2000 Lee County Queries
 GenMistree@aol.com Dec 14, 2000
Some of the Surnames that I am a descendant of are Marth, Kavadas, Bennett, Franklin, Rockwell, and my husband's are Peacock and Ross. He is related to a Joseph Henry Peacock and a Charles William Peacock but not born the same years. I wonder if they are still descendants. He is also related to a Thomas Peacock. His Joseph H. Peacock was born 2-2 1871 and Charles was born 11⁄16 1894. Thomas Peacock was born 9⁄17⁄1835. Maude Iva Bennett born 10⁄4⁄1910, Thomas Kavadas, Mildred Lucille Franklin born 4⁄23⁄1914 Wilbur Marth born 11⁄16⁄1907 My husband's descendants-Elijah Badger born 11⁄19⁄1825 and Margaret Jane Lindsay born June 22, 1832 More of my descendants-Napolean Bonapart Franklin born 1⁄9⁄1867 Married Emma Burton Perhaps you might have some ideas on how I can research any of these descendants or you might know if any of them are in your book. Thank you in advance.
Don Durkes, Dec 14, 2000
I am researching Conrad Durkes and Mary Jones. Specifically looking for Conrad's children and parents.
Ted Johnson, Dec 3, 2000
I was looking at a listing for the town of Dixon, IL in the year 1894-95. This past week I came into possession of my grandmothers birth certificate. It stated that her mother was name Annie Groth. Before my grandmother passed away in 1982, she told my father that she had been adopted. This was news to the whole family as she had kept it a secret from everyone, we are not even sure if Grandpa new. She told my father that her real father was a doctor and her real mother a nurse. I found a listing for in the 1894-95 city directory for an Annie Groth who apparently was a domestic for a doctor named Geo W I Brown. On my grandmothers birth certificate the father was named as Herman Manske. While I cannot find any Herman Manske (whose occupation on the birth certificate was listed as laborer, not doctor) the year 1894-95 is several years before my grandmothers birth in 1902. My question is are there city directories available for the years up to 1902? If so are they on-line anywhere? My thinking is that while my grandmother was born in Milwaukee, the fact that an Annie Groth worked for a doctor could have meant that the doctor had the connections available back then to get her to Milwaukee, have the baby and arrange for it to be adopted. Ok, it's a long shot I know but its one of the few leads I have right now. Finding out that my grandmother was adopted answered quite a few questions about her background. The mother in family that adopted her (the Campbells) passed away around 1912, and my grandmother and her "brother" were taken out of the Campbell home and put in foster homes...however my grandmothers younger sister Cora, was not taken out of the home. Because as we have learned she was the Campbells real daughter. Aunt Cora apparently promised grandma that she wouldn't tell anything about the adoption and kept this promise until she passed away in 1998, so there are no leads there. The other boy Florian has already passed away so that isn't an option either. My grandmother became an OB nurse in Chicago (working for over 50 years until her knees gave out in 1978) and arranged over the years for countless adoptions of children of unwed mothers, to the point that doctors would call her if they had someone who needed help. I guess the adoption laws were different back in the 1920-1940 range. My question is if the city directories are available for the period 1894-1902 (or 1903 or 1904) is there a Herman Manske (the name listed as the father on my grandmothers birth certificate) listed anywhere? Is there any information available on this Dr. Brown. If my grandmothers real father was a doctor the name Herman Manske could have been bogus....in fact there is a possibility that the name Annie Groth is bogus also but there is no way really to find that information I guess. Thank you
Judy Thompkins, Nov 29, 2000, 321 E Superior St Lebanon, IN 46052
   Looking for info on John C and Emma R Pennock Kennedy family, came to Dixon 1904 and ran boarding house for college students. Believe Emma had Pennock (Pennick) relation in the area. She had a sister born in ILL
Agnes, Nov 28, 2000
  I am interested in any reference to the subject surnames contained in the History of Lee County, IL which I understand was printed in 1892. Could you help me?
Barbara Fratto, Nov 27, 2000
  Seeking information on the Pfeiffer and Pippert Families who came to Lee County in the late 1880's. Thanks!
Rose Crosier, Nov 22, 2000
  I am interested in Hans Christain Jergensen (changed to Christopher Hans Johnson) He lived in Rochelle, Ill. sometime around 1868-1875. Lived with Dereg Codney and family left with a Bloodough family to New York probably around 1873-1875. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on Nov. 18, 1851.
John Miller, Nov 17, 2000
  Seeking descendants of ALMON BRISTOL, married 1883 in Amboy IL to Olive E. Barber. I have photograph of each. Thanks.
E. T. Schmitt, Nov 16, 2000
  Looking for information on these Sharrars connected to the Dixon, IL area:
  Sarah BOYD, born about 1829, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, married a Mr. SHARRAR and lived near Dixon, Lee County, IL in 1870 at the time of the marriage of Sarah's brother, William O. BOYD. Mr. SHARRAR may have been the D. C. Sharrar who is shown in the Lee County Illinois 1872 Plat Book. A D. C. Shearer is shown in the 1880 census in Cedar Rapids, IA as the brother-in-law of Margaret (BOYD) DOUGLAS, a sister of Sarah (BOYD) SHARRAR.
  This couple is believed to have had a daughter, Margaret SHARRAR who married Robert STUART (born abt 1852 in Canada, son of John STUART and Elise BREMNER) in 1876 in Cedar Rapids, IA. John STUART was connected with Quaker Oats. This family resided in the Chicago area, in 1911 near the U. of Chicago, later in Lake Forest, Lake County, IL.
  These SHARRARs may be connected:
  Nancy C SHARRAR, born 22 May 1854 of Dixon, Lee County, IL, died 15 Dec 1937, Phelps Co, MO. Her obituary shows her as born in PA. Spouse: William L 'Wiley' LOVE (Son of Lee & Mary). Both buried at Pea Ridge (Roach) Cem. near Rolla, MO.
  Nancy had a sister, Fannie M. SHARRAR (1861-1947) wife of Wm. A. COREY (1860-1947). Both buried at Pea Ridge (Roach) Cem. near Rolla, MO.
  Also apparently from the Dixon, IL area was a Stewart SHARRAR, born Abt 1858, of Dixon, Lee County, Illinois. He married Elvira Mae VAN DUSEN in Carroll Co., IL on 13 Feb 1879.
Judy Huber, Nov 15, 2000
  I am looking for descendants of John and Ed Severson who lived in Lee County in the 1880s and 1890s.
Trisha Reynolds, Nov 13, 2000
  Thanks for looking for I.O. Wilkinson for me. Now that I know the books, I will see if I can get them through our library system here in Georgia. That's the only thing about not having my "roots" close by - have to do all this stuff by mail!!
  Anyway, I appreciate your efforts - keep up the good work. We hope to get to Dixon in a year or so.
Steve Dale, Nov 10, 2000
Looking for some help on the O'Malia family who lived in Lee County, Illinois. William Henry O'Malia died in 1874 married to Bridget Connolly: Son was William Henry O'Malia too, born 1868 in Dixon, died in 1950, married Margaret Caufield who died in 1921 in Freeport. This was an Irish family who worked on the Illinois Central Railroad. Any information appreciated. Thanks
John Hoover, Nov 4, 2000
Fisher Ditch appears on the 1840 census of Lee County. He also is on the 1850 Monroe County. I would like any and all info on him. I am doing a broad research for the Ditch name. I am trying to tie him to others in my line and 3 other individuals that reside around the country. Thank You
Sharon Leivan, Nov 3, 2000
I am searching for information on the family of Mathias Lievan born 13 Oct 1813 Germany, Alsace Lorrane, died 15 May 1893 Dixon Lee Co. ILL. He married Magdalena Miller in Germany coming to America in 1846 living in Pa. He was a farmer who raised his children in this area all 16. His son married a Mary or(Nellie) Pifer His son was also named Mathias E. Lievan or (Leivan) He moved to Missouri. I would like contact with any one who is working on this line, and, any of the other 16 children's family line's. I have some information I will share if we are connected.
Lyn McIntosh-Sherwood, Nov 2, 2000
Looking for information on Nell⁄Nellie LEVY⁄LEVEY from Steward, IL, married Orrin C. SHERWOOD of Rochelle, IL, died 1926.
Winter Park, FL USA
Dotti Clark Elliott, 2 Nov, 2000
   My Clark family moved for a while to Dixon in 1923 from Kentucky. George and Dona Clark and their kids, including my dad Gene, siblings Ray, May, Bertha (married), Eddie, Myrtle, Nola Mae. I think some of his family moved with him. George W. Clarks siblings were Charley, (who convinced them to move to Dixon so George could work at Reynold's wire), Luther, Mattie, Hattie and Leaatha.
   Luther married Della Burgess, Hattie married Roy Bruce, Leatha married Lon Courtney, Maattie married Coleman Handley, Charley married Iva Cornstubble, My dad married Barbara Cozad.
   This family moved back to KY for a while, and then George and Dona moved back to Dixon again. I am trying to find any info on George W. Clark's father. So, if I can find any info on his brothers or sisters, this might help. George worked at Reynold's Wire, lost an eye there I think, I don't know the years he worked there. If you know this family, please e-mail me??? Thanks
Carma Astleford, 27 Oct, 2000
Seeking information on the family of John C Piper, b. about 1825 in Bedford Co, PA, the son of John Piper, Esq, who was the son of Col John Piper, Fort Piper, Bedford Co, PA. There is mention of John C. Piper in the Amboy News 7⁄22⁄1882 Page 4, Column 1, also mention of a 1914 Lee Co History, page 446 and 186 Vol B. Also is listed as a supervisor, Reynolds twp. Have much information to share.
Lyn McIntosh-Sherwood, Oct 26, 2000
Hi, I am trying to locate an obituary for Catherine SCHEUER FUESTMAN. She was married to Godfrey FUESTMAN of Paw-Paw, Lee County, IL. I understand that she possibly moved to Dixon, Lee County, IL after his death. I would think she would have died in the 1920's or 1930's. Any help will be much apprecited.
Winter Park, FL USA
Tom Dunaway Oct 19, 2000
I'm looking for relatives of Reba Dunaway Thompson who lived in Amboy, Lee County, Illinos.  She died Feb. 1980.  I believe she had 2 brothers, Harry and James DunawayWould love to talk to anyone who is related to her.
Fred Krauss Oct 18, 2000, 106 Cherry Hill Circle East, Aylett, Virginia 23009
    I am looking for information on Fred John Krauss my great grandfather, where he is buried, obituary and immigration records. Also, I would like to find a marriage record of Fred and Katherine Maisch and immigration record of wife Katherine.
     Information I have comes from an obituary of his wife published in the Aurora Daily Beacon January 12, 1909.
     According to the obituary Fred passed away in Amboy, Lee County 10 years ago.  Which would be about 1899 or 1900. His name is Fred Krauss.  It could be Frederick and middle name John.  He was born in Germany about 1854.  In the obituary the name is spelled wrong KRAUSE. The name of his wife was Katherine Maisch (Krauss) (Sipple) b. June 1857 Germany d. January 12, 1909 Aroura, Illinois.  Immigration 1882 from the 1900 Illinois census.
     Fred and Katherine had 3-4 children as follows, all of which are deceased:
1. Frederick William Krauss married Gertrude Eliza Polzien (my grandparents) b. December 9, 1885 Aurora, Illinois d. July 12, 1967 San Diego, California m. Abt. 1908 Illinois b. March 24, 1889 Aurora, Illinois d. January 16, 1967 San Diego, California
2. William Krauss b. January 14, 1884 Aurora, Illinois d. June 1, 1960 buried Lincoln Memorial Park, Employed by Richlands - Wilcox Manufacturing Co. for 59 years. 1960 residence 508 Liberty St., Aurora, Illinois.
3. Elsie Krauss b. March 1892 Aurora, Illinois NOTHING ELSE KNOWN
     Katherine married Louis Sipple February 24, 1903. Katherine is buried in Illinois, Spring Lake Cemetery Section FW, Lot 9, Owner Tile 030, Int. No. 4529.
     Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Deana Campbell Oct 15, 2000, 14445 S.W. 130th, Tigard, Oregon, 97224
     Looking for information on Almon⁄Alman W. KING
Almon W. KING who was born abt. 1825 in N.Y. His wife was Emma _____ born abt. 1824 in N.Y.
Their children were: William A. born abt. 1850 in Illinois; L. Frank born abt. 1853 in Texas; Mary born abt. 1856 in Texas; Guy born abt. 1860 in Texas.
     Almon⁄or Alman W. KING, came down from N.Y. either with his immediate family listed above or with his parents Lyman and Phebe (WILLIAMS) KING to Crystal Lake, Illinois. Almon was a physician⁄surgeon and shows up in the 1860 DeWitt County, Yorktown, Texas census and then disappears for the following census'. We feel he went back up to Illinois to be with his extended family. I have found⁄read on the www site for the Library in Lee County, that they have news articles on several KINGS and an Almon KING, but I do not know if he is the same one. Looking for any information that you might have and I have lots of information to share on his brothers⁄sisters and parents- I even have "old letters" from his brothers and sisters!
Lanny A. Robbins Oct 13, 2000
I am interested in communicating with family genealogists who may have information about the Charles Meese family and the Frederick William Meyer family that lived near Dixon IL in the 1860's.

Jeff Meriam Oct 8, 2000, 1911 S. Gateway Blvd, Ridgecrest CA 93555
     I'm looking for almost any information (or even pictures) that someone of you may know about my great-grandfather Frank Bardwell Meriam, his wife, children, or his or her parents.
     My great grandfather was a County Deputy Sheriff in 1876 to ?? timeframe. He and his wife Mary Gertrude Hubbard lived in Amboy, Illinois when he was a deputy. They lived in house owned by Samuel Tyler Meriam and Anne Jane Brown Meriam, who were Frank Bardwell Meriam's parents. All I know about the house was it had a wooden sidewalk in front. They were married 20 Jan 1876 in Sublette, and lived in Arlington, apparently, at some point. They moved to Colorado perhaps for the health of their daughter Zita, who had a brother Paul Frank, my grandfather. I don't know which was older although I think Zita was.
Any information, pointers or leads would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Julie Combest  Sep 27, 2000
Well, Elizabeth Patterson was born in Scotland 3⁄22⁄1874 and came to the US around 1904. She married James McCarroll son of Bernard and Bridget (Hughes) McCarroll. Bernard and Bridget are buried in Oakwood Cemetery (Dixon). They came to the US from County Armaugh, Ireland around 1851 and settled in Dixon. James married Bedina Mulvihill ( unsure of the spelling) December of 1887 and they had an infant that died in 1888. I am not sure if they divorced or what, but he later married Elizabeth Patterson and they lived in Seattle. I am not sure if James met Elizabeth in Dixon or if he met her after he went to Seattle. Just trying to figure this one out. I really appreciate your time. I have been researching my mother's family for over 7 years and I still have a lot of missing pieces. Thanks again.
Mary Eggleston Sep 19, 2000
Looking for any info on George PRATT. Civil War roster of Ill 65th Rgt. list residence as Dixon.
Linda Scripter Sep 12, 2000
I am looking for more information on John L. DOLSON, my ggg-grandfather. I found his name listed in the surname index of Frank Stevens' "1914 History of Lee County, Illinois" but I do not have anything else from the book. I know he married Lidia Jane FORBES on 9-26-1839 in Jefferson County, Illinois. Thank you!
Charla Watt Sep 7, 2000
I am hoping for some kind of help with my SUTTON family. The census index for 1860 Lee County Illinois- City of Dixon shows a William H. Sutton and a Charity Sutton. I havent been able to find this family except for here in Lee Co. I think the H. after William is a typo because his middle name was Thomas. William was listed on page 348 and Charity was listed on page 349. Any one who could help with this family I am very open to any suggestions.
Larry Veach Aug 31, 2000
Seeking any information on Lewis P. BRAITHWAITE, who appears in the 1860 Census Index for Lee County. Am also interested in any descendants. Lewis was listed in the 1850 Hampshire Co., VA (now WV) Census as being married within the year. I have extensive information on his siblings and their families remaining in VA. According to his brother, David's family Bible, Lewis was born 24 Feb. 1827 on Timber Ridge in Frederick Co., VA. His wife's name was Elizabeth Ann, maiden name unknown, as Hampshire County Marriage records were destroyed by Union Soldiers. Contact: Larry W. Veach, 150 Country Park Dr., Winchester, VA 22602-7406
Liz Gamble Aug 24, 2000
I am researching my husband's family. His grandparents were Fern Eva CHANDLER, daughter of Elmer Darwin Chandler and Ida Alice BAKER, and Clarence Eugene HECKMAN, son of Walter Heckman and Hannah MISSMAN. Hannah Missman was the daughter of Gerhard Missman and Mary LEYDIG. Elmer Darwin Chandler was the son of Elhanan HANOVER? Chandler and Martha A. BRADSHAW. Fern died October 2, 1979 in Dixon. She was born August 12, 1896 near Amboy. All the families were somewhere in the Dixon, Nachusa, Amboy area. I'd love any info to fill in and extend the line. Thanks. Liz Gamble
Todd Crownover Aug 24, 2000
I am looking for information about my GGG grandfather Enos J STEDMAN. Born 8-5-1848 in Onega, Tioga County, New York and moved to Lee County, Illinois when seven years old. His father, Enos C. Stedman and mother Malenna D. Stedman lived in the area until about 1875, until they moved to Otoe County, Nebraska. Enos J. married a Lee county resident, Amanda MEYERS in Lee County on 7-4-1871. On 10-29-1893 she died while visited family in Illinois while on a trip from NE. I am guessing Lee county but not sure. Any information either of my GGG grandparents would be extremely helpful. Thanks, Todd A. Crownover, 29839 416th Ave. Tyndall, SD 57066,
Marabeth Scott Aug 22, 2000
I have been given the marriage certificate for John MORSE and Sarah GRUMMON (spelling I am not sure of). They were married 3rd Dec. 1871 in Paw Paw Grove, Ill. The certificate is from Lee County, Ill. So far I have found no connection to my family other than the Zimmermans came from Livingston and Woodford County, Ill. They came to Ks. in 1850's so can't come up with a connection. Would love to give to someone who is researching this family.
Ted Crane Aug 7, 2000
I am looking for more information on Arthur W. BOSLOUGH. He was born December 19, 1880 in Paw Paw, Ill., His parents were Milton E. and Sarah Boslough. He graduated from Paw Paw high school. He died in Wausau, WI in 1949. I know he was in Ashland, OR in 1917 but am trying to find more information from his birth to then. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ginger Price Aug 3, 2000
I am trying to search my husband's family by the name of PRICE. My husbands g-grandfather was named Charles John Price. (also went by John Charles Price) He was born in Dixon, Ill in 1860. His family has never kept any records, so this searching has been very difficult. According to the cemetery and census records I have found his Charles parents were named: Michael Price (b. 1826 in France) and Catharine SHEARR (b. 1836 in Ireland.) They had the following children: Charles John Price b 1860, Mary Ann Price b. Oct 17, 1863, Daniel F. Price b. 1864, Michael T. Price b. 1865. The above children were all born in Dixon, ILL. The next 3 were born in Story County, Iowa. Catharine E. Price b. 1868, Sarah E. Price b. 1870, and Ida May Price b. Jan 23, 1878. All except Sarah E. are buried in Story Co. Iowa. Any information would be appreciated.
Diane Keller Jul 31, 2000
Looking for any information on the Vincent A. NOLAN and Goldie M.(WADE) Nolan families. Vincent b. 7-12-1902, d. 7-18-1975, parents Michael and Margaret (maiden name unknown) Nolan. Vincent brothers: Donald (living in Franklin Grove Nursing Home and Gladys his wife (deceased), Charles, Earl others unknown. Goldie M. (Wade) Nolan b. 5-24-1902, (Mt. Carol, Il.) d. 8-13-95, parents Thomas and Maude (maiden name unknown) Wade. Goldie sisters: Emma (living in Dixon), Ivy, Mutt others unknown. Vincent and Goldie (Wade) Nolan children: Helen (Johnson), Betty (Hoffmann), Richard and Millicent (Botefhur). Vincent and Goldie Nolan had lived in Dixon in the 1920's and moved to Norridge (Norwood Park Township) Il. After my mother's death, Betty (Nolan) Hoffmann; March 29, 1999, I had received her birth certificate and had notice she was the second child born of three. The first was born alive, but died, and the third was still born. Betty was born on October 2, 1925, at home -11:45 a.m., 1015 Hennepin Ave., Dixon. Any information regarding on my mother's birth and the Nolan and Wade Families would be appreciated.
Patty Fritz Jul 30, 2000
I am researching my family tree and cannot get beyond my grandfather, Lewis CRAIG. He was married to Anna FARVER in Dixon, Ill. and they lived near Ashton and Amboy for awhile. I do not know who Lewis Craigs parents were. Lewis was born in Millville, N.J. in 1856 according to my dad.
Jill Coleman Jul 27, 2000
Looking for any information on the LOHMEYER family. My father Loren Lohmeyer and his sister Myrtle went to school in Dixon in 1918. My great grandparents, John William Lohmeyer and Sophia WITTENBERG Lohmeyer resided in Franklin Grove for some time. John died there in 1928, Sophia died in Ashton in 1945. Other family names are: (Children of John & Sophia) Mary Lohmeyer (Mrs. Chris) LANDAU b.11-12-1879 , John H. Lohmeyer b.5-5-1875 of Eldena, Henry William Lohmeyer b.9-22-1877and Lydia BUCHHOLZ Lohmeyer of Dixon, Carrie Lohmeyer b.12-3-1886 and Ella Lohmeyer b.10-28-1892 in Farmer City.
Kathryn Ryan Jul 27, 2000
I am trying to find out what happened to my grandmother. She was a "resident" of the Dixon State Colony in the late 1920's and early 1930's. I think she may have died there. Her name was Cora Mae TEGETHOFF. Apparently, she did not have a social security number, so I have been unable to trace her that way. Can you check your records? Do you have access to Dixon State Colony death records? Can you tell me how to get access to these records? Please advise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help. Kathryn Ryan, 203 East Sadie Street, Brandon, FL 33510.
Wayne Caswell Jul 25, 2000
I'm searching for my Great uncles daughter Frances HOHIMER. Frances married Albert Hohimer 1921, she was 16. From what I understand, she attacked Albert with a knife, and was sent to a girls school, then on to Lee Co, Dixon state hospital. This is where I lost her. Would anyone have any idea how I could find info on what happened to her after that? Thank you.
Kevin Strattan Jul 24, 2000
I have recently acquired the Death Certificate for Emery D. COUNTRYMAN. I was wondering if there are any obituaries on him. He died November 5, 1953 at the Dixon Hospital, and he was a merchandizer in Sterling Wholesale. If anyone can get me a copy of his obituary I am willing to pay any postage and copy costs. Thanks! Kevin Strattan, 621 Seven Nations Drive, Madison, WI 53713. [Email first!]
Ronda Jul 18, 2000
I am researching the Kelleher family of Amboy, Lee County, Il. I have found the death record and place of burial for James KELLEHER, Jr and his wife Mary Elizabeth HAYES KELLEHER. they are buried in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery in Amboy. My quest now is to establish the death date of James KELLEHER, Sr., born about 1823 and his wife, Maria McINNERY KELLEHER, born abt 1841, and their place of burial. They were both alive on the Lee Co., Il. 1880 census. Their children were: Mary, born 1862, died 1942; Margaret born 1865, married a Hensckel and was alive 1942; Honora 'Nora' born 1867, married a DYER; Edward born 1868, died 1939, married??; John born 1869; Rosanna 'Rose' born 1873, married a KAUFFMAN; Johanna in St. Patrick's Cemetery; and William born 1877. If these children are in the cemetery with the parents, would you let me know their dates, too?
Pam Sabin Jul 14, 2000
A Thomas J. PRATT died December9, 1935 in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois and also a Grace Pratt died on October 3, 1945. I have a feeling Thomas J. Pratt would be my great grandfather. I have no knowledge of your county lines. Last known residence of both were Pearl City. [Pearl City is in Stevenson County, near Freeport. DN]
Diana Zajicek Jul 12, 2000
I am looking for information concerning Thomas Henry HUNT born in Lee, Illinois on 2 January 1869. He was married to Mary Frederica SCHMIDT, who was born in Hinckley, Illinois on 7 May 1873. Thank you, Diana
Karen Griffin Jul 9, 2000
Looking for information on Alvin Joseph BUSHEY, b. 23 Dec. 1865 in Lee Center, Illinois. Married 19 Jan 1895 to Elmona Abigail ECKLEY (1866 - 1923) and d. 1 Sep. 1940 in Ontario, CA. may have had a brother named Lewis BUSHEY. Alvin and Emona moved to Iowa and then to California.
Michael Towne Jul 6, 2000
I am looking for information about my grandmother who I believe was named Mary BUSKER, and was born on 8⁄7⁄1910 in Amboy. She married a Charles Edward TOWNE from Bradford, Stark county and both died in 1949 in Chicago, leaving my father a 12 year old orphan. I have almost no record of anything related to either of my grandparents, so anyone with any information about Mary BUSKER, please email me at mktkaty@netscape.net. Thank you for your help.
Karen Mahoney Jun 29, 2000
I am researching the PFEFFER branch of my family tree. I know that my greatgrandmother, Isabell Pfeffer, had a brother John. Isabell was born in Champaign Co, IL in 1878. Today I came upon a web sight which listed a John Pfeffer as registering for military service in 1918. He listed his hometown as Amboy and the registration headline said it was for Lee Co, IL. Thanks for your time.
Betty Carlson Jun 27, 2000
I am looking for some women whose last name (and I presume it is their married name) is KERSTEN. They are: Anna Elizabeth Kersten died 2 Feb 1916; Emma Kersten died 18 Aug 1937; Katherine Kersten died 2 Nov 1935; Mary Kersten died 7 Mar 1935. I would like to know their birth names, dates and spouses information. I am also trying to locate the children of Ernest William Kersten born 7 May 1898 in Ashton, Lee Co., Illinois. Thanks.
R. Robbins Jun 26, 2000
Seeking descendants of John and Bridget (O'HARE) BURNS living in East Grove Twp 1870 census. Children: John b 1854; Hugh b 1859; Ann b 1861; Julia b 1862; Bridget b 1865 and Catherine b 1867.
Paul Studly Jun 25, 2000
Researching Cornelius SWEITZER, b: 25 Mar 1822 in Brothers Valley Twp. Somerset Co. PA, d: ?? in IL?, sp: (1) Lena (Tolen) OSWAY, b: est 1820s, m: abt 1875 in Lee Co., ILL - Nelson Twp., d: aft 1887 in Ogle Co., IL - Daysville. sp: (2) Mary SHAULIS, b: 1821, m: abt 1847 in Somerset Co., PA, d: abt 1871 in Westmoreland Co., PA - Mt. Pleasant. Children: Sarah SWEITZER, Mary Elizabeth SWEITZER, Elizabeth SWEITZER, Jonas SWEITZER, Lavinia SWEITZER, Tobias SWEITZER. Tobius married Amanda GENCK aft 1875 in Lee Co., IL. Their children: Claude SWEITZER, b: est 1880s in Lee Co., ILL - Nachusa Twp, Howard SWEITZER, b: est 1880s in Lee Co., ILL - Nachusa Twp. I believe Cornelius SWEITZER is listed in "Portrait & Biographical Record of Lee Co., IL" at p. 767, published ca 1892. It is believed he may have been living in Ogle Co., IL ca 1887. Descendants go back to Philip BURBACH, a DAR recognized by Rev War patriot. Paul Studly, 12911 Lynn Drive, Chesterland, OH 44026
Ginger Sisco Jun 15, 2000
Searching for information on William F. SISCO and Eliza GREENWOOD. William F. Sisco died 23 July 1872 in Lee Co., IL. Their children include: Sarah Ann Sisco who married Henry STEVENS on 1 Jan 1860 in Lee Co.; Orren David Sisco who married Frances ROADCAP, Unknown KOONTZ and Jance C. SMITH in Lee Co., Il.; Hiriam Jackson Sisco who married Mary Agnes MERRILL on 21 March 1869 in Compton, Lee Co., Il.; Martin Van Buren Sisco who married Helen Augusta JOHNSON on 25 Oct 1868 in Lee Co., Il.; Almeda Sisco who married James BENNETT on 3 July 1868 in Dixon, Lee Co., IL.; and Mary J. Sisco who married Francis M. JOHNSON. Will appreciate any information and will gladly share.
Gloria Holtsinger Jun 10, 2000
Who were the parents of Margaret May HETHERINGTON? Her father was born in England (?) She was born in Canada January 15, 1855. Her siblings were Melinda, Cora, Lucy and Joe. Margaret (also called "Maggie May,") was married in Amboy, IL. on March 20, 1876, to Sylvester PETTICREW, son of David PETTICREW and Margaret MILLER (Roof). According to some excerpts from the Amboy News the Petticrews lived on a farm just South of Amboy in the 1880's. Any information on the HETHERINGTONS who lived in Amboy during that time would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Gloria Holtsinger
Charles R. Peters Jun 7, 2000
Looking for any information on Joseph MADDEN and his wife Elizabeth (Maiden name may have been CARNAHAN). According to the 1850 Census he was 55 years old then and so was his wife. Living with him was James Madden (24) born in Pa. and William P. Madden 21 born in (Tenn)? I am trying to attach Joseph to who I believe his father was Joseph Madden of Chillisquaqua Pa. Born 1744 died 1823 Montour Co. PA. Living beside Joseph in 1850 is Margaret who I believe is his daughter she is married to Jonathan MELUGIN. I also have a statement that Joseph and his wife were buried in the west burial ground, but I don't know if that is in Brooklyn Twp or not. Any help would be appreciated. Charles R. Peters, 8855 Aragon Dr., Colorado Springs, Co., 80920
Mary Lewis May 23, 2000
Seeking information on Charity E. COLEMAN. Daughter Margaret (Maggie) born 27 Feb 1853 (possibly in Rockford, IL). Have not been able to find record of any marriage of Charity's prior to her marriage to Joseph OSTER, 19 Oct 1857, Sublette, Lee Co., IL. Charity is daughter of William Coleman and Elizabeth (Last name unknown). William and his wife came to Illinois from PA between 1844 and 1849. Also, have very little information on Joseph Oster (variations may be Oester, Easter, etc). Charity and Joseph returned to PA (Johnstown) some time after their marriage (reason for return unknown).
Debra Ries May 25, 2000
Hi. I am researching from my Great-Grandparents to all descendants. I know that this family originated from Lee and Ogle counties. Leander Lincoln LE FEVRE (b: 2 May 1868 ; d: 22 September 1936 and Fanny Rutt (EBERSOLE) LE FEVRE (b: 24 June 1873 ; d: 8 April 1956. What I already have is on my webpages @ http:⁄⁄home.earthlink.net⁄~lefevre2000 , Please check it out, maybe what I have will help you. The information on this site was given to me by my recently deceased Grandmother. Debra K. Le Fevre Ries, 217 Van Buren St, Belvidere, IL 61008
Richard Behrendt May 23, 2000
I am researching my family roots which have taken me to Lee County. Can anyone give me info on the BEHRENDT family residing there in the late 1800s? Thank you. Richard Behrendt, P O Box 208, Occidental, CA 95465
R. J. Bogart May 20, 2000
Looking for informationon families of Wilbur R. WELCH and Hazel L. THOMPSON b.1911. Family was from Lee County, towns of Belvedere and Woodstock. Other surnames in this family are: Jamison, Glowinski, DeSoto. Any help would be appreciated. R. J. Bogart, 3 West Lake Road, Warwick, N.Y. 10990
Bob Halverson May 18, 2000
I am looking for the burial place of Sigur & Isabell HALVERSON. They lived in Milan Township, De Kalb County but I thought they may have been buried in the Union Lutheran Cemetery aka Norwegian Cemetery in Lee County. I understand this cemetery is close to the Lee⁄De Kalb county line and I know Milan Township is on the line. Any help you can give will be appreciated.
Carol Heilman May 12, 2000
I am searching for information on my great-great Aunts and their children? The information I have is: Katherine YOTTY married Arthur PHILPS in 1901-1903 and they had two children - Glen and Nora. Neither married. Glen died in 1992 and Nora died in 1996. I would like to find anyone that may have pictures or information on either one of them. They both worked for the Boyd Basket Co. and Glen later was a self-employed wood maker. Edith Yotty married John STRICKLER in 1894-1895 and they also had two children - LLoyd and Hazel. What I do know is Edith died at the age of 25 in Sept of 1900 and is buried in the Dewolf cemetery. Her husband is buried next to her. Their children Lloyd and Hazel I believe were raised by a DUFFY family. In an estate notice found on Joseph Yotty, Edith's uncle, listed Lloyd's name as Lloyd Strickler Duffy and Hazel as Hazel TREPLES. I would like dates of John Strickler's death if possible. Thank you.
Teresa Olson May 08, 2000
Thomas HOUGH and wife Mary Ann ACKLAND (BOOTH) HOUGH were living in Lee County on the 1850 and 1860 Census in Brooklyn Twnshp. Thomas came from Lancaster, England and Mary Ann from Ireland. Also, the Adam VROMAN family moved to Lee County and were living near Willow Creek in the 1860 Census. I have some information on the VROMAN family but would appreciate any on the HOUGH and BOOTH families. Teresa Olson, 510 Shore Pines Ct., Post Falls, ID, 83854
Kevin Strattan May 03, 2000
I am looking for more information on Mary MILLER who died in Franklin Grove, IL. What I know is: She was born January 10, 1840 in Meyersdale, Somerset County, PA She died sometime after March 17, 1876 (when her last? child was born) in Franklin Grove, IL. She married John P. SCHMUCKER on November 11, 1858 in Wayne, OH. Her Children are: Ida Mae SCHMUCKER born January 18, 1865 in Ashland, OH. Heber SCHMUCKER born unknown. Charles SCHMUCKER born unknown. Rebecca SCHMUCKER born March 18, 1876 in State Center, IA. Most of this information came from the book "Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman", along with family sources and the Book of Countrymans. What I am looking for is: When EXACTLY did Mary Miller die (does she have a tombstone in Franklin Grove Cemetery?). Did John P. Schmucker die in Franklin Grove too? If so what is his exact date of death? Does anyone know more about Heber and Charles Schmucker? I know Heber married a Lucy MONG, and Charles married a Nellie GRUSH but that is all. I have a lot of information on Ida (Wagner) and Rebecca (Countryman)'s descendants, if anyone is curious and would like to compare notes on this family. Thank you. Kevin Strattan, 621 Seven Nations Drive, Madison, WI 53713
Daniel Haag Apr 25, 2000
I am searching for information about Joseph JULY and his family. It seems they donated the land that now is Evergreen Cemetery. I believe that he is my Great-great grandfather. He left Ohio after the death of his wife Amanda DEMENT July. She died seven days after the birth of my great-grandfather who is also named Joseph, he married Jane JEANGUENAT in Scioto County Ohio.
Susan Colvin Apr 14, 2000
I am researching our great grandfather's family Harry HOWEY born 6⁄11⁄1887 in Ashton, Lee Co., IL died 6⁄7⁄1960 in Dixon, Lee Co., IL. Married Lora E. HIMES in 1908. I would appreciate any information and will gladly share what I have. Thank you, Susan Colvin, PO Box 501365, Indianapolis, IN 46250
Jean Herring Apr 06, 2000
I am looking for any information about my grandfather, Matthias LEACH. He moved with his mother, father, annd four older brothers to Lee County, Ill. from Wilson, Niagara Co. N.Y. in 1851. He ran away from home when he was 15 and enlisted in Company E, 140th Illinois infantry. He served 6 months before his mother found him and he was discharged. He reenlisted 18 Jan. 1865 in Co. L, 7th Illinois cavalry. I believe his father's name was Silas. He died in 1855 in Lee Co. and must be buried there. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Ann Bowler Apr 04, 2000
I am looking for military and GAR information about Charles N. RICHARDS. I am looking for a GAR Cemetery index which has a listing for Charles N. Richards, b 1845 d August 26, 1921. He lived in Amboy, Ill about the turn of the twentieth century. He was buried next to his wife, Laura HUMPHREY, b 1845 d March 13, 1915, in the Richmond Township Cemetery, Walworth County, Wisconsin. The cemetery record says he was a member of the GAR.
Ingrid Skinner Apr 03, 2000
Researching the SKINNER family. Have records that they purchased land in Lee County in the 1860's. Was wondering if anyone had access to census records from 1870 and on. Researching Reuben Skinner, Alexander G. Skinner, and Thomas Jefferson Skinner.
Karen Krusin Mar 27, 2000
I am researching my family history and find my Aunt Rose COLARELLI died in Lee County. There is a history of lung disorders in the family and I think she may have been institutionalized in the county. Any information on hospitals or institutions in the area would be appreciated. Rose died in December, 1938. Karen Colarelli Krusin.
Fred Krauss Mar 12, 2000
I am searching for an obituary and information pertaining to my Great Grandfather. Information I have comes form an obituary of his wife published in the Aurora Daily Beacon January 12, 1909. According to the obituary he passed away in Amboy, Lee County 10 years previous, which would be about 1899 or 1900. His name is Fred KRAUSS. It could be Frederick and middle name John. He was possibly born in Germany about 1854. The name of his wife was Katherine Maisch Krauss (SIPPLE) b.June 1857 d. January 14, 1909. I would also appreciate any information anyone has any information on Elsie Krauss b. March 1892. Thanks of you time and any assistance anyone can provide or direction I can follow, would be appreciated. Fred Krauss, 106 Cherry Hill Circle East, Aylett, Virginia 23009
Joyce Bell Mar 20, 2000
Helping a friend to seek info on Shepard G. PATRICK who served in Battery "F" 1st IL light Artillery, transferred to Co E, and was also in Co. A 2nd CAV. He stated that his residence at the time of muster (21 Jan 1864) was Dixon. Joyce Bell, 1280 Coronado St. Upland, CA 91786.
Dean Johnson Mar 18, 2000
I am looking for anyone who may be a relative of a Lee, Co. pioneer Smith H. JOHNSON, who came to Lee, Co. in the 1840's. His childrens names were Lafayette, Rufus, Truman, Calvin, Alphonzo, Smith, Abner, Wilbur, Benjamin F., Emiline (Parker) and Ellen (Dewitt). I beleive Smith H. may have had a brother or two in the area at the same time. They may have been Winthrop Johnson and a Caleb Johnson. Caleb's son Hezekiah and his wife Ellen WILCOX were living with Trumnan's family in 1860. Another possible brother may have been Benjamin Johnson who lived in Fulton, Co. All of these men were born in VT moved to NY two moved to Mich. before moving to IL. Smith married a Ziba K. TOMPKINS and I have found several other Tompkins in the Lee, Co area as well as several in Winnebago, Co. They were close to Ziba's age and may also have been brothers as they were all born in NY. After moving to IA Truman moved to Winnebago Co. where he died in 1910. Smith H. and several family members are buried in Lee, Co.
Adcbjc@aol.com Mar 11, 2000
I would like to indentify the following HEIBENTHAL individuals: their birth, marriage, children and death information: Charles Heibenthal died 19 July 1920; Elizabeth Heibenthal died 3 Nov 1929; Elizabeth Heibenthal died 7 May 1930; Martha Heibenthal died 17 Feb 1930. I was raised in Lee County with families by these names and my relatives married them. I am also trying to identify the following (found on the Illinois Death Index), women's maiden name, parents, children: Catharine Elizabeth KRUG died 24 Apr 1922; Christena C. Krug died 27 Sep 1918; Mary Krug died 18 Aug 1928; George Krug died 16 Jan 1928; Martin Krug died 14 Feb 1931. My maiden name was Krug and I was raised in Lee County. I would share any information that I have. Thanks
Judy Hice Mar 01, 2000
Searching for the family of Mahlon ROBERTS who lived in the Compton area from about 1856 to at least 1900. Will share information. Thanks, Judy.
Lyn Sherwood Feb 28, 2000
Researching WILLIAMS Family, Compton, Lee County, IL: John Winthrop WILLIAMS, wife Mary Lucinda, daughter Mary b. 1841, d. 1926, m. Calvin JOHNSON, son of Smith H. JOHNSON and Ziba THOMPKINS JOHNSON, Compton, Lee County, IL. The WILLIAMS family came from Canada.
Researching SAMPSON Family, Lyman P. and Columbia A. SAMPSON, originally from Charlton, MA, then moved to Oakfield, WI, then to Rochelle, IL, daughter Sarah Lucy "Lula SAMPSON, married William Lincoln SHERWOOD on April 17, 1899. Their children: Wilbur Henry, Wellington Carleton, Harold Murney, Lula Fern and Malcom Glenn.
Patti Oldaker Feb 19, 2000
My ancesters, James Thomas MURPHY and Julia DREW, were married in 1858 by a Catholic priest in Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois. At least one of James' brothers was killed in the Civil War. Any information on this family would be appreciated.
Peggy Ebel Feb 25, 2000
Elizabeth CISSNE was born in Lee County Illinois in 1805. She married Joseph BAY. The family lived in Lee County from 1837 until 1854 when they moved to Iowa. BAY children born in Illinois were Jane in 1838, Mary in 1840, James in 1841, Joseph Jr. in 1845 and Robert in 1848. Any info you can share on this family is greatly apprecieated. Peggy Ebel, Box 174, Winnetoon, NE 68789
Debbie Tarantino Feb 23, 2000
I am trying to find out if James McNABB, 19 years old in 1850, joined the Union army while living in Lee County. He and his family were living in Wyoming Twp. in 1850 James is my great great grandfather's (John Oliver McNabb) brother. All of his brothers were in the Civil War. I would like to find out where James enlisted, and if possible what company he was with. I'd like to send for his pension records. Does anyone have access to this information? I surely appreciate any help.
Lillie Canavan Feb 22, 2000
I'm looking for any info on the CANAVANs who lived in Lee County (near Amboy) beginning in the 1850's. Especially on Nellie Canavan or Ed Canavan. Nellie was the name of the half-sister of my great-grandfather, William Henry Canavan (born in 1876). William was an orphan who was adopted out of a Chicago orphanage by Nellie when he was in 7th grade. Any info on area Canavans would be most appreciated. Sincerely, Lillie Canavan, 110 Lake St., Deerfield, WI 53531
Linda Dodge Feb 18, 2000
I have done considerable research on the FISH families of Somerset County, Maine. Two cousins, Samuel FISH and Eben(ezer) FISH moved to China⁄Franklin Grove, Lee County before 1870. I would like to hear from anyone with FISH links in Lee County. Thanks! Linda Dodge (9 Hastings St., Stow, MA. 01775)
Beverly Thornton Feb 15, 2000
Thomas LOGAN and Sarah Malvina Ford FOSDICK were married in Lee Co. in 1853. Had one son Orlando, then Eldora I. and Sarah in Cedar Co. IA. In US Census 1860, Sarah and children are living at Elisha FORD (her brother). Thomas died Dec 25, 1873. Eldora married Emmanuel BEE at Sublette at her mother's house in 1874. Did Thomas die in Lee Co? What happened to Sarah after that date? Would appreciate any information, have lots of information on the Logan family and some on Ford family but very little on Thomas and Sarah.
I keep getting asked about two inquest members who lived in the Sublette area back in 1871-they were Chas INGALLS and a Mr. WILDER -- Everyone asks whether they were related to the literary Ingalls and Wilder families? Does anyone know?
M. Joseph Leahy Feb 14, 2000
I am seeking information⁄descendents of Ellen WELCH b. 1844 in Ireland; emigrated to US in 1861 with cousin Patrick LEAHY. Ellen Welch resided with Leahy household in LaSalle, Amboy, and Sublette [Lee County], Illinois during the period 1870-1900. In the 12th US Census, she is shown as "visiting" the Patrick Leahy family at Sublette.
Betty S Feb 13, 2000
Searching for info on the Walter, Harry SCHUTTER family lived in Paw Paw IL. Parents Otto, Minnie lived in Maple Park IL at one time in the early 1900`s. Would like some death records & marriage or any thing on them. Thanks.
Lureigne Maharoni Feb 14, 2000
I am looking for any information on my ggrandparents Christ BOWERS, b. approx 1850-58 in Pa., m. Sarah DURR, approx. 1875-76, both moved to Dixon, Lee Co., Ill., my grandmother, Ethel Luella BOWERS was born 4⁄1⁄1877 in West Brooklyn Township, Lee Center. I am not able to find that town on the Ill. map. My grandmother married Kaohlin Lureign BAYER approx 1895-1899 and they lived in Dixon, Lee Co.,Ill. If possible, could someone get the birth record of Ethel Luella BOWERS, b, April 1,1877, all I need is the information off the birth record. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lureigne, P.O. Box 3343, Anaheim, Ca. 92803
Donald Van Arnam Feb 13, 2000
Am searching for any information on VAN ARNAM or variant spellings of family name such as Van Arman, Van Orman. My Van Arnam ancestors migrated from New York to Canada and back to New York and then in early 1800s to Henry, Bureau, Lee and possibly Marshall Counties. Great Grandfather James Van Arnam with Wife Eliza, John, wife Chloe and family arrived Illinois1839. Daman, Richard Van Arnam and others preceded. Van Arnams married to families named Berry, Moody, Brosius, Stiles, Lawrence, Ong, Robinson. Have had fair luck in finding data in Lee and Bureau Counties. A problem is Van Arnams were often married more than once. Identify is further complicated by fathers, sons and cousins with same or similar given names. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Donald Van Arnam, 24723 South Cedarcrest Drive, Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248
Lori Humphrey Feb 9, 2000
I am looking for any descendants of George and Lydia FENSTEMAKER (Fenstermacher), George and his second wife, Hannah; descendants of George and Lydia's son, Lewis Fenstemaker and his wife Francis Elizabeth WHEATON. George moved to Lee County abt 1858 with his second wife, Hannah WILLIAMS, from PA. He lived there until abt 1869 when he moved to Missouri. Most of his children from the previous marriage to Lydia remained in Lee County. There was a Clarence A. Fenstemaker who owned and operated the Fenstemaker Elevator in Amboy in early 1900's. Does anyone know if any Fenstemaker's are still around??? Lori Humphrey, 1010 6th Street, Boonville, MO 65233
Kathie Walsh Feb 3, 2000
My ancestors, John A. SHANNON and Elizabeth FISHER, were married in Dixon, IL on September 1, 1856. Elizabeth Fisher was a daughter of Jeremiah Fisher and Castinah NEAR Fisher. Jeremiah was a resident of DeKalb Co., IL. Does anyone know about either the Fisher or Near families? Thank you for your help.
John Miller Jan 31, 2000
Seeking decendents of Mrs. Olive (BARBER) BRISTOL of Amboy. IL in 1911. Her father is Turner Barber, Butternuts, Otsego County, NY, and sister is Caroline Amanda (Barber) MILLER, b. 1828, d. 1911 Oneonta, NY.
Carol Giannelli Jan 30, 2000
I am trying to get info on a g⁄aunt Gertrude HANNOLD from Pa. who was married to A. D. GRISWOLD and lived in Oregon, Il. around 1913 and Amboy, Il. around 1922. Thank You.
Joe Keating Jan 25, 2000
I am searching for records of a family named SICKLER which lived in Lee County Illinois in the 1840's, 1850's, and 1860's. Their names and ages were; George (age 26), Sarah (24), Olive (4), George A. (2), and Hannah (<1). Can anyone help me locate the 1850 census of Lee County? I am also looking for a James KEATING, who was 66 in 1850. I believe that Hannah Sickler married James W. Keating or William J. MORAN in 1865-1869 and died within just a few years after that. I would appreciate it if anyone could assist me with my search. Thank You. Joe Keating. jkeating@jps.net
Babe & David Brandon Jan 24, 2000
I am trying to find the wife of Joseph PRINDAVILLE, his daughter Catherine Prindaville married John NAGLE at Woosung, Illinois. I believe Joseph might have married a sister to my grandmother Margaret Rose ENNIS TYNE also of Woosung. My email address is brandon@montana.com. Thanks
Paul Studly Jan 22, 2000
BOYER, Harvey - b 14 Nov 1871, d 6 Sep 1916 Dixon, Lee Co., IL from TB. I would like to find descendants, believed to be three children. Harvey is listed in "The Burbach-Poorbaugh-Purbaugh Family in America 1771-1974" , compiled by Treva E. Calder (1976) "The Burbach-Poorbaugh-Purbaugh Family History 1771-1974", The Poorbaugh-Purbough Association, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania 1976 at p. 135, 157-159. This book and a 1988 supplement list abt 10,000 persons. Harvey's lineage back to Rev War soldier⁄patriot Philip BURBACH is shown. Paul Studly, Chesterland⁄Cleveland, Ohio.
Peggy Heseltine Jan 20, 2000
I have information that Caroline (Anchise) SCHICK married August MINSEN and died in Dixon IL Feb. 25 1902. I am looking for more information about Caroline. She is originally from Erfurt, Germany. Her first husband was William SCHICK. Her maiden name was ANCHISE. Her family had a farm near Dixon owned by Herman SCHICK, I believe. I think some marriages and births happened there also, which would explain why I can't find that information. Several relatives from the Chicago area would visit the farm in the early 1900s. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Especially helpful would be addresses to write to for more information. Thank you. Peggy Heseltine. Email: heseltinbp@erols.com
John Wedlock Jan 17, 2000
I am beginning to grasp for straws looking for my g-grandfather John WEDLOCK's origin. I know he emigrated from Cornwall, UK. The Cornwall Genealogy group requires more than a birth date. Where are the emigration records stored? I think he came to Lee County about 1840. If I could find his, I was hoping that it might give his place of birth as more then UK or Cornwall. I had you search for his death certificate in Lee County, but that came up null. Any suggestions? Also I am looking for my aunt Grace MEEKS of Amboy who is buried in St Pats Cemetery and died as a child before 1900. I think some one told me that the early cemetery records for St Pats, were destroyed in a rectory fire. What I am trying to find is her birth and death dates. The dates I currently have, would make her mothers age about 10 at Grace's birth and Grace's age would be 4 at the time of her death. I think maybe my dates are a decade or two off. Could you suggest a source for her b. and d. dates? I enjoy the LCGS newsletters and wish I were close enough to attend the meetings and hear some of your speakers. John Wedlock
M. Joseph Leahy Jan 09, 2000
I am seeking obituary⁄burial information about Patrick S. LEAHY b. April 1845, Thurles, Tipperary Cty., Ireland emigrated to US in 1861; died 1905 at Sublette, Lee County, Illinois. He was succeeded by wife Ellen [nee HOGAN] E. Leahy and ten offspring: Will, Nell, Anna, Mary, John, James, Katherine, Francis, George and Florence. Nine of the ten children of Patrick and Ellen Leahy were born in either Sublette or Amboy in Lee County, Illinois during the years 1876 and 1894. Those would be Nellie 1876, Anna 1878, Marie 1880, John 1883, James 1884, Katherine 1887, Francis 1889, George 1892, and Florence 1894. I need specific birthdates for these children of Patrick Leahy who died in Sublette, Lee County, Illinois in 1905.
My Leahy family website
John Ludwig Jan 13, 2000
I've recently acquired information about a relative, Herman Ludwig who is supposed to have been in a state farm in Dixon. This is back in 1929. It doesn't give a name but states that this person was in a mental state that he could not take care of himself. Could this mean that this place is a hospital, or would it be a prison of some sort. Can anyone help me out with this? If there are multiple possibilities I would like to hear of them and where I can contact them.
[I believe you are refering to the Dixon State School, an institution for the mentally disabled that was in Dixon for many years.]
G Clinton Jan 12, 2000
True SPILLER died in or near Dixon,Illinois circa 1869. I have his probate from the courthouse. Can not find his death date or where he was buried. Would love to exchange information on the Spiller family. They moved to Dixon from New Hampshire in the early 1860's. True is a brother to Eliphaz SPILLER - also of Dixon. Send response to my email at gclinton@netins.net
Sue Ellen Porter Jan 10, 2000
Looking for information on Aurelius KELLEY b. 1844, Keysburg, Logan, KY. I believe the above is the same as listed in the 1870 Lee Co, IL census, Bradford twp. Father was John Henry KELLEY, b in KY. who m. Sarah Langston SMITH. Aurelius marries Emily BUTTOLF in 1872. Thanks for any leads, Sue Ellen Porter, 73760.766@compuserve.com
Janet Schwarze Jan 10, 2000
I am looking for information regarding Mathias FAUSER (b. 9⁄15⁄1860 NY; d. 12⁄1⁄1939 Dixon, IL & buried in Chapel Hill Mem. Park Cem.) who married Anna CUTAROD Oct. 25, 1883 (she too is buried in Chapel Hill). I'm also looking for information on the sister of Mathias⁄Matthew Fauser, Sarah Fauser BLOOMINGDAUL (b. 12⁄19⁄1871 Crown Point, IN; d. 10⁄18⁄1948 Dixon, IL and is buried in Oakwood Cem.) She married Gustaufe F. Bloomingdaul Dec. 14, 1892 (b.10⁄28⁄1861; d. 12⁄26⁄1940 and is also buried in Oakwood Cem., Dixon, IL). They had two daughters that I know of, Martha Bloomingdaul DOCKERY and Agnes E. Bloomingdaul BROOKNER. Contact me at: 210 Harvest Ave. NW, Rochester, MN55901. Janet
Charles Palmer Jan 09, 2000
Looking for Dates of birth and death of Charles Benjamin PRICE buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Dixon Illinois, around 1933. If any information, please contact me at cpfenix@yahoo.com. or Charles Palmer, 21615 Parker Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Lois Skwierczynski Jan 01, 2000
On July 22, 1851, the LEFFELMAN family arrived in America at the port of Baltimore, Maryland. John and Margaret Leffelman and eight of their twelve children landed. The other four children wer born in Buchanan Valley, PA a few miles northwest from Gettysburg. After the death of John, 1861, the family went in different directions. Mary stayed in Pennsylvania, Dorothy went to Maryland, Francis, Geroge Joseph and George Michael went to Illinois, Andrew and Catherine went to Iowa with their mother, Margaret, and Jacob went to Kansas. Not sure where John and Frederick went to live. There were two infants, which died in Pennsylvania.
Francis Leffelman came to Ogle County, IL in 1863. He married Catherine Miltenberger in 1865. They raised a family on a farm in May Township. With the union they had four children, John, Anna, Mary who married Cornelius Vaessen, and George. Catherine died in 1870 of typhoid fever. Later in 1873, he married Catherine Lempey. With this union they had seven children, Christina and Phillip which died in infancy, Michael, Margaret who married Jake Koehler. Joseph, and Louise who married Andrew Stephanitsch. There they remained for the rest of their lives. Their family is still in the area.
George Joseph Leffelman came to Lee County, IL about 1877 with his family. He married Lucretia Wolford in Hagerstown, MD in 1862. With this union they had twelve children. Margaret who married George Willard, William, Anna who married Daniel Warrenfeltz, Michael "Amos, George, Mary Ellen who married Harvey Lumm, Samuel, and Emma "Kate" who married Elmer Ansteth. John, Charles and Daniel died at a very young age and also one infant. Nine of the children were born in Hagerstown, MD and the rest in Illinois. They had a farm in the vacinity of Sublette for at least 20 years.
Michael was the only one to stay in Lee County. Most people knew him by Amos. He married Mary Henry in 1900 at Maytown Catholic Church. With this union they had eight children: Lillian who married Fred Becker, Sylvester, Edmond, Paul and Leonard. Clarence and two-girl infant died at infancy. They had a farm at Lee Center Township. They retired late 1940's and moved into town of Amboy. Their son, Leonard took over the farm and in the 1960's sold it. He was married to Frieda Steder in 1940 at St Patrick's Church. After selling the farm Leonard and his family moved into the town of Amboy. Two of Leonard's seven children lives in Amboy, Dave and Mary who is married to Ken "Skeet" Hackbarth.
George Michael Leffelman came Bureau County, IL around 1880 and was a store clerk in LaMoille Township. Later moved to Mendota, IL
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