal sarcoma.
Charlotte Savage, 76, dropsy, Antioch.
Peter Jensen, 79, cedrae dropsy, Warren.
Cath. Willson, 33, tuberculosis, Chicago.
Susannah Salisby, 83, paralysis, Gurnee.
Mrs. Karen Jensen, 82, pul-conge[tear]tion, Warren.
Tom Burke, 4, tuberculosis, Benton.
Chas. Cramer, 49, pneumonia, Wilmette.
Thos. Flanary, 38, tuberculosis, Denver.
Caroline Oeser, 41, Degen of [lost in tear], Lake Bluff.
Chas. Gunther, 49, endocarditis, Chicago.
Mary Stewart, 76, hemplegia, Chicago.
Lydia Kinst, 44, Uremica coma, H. Park.
J. K. Adams, 64, edocarditis, Chicago.
Jos. Towers, 21, tuberculosis, N. Chicago.
M. Delevec, 20, appendicitis, North Chicago.
Bertha E. Ditmer, 32, phiterus pru[tear]munaris, H. Park.
Jno. Paslatia, 25, drowned, Beach.
Guy Hanks, 50, gunshot wound, Highwood.
Paul Bgerstredt, 1, Acc. strangulation, North Chicago.
Alicia Browne, 81, Arterio Sclerosis, Chicago.
Wm. H. Kelsey, 54, cancer of tongue, Chicago.
Geo. P. Shatswell, 62, heart failure, Webster, Wis.
Wm. E. Fleming, 40, hemorhage, North Chicago.
Bertha Ebert, 30, asphyxiated, Milwaukee.
Submitted by JoLynn O'Hare Oten
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