George Bernshausen, one of the thrifty German-American farmers of Cincinnati Township, was born in Germany, April 8, 1832, son of Yose and Mary Catherine Bernshausen, both natives of the same part of the empire. Foreseeing better opportunities under the Stars and Stripes, Mr. Bernshausen came to America and. possessing the determination and good judgment of his countrymen, has succeeded in accomplishing his purpose in life. His ambition was to possess a prosperous farm, but, as he had neither money nor influence after landing in America, he necessarily began at the bottom to lay a substantial foundation.
Arriving in Tazewell County, January 26, 1856, Mr. Bernshausen found employment on a farm, and, by working for others and conducting rented farms, he accumulated a small capital. On August 28, 1861, he married Catherine Grebe, who came to America ten years later than her husband, landing in New Orleans, thence removing to St. Louis, and later to Pekin. In 1873 Mr. Bernshausen purchased his present farm, which he has greatly improved, adding substantial buildings and modern agricultural implements. Of his six children, George married Lydia Woll: Henry, Elizabeth Eigenbrod: and John, Rose Heilman:
Frederick is deceased: Mary is the wife of William Michel: and Anna is unmarried.
Mr. Bernshausen is a Republican in politics, and has served on the School Board several terms. He is a member of the German Methodist Episcopal Church
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 978
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