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The East Friesens in America
By Pastor George Schnucker
Translated by Pastor Kenneth DeWall
Gail Meyer Kilgore
East Friesens in America
Hans-Georg Boyken
Six volumes of obituaries taken and translated from the newspaper Ostfriesische Nachrichten covering the years of 1882-1930
These volumes are for sale by contacting boyken & boyken partners (Hans-Georg Boyken & Ruth Boyken)
Gail Meyer Kilgore
Kenneth H. DeWall
This is a directory of obituaries taken from the Ostfriesische Nachrichten which Pastor DeWall will translate into English and supply a copy.
Kenneth H. DeWall
Ostfriesen Ancestral Research
143 Virginia Ave.
Bethalto, IL 62010
Gail Meyer Kilgore
Die Ostfriesischen Vornamen
Irma Raveling
This book contains names and variations of names.
Gail Meyer Kilgore



Ortssippenbuchers are books produced from the church records of the villages.  These records start at the earliest time that records were being kept.  They are a good resource of information from birth, baptism, marriage and death.  They usually list the children of the marriage and the spouses.  Also listed is the occupation of the couple and these records link you to other family members.  Anything that is taken from the original records can fall to error so please take that into consideration, it is second hand information.  The films of most of these church records can be ordered through the Church of the Latter Day Saints but remember they are written in German and a lot of the information is the Old Script German.


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Canum  1729-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Eggelingen 1651-1920 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Engerhafe  1666-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Loppersum  1720-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Simonwoldmer  Gail Meyer Kilgore
Twixlum 1706-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Uphusen  1727-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
Wirdum  1652-1900 Gail Meyer Kilgore
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