Charles Young  
Charles Young, a Justice of the Peace in Pekin, was born at Athol Mass., Dec 4 1818. His ancestors were natives of the same state, and, like most of the loyal sons of that grand old common-wealth, fought in the Revolution. Both of his grandfathers, electrified by the burning words and matchless eloquence of the immortal Patrick Henry, sprang to arms at the first call for troops, and fought tell the close of the war. Charles was sent to Brattleboro, Vt., where he received an academic education. We next find him in New York, where is 1841, he united his destiny with the accomplished Miss Read, who, however, lived but a few years. About 1840, Mr. Young joined the New York Militia, where, for his commanding presence and military bearing, he was commissioned by Wm. H. Seward, a Lieutenant in the Light Artillery. Leaving New York, he went South, where he traveled extensively, and at the beginning of the war in 1860, he left New Orleans and came to Pekin. He was married in 1852 to Henrietta Hanaghan, who died in 1872, and who was the mother of his six children.
(Charles wife’s name was Henrietta Monaghan.)
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