Julius F. Jaeckel, chief of the Pekin fire department since 1889, needs no introduction to a community in which his entire life has been passed, and where he is appreciated also as a practical tinner and hardware man, a prominent fraternalist, and all round public spirited citizen. Born in Pekin, November 12, 1862, Mr. Jaeckel’s characteristics are those of the high class German-American, who, while thoroughly practical in his views of life, is nevertheless an appreciator, to an unusual extent, of the diversions and amenities which contribute to the social aspects of a town. His father, Henry J. Jaeckel, who was born in Germany March 21, 1825, came to Pekin, and in 1859, was married to Anna Pein, born November 30, 1840. The elder Jaeckel brought with him to Pekin in the early days a thorough knowledge of the tinners’ trade and there started a shop which increased in capacity as the demand for goods was created, enabling him to take his son into training, and finally into partnership in 1899. The latter had previously been given a practical training in the public schools, and had taken a course at Coles Business College in Peoria. It was not intended that he should begin his business career where his father left off, for Teutonic thoroughness and discipline recognizes no such royal road to success. He was required to master every detail of the tinners’ trade, and. only when well qualified, was admitted to an equal share of the profits. He has since been connected with an enterprise which has stood the test and approbation of years, and has materially contributed to the commercial prosperity of the city.
June 20. 1881, Mr. Jaeckel was elected a member of the volunteer fire department, and because of his excellent understanding of the duties of his position, was appointed chief of the department in 1889. He has filled the office with a high degree of discretion and faithfulness, winning the confidence of the leading citizens, regardless of political or other preferences. Appreciating the many advantages of the time-honored fraternal organizations, he has for years been connected with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Knights of Pythias, and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. May 13, 1889, the same year in which he assumed the responsibilities of fire chief, Mr. Jaeckel joined Gehrig’s band as drum master, and since has been connected with this pleasure promoting organization. He is also a member of the Crawfish Club, the Pekin Gun Club, and other local societies. An extremely companionable and wholesouled man, Pekin’s fire chief radiates good will and optimism wherever he goes, counting his friends by the score, and his opportunities for doing kindly acts by the hundred. Mr. Jaeckel has never been married.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 1029
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