Edward Mathis, lumber and coal merchant of Morton, and one of the most enterprising and promising of the younger generation of native sons, was born in 1879, and has spent his entire life in the midst of his present surroundings. His personal characteristics illustrate the best traits of two countries: those of France, where his father, Jacob Mathis, was born in 1850, and of Germany, where his mother, Catherine (Wick) Mathis, was born in 1851.
A common-school education, the influence of a well ordered and economy-compelling home, and a correct appreciation of the duties and prerogatives of those who would succeed in the world of practical business, have added their quota in forming the life tendency of this representative citizen. The family name became known in Morton when the town boasted of few residents and fewer interests, and has ever since been identified with the train, coal and lumber business of the elder Mathis. The industrial life of the son began at the time of his majority, and, stepping into a waiting opportunity, he had the added advantage of complete familiarity with its every detail.
Mr. Mathis is the head of a family, consisting of his wife, formerly Hattie Gluchman, a native of Germany, and two children, Oscar and Elmer. His marriage occurred in 1899, and he has one of the pleasant and hospitable homes of the town.
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Tazewell County - page 1041
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