2001 Lee County Queries
 Larry Myers, 25 November 2001
 I am the great great grandson of Daniel B. McKenney of Dixon. He may be petty well known. The 1860 census says he was a Sheriff, the 1870 census a JP, and the 1880 census a JP and assessor. "The old settlers of Lee County" website shows that Dan B. McKenney along with four other McKenneys (Peter, Fredrick, James, and Henry B) that arrived in Lee County between 1836 and 1840 from New York. I am curious to find out if these additional McKenney's are related. I will be in Dixon in early August 2002 and would like to review the 1881 book that these McKenneys were extracted from. Do you have this book in your library, and if you don't, do you know where it might be found? I also plan to get obits and walk the cemeteries when I get Dixon. I don't know it your library tracks the descendants of Lee County but you may find it interesting to know that Seattle's mayor elect, Greg Nickels is also the great great grandson of Dan B. McKenney. My great grandmother, Dora R. McKenney and Greg's great grandfather, Jerome McKenney (b.1 Feb 1846- Dixon, IL d.3 May 1915-Dixon, IL, were sister and brother. Greg's parents, Robert Charles Nickels and Kathleen Anne McKenney were married in Dixon on 23 Jan 1954. I am willing to share descendants of Dan B. McKenneys with your library if you wish to have it.

Ann Isenberg, 22 November 2001
I am looking for any information on the Svend Saby (Saebo; Sebby) family. Lived in Lee, Illinois then moved to Radcliffe, Iowa around 1903.

Elaine Parker, 18 November 2001
I am searching for information on my Great Uncle Thomas Hebig and I wonder if there is a state census available for the year 1885. I believe he was living in Sublette at that time. He married Mary Dora Roeder Feb 20, 1889 in Sublette. I have the marriage record.

June Copley, 17 November 2001
CHAMBERS. I am looking for John, wife Barbara, b. Aug. 20 1833, and children, George, b. Jan 12, 1852, Martha Anne, James, John, Thomas, b. May 2, 1860 and William, b. June 15, 1865, Sublette, Illinois. John and Barbara were married in Canada in 1851. I have not found them on any census records until 1871-Ontario where Barbara was a widow. It is told that John was killed overboard during the civil war and Barbara moved back to Ontario with the children. I would appreciate any information on this family.

Darrell Maxwell, 17 November 2001
 I am looking for James Maxwell and Angeline Grover who married in Lee Illinois in 1861. They had a son Fredrick born in 1866 and another Benjamin born in 1868.

Gwen Bray, 13 November 2001
I am interested in finding Christina HAEFELE b. 1810 in Germany d. Feb. 10, 1880. Their name was spelled every way possible (Hayfele, Hafele, etc.) We have not been able to locate place of death. She was living in 1870 census and her name was spelled Hayfele by her son-in-law.

Richard Larson, 8 November 2001
I am searching for any information concerning my great grandfather, Charles Voegele. His obituary states he was placed in a home in or near Sublette, IL in 1873 along with a brother, August, and a sister, Carrie. My grandmother said he came from NY with his brother and sister as young children. She knew nothing of his parents. I suspect they were Orphan Train Riders. Would there perhaps be a newspaper article mentioning Orphan Train children placed in local homes during that time period? Where would one go to research such a thing?

Darrell Maxwell, 26 October 2001
 I am looking for information about My Great Great Grandfather and Mother James & Angeline Maxwell. They were married in Lee County 10⁄6⁄1861. They had a child Fredrick born in 1866 and my Great Grandfather Benjamin born in 1868. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Krecker, 22 October 2001
We are looking for any information on the THOMAS GALLAGHER family. He and his wife came from Ire. in the mid 1850's. We believe his wife's name was BRIDGET. They had three children, MARY, b. Ire. or Eng., date uncertain, JOHN, b. Fulton IL, 5-3-1858, CATHERINE b. abt 1860, probably in Fulton. They lived in the Fulton area, then farmed in the northern Whiteside Co. Mary married Michael Meeks and apparently lived in Dixon. Mary died in 1919, Michael in 1910 and both are buried in Oakwood Cemetery. We know of no children. Thomas lived in Clinton after his wife died and later moved to Dixon. He is said to have died at Mary's home at 419 9th St. in 1902 and is also buried in Oakwood Cemetery. John married Carrie Davis of Sabula, IA and she and John bought Thomas's land and later lived in Fulton. They are my grandparents. Catherine married Antone Douvier and they lived in Amboy or Dixon area and are also buried in Oakwood Cemetery. They had eight children. Two of their grandchildren, Catherine and Alan lived and died in Amboy recently and are probably also buried in the same cemetery. We are looking for specific information on BRIDGET but as you see there are many loose ends to tie up. Thanks for any and all help.

Mary D. Priest, 21 October 2001, 1405 Wilson St., Caldwell, ID 83605
Looking for the parents of Elijah Benner, b about 1829 and his wife Mary Jane Hill, b 15 Nov 1827 & died 5 Apr 1869. Md 29 Nov 1853 in Lee County.

Darrell Maxwell, 18 October 2001
I am looking for information about James Maxwell and Angeline Grover. They were married on 10⁄6⁄1861 in Lee, Illinois. One of their son's Benjamin William was born there on 1⁄5⁄1868 and they had brothers Lee, Jay, John and Clint. They probably were farmers and owned property.

Larry Cooper, 16 October 2001
My great-great grandfather was John Cooper from Pawpaw , Illinois. I would appreciate it if you could give me some information about him and his family with the paper. He would have been there in the 1870 onward to 1900. Any information on how to get more info would be appreciated greatly.

Donald Clink, 15 October 2001
Looking for someone who has easy access to the 1880 Lee County Census to check for a John Clink and wife Phoebe Pratt who came to Lee County in the mid 1840's from Pennsylvania. In particular I am interested in John's 1880 Census information pertaining to his state of birth and the state where his parents originated which is listed in the 1880 Census form. All that I know is that John Clink died at Sublette in Lee County and is buried in Evergreen (Peterson) Cemetery. Anyone with access to this 1880 Census or with information on the Clink family please contact me. I am a descendant of one of John's Uncles, Stephen Henry Clink 1786-1871 of New York State that settled in Canada in the year 1811.

Don McGovern, 10 October 2001
I am researching a Bernard McGovern that settled in May, Lee County, Illinois in 1855. Bernard is a native of Ballinamore, County Leitrim, Ireland... born approximately 1826. He emigrated in 1849 through New Orleans. He died after 1906 in Lee County.

Lloyd Brown, 2 October 2001, P.O. Box 1655, Temecula, CA 92593-1655
My great grandfather served in the 16th U S Infantry Regiment in the Mexican War. I believe this regiment was composed of people from the Lee County area. Is there any one in the LCGS who is familiar with Lee County's participation in the Mexican War? I would like to correspond with any one who is knowledgeable in this area.

Blair Rice, 28 September 2001
I am looking for an Eli Rice in the 1840 census. He is in the 1850 census living in the house of John Lord in Dixon, Lee county, Ill. I believe he was born in 1823 in New York. He shows up again in the 1860 census in Cedar Falls, Iowa. His fathers name might have been William Eli Rice.

Carol Bayless, 23 September 2001, RT. 1 Box 507, Westville, OK 74965
My 3g grandfather David URIAH Gruver and wife Hannah Manurva Brown were living in Dixon Lee County Il, in 1852-1863. I am not sure if they were before this. They had the following children; Elizabeth Barbary, George William, Mary Eliza, Lydia Melisa, Samuel Brown, John Cornelius, James Uriah and Joseph Hezkiah. In 1865 they show up in Iowa and had more children. Lydia is my line she was born in Dixon 26 Mar 1853, I would like any information on this family.

Debbi Shelton, 18 September 2001
I am looking for info on my grandpa, Raymond Lee Keller (dob 16nov1887 Cook Co. Ill.) and my grandpa, Paul Raymond Keller. Granpa Paul came to Maryland with his mother, Kathleen, and his sister, Helen & Doris, in 1925 AFTER the death of his father. All the above mentioned are deceased and buried in Maryland. All my mother remembers is that Raymond lived in Grandpa and she visited some relatives in Dixon when she was very young. Granpa Paul was born in 1910 and died in 1962. Any help is appreciated.

Joan Pieper, 3 Sep 2001
 I am looking for information on my Aunt Malinda Johnson. She was born October 25, 1877, in LEE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. I am also looking for information on my Grandparents - Thomas and Larsina Johnson who were living in Lee County, Illinois at that time. When Malinda was four years old - which would have been 1881 - she and her parents Thomas and Larsina Johnson moved from Lee County, Illinois, to Story City, Iowa. I have traced their activities in that area - however, I just found that Malinda was born in Lee County, Illinois, about a week ago. We are going to be in the area (at Somonauk) in September. I would also like to know what your hours are there at the Genealogical Society. Perhaps - if we have time - we could come there and do a little research while in the area though our time, this trip, is going to be limited. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Ronald A. Woodward, 1 September 2001, 8402 Golden Aspen Court, Springfield, VA 22153-1812
My Great Great Great Grandfather Alfred Woodward is buried in the South PawPaw Cemetery. Several of us are looking for information which will tell us who his parents were. Here is what we know: Alfred Woodward was born on Jan 30, 1812 in Orange, Co., New York. He moved to Luzerne Co., PA, as a child, with his parents. He married Jane Electa Boardman in Luzerne Co, PA on October 28, 1834. They left PA about 1840 and headed to Illinois. The first went down to Stark Co., near Elmira and then came over to Paw Paw about 1845. They lived in an around that area until he died on May 30, 1879. Jane died on January 27, 1887 in Earlville, IL.
When my mother and I were out in that are this past June, I went to the South Paw Paw Cemetery and saw their graves. We then drove over to Dixon to check with the Lee County Historical Society and the courthouse records. Would you be able to help me find an obit on Alfred or Jane? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Gale Homier, 29 August 2001
KIENAST or BECHTOLD family members in Lee County 1870-1890, possibly near West Brooklyn. Would appreciate any help. Seraphina Bechtold married to Joseph Kinast, 1867. Together a total of 6 children we know of: Margaret, Joseph Jr., Mathilda, Charles, Josephine and Anna. All children born in Illinois. Thanks

Romayne Lyle, 28 August 2001
We are searching for record of birth on Charles M Batchelor, son of John D Batchelor. Records in LA state that he was born in Ashton, Il on Feb 11, 1871. His father was John D Batchelor. Any way you could help me find this fly. Record would be most appreciated.

Beth Triplat, 24 August 2001, 3689 Knox Ave., Rosamond, Ca 93560
I am looking for information about George Kiefer and family. George and wife (name unknown) were living in Amboy in May 1858 when their son John was born. Other children were George, Charlie, Frank and Carrie (married name Brown).

Besty Stahl, 23 August 2001
I am looking for information on the parents of my great grandmother Annie Finnegan Hatch. Annie Finnegan was born in Lee county Illinois in 1869. Her parents were Owen Finnegan and Mary Maguire, both from Ireland. They had six children, Annie, Thomas, Hugh, William, Edward and Catherine (Kitty). Annie Finnegan married Frederick W. Hatch the son of James Hatch Jr and Mary Burright. I know that Annie's parents were married for 42 years and lived in Dixon for that time. They died a week apart. I believe they are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery. If anyone could help with this info it would be appreciated.

Nancy Yeakel Bender, 23 August 2001
Looking for family of Hart WILCOX who lived in Lee Co, in 1904. Children of Hart Wilcox and Sarah Ritenour are: May, b 1909, Ada, born 1894, Frank, b 1879, and Minnie, born 1887. Sarah Ritenour, daughter of Susan C Yeakel and David Ritenour, married Hart Wilcox in 1878, in McLean Co., IL.

John Derango, 16 August 2001
I am attempting to locate the death record for my great grandmother, Mary (Stricker) Davis. Mary lived on a farm just north of La Salle. She married a John Davis of Oglesby and they lived in Oglesby where my grandmother was born in 1880. Mary died sometime between 1880 and 1885. I can find no death records for her in La Salle County. I know that my grandmother lived with relatives in Dixon Illinois for a period of time. I guess it is possible that my great grandmother might have been living with these relatives at the time of her death. Can someone please check the death records for 1880 to 1886 for Mary (Stricker) Davis. On some records she was known as Eva. Thank you for your help.

Dennis Junk, 12 August 2001, 1412 Cottonwood St., Grand, Forks, ND 58201
I'm seeking information on the early Junk Families in Lee County, particularly information that might show their relationship to Thomas Junk (b. 14 Mar 1829, County Tyrone, NIR; d. 27 Nov 1898, Hudson, McLean County, Illinois) or his spouse Jane Chambers (b. 17 Nov 1828 or 8 Nov 1829, Ireland; m. 12 Nov 1853, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois; d. 19 Feb 1917, Hudson, McLean County, Illinois).

Glenys Rasmussen, 8 August 2001
Looking for information on Thomas Cromwell who was in Lee County by 1847. Did he have a son Thomas born 1849? I know the Cromwell name is included in the new Biographies of Lee County, Illinois, published by the Lee County Genealogical Society. Perhaps someone with access to that book would check for me? Thank you for any assistance.

Lesley M. Wood, 6 August 2001, Military Reenactor⁄Living Historian, 6th NHVI
I am doing research on a female doctor who served as a volunteer surgeon with the 7th Illinois Cavalry. Her husband was a private in company "C" by the name of Henry Clapp. He served from Sept. 4, 1861 to Jan. 15, 1862. I believe the 7th Ill, Co. C was recruited from the Lee County area. Henry Clapp was disabled when he left the cavalry in 1862.
Do you have any information about Henry Clapp or Sarah A Chadwick Clapp? I would like to know what town they lived in. Dr. Clapp attended Western Reserve College (now Case Western Reserve University in Ohio) sometime during 1852-1856. I don't know if she was originally from Illinois. Chadwick seems to be a popular name in the New England area. Dr. Clapp was given an honorary commission as a contract surgeon. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

Mary Jane Grande, 5 August 2001, 617 Prentice Ave. Ashland, WI 54806
I am looking for any information about a woman, Anna Ross. She had a child in 1942 and I would like to find out about my heritage. There are also alot of Ross's in Rockford. Thank you very much.

Carol Bode, 2 August 2001, P O Box 338, Statenville, Ga., 31648
My great uncle was buried in a Dixon Cemetery in Sept, 1920 with military rites. I was wondering if anyone could verify this for me or at least tell me what cemeteries were there at that time. His name was Harry M Reed and he served in Company "A" of the 129th Infantry. I assume from Illinois but not sure. Thank you.

Cindy Foster, 2 August 2001
I'm looking for obituaries for Moses W. Miller and his wife Catherine Livengood. Moses died 3 Feb 1887 and is buried in Franklin Grove, Lee Co., IL. His wife, Catherine died 3 march 1889 and is buried in Franklin Grove also.
The Millers had 11 children: Julia b. 1 Jan 1839; Mary Ann b. 27 Feb 1840 married Jacob Flickinger 2 known daughters Mary and Stella; Elizabeth b. 7 Apr 1841; Lucinda b. 9 Jun 1843 m. John Nichols; Jeremiah b. 4 Dec 1844 m. Priscilla Hoover; Caroline b. 27 Jul 1849; Savilla b. 27 Jul 1849 m. Elias Maust; Catherine b. 4 Mar 1852; Naomi b. 11 Dec 1853; Richard F. Miller b. 22 Jun 1860 m. Anna R. Hartzel; Lincoln Enoch Moses Miller b. 3 Jan 1865 d. 1866.
Would appreciate any other information regarding these children.

Lori A. Ufkes, 1 August 2001, 1091 N. State Hwy 94, Carthage, IL  62321
I am looking for information concerning Joseph and Mary (Theiss) Auchstetter who are listed as early as the 1865 census as farming in Lee Center. Also living with them was Catherine Auchstetter (BD about 1782). All are listed as being from Baden. They had 9 children (Adam, Kate, Nicholas, Joseph, Mary, Peter, John, Jacob, and William). Kate is my great-great grandmother and married Bruno Kramer from Wayne, Illinois. I would appreciate any information you can give me, but are particularly interested in information regarding Joseph, Mary, and Catherine's parents and siblings. I know that their son Joseph was buried in St. Mary's cemetery in Sublette in 1947 and that Kate and Bruno were married in Sublette by a priest named Wm. Deiter on Oct. 14, 1879. Thank you. 

Jeffrey J. Bell, 20 July 2001, 228 Midshipman Circle, Stafford, VA 22554
I am trying to find information on Paul Ackerman.  He is the father of Randolph Ackerman who was born 28 January 1857 in Lee County, Illinois. Thank you for your assistance.

Diane Williams, 13 July 2001
 I am looking for a Eva Cartwright or Cortright. I think that she lived in Lee Co. and had a daughter name Amanda. I think that she moved to Kentucky or Tennessee, in 1800. Thanks for your help. Diane Williams

Mary Condon, 7 July 2001
I am looking for descendents of William Condon, born 5⁄1⁄1868 in Lee Co.; died 8⁄16⁄1924 and buried in Dixon (may have died elsewhere). The Lee Co Genealogy Society has provided information about his parents (Michael Condon and Bridget Lally) and 3 siblings, but could find no record of spouse or children. His brother, Edward John Condon, was my grandfather.  

Alice Faye Nelson, 5 July 2001
My great grandfather was Daniel Hoehn, he came to America in 1886 with three children Clara, Adam and Elisabeth in 1886.  They settled In Lee County.  Two of his sons were already here Heinrich and Phillip.  I can not document the dates that his other sons and daughters came, who were Christina, Nicholas, and Freida.  I believe there are still descendents of Nicholas Hahn (Hoehn) living in or around Lee County.   I know that Daniel is buried at the Lutheran church cemetery Compton.  He died Sept 5, 1900.  My grandfather Heinrich Hahn (Hoehn) moved to SD and I do have a lot of information on this family and I would be glad to share.   If you know anything about Daniel Hoehn (Hahn  Hohn) or those connected to this family please contact me.  Thank You   

Dotti Elliott, 1 July 2001
I am looking for a place to find employee records who worked at Reynolds Wire Company.  I am trying to figure out when my family lived there and my grandfather worked there.  This is important in establishing when they returned to Kentucky.
I know George William (known as G. W.) Clark worked at Reynolds Wire Co., Dixon, probably around the year of 1924. I need to know for how long.  He lost an eye, possibly in the service of this company, if that helps anyone remember him. If I can establish when he left, I may be able to find out where my father was raised in KY. and when. (The family moved back to the Mayfield area).
So, the years are probably between 1924 and 1941. The man is G. W. Clark and his wife, Dona Clark. Thank you in advance.

Charles Jones, 25 June 2001
I would like an obit on Hazel Weeb born Sept 8 1909, died May 1987 in Dixon, Illinois. How can I get one.

Judy Emry, 21 June 2001
I am researching my family lines that settled in Lee County, IL about 1847 and settled in China and Franklin Grove townships. I am searching for any info. on the following families:
John DURFEE; born in 1808 in RI, married Fannie M HATCH in 1840 in NY, removed to Franklin Grove, IL where he died in 1876.
John HATCH; born in 1784 in MA, married Dorcas MINOR in 1809 in NY, removed to China⁄Franklin Grove, IL where they died.
Cyrus R. MINOR; born in 1783 in MA, married #2_Louisa NORTON, removed to China, IL where he died in 1847.
If you are interested in exchanging info on the above named surnames, please contact me. Thanks.

Susan Grummon, 18 June 2001
I am hoping someone may be able to help me with finding an obituary in the Paw Paw News on Amanda Davis Grummon who died 5⁄2⁄1872 and George G. Grummon who died 11⁄22⁄1874. They lived in the Village of Paw Paw Grove, Wyoming Township, Lee County, IL. Anything about any of their children, Adonirom Judson, George M., Sarah & Cornelia, would be greatly appreciated, too. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Alice Faye Nelson, 14 June 2001
My great grandfather was Daniel Hoehn , he came to America in 1886 with three children Clara, Adam and Elisabeth in 1886. They settled in Lee County. Two of his sons were already here Heinrich and Phillip. I can not document the dates that his other sons and daughters came, who were Christina, Nicholas , and Freida. I believe there are still descendents of Nicholas Hahn (Hoehn) living in or around Lee county. I know that Daniel is buried at the Lutheran church cemetery Compton. He died Sept 5 1900. My grandfather Heinrich Hahn (Hoehn) moved to SD and I do have a lot of information on this family and I would be glad to share. If you know anything about Daniel Hoehn (Hahn Hohn) or those connected to this family please contact me.

Robin Anderson, 13 June 2001, 801 N 4th Ave., Kelso, WA 98626
I'm looking for any information on my 3g.grandfather Joseph FARWELL. He and family moved to Amboy, IL from Detroit, MI area about 1840 and were there until 1859 or so, moving on to Pikes Peak, CO. His wife was Cyrene Davis Farwell. They had at least two boys Charles Brainard Farwell b. Dec 31 1830 and C. D. Farwell. Joseph died in Amboy Mar 5, 1875.

Percy B. Keel, 7 June 2001, 209 Mill Rd., Madison, AL 35758-1019
 I am doing research on Osiah PALMER. He served in the 13 Illinois Regiment. Have a picture of the regiment made in 1888 at the Nachusa Hotel, in Dixon, Illinois. Was wondering if there are any records of the veterans that registered there. Mr. Palmer moved back to Madison, Alabama about 1870. His son Samuel PALMER joined him here later. Osiah moved back , but his brother stayed here and is buried here with his family. I know this a long shot, but would appreciate any information you could give me or someone that would do research.

Todd Crownover, 6 June 2001, 29839 416th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
 I am trying to find information on my GGG Grandmother. Her name was Amanda Meyers. She married Enos J. Stedman in Lee County, Illinois on 7-4-1871. I do not know if she was born there. Enos moved from NY in about 1855 with his family to Lee County when he was about age 7. His parents were Enos C. and Malenna D. Stedman. I believe they lived there for about 20 years and in 1875 they all moved to Otoe Co. Nebraska. While back visiting relatives in Illinois, Amanda became ill and died there on 10-29-1893. I believe she is buried somewhere in Lee Co. My great Grandmother said that is was a sad site when Enos return back to Nebraska holding his youngest boy after his mother died on the trip. Enos then raised 4 boys and 4 girls by himself. Any information on any of these folks would be appreciated. I am especially interested in Amanda Meyers.

Patricia Bosler, 4 June 2001
I am searching for information on Johann Halboth, ca 1808, Coburg Kreis, Bavaria. He immigrated to Lee County Il ca 1853 with his sons Georg, Adam, Johann Nicholas and Johann. I would like to obtain his birth date, marriage date, and death date. I do not know his wife's name. My ggg⁄grandfather was Adam Halboth, born 11 Jun 1830 in Coburg Kreis Bavaria. He married Barbara Haefner, born 19 Jun 1834 in Bavaria. I believe Adam and Barbara were married in Lee County IL. They had the following children, all born in Lee, IL: Adam Lewis, Frederick, Anthony, Benjamin, Julius, Julius Mapleton, Henrietta, Josephine, Rosa and a child that died in infancy. I am looking for the marriage record of Adam and Barbara and the birth dates of their children. They farmed in Brooklyn Section 29, in 1854. This family moved to Sac County IA in 1877. Thank you for your help.

Nancy Myers Watkins, 2 June 2001, 4807 Theall Rd., Houston, TX 77066
I am trying to locate any descendants of the surnames RUTT, LANDIS, MYERS, LONGMAN, or COUNTRYMAN. These ancestors once lived in the Prairieville (Palmyra Township, Lee County) or Sterling (Whiteside County) area.

Millie Conrad, 28 May 2001
I'm looking for the burial place of one Anna Schell⁄Shell. And her husband Christian or Christopher Shell. I have some information that Christian died in Pennsylvania before Anna moved to Dixon with her Carter and her Shell children (she was married 1st to Carter). The children were James Carter, Mary Black, a Girton and a Shoemaker.) We have never been able to locate Anna's grave. She died in July, 1893.

Dennis Nelson, 26 May 2001, 3823 W. Calavar Rd. Phoenix,Az 85053.
I'm looking for an old friend, David Louis Reyes, from Dixon, Il. (last known city). He would be around 54 years old. He was in the Army stationed in Amberg, Germany in late 1965 thru 1967. He has a sister named Diane.

Janice A. Studly, 24 May 2001, 12911 Lynn Dr, Chesterland, OH 44026
   Interested in Descendants of Soloman (3.33) PURBAUGH - 24 May 2001
1-Soloman (3.33) PURBAUGH (3 Apr 1835-)   sp: Frances STRESSNER (est 1830s-)
2-Albert (4.164) PURBAUGH (est 1860s-)
2-Margaret (4.165) PURBAUGH (est 1860s-)
2-May (4.166) PURBAUGH (est 1860s⁄70s-)   sp: unkn BRIERTON (-)
3-unkn girl (5?) (Herman) BRIERTON (est 1880s⁄1890s-)   sp: John HERMAN (-)
Family extends back to DAR recognized Rev War patriot Philp BURBACH. There are Significant other Lee County family contacts, as well as Indiana & Iowa contacts. Family originates in area near and around Somerset Co., PA.

John M. Morris, 23 May 2001, 21 Lost Dutchman Drive, St. Peters. Mo 63376
 I am looking for any information in regards to a Bernard Willmering. wife was Katharina Dobbelmann. His grandson, (my grandfather) George Benard Willmering b.8⁄23⁄1898 - d.3⁄30⁄1986. Buried in Hardin. Father was Gearge N. Willmering, b.4⁄23⁄1867 - d.8⁄7⁄1947 buried?, mother Margret D. Hoorman b.2⁄2⁄1868 - d.5⁄5⁄1935. I believe she is buried in Hardin. Any help would be appreciated.

Gerald McCoy, 21 May 2001
I am trying to confirm that Thomas McCoy and Ellen Burgess were married at St. Patrick church in Amboy on November 4, 1858. Place of birth and USA entry unknown.

Ted Klenk, 20 May 2001, 3602 Dunsmuir Circle, Pleasanton, CA, 94588-3501.
 I am seeking any information about Henry DEETER and wife Sarah Ann RINGLER and their children. This family was born in Somerset County. Pennsylvania and relocated to Dixon after the Civil War. The same is true for Emily DEETER and her husband John HOYLE, and Eve GLESSNER the widow of George GLESSNER Any information or documents (or copies thereof) would be most appreciated.

Jane Stewart, 16 May 2001, 773 Staheli Drive, Washington, UT 84780
In a library book if found burial records of my 2nd Great Grandparents, Patrick LYNCH (1822-1902) and his wife Katherine (COURTNEY) LYNCH (1832 County Kerry, Ireland, d. 1911). They are buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Harmon Twp., Lee Co., IL. I am trying to find more information, specifically where in Ireland Patrick and Katherine were born or from.

Elaine Mishler, 14 May, 2001
Could you tell me if there are copies of Old Dixon Newspapers on microfilm? If so, can they be borrowed on an inter library loan? I am interested in seeing some from 1860 to 1880. My grandfather John Parker lived in Dixon during that time, married and had some children there. He had a brother that came to visit occasionally from Canada but I don't know anything about him. Thought I might pick up some clues form the newspaper. Thanks for your help.

Jo Ann Minert, 13 May, 2001
Wanting to locate divorce or court proceedings where Angelina HULBERT (or SHAW) EVITTS divorced or left her husband Stephen Bosworth EVITTS. Time period would be 1882-1883 Lee County, Illinois. In 1880 she was on Illinois Census for Amboy, Lee, Illinois. (Other towns they were known to be in were Bradford, Ashton, and Lee Center.)
By 1884 she was in Colorado with her five children. On July 4, 1888 her EX ??? husband Stephen B. EVITTS married Lillie BOSWORTH and had two more children by her before he died in 1894 in La Salle County, Illinois.
Where can I find divorce records? Also need Stephen and Lillie's marriage record. I do have Stephen and Angelina's marriage record. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Tim Casey, 11 May, 2001
 I have information that Mary Ellen Thorn m. Louis Gibson that she died in Apr 1944 buried in Adler Cem, Dixon, Lee Co IL. Does anyone research either family also she was married to William Leonard in Union Co IL before Louis Gibson. Any help would be appreciated.

Lane Bailey, 6 May 2001
I am researching my ancestor Patrick Thomas Harn who was in Dixon Ill approx 1858_1860. He and his wife Margaret had a child in Dixon by the name of John Harn born March 17, 1860. They might have changed their name from O'hara to Harn. Were from Ireland. They later moved to Iowa. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Bonnie McHugh, 6 May, 2001, Box 283 Elkader, IA 52043
 I am seeking any information available about the BOYER families that moved from Somerset Co, PA to Dixon, IL. Three are said to have died in Dixon --- Abraham d. 11 Apr 1887, Rudolph d. 11 Aug 1921 (bur. Oak Ridge cem), and Daniel d. 12 Jan 1892.

Ray Dom, 6 May, 2001
I am in search of information regarding Henry Theodore Dom. His parents were Oliver Philip Dom and Hannah Lepley. He was born 1857 in Dixon, Illinois. Any and all information and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Sharon O'Shea, 5 May, 2001
I am researching the line of Austin and Bridget O'Malley of Marion Township 1869 onward as well as other O'Malleys and O'Malia's who came from County Mayo, Ireland. Trying to trace my great grandfather's Irish birthplace and suspect that many of these O'Malleys were related and came from the same area. Also interested in the family of Dr. Edward S. Murphy and Royal Jones of Dixon, into which the O'Malleys married.

Diane Densmore, 29 Apr, 2001, 7167 Espanade St, Johnston, Iowa 50131.
 I am interested in contacting any descendents of Phinious DENSMORE (aka Phineas DUNSMORE) who lived in the Amboy area from about 1856-1888. His children were Leroy, Almaran Ward (aka Ward, Almarvin W.), Cyrus, William. Phinious' first wife's name was Lucy, second wife was Sarah M. LOGAN. Sarah had children Ida and Altha from a previous marriage. Thanks for your help!!

Dotti Elliott, 25 Apr, 2001
I am looking for any information on these folks, who moved back and forth from Kentucky, Graves and Hickman County, to Dixon, Illinois. Particularly a Della Burgess (Latham) who married a Luther (Luke) Clark and she died in Miss. Co., MO. Thanks for any help.

Donna Radcliff, 25 Apr, 2001
 I'm looking for others researching the Church family. Bradford CHURCH and wife Ann arrived in Lee Co., IL from New York in 1841.They had daughters Jane E. (Henry Moore), Lucy Ann (William Hatch), and Sylvia (Orlando Hatch), and possibly a son by the name of Frederick.
Bradford also had two half-brothers who may have lived in Lee Co., also, Sylvester Church, who moved to Iowa about 1861, and John C. Church. Thanks.

Barbara Novak, 23 Apr, 2001, Route 1 Box 119, Brooks, Minnesota 56715
 I am looking for anyone who would know of an Elizabeth J. Fiedler or Fieddler who was born cc 1877 or 1878 in Lee County Illinois.
 She was my Grandmother and we know she was born in this country not oversees. We have no knowledge of her parents or their names and are looking for that information also. We do not know of brothers or sisters etc. All we have is that she was born in Lee county Illinois. We know she was married to a John Schraeder (Schroeder either one) The spelling has changed we believe. Their oldest son was born in Schaller Iowa in 1900.

Dan Downing, 22 Apr 2001
My aunt, Dorthy Guzzardo, listed as her home Dixon IL in 1947 on the death certificate of her father (my grandfather) Alonzo Downing. I know almost nothing about her, except that she was married to Anthony Guzzardo and also to a Frank Fanara and that she was born July 2, and died March 21, 1957 and on her tombstone she is listed as Dorothy Ackerman. Anything?

Jo Ann Minert, 21 Apr, 2001
Searching for Elias Hulbert's descendants. Ashton, Amboy, Dixon Townships and probably others. Willing to share on above surnames from Lee County, Illinois.

Penny Farringer, 19 Apr 2001
Looking for ancestors of Daniel Obrien or children. He is the grandfather of William F. Obrein, born 1928 father Frances John and mother Kathyrn (Whalen). Looking for anything connecting they currently reside in Ohio, Illinois

Bryan King, 18 Apr, 2001, 402 1209 14th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada T3C 0W1
I'm looking for descendants of Clyde & Mary Morgan Smith. Clyde practiced law in Dixon between about 1890 & 1940, he was at one time located at 105 Galena Ave. and lived at 370 3rd Ave or St., later his residence was 1024 W 3rd Street. This family is part of my family tree, and any help in finding these descendants will be appreciated.

Julie Jordan, 16 Apr 2001
   I am searching for any information regarding my g-g-grandfather, John Webster Palmer born in Dixon, IL on Sept. 23, 1858. He married Ella May (?) and they had 2 children, Harry Webster Palmer and Lillian Palmer (Goffin). Anyone with any information, please contact me.

Matthew Shaffer, 16 Apr 2001, 518 Sussex Avenue, Seaford, DE 19973-2042
Looking for information on the Kishbaugh families of Dixon, Lee County, Illinois. Millard Kiskbaugh died in Dixon on 12⁄01⁄1968. He married Fay Wilder. He was a son of William Kishbaugh and Mary Zeiser Cortright both natives of Pennsylvania. He had a brother named Herbert Kishbaugh. Any information on this family is appreciated.

Tessie Smith, 15 Apr 2001
 I am looking for information on HALDOR NELSON and wife, MARTHA, who immigrated to Lee County, IL in the early 1850's from Hardongar, Norway. Children were: Helge, Julia, Anna, Nellie, and Christopher. Any information would be welcomed. I have little else as I am just starting to research this branch.

Brian Dockery, 11 Apr 2001
I am looking for any information on Olin DOCKERY born 11-13-1890 - died January 1977 in Dixon. He had at least one son named Theodore DOCKERY which was my grandfather. I think Olin had a brother named Jacob DOCKERY - died May 1979 in Dixon. I can also remember the name of Rhoda Dockery. Any information would be appreciated.

Denise Doan Walsh, 8 Apr 2001
Looking for info on David Livingston Doan...dob.11⁄27⁄1843 in Amboy to Jacob Doan and Elizabeth Livingston. 12⁄24.1865 married Charlotte M. Brown. Died !⁄28⁄1926 in Welsh, LA. 7 children - Emily, Edwin, Frederick, Isaac, Florence, Stephen, and Charlotte.

Nancy Drew, 7 Apr 2001
I am seeking information on my great grandfather, Silas A. Coleman, who married Mary E. Long (born in Walnut, Illinois on May 1, 1869). They were married in Amboy on May 1, 1890. Of this union there were five children, Bertha E., Asa E., Goldie, Harold L. and Richard C. My grandmother, Goldie (born April 26, 1901 in Amboy) married Glenn Hamrick around 1920. I would appreciate any information anyone might have to share.

Rick Mayernik, 4 Apr 2001
I wish to request any information on the WILL surname in Dixon, Illinois.

Keith Gehrig, 4 Apr 2001
I am a direct descendant of Ludwig Gehrig who settled in Lee County around 1868. We believe that Godfried might be his brother (Godfried also lived in Lee County). Any info who be appreciated.

Chis Lingle, 3 Apr 2001
Hello there. I am hoping you can give me some advice on how to proceed with this issue. In researching my husband's family, (all from scratch  - as he has no living relatives) I have found his paternal grandmother's name from her son's death certificate. It states that she was born in Walton Illinois (no date).
I would take a wild guess and say she was born in the 1880's. She moved to Iowa where she had her children so am not sure how long she was even in Illinois. I also wonder if she married Thomas Franklin Lingle there in Walton Illinois maybe sometime in the early 1900's.
Somehow Millie Leaf's name is connected with the Ostermeyer family. It might be that she was born Millie Ostermeyer instead of Leaf. I have conflicting documents.

Shirley Noyes, 29 Mar 2001
I am trying to locate a Joseph Mead listed on the 1860 Lee Co., IL Census p 675 Willow Creek Twp. Joseph was b abt 1802 in NY. There is also a John Mead listed on the same page with Joseph. Joseph had a son John. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Allan Morrison, 23 Mar 2001, 5949 Monashee Way, Nanaimo BC Canada
I'm researching James G. Gibson, born Ayrshire Scotland in the 1840s? Immigrated to Illinois. I have a GEDCOM record from LDS site which indicates he died in South Grove Township, Dekalb County. The 1872 plat index for Lee County indicates a J. G. Gibson on Section 21, Ashton Township, immigrated from Scotland in 1868. No other records found. I don't know if this is the same person, any information appreciated.

Jeffrey Brookner, 23 Mar 2001
Mary N. Brookner was married to Daniel Avery Sheffield on December 1, 1859 in Dixon, Lee County, IL. How can I get more information on Mary (parents; birth; death; siblings) so that I can try to trace whether we bear any relation? I am a novice at this.

Bill Purcell, 21 Mar 2001
Hi, I am looking for anyone that has info on the PORTER family. James and his three brothers, Aaron L., Jerome, and N.F., along with their mother Phebe, came to Lee County between 1838_40 from Erie County, NY. James, Aaron and N.F. all held county⁄city offices. They mainly lived in Harmon, but their mother died in Dixon, in 1863 and was buried in Clarence, NY. A.P. Porter (1900 plat book) is the son of James.

Katie Green, 21 Mar 2001
 Seeking info about EPHRAIM WHITNEY, b. 1801 Maine, who settled in the Amboy area of Lee Co. about 1840 and lived out his life there. He m.(2?) MARY LIVINGSTONE in Lee Co. in 1845  -- perhaps a sister of wife #1. Looking for death date, other info. A short biography is in 1881 Hist. of Lee county. His son, David Livingston Whitney, went to Gold Rush after serving in Mexican War and is the subject of a book I'm publishing about certain Gold Rush sites in No. CA.

John Haight, 15 Mar 2001
I am searching for a death certificate or something of the kind for an Abram Haight who according my family records was buried in Dixon, IL sometime between 1852 and 1860. His wife was listed in the 1860 Dixon Town Census with 3 children but he had already died I assume. I have been to the local genealogy center and have gone up against a blank wall. I don't don't know where he was from or when he was born. Have much more on his wife including birth date. I would like to know what my options are available to me to find any information.

Sharon Grams, 12 Mar 2001
 Am looking for information on the birth of Frederick Hiram Tank born on12⁄29⁄1893 in Harmon of James J. TANK and Margaret BRUNS, They were listed as being married in Whiteside County on 8⁄2⁄1894. Would love copies of birth cert. or marriage cert. or any info available! Sharon in CT.

Reggie Frost, 4 Mar 2001
I am looking for an obituary of Ray Evans who died in Dixon, Lee, Illinois in Nov of 1977. Hopefully it will list his birth place and if it matches the birthplace of the Evans that I am researching. Any help would be appreciated.

Barbara Long Emery, 3 Mar 2001
Seeking information regarding the family of Susan ROHRER b. 22 Mar. 1843, Washington Co., MD, d. 1924 LEE Co., Illinois. She was the dau. of David ROHRER & Amelia SYDERSTICK. Susan m. in 1866 Lawson BUZARD. Am most interested in Susan's father and his siblings. Will share what information I have.

Jill Forrest, 2 Mar 2001, R.R. 1 Box 31 Bellflower, IL 61724
 I am looking for information on a Simon Peter Clapper b.1839 in Muskingham Co. Ohio. Parents were Simon Peter and Sarah⁄Sally Ann Hambrich⁄Hamrich Clapper. He lived in the Viola area from about 1850 till 1910.(according to census records) He married Sarah Wright from Ogle County Sept. 4, 1881. I think she was his 3rd wife. Any information would be great. Thanks

David Walton, 1 Mar 2001
I am interested in finding information about two infant children born to Michael Ross (of Ross Grove, DeKalb County) and his wife Elizabeth Armitstead (AKA Arnsted) who may be buried at Melugin's Grove, Brooklyn Township (near Paw Paw) in Lee County. The first would be a female born about 1846 and the second a male born about October 1847. The latter is referenced in a family letter written from Melugin's Grove to an uncle in England (Elizbeth's brother) telling of the death of the child. Could you help me find more information about Brooklyn Cemetery and if records for this burial might exist? Thank you

Marcia Hellam, 26 Feb 2001
John Stoll married my great-grandparents, Mins Frank Fulfs and Mary Rose Hammerli, in Palmyra, Lee County, IL, in 1877. Stoll is identified as a "Minister of the Gospel". I would like to know the church with which he was affiliated. Thank you.

Marilyn Bindewald, 26 Feb 2001
I have been working on the genealogy of one side of my family and it has been almost impossible to find any information about them till I recently came across information that a John Anderson, son of Andrew and Bessie Anderson, and a Swedish immigrant, resided in Dixon, Illinois in the late 1800s and⁄or the early 1900s. The information came from a photo taken of him with a lady in Dixon. The lady could be his wife. Andrew and Bessie brought all their children with them from Sweden and settled in Moline, Illinois. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

David Reid, 20 Feb 2001
Seeking information on Robert H. SHIELDS married to Una A. KELLY. Robert was born in (unknown) Canada and his parents born in (unknown) England. Una was born in Tennessee and her parents were born in Alabama. I show Robert enlisting in the military in 1865 from Lee County. He was with B Co. 14th Inf Reg, Illinois. I find him next in the 1880 census of Wood County, Texas with Una and three children, Laura Ann, Mary Jane (Mollie) and John S. Thanks for any help.

Georgea Clinton, 19 Feb 2001
Charles WARREN and Bridget PIERCE were married circa 1830 in Ireland. They immigrated to Lee county, Illinois and lived in or near Dixon. Their daughter Anna married Patrick Clinton in Dixon in 1875. Patrick CLINTON was the son of Thomas Clinton and Anna CLARK. They had immigrated to Lee County in the early 1850's from Louth County, Ireland. Patrick and his brother, Peter, moved to Iowa around 1880. The rest of Patricks siblings (Thomas, Michael, and Catherine) remained in Lee County. I am looking for cousins to exchange information.

Sharon Grams, 18 Feb 2001
 My husbands grandfather listed on his ss-5 application that he was born in Harmon, Lee County, IL on 12⁄29⁄1893, name of Frederick Hiram TANK. His parents were listed as James J. TANK and Margaret BRUNS. Their marriage took place in Whiteside County on 8⁄2⁄1894. I have no Idea who the parents of James and Margaret might be, I am just starting this line. Thank you for your time.

Carma Astleford, 18 Feb 2001, Glidden, IA 51443
I am seeking the burial place of John C. Piper, who was trampled to death by his horse in Dec. 1898, and whose funeral was near Ashton, IL. His wife's name was Elizabeth, his son, William. His address was Rochelle, but his burial is not listed there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Davis Dyk, 17 Feb 2001
Looking for maiden name, birth date, obituary⁄death notice and burial place for an Ellen MOFFATT who was the wife of James S MOFFATT. Ellen died 17 August 1862 @ Amboy, Lee County, Illinois. Children: James, Anna, Samuel, Thomas William, Margaret and possibly Mary born in Ontario, Canada; then Cyrus born in Dixon, Eliza Bell b Dixon or Amboy; Lemuel, Catherine, and Susan b Amboy.

DJ Lunkenheimer, 15 Feb 2001
I hope that you can help me. I have a death record from a German catholic cemetery here in Cincinnati, Ohio. On it states that my great grandfather was born in Ill. Died February 8, 1927 at the age of 56. that means he would have been born in 1871. Is it possible for anyone there to help with this. His name was Joseph Lunkenheimer his father's name was William Lunkenheimer.

Mark Willey, 10 Feb 2001
Have you any info on a booklet called "Willeys of Dixon, IL"? About 8 years ago the Mormans had this as one of their 33 items on microfilm on Willeys and I actually rented a copy but now they seem to have lost it - it is not in their current 54 items. Perhaps you know the date or author? It would be easiest if you actually have it. I live not too far away near Clinton, Iowa.

Mike Matern, 7 Feb 2001, 113 Maple St., Plympton, MA 02367
I am looking for any information⁄pictures related to Joseph C. MATTERN & Regina (Rukena) HARTENBOWER Mattern, and descendants. Children were Mary R. Mattern, Charles W. Mattern, George Mattern, Emma Mattern, Lorenzo Mattern, Christina Mattern. Joseph & Regina arrived in Franklin Grove, China Twp, in 1852. Joseph died in 1898, Regina in 1918. Any living relatives?   

Bryan King, 6 Feb 2001
I'm looking for the family of one John Brown & Eliza Cotton, his wife this couple were married in Canada June 1840, and immigrated to Dixon in the 1840's. Eliza Brown died in Feb. of 1900, and is buried in Dixon Cemetery. They had a family of seven children, names unknown at this time except for one. I'm trying to find present day descendants of this couple. Any help will be appreciated.

Colette Donaly Jones, 5 Feb 2001
 I received a copy of a page from the Amboy News of 3-10-1883 listing my family name, Donaly, as receiving aid from the County.  They were listed in Amboy.  Are there any records kept of these recipients?  I am hoping to find out if they were related and thought names of children and parents might be in the records of either your society or the Historical Society.  If these records are available, I will be happy to send a check as per your policy for research.  Thank you.

Jean Baldwin Sorenson, 4 Feb 2001
RAYMOND family about 1865-1950, Dixon, Lee, Illinois.  Looking for information on the RAYMOND family - Eugene, Agnes and Florence were siblings.  Eugene had a son named Philip. Philip had a wife named Lola. Agnes never married and lived with Eugene in Dixon, Lee, Illinois.  Florence married Herbert Clifton Baldwin about 1898 and lived in Beloit, WI.  Any information on the family would be appreciated.  

Sue Merfolks, 31 Jan 2001
I am seeking information on any of these people or relatives from Lee County, Marshall or Putnam counties:
Jane Carton, Elizabeth Carton Mooney, John Mooney
All are thought to have come to America from Ireland around 1860s.  I believe that they are all buried at Cherry Point Cemetery. Any help is appreciated.

Beverley Johns, 28 Jan 2001
 I am looking for information on Rose Baird who lived in Dixon, Lee Co., at the time of her death Sept 1986.

Susan (Yoder) Pyles, 25 Jan 2001
I am looking for a biography of Jacob Harden, son of George Harden, contained in the history of Lee County, Ill printed in 1892. Would this happen to be in your Historical or Genealogy Society? George was the son of Isaac Harden and Catherine Newmeyer from Somerset Pa. George was born May 2, 1794.

Fred H. Straumann, 25 Jan 2001
I'm searching for descendants of my g-g-g-grandfather Hans Jakob (John J,) Straumann, b.1776 in CHE, his son Johann Jakob (John J.), b. 1800 in CHE, and his daughter Maria (Marie), b. 1806 in CHE.
They landed together in Baltimore MD during September of 1824, emigrating from Bretzwil, Baselland, Switzerland.
I'm a descendant of Heinrich Straumann, b.1802, brother to above Johann Jakob. He remained in Bretzwil with his siblings.
Has anybody come across this family ? I would greatly appreciate any response. Please see my database for further info.

Tim Eccles, 25 Jan 2001
I am looking for information regarding all family members connected to Blackburn's from Lee County. Currently, I have about 1400 people connected to this family which originated in County Meath Ireland. The early group of Blackburn's from Lee County include Christopher, Michael, Mary, Peter, Daniel and John J. BLACKBURN. Other names associated to this group are BURNS, MEALEY, BRADLEY, HALLIGAN and KELLY. I am also interested in early photo's and have many to share. If you have any information you would like to include or are just curious about your connection to the Lee County Blackburn's please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Knecht, 23 Jan 2001, 6300 Island Lake Drive, East Lansing, Mi. 48823
I am searching for a long lost relative by the name of Ms. ELAINE HOLMES. All we know about her is that she was born near Vandalia, Illinois sometime between 1915 and 1918, and that she was a resident of the Lutheran Children's Home Orphanage in Nachusa, IL. during the late 1920's and early 1930's. The only other thing that we know about her is that she attended the Dixon, Illinois High School in 1932, (for one year). Unfortunately, our family lost contact with her many years ago, and we would really like to reestablish some communications with her, if she is still alive today.

Jennifer Gamblin, 21 Jan 2001
I'm looking for information about Clarence Edward Tarter, who lived in Chicago most of his life but died in Dixon, IL in 1964. His mother's name was Pearl Prather (later Tarter, then Holmes, then Madden - she outlived 3 husbands) and his father's name was George Tarter.

Ellen Sherman, 19 Jan 2001
Also, is there a Dolan school house in Maytown? Bridget Barry's obituary lists her as living near the Dolan school house & I was just wondering what happened to it? This was from the Amboy Journal March 23, 1894.

Virginia Weintraub, 19 Jan 2001
My grandfather was Charles M. Burke, he married Mabel De Witt in the early 1900. My father was born in Dixon, Illinois on Oct. 1, 1920. I believe my grandfather came from the British Isles, it isn't clear if my grandmother came from France or a neighboring European country. Since my father refuses to tell of them, I would like to locate any documentation. Marriage certificate, Father's birth notice, or any other listing of family attachments.

Mark Miller, 18 Jan 2001
Need info on Ellen Catherine Mullen (married name Godsil) born: 23 oct 1875 in Amboy, Lee, Illinois, died: 01 Nov 1963 place: ? I have info on her mother, but the mother is listed a "widow" on census records. Immigrated from Ireland between census'. Mothers names is as follows; Bridget Hagerty (Married name Mullen) born Jan 1849 Place Ireland.

Debbi Shelton, 17 Jan 2001
I am looking for info on my ggranpa, Raymond Lee Keller and my granpa, Paul Raymond Keller. Granpa Paul came to Maryland with his mother, Katheleen, and his sister, Helen & Doris, in 1925 AFTER the death of his father. All the above mentioned are deceased and buried in Maryland. All my mother remembers is that Raymond lived in Amboy and she visited some relatives in Dixon when she was very young. Granpa Paul was born in 1910.Gramma Mary Keller [Paul's wife - still living] never met his relatives other than the time they went to Dixon and doesn't remember any names. Any help is appreciated. Thank you so very much

Shirley Allen, 16 Jan 2001
 Would someone know if there was at one time a Praireville in Lee County, IL? If so where was it? My names I am searching are Sartorius and Folkers. Sophia Christine Sartorius married Edward William Folkers around 1870. She was born in Praireville. Thank you.

Robert White, 16 Jan 2001
MALONE family of Naschua 1860-1880. Looking for information on Patrick MALONE, born Ireland abt 1816, died aft 1880, and wife Martha HOWELL, also born Ireland abt. 1821 and died Nov 1903. They lived in Naschua from at least 1860 to 1880 and had the following children: George b: abt 1859, Patrick b: abt 1860, Mary M. b: 1863, married Timothy Hennessey of Iowa Elizabeth b: Mar 1865, married Benton Clark Steele of Nebraska. Believe the family had relatives in Chicago, one of whom was a Martha MALONE.

Toby Kendrick, 16 Jan 2001
Can anyone help me with the following? I have a letter dated March 20, 1882, Steward, Lee Co., IL, written to my gr. gr. grandfather Orville W. Kendrick. The writer calls herself his sister and signs it Jennie M. Gordamir (Not sure of the spelling) and lists her husband as Irving. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Judith Goodwin, 16 Jan 2001
I am looking for information on Elisha E. Saunders, (son of Hiram Saunders), who came to Dixon, IL and established a ferry across the Rock River. He ran it until the Black Hawk War started and afterwards left Lee County, IL and removed to Warren Co, IL. Later, he went to Fulton Co, IL, where he settled. I'm interested in the Saunders family during the time they were in Lee County. Is anyone familiar with this family? They intermarried with Armstrongs, Maynards and Johnsons.

Charles R. Tompkins, 15 Jan 2001
I was at your web site attempting to find information about my family, and am writing you for help or recommendations how to proceed. My great grandfather; Charles M. Tompkins was married in East Pawpaw Sept. 5, 1873 to Louise H. Coy by a Rev. W.H. Haight. His brother Van Ransaeller (Rance) Tompkins is buried in the Wyoming Township Cemetery.. He is shone in the 1900 census for Pawpaw. Both my grandparents for what it's worth are descendants of a U.S. vice-president and President. I am hoping to find a marriage license or at least what denomination the Rev. Haight was from or the church in an effort to determine who Charles' parents are. I Know they are from N.Y. state although both boys were born in Kane County. Thank you for any help you can be.

Michele Lehan - Stablein, 15 Jan 2001, 2020 45th Street, Rock Island, ILL 61201
I am looking for information on a Dennis Lehan. Born in Cork County, Ireland in 1835. He died in Amboy, ILL and is buried in Saint Patrick's cemetery. He died in 1900. I need a address of a Catholic Church in Amboy, that was est. back then. Maybe I could write them for any records. I would like to know if there is a death certificate for Dennis. Any research information that you could get me would be very much appreciated.
I am looking for any brothers or sisters. Even perhaps his parents name. I know he had children born and buried there also. Baptism certificates?? If you have any information that could HELP me please write.

Sue Camp, 7 Jan 2001
I am looking for information on Albert Camp born Dec. 1774 in Milford CT. He was married to Hannah Ellsworth in Nov . 1798. He and Hannah moved to Sublette, IL where they both passed away. Albert passed away on Feb. 1866 and Hannah passed away on June 1868. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Fahy Steines, 6 Jan 2001
Can someone provide me with a contact at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Dixon? I will write enclosing a small donation and see if someone will look again for the early 1850s birth records. This same thing happened at St. Francis Catholic Church in Geneva, NY. In 1972 when we visited we were able to hand copy some Fahy and Fitzgerald marriage and baptismal records from 1851 and 1852 but when LDS went in recently to film, the mid and late 1800 records were not to be found (at least they weren't filmed).
On the handwritten notes passed down from Stephen Fahy family was a note that he was born in "Dixon, Danesville (Lee County), IL." Was Danesville a township, or old post office in 1852?

Rebecca, 3 Jan 2001
Looking for information on William F. SCHOLL that was living in Dixon, Lee Co., Il. in 1924. His mother was Christine Magdalene SCHOLL b: 9 Nov. 1878 in Diebach or Wittenberg, Germany. His father was: Christopher SCHOLL born in 1835 in Diebach, Germany. Died: 15 May 1901 in Palmyra, Il. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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