Madison Dillon, farmer and stock-raiser, Hittle Township, Tazewell County, was born in Greene County, Ohio, December 26, 1832. In 1834 he moved with his parents to Noble County Ind., and in 1856 came to Tazewell County, Ill., driving a team through for his uncle, Peter Paugh. After receiving a common-school education, and working about five years, Mr. Dillon returned to Ohio where he married Sarah Jane Bradley. His wife was born in Madison County, Ohio, the daughter of William and Anna (Baker) Bradley. Immediately after their marriage the couple came to Illinois. Mrs. Dillon died in 1865, leaving two children: Pollie Anna and William Madison.
In the fall of 1865 Mr. Dillon purchased 84 acres of land in Section 2, Hittle Township, which by subsequent additions, he increased to 211 acres. He is also the owner of a quarter-section in Nebraska and some town property. In April, 1866, Mr. Dillon was married at Armington, Tazewell County, to Massie Miller, and of this union were born five children: Stella, Edgar, Harriet, Frances (deceased) and Faith. Mrs. Massie (Miller) Dillon, daughter of Isaac and Polly (Hainline) Miller, was born in 1836. Isaac Miller, her father, who was the son of William Miller, was married to Polly Hainline in the State of Tennessee. Isaac Miller’s parents came from the Carolinas. Polly (Hainline) Miller, whose grandfather was a native of Germany and a participant in the Revolutionary War, was born in Kentucky. John Dillon—who was a son of James Dillon (a native of France) and Mary (Gargling) Dillon, and the father of Madison Dillon—was born in Fellspoint, Baltimore, Md. He received the best education which the schools of that city afforded and traveled quite extensively throughout the United States. From Baltimore, he moved to Ohio, and thence to Indiana, where he engaged in farming and working at the cooper’s trade. In 1849 he made a trip overland to California, remaining in the Far West for two years. He returned by water, crossing the Isthmus of Panama to the Gulf of Mexico, and on the Gulf suffered the consequences of shipwreck for several days, and thence passed up the Mississippi. At a later day he made a trip overland to Pikes Peak. His death occurred in Illinois at the age of eighty-two years, and he was buried in McLean County.
Pony (Paugh) Dillon, daughter of Peter and Mary Paugh, mother of Madison Dillon, was born in Madison County, Ohio, and died in Indiana at the age of 76 years.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 997
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