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Amboy News Index 1882-1886

Request for Copies Form

The Amboy News first issue was July 1, 1882 and the paper is still in publication today. Microfilm of this paper is available at the Amboy and Dixon Public Libraries, and at both the Lee County Genealogical and Historical Societies.

The Lee County Genealogical Society has indexed it from 1 July 1882 to 10 April 1886. The index is available here, Courtesy of the Lee County Genealogical Society, and the the Lee County Genealogical Societies library, The Family Tree Center.

If you find entries you are interested in, fill out the Request for Copies form and send it to the Lee County Genealogical Society.

Important Please Read

The style of this index resembles an every name index. An every name index lists everyone regardless of the entries importance. Because of the style of news reporting in the late 1800's many important events just mentioned individuals. Events like births, deaths and marriages, didn't always give complete information.

Some of the types of newspaper entries that were indexed are; vital records, family relationships and lists. Some of the lists were for school or jury duty. Entries that show relationships: s⁄o is son of, f⁄o is father of, d⁄o daughter of, etc....

Please look at the description carefully before asking for copies of the entries.

Before you request copies of entries please consider having the name researched. A research request covers this index and many more. See the research policy for more information.

Here are two examples of the Amboy News. These are some of the type of entries that would have been considered for indexing.


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