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Date Update
1-18-2019 Removed Nadine Holder as Look Up reference since email is no longer current.
Removed Nadine Holder as researcher ⁄ lister in the Biographies topic since her email is no longer current.
12-28-2018 Revised text on main page describing submissions to this website
Removed the Available Searches topic from the Navigation Tree
Moved the Google Site Search to the main page.
Removed the Find-a-Grave search and Expert Genealogy searches
Removed GenForum link on main page.
5-1-2018 Rearranged main page text and formatting.
Rearranged all queries that were part of the Mercer site from the start.
Added Historical Newspaper Articles topic to Navigation Tree with appropriate content
Added Search ILGenWeb to Available Searches topic.
12-31-2017 Added Military topic and added Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to the Military topic as submitted by Norma Hass.
12-25-2015 Removed broken link People Search - Genealogy Resources in Available Searches topic.
Updated and corrected text format throughout web site
2-4-2015 Rearranged main page
Combined all searches under a new topic Available Searches.
Added new topic Mercer County Background.
4-20-2014 Removed AtomZ search as company has shut down. Added Google search and reformatted all pages.
4-17-2014 Added Floyd Weikert obituary to the Obituaries topic as submitted by Lynne Sitkiewicz.
1-7-2014 Updated formatting and text spacing in entire site
Removed Google search and added AtomZ search feature
12-2-2013 Updated email address for Cheryl Banks in the Biographies topic and removed other surnames in Biographies where email addresses or links are no longer current.
3-22-2013 Updated page format for entire web site. Removed header graphic.
Moved separate topic Mercer County - Brief History from Navigation Tree to main page.
12-13-2012 Added Gayler⁄Gaylor, Ogle, and Swank to Surnames topic as submitted by Dawn Clark.
9-10-2012 Added Aledo Train station 1913 post card to Historic Photographs and Graphics topic as submitted by Lisa Fleming.
7-18-2012 Updated email address for Cheryl Banks in Surnames topic for Lemon and Poland surnames.
3-1-2012 Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.
2-28-2012 Changed Query Archives topic in main menu to Queries & Query Archives.
Added 2012 Queries subtopic.
Added query as submitted by Kenneth A Caldwell for Oscar W Caldwell.
10-6-2011 Fixed AtomZ search and reindexed the Mercer site.
7-3-2011 Added Oak Ridge School 1930 photograph to Historic Photographs & Graphics topic as submitted by Paula Pyne.
5-21-2011 Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
Added page header graphic to all pages.
Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
Added Searches link to main page.
Added Mercer County - Brief History topic to Navigation Tree
4-11-2011 Added portion of an 1883 Henry Crosby advertisement graphic to the Historic Photographs & Graphics topic courtesy of St Peter's Episcopal Church, Kerrville, TX
9-4-2010 Reformatted the Look Ups topic page.
Added General Look ups and Information in Look Ups topic and added Bill A. Bertrand as Look Up resource under General Look Ups and Information
5-27-2010 Reformatted Thompson - Talbot table under Cemeteries - Alexis Cemetery
Moved Mercer County Introduction to main page from previous separate topic in Navigation Tree.
5-26-2010 Added Ellis Covey, Alice Hawks, and Frances O Hawks obituaries to the Obituaries topic as submitted by Angela Snyder.
4-03-2010 Updated email address for surnames Baxter, Doonan. Added McConnell to Surnames topic. Added link to web site for the above surnames. Update submitted by Scott McConnell.    
3-04-2010 Added surname Bethurem to 2010 Queries page under Query Submissions and Archives and added Bethurem to Surnames list as submitted by Larry Hardesty.  
Purged Surnames topic of invalid web site references. 
2-8-2010 Added Civil War cannon, Peter & Florence Hand portrait, Peter & Florence Hand grave stone, Methodist Church, and Old Hotel & Restaurant photographs to Historic Photographs & Graphics section as submitted by Sandra Lee Elkins Juhl.
1-12-2010 Revised email address in Look Ups topic for Bill Bertrand
10-9-2009 Added Family Groups topic to navigation tree and added Fuller family information as submitted by Fred Fuller   
10-6-2009 Revised Mercer site formatting and navigation.
8-29-2009 Revised format and arrangement of Deserted Cemeteries topic
Added Lewis C. Scott and Notely Scott to Biographies topic
8-24-2009 Removed integrated site search and added AtomZ search.
Rearranged Navigation Tree
Updated Schools topic data.
6-25-2009 Updated email address for Cheryl Banks in the Obituaries section.
6-4-2009 Changed URL for Nadine Holder web site.
Changed email address for Lois Retherford and added additional Look Up references for Lois.  
4-27-2009 Added Eli Thomas Phillips to Obituaries section as submitted by Lori Thompson-Stark.
4-3-2009 Changed site email address.
1-19-2009 Restored "N" Index names in Cemetery Index and Reference section. Nadge - Nimrick and Noble - Nystrand sections added to navigation tree. 
12-4-2008 Added new Look Up resource Diana Muir to Look Ups topic 
Revised format of Look Ups topics to table format.
11-30-2008 Reorganized site into two major sections; Research and Reference and Data
Added Mail Lists topic to Research and Reference section.
Added explanation text in Site Navigation and Content section  
Moved Introduction from main page to Mercer County Introduction topic in Data    section.   
Added Links topic to Research and Reference section
11-16-2008 Removed FreeFind search feature from Search Options section and added built in Search that is now a part of the Navigation box at the bottom of each page.
11-3-2008 Added Jacobs, Juhl, Miller, and Reed obituaries to Obituaries section as submitted by Sandra Lee Elkins Juhl. 
10-28-2008 Site changed over to coordinator and new look and format. Previous site content is still being evaluated and will be added to site.
10-29-2008 Added Obituaries section and previous site obituary content.
10-30-2008 Standardized text formatting through out site
Removed redundant cemetery information
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