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7-2-2019 Added Family Bible Data topic to the navigation tree and added pages referring to the Wilson, Briggs, Hoghtin, and Vincent surnames.
1-18-2019 Revised text on main page describing submissions to this website
Removed the Available Searches topic from the Navigation Tree
Moved the Google Site Search to the main page.
Removed the Find-a-Grave search and Expert Genealogy searches
Removed GenForum link on main page.
Separated the Biographies topic by surname groups.
5-4-2018 Rearranged main page of the Tazewell website.
Added reference to Available Searches on main page
Added link to Search ILGenWeb in the Available Searches topic.
Added previously submitted partial gravestone photos to the Cemetety Data - Oak Grove Cemetery topic.
12-31-2017 Added Military topic and added Ilinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to the Military topic as submitted by Norma Hass.
5-12-2016 Added updated William Cohenour information as submitted by Mary Watts to the Civil War topic. 
Corrected text formatting issues throughout website.
Removed WorldGenWeb logo on main page.
Added navigation explanation text and examples to main page.
10-16-2014 Removed Brenda Heriford name and email address from the Look Ups topic as her email address is no longer functional.
Added link to the Pekin Library obituary index for the Pekin Times newspapers in the Links topic.
Added site navigation graphic and navigation explanation to main page.
Added links to bottom of main page for copyright, volunteering, and project policies and procedures.
3-24-2013 Removed header graphic
Updated formatting across all pages in site
Updated information on main page
3-1-2012 Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.
5-21-2011 Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
Added page header graphic to all pages.
Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
Added Searches link to main page.
4-20-2010 Corrected name Hans-Georg Boyken in the Look Ups topic and added a consolidated email address for both Hans-Georg Boyken and Ruth Boyken. Added Ruth Boyken name to Look Ups topic as submitted by Hans-Georg Boyken.  
2-21-2010 Added Schwab surname to Surnames topic as submitted by Alan Rossing.
11-18-2009 Removed Research and Reference as separate topic and combined all sub topics into the Navigation Tree.
Added explanation text for Oak Grove cemetery  
8-29-2009 Added Oak Grove Cemetery topic under Cemeteries and added Oak Grove Cemetery sub topic and Surnames A - B sub topic. This large compilation of grave stone photographs submitted by Linda Tillman. The entire Oak Grove cemetery grave stone photographs will gradually be added to this site.
8-6-2009 Rearranged links in Link topic and updated others.
Changed Latest Updates back to table format.
7-28-2009 Added Early Marriages topic and added marriage list from 1831 to 1835 as submitted by Deb Haines.
Added Wills topic and added Christian Obendorff and David Shipman wills as submitted by Deb Haines.
7-8-2009 Added Civil War topic and added William Cohenour information sheet and grave stone photograph as submitted by Paul Rickert.  
Added Tobias surname to Surnames topic as submitted by Paul Rickert
7-6-2009         Added Edward Mathis, William Don Maus, William H. B. McCormick, James S. McDonald, John M. McDowell, Clarence E McFall M.D., James E. McIntyre,  James S. McQueen, Edward S. Medbery, John Meyers, James Mitchell, A. J. Moehl,  John Moenkemoeller, Louis Morgenstern,  Enoch G. Morse, G.W. Moschel, William Moschel, Samuel Mosiman,  William H. Mount,  Valentine Myers, Sr., Joseph H. Myers, Andrew Nafziger, Burt Newman, Harry L. Nichols,  Nathaniel G. Nichols, Daniel Nine, John W. Nolte, John S. Norman,   Alba P. O'Brien, and Philipp Olt to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.   
5-29-2009 Added John J. Lackland, John Lancaster, George A. Latham, Frank D. Lawley, John Layten, William Lilly, James O. Ling, William H. Long, Smith D. Low to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman
5-6-2009         Added Matthias Kampf, A.C. Kasten, Henry Koch, Otto Koch, George Philip Kroll, Henry Kuhfuss, John Kuss, and John Kuszmaul to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
4-25-2009 Added Railroad Cemetery grave stone photographs as submitted by Linda Tillman
4-24-2009 Added William Myers Immel, Alexander Ingersoll, Edward V. Ingersol, Hubert Ingersoll, John Ingersoll, Julius F. Jaeckel, James M. James, Dietrich H. Jansen, John D. Jasen, John.D. Jenkins, Morgan W. Jenkins, Ralph Jibben, Henry P. Jones, William Jones to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
4-21-2009 All grave stone photographs now added to Union Cemetery topic as submitted by Al and Carole Martin
4-18-2009 Added Edward S. Haas, Marion Hainline, Sylvester Hainline, Fred Hamsuit, Christian Haning, Edwin A. Harnish, Rev. William B. Harris, Weslay B. Harvey, John Hayes, Joseph J. Hayward, James Heck, Andrew Heilmann, Eli E. Heiple, William Heironymous, Carl G. Herget, John Herget, Charles Herold, Charles L. Hess, George A. Heyl, W.T. Higgins, James E. Hill, Phillip M. Hoffman, Charles W. Holland, Thomas E. Holland Jr., Thomas L. Holland, Dr. Nathan Holmes, Caleb W. Hopkins, R.V. Howe, and Morris C. Hughes to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman     
4-7-2009 Added O'Brien Cemetery to Cemeteries topic and added grave stone photographs as submitted by Linda Tillman.
4-5-2009         Added Prettyman Burial Ground topic to Cemeteries topic and added grave stone photographs as submitted by Linda Tillman.
4-4-2009         Added George W. Ferner, William J. Finks, William Fleming, Michael Foster, John J. Frank, Edwin Frazee, John C. Friederich, William Friederich, Herman C Frings, John Gainer, Martin Gainer, William Gaither, J.W. Garvey, Jhn Getz, John Gilbert, Alexandr Giles, George H. Glass, John H. Gossmeyer, Henry P. Graff, David grant, Benjamin L. Greeley, Willam H. Green, Henry S. Friesemer, and Jessee M. Guy, to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman. 
4-3-2009 Changed site email address.
3-28-2009 Added Cemeteries topic and added Union Cemetery Photographs as submitted by Al and Carole Martin.
3-26-2009 Added Links topic under Research and Reference topic. Added new resource Trakwest web site to links.
3-19-2009 Added Groveland Township Burials under Veteran Burials topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
3-15-2009 Added James A. Edds, George Ehrlicher, Bernard Eisele, and William K. Espy to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
3-1-2009         Added Almon G. Danforth, Henry R. Danforth, Henry H. Darnell, John McDowell Davidson, Aquilla J. Davis, Thomas J. Davis, George Day, Henry Denhart, Herbert Railsback Dennis, Madison Dillon, Charles Duisdieker, and Victor P. Dunkelberg to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
2-16-2009 Added Nathan O. Caswell, Dr. W.O. Cattron, John L. Claudin,Ketcham S. Conklin, William Conzelman, William Fletcher Copes, Isaac Amada Cornelison, Mark L. Cottingham, Daniel Crab, James Warren Crab, Joseph H. Cress, Edward Culbertson, John T. Culbertson,  William J. Culbertson, George P. Cumming, Cornelius B. Cummings to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.    
2-8-2009 Added Bennet Bailey, Josiah G. Bailey, Andrew W. Ball, Rev. G. Walter Ballenger, James R. Barker, George Z. Barnes, William Henry Bates, frank A. Behrens, William Bell, William Bennet, Lot Bergstresser, George Bernshausen, Michael Byer, Moses S. Beyer, Arthur Newton Black, Jesse Black, Jesse Black, Jr., William Black, William A. Boley, William B. Bowers, David Bradley, Robert O. Brawner, William Henry Brawner, George Brecher, Daniel M. Brown, George M. Brown, Lewis E. Brown, Charles Buehrig to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.     
1-31-2009 Added Agnes Alexander, David B. Allen, Lemuel Allen, Ben C. Allensworth, Frank E. Andrae, Henry H. Arends, John Gainer, Martin Gainer, John Vaupel, Charles Young, Mrs. Henrietta Young, and Theodore S. Young to Biographies topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.
1-26-2008 Revised email address for Brenda Heriford as shown in the Research and Reference - Look Ups topic
1-18-2009 Added Edward J. Reuling, Mrs. Elizabeth Schafnett Reuling, John Reuling, John N. Reuling, and Mrs. Katherine Margaret Reuling obituaries to Obituaries topic as submitted by Linda Tillman.     
1-16-2009 Added Henry G. Herget, W.P. Herget, and Carl G. Herget obituaries to Obituaries topic as submitted by Linda T. Added Township Histories topic with content as submitted by Linda Tillman    
12-22-2008 Added Veterans Burials topic to navigation tree with Lakeside Mausoleum, Oak Grove, and Lakeside Cemetery topics.  
12-21-2008 Site changeover to TreePad format.
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