Christian Haning, Supervisor of Little Mackinaw Township, was born in Hopedale Township, Tazewell County, February 28, 1863, and educated in the public schools of that vicinity. His maternal grandfather, William Graff, was a native of Germany, as also were his parents, John Christian and Eva (Graff) Haning.
John C. Haning emigrated from Germany about 1850, and first settled in Pekin, Ill., whence he removed to Hopedale Township and engaged in farming on land where the village of Hopedale now stands, but at that time owned by the Orendorffs. He purchased a farm of 160 acres in Little Mackinaw Township to which he added, until, at the time of his death, at the age of fifty-five years, he possessed 480 acres.
The son, Christian Haning, the subject of this sketch, began life as an independent farmer after reaching the age of twenty-one, when he secured several acres of land on Section 25, in Little Mackinaw, to which he has gradually added, until at the present time he has 160 acres, besides which he possesses 300 acres in the Township of Hittle.
In religious faith Mr. Haning is a member of the German Church. Politically, he supports the Democratic party, and has been Road Commissioner since 1893, was elected Supervisor of the Town of Little Mackinaw, and has been School Director for several years.
Mr. Haning was married in Little Mackinaw Township, March 4, 1884, to Miss Minna Schroeder, and they have three children: Alfred E., Della Elizabeth, and Freeman, Jr.
Mrs. Haning was born in Little Mackinaw Township, June 14, 1862, the daughter of Ernest and Wilhelmina (Imig) Schroeder. Her father came from Germany to Illinois in 1852 and located at Little Mackinaw, where he worked by the month until he secured enough money to purchase forty acres of land two miles west of Minier. He eventually became an extensive land-owner, his holdings amounting to about 1,000 acres. Both he and his wife are deceased.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 1013
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