Robert O. Brawner, whose finely appointed farm of 281 acres near Delavan fully justifies his reputation as one of the scientific and painstaking farmers and stock-raisers of Boynton Township, was born in Dillon Township, Tazewell County, December 1, 1854, and is one of the successful sons of that well known retired pioneer, William H. Brawner, elsewhere represented in this work. He is a grandson of John Brawner, born in Adair County, Ky., and of William Patterson, also a native of Adair County, and whose daughter, Mary E. (born in 1824), was united in marriage to William H. Brawner, while the latter was living in the county named.
William H. Brawner and his wife removed to Rushville. Ill., during the summer of 1833,  accomplishing the journey with ox-teams and carts. They settled on land in Dillon Township, Tazewell County, and later Mr. Brawner increased his possession to 480 acres. Previous to his retirement to the home of his daughter in Green Valley, Tazewell County, he disposed of some of his land for $125 an acre, having paid for the same originally $1.25 per acre.
The son, Robert, attended the public schools of Dillon Township, and profited by the excellent training given him by his father, his knowledge of agriculture and stock being supplemented by the research and practical advancement of a mature and inquiring mind. His independent career dates from his twenty eighth year, and his present tract of land on Section 8, Boynton Township, is one of the most valuable and highly cultivated in the township. It is improved with substantial outbuildings. a modern residence and the most desirable agricultural implements, in all respects presenting an encouraging aspect of thrift and neatness, the result of allegiance to the best methods of farming.
In Delavan, Ill., on May 10, 1883, Mr. Brawner married Ellie M. Allen (born April 1, 1860), eight children resulting from this union, their dates of birth being as follows: Susie H., September 24, 1884: Henry. March 17, 1886; Mabel, July 5, I888; Allen, August 9, 1889; Herbert L., February 28, 1891; Elsie. January 25. 1893: Fred, April 10, 1894, and Nannie. October 25, 1897. Mrs. Brawner is a native of Dillon Township, a daughter of David B. and Harriet (Hammond) Allen.
Mr. Allen was born in New Jersey and came to Tazewell County at an early day. He is a plasterer, bricklayer and stone-cutter by trade, and many foundations and residences and other buildings west and north of Delavan are largely the result of his ingenuity as a brick mason. Besides working at his trade, he owned and managed a large farm in Dillon Township, but at present is living retired in Delavan, cheered by the companionship of his wife, a native of New York State, to whose sympathy and economy he attributes a large measure of his success.
Mr. Brawner takes an active interest in politics, voting the Republican ticket in national affairs, but basing his local preferences upon the character and abilities of candidates for office. He has acceptably served the community as Road Commissioner, School Trustee, Supervisor and Assessor. The family are members of the Presbyterian Church, to the support of which Mr. Brawner contributes liberally..
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