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I am researching the Garrard CARTER family, Zachariah ROBERTSON, Samuel MUNNELL and Robert C. WILSON families, all from the Henning, Bismarck, Newell area. My grandparents Edwin Wilson and Nellie Carter Wilson came to Washington State in 1900 on the train. Nellies mother, Jane Munnell Carter also moved to WA State but she chose to sail around the Cape. Jane worked on the Underground Railroad. I want to learn more about this fascinating woman to pass on to my great-granddaughters. Would like to compare and exchange genealogical information with any descendants. Thanks - Helene Wilson Frese.



Looking for information on John WILLIAMS and family.  John was born in Danville in 1862, moved back to Danville in 1900, and worked in the coal mines.  He and wife and one child moved to Worden, IL in 1906, leaving behind several other children:  Fred (married to Minnie ?), Charles (never married) and Francis (daughter who is believed to have died before 1920).  Any info is greatly appreciated. Myra Best Christeck buji_best@hotmail.com
NOTE: UPDATE: Fred married Minnie M. Downey



Would like information on George BRYANT who had land in Vermilion County, Illinois, George died on July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pa and left his land to his brothers and sisters but we don't have any of their names. Tom Hill

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