Transcribed and provided by Yolanda (ACEPUB)
(Transcribed from The Hoopeston Chronicle, Thursday, September 18, 1879)
Allen Lewis exhibits some fine corn in this office, one ear of which, nine inches long, has 26 distinct rows, and 1,170 kernels thereon. Mr. Lewis regards the crops generally better than for many years. He is the oldest living resident, with one exception, in Grant township whose arrival dates back forty years.
In 1838, in company with Clark Green, of Rossville, Mr. Lewis walked from Huron County, Ohio, to this township, and settled on a farm in a house now occupied by Dr. Livingood, within the precincts of Rossville. He then moved farther north, and has lived here ever since.
Albert Comstock, in the sourthern part of the township, came six months before, and settled near Mann’s Chapel, living in this township twenty-five years. We would be glad to see these old fellows get together and have a grand reunion in Hoopeston some day.
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