YOUNG – In this city, on Monday 29th inst. Mrs. Henrietta Young, wife of Charles Young, Esq.
 Mr.  Monaghan, the father of Mrs. Young, emigrated with other relatives from the county Monaghan, Ireland, sometime previous to her birth, and commenced business in New York City, where some of her relatives Messers  Harrisons, still occupy prominent positions in the commercial world. Some years before the birth of Mrs. Young, Mr. Monaghan removed from New York City to Argyle, New York, where in 1884 she was born. She afterwards resided in Albany, New York City, and in South Carolina. Returning  North, she was married in Chenango County, New York to Mr. Young, he having previously been married, his first wife dying without issue. Mrs. Young leaves an interesting family of six children; her older daughters having arrived at maturity. The two younger are boys, one an infant of a few weeks. Mrs. Young was one of the noblest women with whom it has ever been our good fortune to be acquainted; and the loss to the children in the death of such a mother cannot be estimated. In every sphere of life she won the love and esteem of all who knew her. As wife, mother, or friend she had no superior; and her family and friends feel that her death has left a void that can never be filled.
Henrietta Monaghan Young
9 Jun 1833-29 Jan 1872
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