Isaac Amada Cornelison. D. D., Presbyterian minister, Washington. Ill., was born in Danville, Pa., March 7, 1829, the son of James and Margaret Cornelison. The father was born In Danville, Pa., October 13, 1806, and the mother in Garvah, County Derry, Ireland. November 3. 1810.
Mr. Cornelison, after graduating from Princeton College in 1850, was educated for the ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary, being graduated in 1853, and was licensed to preach the gospel by the Presbytery of Northumberland. June 27, 1853. He became the stated supply of Warrior Run Church in 1854. On October 16, 1855, he was united in marriage to Agnes, daughter of William T. and Elizabeth Forsyth, of Northumberland, Pa. In 1855 he was called to the pastorate of the Crow Meadow Church, Ill., and as stated supply of the Low Point Church, and was ordained at the former by the Presbytery of Peoria on September 19th of that year. His connection with these churches, and as stated supply of the church at Metamora, was continued for three years. From 1858 to 1867 he was pastor of the churches at Low Point and Metamora, and from 1867 to 1872 stated supply at Washington. He then spent one year in charge of the Logan Square Church in Philadelphia, Pa., when in 1873 he returned to Washington, Ill., and has been pastor of the church in that place continuously to the present time (1905).
Mr. Cornelison has written several volumes, being the author of “Jennie McClintock,” a biography issued by the Presbyterian Board of Publication, in 1860, and also “The Relation of Religion to Civil Government in the United States of America,” and “A State without a Church, but not without a Religion,” issued by G. P. Putnam & Sons in 1895. He was given an honorary degree by Knox College in 1899. In his political theory Mr. Cornelison is an individualist, and his affiliations have, therefore been with the Democratic party.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 989
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