Compiled by Mrs. George Spangler, Historian of Peoria Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. Submitted by Deb Haines.
Source: Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Published Quarterly by the Illinois State Historical Society, Springfield, Illinois. Vol. 14 April-July, 1921 No. 1-2.
1. John Stout to Fannie Stout, June 25th 1827, by William Brown. M. G.
2. Henry Landis to Elizabeth Green, June 28th, 1827, by William Lee. M. G.
3. Abraham Hobbs to Elizabeth Evans, June 25th, 1827, by William Orendorff. J. P.
4. Henly Cleborn to Sarah Benedict, May 23rd, 1827, by Jesse Walker. M. G.
5. Amos Lundy to Susanah Copes, August 16th, 1827, by Wm. Orendorff. J. P.
6. Peter Curttright to Temperence Kindle, October 14th, 1827, by Geo. Hittle. M. G.
7. Levi Donley to Margaret McClure, November 8th, 1827, by Mathew Robb. J. P.
8. John Hester to Ann Dillon, November 11th, 1827, by John Summers. J. P.
9. E. T. Orendorff to Rosana Orendorff, December 5th, 1827, by Isom Wright. J. P.
10. John Kimler to Mary Cox, Jan. 1, 1828, by Wm. Orendorff.
11. Hugh Stout to Anny Brown, Feb. 2, 1827, by Wm. Brown. M. G.
12. Henry Landers to Elizabeth Green, June 28th, 1828, by Wm. Lee.
13. John Cooper to Rody Clark, Jan. 22nd, 1828, by Jacob Funk. J. P.
14. William Dillon to Malinda Michel, Feb. 3rd, 1828, by Nathan Dillon. J. P.
15. John Cox to Elizabeth Walker, March 18th, 1828, by Wm. Orendorff.
16. Wm. Herford to Elizabeth Perry, April 3rd, 1828, by Isom Wright.
17. Hugh Barr to Matilda Summers, May 25, 1828, by Nathan Dillon.
18. Abraham Hiner to Pheobe Dillon, June 22nd, 1828, by Jos. Dillon.
19. Peter Shay to Jinnatta Alexander, June 27th, 1827, by Nathan Dillon.
20. Michael Hittle to Mary Ewing, July 24th, 1828, by Isom Wright.
21. Amasia Stout to Susan Smith, Oct. 15th, 1828, by Wm. Brown.
22. James Hodge to Minerva G. See, October 23rd, 1828, by Wm. Orendorff.
23. Hezikiah Davis to Sally T. Scott, Nov. 6th, 1828, by Jacob Funk.
24. James Benson to Polly A. Hinshaw, Nov. 6th, 1828, by Ebenezer Rhoades. M. G.
25. Daniel Smith to Margaret Scarlet, Nov. 28th, 1828, by Wm. Brown.
26. Aron Roads to Sally Glenn, Dec. 4th, 1828, by J. K. Scott.
27. James Alloway to July Ann Walker, Dec. 4th, 1828, by Mathew Robb.
28. Eleazer Hibburt to Angeline Read, Dec. 17th, 1828, by Isaac Scarritt.
29. Justice E. Aument to Susan Berry, Jan. 19th, 1829, by Mathew Robb. J. P.
30. James Alexander to Phoebe Dillon, Feb. 1st, 1829, by John Summers. J. P.
31. John Thomeson to Catherine Carlock, Feb. 16th, 1829, by Mathew Harbut. J. P.
32. Thomas O. Rullage to Sinthy O. Rullage, Jan. 1st, 1829, by Wm. Lee.
33. Henry Miller to Temperence Evans, Mar. 12th, 1829, by Wm. Lee.
34. Richard Gross to Elizabeth Harbut, Mar. 15th, 1829, by Wm. Orendorff.
35. Wm. Swards to Sarah Mullon, Mar. 19th, 1829, by Wm. Thompson.
36. Alexander McLees to Phoebe Ricketts, Mar. 24th, 1829, by Jessie Walker.
37. John Slone to Sarah Scarlet, April 9th, 1829, by Wm. Brown.
38. Chathan Ewing to Sarah Judy, April 12th, 1829, by Isom Wright.
39. William Maxwell to Elizabeth Hobbs, April 9th, 1829, by Wm. Orendorff.
40. James Walker to Jain Brock, April 19th, 1829, by Wm. Orendorff.
41. Enoch Hawkins to Rebecca Ann Draper, May 8th, 1829, by Geo. Hittle.
42. John Griffin to Sarah F. Wilson, May 14th, 1829, by Jacob Funk.
43. Ishmael Stewart to Sarah Mukel, Jan. 11th, 1829, by Geo. Hittle. Co. Comm.
44. Jacob Hiner to Martha Dillon, July 9th, 1829, by Geo. Hittle.
45. Thos. O. Rutledge to Sarah M. Rutledge, July 14th, 1829, by Gabriel Watt. M. G.
46. Sharwood Brock to Nancy Hana, August 15th, 1829, by Jas. Burleson. J. P.
47. Archibald Clayborn to Mary Galloway, June 9th, 1829, by Isaac Scarrit. Missionary.
48. Horation A. Sparge to Mary Ann Penbrook, July 24th, 1829, by Wm. Thompson.
49. John Hinckle to Sinthey Eads, Oct. 15th, 1829, by Jacob Funk.
50. Cyrus Hebland to Rosanah Rush, Nov. 1st, 1829, by Joel Hargarves.
51. Daniel Dillon to Ruth Huskins, Nov. 5th, 1829, by Nathan Dillon.
52. Willberry H. Miller to Francis Williamson, Dec. 13th, by Isom Wright.
53. Peter Sparor to Elizabeth Messer, Dec. 27th, 1829, by Wm. Orendorff.
54. Elisha Dickson to Mary Brown, Dec. 31st, 1829, by Mathew Bobb.
55. Jos. Blew to Hannah Moore, June 25th, 1829, by Nathan Dillon.
56. Nathan Kinsey to Alvira Fisher, Feb. 11th, 1829, by Nathan Dillon.
57. John Phillips to Mary Whitlow, Dec. 25th, 1829, by Wm. Thompson.
58. Martin Scott to Lucinda Maxwell Feb. 26th, 1830, by Wm. Thompson.
60. Henry Dawson to Priscilla Habez, Feb. 18th, 1830, by Thos. Galaher. J. P.
61. John T. Hall to Jane Redman, Mar. 4th, 1830, by Daniel Meek.
62. James Hendricks to Sarah Redman, Mar. 4th, 1830, by Daniel Meek.
63. Thos. Chaney to Susan Maxwell, April 8th, 1830, by Jas. K. Scott. M. G.
64. John Brown to Susan Hinshaw, April 1st, 1830, by Mathew Robb.
65. Elijah Watt to Mary Ann Day, May 1st, 1830, by Jas. Burleson.
66. Eli Redman to Elizabeth Sowards, April 8th, 1830, by Daniel Meek.
67. Jos. Newkerk to Susan Harvey, April 8th, 1830, by Joel Hargraves.
68. Lavinas Meads to Anna Brienow, April 22nd, 1830, by Joel Hargrave.
69. Wm. Shay to Jane Summers, April 25th, 1830, by Nathan Dillon.
70. Jeremiah Beagly to Mary Ann Brown, May, 1830, by Joel Hargraves.
71. Geo. Briggs to Margaret Meredith, May 20, 1830, by Wm. Orendorff.
72. Robert Funk to Virginia Stringfield, April 13th, 1830, by Jas. Burleson.
73. Samuel Biggs to Nancy Mullen, May 23rd, 1830, by Ebenezer Rhodes. M. G.
74. Harvey Batman to Ann Dunahoo, May 18th, 1830, by Jacob Funk.
75. Ebenezer Rhodes to Ann Troxell, June 14th, 1830, by Jas. K. Scott.
76. David Statler to Mary Moses, July 22nd, 1830, by Neile Johnson.
77. Joshua Wixson to Witthy Ann Johnston, July 22nd, 1829, by Neile Johnson.
78. Isaac Miller to Polly Heinleine, July 18th, 1830, by Wm. Miller.
79. Newton Reader to Mintewell Johnston, Aug. 3rd, 1830, by Neile Johnson.
80. Arthur Alloway to Ann Wilson, Aug. 5th, 1830, by Mathew Robb.
81. Elijah Bloyd to Rebecca Aaron, Aug. 5th, 1830, by Isom Wright.
82. Uriah Brown to Mary Carlock, August 22nd, 1830, by Mathew Robb.
83. Thomas J. Fisher to Mary Haners, Sept. 9th, 1830, by Jas. Burleson.
84. John L. Annset to Sarah Ann Hodge, Sept. 11th, 1830, by Mathew Robb.
85. John S. Scott to Ann Rolfson, Oct. 22nd, 1830, by Jas. E. Davis. M. G.
86. John Benson, Jr. to Penana Hinshaw, Oct. 21st, 1830, by Mathew Robb.
87. Ambrose Pettecrew to Mary Ann Campbell, Oct. 21st, 1830, by A. N. Denning. J. P.
88. Geo. Hittle to Nancy Judy, Oct. 13th, 1830, by A. N. Denning.
89. Eli V..... to Elizabeth Coe, Dec. 9th, 1830, by Joel Hargrave.
90. John Stout to Jane Stout, Oct. 1st, 1830, by A. N. Denning.
91. James Alloway to Sarah Wilson, Nov. 24th, 1830, by Denning.
92. John Newkerk to Ruth Dillon, Dec. 11th, 1830, by A. N. Denning.
93. James Brown to Malinda Ann Benson, Dec. 20th, 1830, by L. S.
94. William Ashburn to Margaret Decker, Dec. 20th, 1830, by Wm. Brown.
95. Nathaniel P. Johnston to Mary Ann Brock, Jan. 2nd, 1831, by Isom Wright.
96. John Bennet to Sarah Fisher, Jan. 15th, 1831, by Nathan Dillon.
97. Stephen A. McCan to Sarah Hughs, Jan. 16th, 1831, by A. N. Denning.
98. Reuben W. Williamson to Martha Pasley, Dec. 23rd, 1831, by Jas. McDourle. M. G.
99. Samuel July to Morandy Richmond, Feb. 20th, 1831, by Isom Wright. J. P.
100. David Trimmer to Margaret Havins, Jan. 13th, 1831, by Jacob Spawr. J. P.
101. Charles Straley to Martha Warwick, Nov. 2nd, 1831, by Thomas Galaher. J. P.
102. Wm. H. Osborn to Mary Stewart, March 8th, 1831, by Nathan Dillon.
103. Obed Graves to Margaret Fletcher, Mar. 1st, 1831, by Clark Hollenback. J. P.
104. Ira Ladd to Elizabeth Galaher, Feb. 25th, 1831, by John McDonald. M. G.
105. William Meredith to Barbary Satterfield, Mar. 13th, 1831, by Jas. Burleson.
106. George Spawr to Rohody Walden, Mar. 20th, 1831, by Jacob Spawr.
107. William Alloway to Fanny Harmon, April 5th, 1831, by A. N. Denning.
108. William B. Poplin to Rachael Harmon, April 5th, 1831, by A. N. Denning.
109. John Heath to Hannah Hughele, Mar. 30th, 1831, by S. B. Biggs. M. G.
110. Malon Wilcher to Malinda Porter, Mar. 13th, 1831, by Jacob Funk. J. P.
111. John Smith to Anna Havins, Mar. 31st, 1831, by Jacob Spawr.
112. Idemiah Owen to Elizabeth Soward, May 1st, 1831, by Neile Johnson.
113. Jessie Wixson to Archimasy Rich, April 14th, 1831, by Neile Johnson.
114. Benjamin Stateler to Henrietta Lane, April 28th, 1831, by Jas. K. Scott. M. G.
115. Elbert Dickerson to Obediance Maxwell, May 12th, 1831, by Jas. K. Scott.
116. James Stout to Margaret Stout, May 19th, 1831, by A. N. Denning.
117. William Lucas to Anna Tuchstone, May 12th, 1831, by Isom Wright.
118. Ebenezer Borns to Sarah Hobson, May 12th, 1831, by Mathew Robb.
119. Alexander Scott to Diana Etherton, May 18th, 1831, by Jas. K. Scott.
120. Nicholas Lundy to Phoebe Troxel, May 18th, 1831, by Jas. K. Scott.
121. Archibald Johnson to Sarah N. Davis, April 28th, 1831, by Jas. E. Davis.
122. Elisha Harrington to Mary Huchison, May 12th. 1831, by Joel Hargrave.
123. Samuel Asburn to Jane Stewart, June 23rd, 1831, by John W. Asbun.
124. Frazier Sowards to Emaline Owen, June 19th, 1831, by Neile Johnson.
125. Hugh Woodrow to Amanda Swingle, June 16th, 1831, by Neile Johnson.
126. Benjamin P. Brooks to Cinthy Ann Hirmmons, June 30th, 1831, by Jas. B. Davis.
127. Isaiah Browm to Eliza Ann Bailey, July 5th, 1831, by Joel Hargrave.
128. Thomas Morris to Catherine Garvin, July 7th, 1831, by Joel Hargrave.
129. John W. Thaw to Rebecca Monsis, July 22nd, 1831, by Archibald Johnson.
130. Alexander B. Davis to Jane Buckhannon, July 19th, 1831, by Jas. Davis.
131. William Bennet to Emaly Coldain, July 24th, 1831, by P. P. Scott. J. P.
132 William Waller to Elizabeth Tade, June 29th, 1831, by A. N. Dunning.
133. Jas. Wright to Guliclma Davis, Aug. 20th, 1831, by John Osborn. P. G.
134. David Atterberry to Polly Adams, Aug. 31st, 1831, by Wm. Miller. M. G.
135. Stephen R. Biggs to Elizabeth L. Heath, Sept. 1st, 1831, by Jessie Harb. M. G.
136. Jas. Atterberry to Faneta E. Stroud, August 16th, 1831, by Wm. Miller.
137. Jas. Ford to Mary Cline, Sept. 22nd, 1831, by John Hodgson.
138. Tinny Johnson to Lucky T. Ewing, Sept. 22nd, 1831, by Wm. Miller.
139. Jas. H. Aldridge to Mary Vaublauison, Nov. 22nd, 1831, by Thos. Wiles. E. P. C.
140. Frederick Trimmer to Nancy Orendorff, Dec. 1st, 1831, by Wm. Evan. J. P.
141. Nathaniel Eddy to Malina Lindley, Dec. 10th, 1831, by David Reader. J. P.
142. Robert Pasby to Lucy Perry, Dec. 29th, 1831, by Jas. E. Davis. M. G.
143. Lot Lock to Malinda Welcher, Jan. 29th, 1832, by David Reader.
144. Daniel H. Judy to Caroline Immington, Dec. 27th, 1831, by Thos. F. Railsback. J. P.
145. Edward Wood to Katharine Hughele, Feb. 16th, 1832, by Nathan W. I. Curt.
146. S. B. Hallon to Jane Mury, Mar. 13th, 1832, by Samuel Woodrow. J. P.
147. Lyman Porter to Mary Ann Patterson, April 12th, 1832, by Jonas H. Hittle.
148. Elias Van Court to Eleanor Shaw, May 31st, 1832, by David Reader.
149. William Willson to Sarah G. McClure, June 20th, 1832, by R. B. McCorkle. M. G.
150. Abner Drum to Lydia Tromble, July 10th, 1832, by John Hodgson. J. P.
151. Robert E. Shannon to Melissa Daniels, Aug. 7th, 1832, by David Reeder.
152. Melvin Harper to Abagail Leek, Sept. 15th, 1832, by John Hodgson.
153. Peter Hiner to Eliza Davis, Sept. 21st, 1832, by Nathan Dillon.
154. Jacob Mickle to Amelia McCarson, Sept. 28th, 1832, by Nathan Dillon.
155. William Burket to Margaret Barrick, Nov. 20th, 1832, by Daniel Meek.
156. Wm. B. Berry to Sidney Ewing, Oct. 10th, 1832, by N. W. I. Curtis.
157. Saml. Stout to Margaret Palsby, Oct. 30th, 1832, by Jas. E. Davis.
158. Nicholas Darsula to Serepla Brooks, Oct. 17th, 1832, by Thos. F. Railsback.
159. Landin Rich to Mary Washburn, Sept. 29th, 1832, by Amasa Turner. J. P.
160. Benj. Jones to Ann Stout, Nov. 29th, 1832, by Chas. Rich. M. G.
161. Philip B. Miles to Delia Miller, Dec. 4th, 1832, by Isom Wright.
162. George Craig to Caroline Harmhill, Dec. 3rd, 1832, by Thos. F. Railsback.
163. Wm. Casey to Hannah Brannon, Dec. 25th, 1832, by Amasa Turner.
164. Israel Tharp to Belinda Marsh, Jan. 12th, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
165. William Peirce to Elizabeth Harms, Nov. 28th, 1832, by David Reader.
166. Samuel Hodgson to Sally Sparrow, Dec. 27th, 1832, by Jas. E. Davis.
167. Abraham Tharp to Margaret Stewart, Dec. 30th, 1832, by Jas. McDowell. M. G.
168. Conoway B. Rhodes to Sarah Harmon, Jan. 1st, 1833, by Jonas H. Hittle.
169. Jas. McCoy to Katharine Shay, Feb. 4th, 1833, by Saml. Woodrow.
170. Hartzell Hittle to Louisa Miller, Feb. 14th, 1833, by Jonas H. Hittle.
171. Jonathan Hellam to Sally Shay, Feb. 21st, 1833, by Nathan Dillon.
172. Thaddeus Bonhan to Elizabeth McCorkal, Mar. 25th, 1832, by Biggs.
173. John Sharp to Phoebe Ayers, Mar. 7th, 1833, by N. W. I. Curtis.
174. Wm. McClure, Jr. to Katharine Price, Mar. 14th, 1833, by Saml. Woodrow.
175. Jonathan Haines to Sarah Hinsey, Mar. 19th, 1833, by Michael Mann. M. G.
176. William Holland to Jane Corvin, Mar. 31st, 1833, by Daniel Meek.
177. Francis Bruzah to Margaret Stone, April 20th, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
178. S. B. Opedycke to Hannah Griffith, April 25th, 1833, by Neil Johnson.
179. Rees Morgan to Rebecca A. Reeder, May 5th, 1833, by Neil Johnson.
180. George P. Wylmott to Mary Ann Howard, June 13th, 1833, by Neil Johnson.
181. John Sundercand to Rebecca Beck, May 23rd, 1833, by Martin Fate. M. G.
182. William F. Reid to Elizabeth Holland, June 12th, 1833, by N. W. B. Curtis.
183. Joel Brown to Margaret Ayers, July 14th, 1833, by Wm. Brown. M. G.
184. Edward Mumblew to Sarah Ann Harvey, 16th, July 1833, by Amasa Turner.
185. Benjamin Ayers to Harriett Elizabeth Reid, Aug. 20th, 1833, by N. W. I. Curtis.
186. Allen Donahoo to Kitty Ann Reid, Aug. 22nd, 1833, by N. W. I. Curtis.
187. John O. Hyde to Mary Hill, Aug. 18th, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
188. John Seaman to Jane Broadwill, Aug. 18th, 1833, by David Reader.
189. Nicholas Lambert to Jane Wilson, Aug. 22nd, 1833, by J. H. Hittle.
190. Henry Dunbar to Nancy Bandy, Aug. 28th, 1833, by David Reeder.
191. Aaron Dillon to Malinda Hodgson, Sept. 4th, 1833, by David Reader.
192. Elmore Shoemaker to Nancy N. Varbal, Sept. 6th, 1833, by N. W. I. Curtis.
193. Henry Cheney to Celia Ayers, Sept. 19th, 1833, by R. B. McCorkle.
194. William P. Dillon to Rebecca Ford, Oct. 9th, 1833, by Neil Johnson.
195. Clemant Oatman to Abagail S. Travis, Oct. 17th, 1833, by R. B. McCorkle.
196. Lauson Holland to Elizabeth Bandy, Oct. 23rd, 1833, by N. W. I. Curtis.
197. Isaac Shay to Phebe McCoy, Oct. 21st, 1833, by Samuel Woodrow.
198. James Boys to Jane Buckingham, Oct. 31st, 1833, by Daniel Meek.
199. Charles W. R. Morris to Sarah Shaw, Oct. 26th, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
200 Jacob Bennet to Rosomia Hebbard, Nov. 30th, 1833, by Archibald Johnson. M. G.
201. John Anderson to Mary Besaw, Dec. 14th, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
202. Jesse Fisher to Catherine Bennet, Dec. 19th, 1833, by Nathan Dillon.
203. Joseph Frost to Jacober Engal, Dec. 21st, 1833, by Jacob Engle.
204. Lewis Edwards to Rebecca Hill, Nov. 22ud, 1833, by Amasa Turner.
205. Harden Oatman to Willmoth Bird, Dec. 24th, 1833, by R. B. McCorkle.
206. David H. Holcomb to Laura A. Case, Jan. 1st, 1834, by Flavel Bascom. M. G.
207. Josiah Brown to Margaret Hougtaling, Jan. 1st, 1834, by Neil Johnson.
208. William Cline to Rachael Leonard, Jan. 2nd, 1834, by John Hodgson.
209. Asa Earl to Manervy Rich, Jan. 2nd, 1834, by Jedediah Owen. M. G.
210. Daniel Hodgson to Catherine Dillon, Jan. 23rd, 1834, by John Hodgson.
211. David Prickett to Charlotte Griffith, Jan. 24th, 1834, by Neil Johnson.
212. Jonathan McPeak to Delilah Sparrow, Jan. 30th, 1834, by James E. Davis.
213. Allen Rand to Mary Luk, Feb. 13, 1834, by David Reeder.
214. Elijah Brown to Mary T. Scott, Feb. 13th, 1834, by Neil Johnson.
215. Harvey Morgan to Sarah Shoemaker, Feb. 20th, 1834, by Amasa Turner.
216. Andrew Ropp to Jacobie Virgaber, April 10th, 1834, by Christian Engel. M. G.
217. Stephen Dobbs to Mrs. Jane Perkins, Feb. 25th, 1834, by Samuel Woodrow.
218. Benj. F. Piper to Lucretia Johnson, March 9th, 1834, by Isom Wright.
219. O. M. Hogh to Mary Ann Bayliss, March 20th, 1834, by Calvin W. Babbit. M. G.
220. Sampson Bethard to Mary Delong, April 10th, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
221. Hanson Huling to Mary Mury, April 2nd, 1834.
222. Robert Owens to Margaret Trimble, April 17th, 1834, by David Reeder.
223. Johnston S. Adams to Venira Crocker, April 16th, 1834, by
224. Jacob Baula, Jr., to Molla Kendig, May 1st, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
225. Chapman Williamson to Mary Sargent, May 24th, 1834, by Jonas H. Hittle.
226. Jacque Pichereau to Catherine Connette, May 26th, 1834, by R. B. McCorkle.
227. Elijah Watson to Mary Ewing, June 8th, 1834, by J. H. Hittle.
228. Amos Davis to Charlotte Delong, June 14th, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
229. Jonathan Roberts to Sarah Caldwell, June 28th, 1834, by Samuel Woodrow.
230. Henry Teets to Mary Shertz, July 8th, 1834, by
231. Peter Summers to Catherine Shirts, July 13th, 1834, by Christian Engle.
232. Michael Moseman to Mary B....., July 13th, 1834, by Christian Engle.
233. James Pillsbury to Mary Alexander, July 9th, 1834, by Flavel Bascom.
234. John Wilson to Susanna Norris, July 20th, 1834, by J. H. Hittle.
235. Franklin Miller to Mary Ann Bird, July 22nd, 1834, by W. Davenport. M. G.
236. Nathan B. Gatland to Elizabeth Ann Hughs, July 24th, 1834, by J. H. Hittle.
237. Henry Teets to Anna Thomas, July 30th, 1834, by Benjamin Jones. M. G.
238. Ephraim Robinson to Jane Ayers, Aug. 7th, 1834, by William Brown.
239. Andrew Cross to Mary Kindig, Aug. 21st, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
240. Moses Scott to Harriett Alexander, Sept. 1st, 1834, by Nathan Dillon.
241. William B. James to Jerusha Ann Byrd, Sept. 30th, 1834, by W. Davenport.
242. Ambrose Roberts to Lavina Ann Spears, Sept. 24th, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
243. Leonara Mathis to Matilda Cary, Sept. 24th, 1834.
244. John Ashby to Mary Allen, Sept. 29th, 1834, by Amasa Turner.
245. James M. Shannon to Emeline Deming, Oct. 8th, 1834, by James A. Lindsy. M. G.
246. Burton Jones to Mary Hail, Oct. 13th, 1834.
247. William Cardill to Elizabeth Garren, Oct. 21st, 1834, by Amasa Turner.
248. Daniel Sowards to Sarah Ann Ruske, Oct. 23rd, 1834, by Amasa Turner.
249. Wm. Forbes to Hannah Buckingham, Oct. 24th, 1834, by Daniel Meek.
250. Jonathan Dillon to Elizabeth Morris, Oct. 30th, 1834, by Nathan Dillon.
251. Aubert Lyismaur to Mary Buckley, Nov. 3rd, 1834, by
252. Amos Hadlock to Elizabeth Ayers, Nov. 20th, 1834, by Benj. Jones. M. G.
253. John McLees to Mary Price, Nov. 27th, 1834, by Samuel Woodrow.
254. Jacob Ballard to Matilda Brown, Dec. 11th, 1834, by Hodgson.
255. Joseph W. Coolidge to Elizabeth Buchanan, Dec. 17th, 1834, by James A. Lindsay.
256. Joseph Kemp to Madaline Ingle, Dec. 23rd, 1834, by Christian Engle.
257. Horrace Crocker to Lucy Ann Merithru, Dec. 22nd, 1834, by N. W. I. Curtis.
258. Jobn L. Peck to Rebecca Brown, Dec. 24th, 1834, by Wm. Holland.
259. James Downs to Isabel Ann Davis, Dec. 25th, 1834, by F. Bascom.
260. Henry Cline to Eleanor Leonard, Jan. 1835, by Hodgso
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