Thomas J. Davis, farmer and stockraiser, Tremont, Ill, was born in Tazewell County, November 23, 1831, a son of William and Jennie (Eads) Davis, and a grandson of Thomas and Sarah (Hill) Davis, and William and Nancy (Estner) Eads. The father came from Easton, Tenn., the mother, from Missouri; her people, from Virginia; and the paternal grandparents from Tennessee.
William Eads was a noted man in his day. A native of Virginia, he came to Kentucky, and thence migrated to Missouri, while it was still under Spanish rule. There he was married under Spanish law, but removed with his wife to Springfield, Ill. He lived in that place for a number of years, and then removed to Peoria, where he conducted the first hotel, and, at the time of the Black Hawk War, in which he served, assisted in the building of Fort Clark. In Peoria he had a mill run by horse power, in which he ground corn, and operated a cotton gin attached to it. He died in Peoria, at his home on the Bluffs.
William Davis came to Springfield, Ill., at a very early day, was living in Tazewell County in 1823, and was a resident of Springfield before it was even a town. It is noted of him that he purchased the first pair of boots sold in that city. Then he came to Dillon Township, and, with Nathan and John Dillon, built a cabin on the Mackinaw river. These were the first cabins in that region. Later Mr. Davis removed to Elm Grove Township, where he died. The land which he then purchased belongs to his son, whose name introduces this article. He holds the sheepskin deed which his father received from the Government. The elder Davis at on time acted as a scout on the Mississippi River.
Thomas J. Davis received his education in the local schools, and early devoted his attention to farming, which he has since made his life work. Until he was about twenty-eight years old he lived at home with his parents, when he purchased a farm in Section 31, Tremont Township, for which he paid $37 an acre. At the present time he owns 600 acres in Elm Grove and Tremont Townships.
Mr. Davis was married April 10, 1859, in Dillon Township, to Miss Susan Fisher, who was born in the township named, on February 23, 1836. She is a daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Davis) Fisher; the father emigrated from North Carolina to Ohio and thence to Illinois, where he purchased land in Dillon Township. Here he farmed, and at the same time was employed as a carpenter. His wife died before him, and both spent their last days on the old farm.
To Mr. and Mrs. Davis were born five children who are living, and two that are dead: Sophronia A., the wife of William Largent; William F., married to Estella Tipton; Charles A., married to Alice Snider; Archie D., to Katie Hoffman; Walter D., to Flora Hodgson; Lida, wife of Mr. Monemaker, is dead: as is Frank A. Mr. Davis is a Republican.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 996
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