Memorial Day 
Transcribed and provided by Yolanda (ACEPUB)
The Memorial Day address by Major J.A. Connally in the Opera Hall yesterday is generally conceded to be the finest effort of the kind ever made in this city. He is an able, eloquent speaker; was a soldier himself; is a member of the Great Army of the Republic, and is full of his subject. His remarks had such an effect upon his audience that many of his hearers offered various sums of money to see it in print. We regret very much our inability to reproduce it.
As the closing of the speech the clouds broke away and the sun came out, and large number of people accompanied the members of the Post to the cemetery, where the published program was fully carried out.
The following are those over the memory of whom the Memorial exercises were held.
Jesse McQuade was born in Wayne county, Ohio, July 2, 1845. He enlisted, August 9, 1862, in Co I, 102nd Ill. Vol. Inf., and served until the close of the war. He died May 19, 1879, aged 34 years, and is buried in Floral Hill Cemetery.
George Wolverton, brother of Charles and Tom Wolverton, of this city, was born September 2, 1843. He enlisted in Co. D, 20th Ind Vol. Inf., and was mortally wounded at Spottsylvania Court-house May 12, 1864. He died one week later at age of 21 years and was buried in Washington, D.C.
Lieutanant James K. Weir was born in Rensellaer county, New York, August 23, 1833. He enlisted in Co. B, 25th Ill. Vol. Inf., and was killed in a skirmish before Atlanta June 24, 1864, and was buried on the field.
Joseph Bilderback was born in Washington county, Ind, December 29, 1820. He served in the Mexican war, in the 2nd Ind., under Taylor. He enlisted in Co. F, 31st Ind. Vol. Inf,, and was discharged a sergeant of his company in Texas, December 8, 1865, after fighting in a large number of battles. He died December 3, 1882, aged 62 years, and is buried in Floral Hill Cemetery.
James G. Lyons was born in Warren county, Ind, August 18, 1844. He enlisted in Co. K, 33rd Ind. Vol. Inf,, and was discharged the same year on account of disabilities. He re-enlisted in Co. H, 116th Ind. Vol. Inf., and was discharged Mar 1, 1864, on account of injuries received at Wild Cat, Ky. He died in this city November 6, 1882, aged 38 years, and is buried in Floral Hill cemetery.
Henry B. Dukes was born in Clinton co, Ind, July 26, 1837. He enlisted and served through the war in Co. I, 10th Ill. Cavalry. He died September 7, 1876, aged 39 years, and is buried in Floral Hill Cemetery.
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Hoopeston Chronicle, Thursday, November 1, 1883
Helps to support the following soldiers in and around Hoopeston who risked life and limb for the defense of their country and were maimed for life:
Densmore, John M inj orf ab 8 00
Ruter, Elizabeth J widow 8 00
Osborn, Bennett loss of fngr g s w l hand 3 00
Willis, Sidney A g s both shr 8 00
Rader, Abraham wd bl inflam kid 12 00
Stratton, David li chr diarr & rheum 12 00
Parks, Wilson g s w l thigh 4 00
Woodbeck, Squire L dis lungs inj ab 2 00
Riggs, Benj g s w rt thigh 2 00
Weilord, David G wd l hand 6 00
Legg, Isaac B wd l thigh 6 00
Eagy, Samuel dis heart 8 00
Armstrong, Wm P chron diarrh 8 75
Thompson, Geo g s w r leg 2 00
Townsend, Benj K g s w l arm 4 00
Osborn, Richard P g s w head 4 00
Parker, Wm inj to ab 4 00
Pletcher, Samuel E wd 1 arm 6 00
Lakin, Jacob inj to ab and heart disease 8 00
Tennery, Trisburn B w r arm 14 00
Stephen, Wm alphonia 6 00
Frankerberger, S G wounded rt shr 8 00
Duley, Wm W wd 1 leg and thigh 8 00
Duley, Joseph L wd l leg 8 00
There are altogether three hundred and eighty-one pensioners in Vermilion County, among whom are two survivors and nine widows of the war of 1812. Amount paid will average $7 per month, making about $2,667 distributed among the people of this county alone by the generous and appreciative government.
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