Hoopeston School

Transcribed and provided by Yolanda (ACEPUB)

 Report of the Hoopeston Schools for the months of
September and October 1891

Total enrollment (boys 20, girls 21) 41
Average daily attendance         30

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Bert Franks        Effie Clark
Swan Johnson        Clarence Vance
Cora Daizey        Lennie Artist
Dollie Over        Anna Cavin
Grace Murphy        Clevy Livingstom
Eddie Flexman        Nora Magnusson
Gertie Blatch        Arthur Cuppy
Bessie Neff        Emma Myers
Ralph Blakely        Willie Kavenaugh
Ethel Hall

       B Class
Fred Huston        Mary Ernst
Robbie Jones        Clarence Smith
Effue Stratton        Stella Scott
Code McCarty

       Chart Class
Pearl Hughes        Florence Powley
Cecil Woodbeck        Minnie Clifton
Lena Cavin        Mary Sweeney
Clara Mathews        Pearl Rice
Theodore Johnson    Ray Barker
Addie Murphy        Tommy Blakely
Willie Miller        Walter Spray

Names who ranked first:
A class, Clarence Vance, 100
B class, May Ernst 99, Frank Huston 99
Chart class, Pearl Hughes, 99
Fannie Armstrong, teacher
       ROOM 1
Total enrollment (boys 32, girls 33)     65
Average daily attendance        59

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Grace Green        Pearl Coons
Zee Powley        Ray Butts
Minta Green        Clyde Yarbrough
Frank Beechy        Daisy Patterson
Etta Long        Jessie Cullison
Maude Ransom        Anna Drakes
Ethel Campbell        Ada Grant
Eddie Johnson        Charley Grant

       B Class
John Bayne        Claire Smith
Elmer Weaver        Aden Cullison
Ara Mead        Andrew Comstock
Ethel Prather        Cecil Holston
Alba Cromer        Grace Eddy
Mabel Fuller

Names who ranked first:
A class, Daisy Patterson, 99, Adda Grant, 99
B class, Elma Weaver, 98
Maude I Abbott, teacher
       ROOM 2
Total enrollment (boys 25, girls 26)     51
Average daily attendance        48

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Gertie Dukes        Harlin Steely
Ethel Pyles        Della Forshier
Jennie Prather        May Franklin
Della Shankland        Ven Lateer
Pearl Green        Ida Yarbrough
Belle Coyle

       B Class
Dessie Osborn        May Copeland
Mary Pickle        Leotia McCoy
Ena Rogers        Wallace Layton
Frank Kimberlin        May Mann
Erl Osborn        Mabel Skeels
Frank Abbott        Eura Hughes

Names who ranked first:
A class, Harlin Steely, 98
B class, May Copeland, 98
Nora Clifton, teacher
       ROOM 3
Total enrollment (boys 47, girls 29)     76
Average daily attendance        68

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Roy Smith        Rosa Stratton
Florence Beeby        Ellis Hall
Pearl Bridges        Cora Johnson
Tennie Pierce        Homer Johnston
Jessie Creamer        Willie Sargent
Ella Miller        Willie Hines
Claude Wood        Nellie Timmons
Dollie Jarvis        Aggie Manny
Henry Holt (smeared)    Bertha Layton
Willie Comstock        Mattie Comstock

       B Class
Elsie Bock        John Carroll
Wilber Mead        Grace Burnett
Frank Sheets        Charlie Lewis
Lewis Rogers        Gertie Gillman
Willie Ammerman        Fay Butts
Belle Hussey        Eva Dallstream
Ida Manders        Mabel Cassidy
Willie Musson        Rollo Romine
Mont Gwinnup        Albert Johnson
Robbie Knox        Jimmie Wilson
Iona Norvell        Anna Singley
Inez Perkins        Walter Trego
Dora Stefferson        Miltie Mathews
Flora Carroll

Names who ranked first:
A class, Roy Smith 98, Bertha Layton 98
B class, Rolla Romine 98, Walter Trego 98
Emma Gaskill, teacher                

       ROOM 4
Total enrollment (boys 34, girls 34)     68
Average daily attendance        62

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Naomi Catherwood    Walter Petry
Mabel Sherill        Nina Owens
Ernest Norris        Carrie Franks
Charley Edmonds        Silas Wyman
Robbie Steely        Lawrence Allen
Viola Harris        Ollie Timmons
Carrie Pyles        Harry Silver
Ralph Burnett        Lloyd Campbell
Ethel Griner        Mattie Gates
Frank Morrow        Elige Hines

       B Class
Flora Hines        Mabel Harris
Lillie Sherer        Pearl Huston
Harry Hutton        Clarence Wilson
Katie Stephens        Lizzie Dallstream
Sadie Kavenaugh        Eva McCoy
Mary Longfellow        Nellie Laird
Clyde Park        Frank Williams
Homer Hayworth        Charley Ogden
Grace Osborn        Ida Baggersley
Willie McKnight        Jimmie Flexman
Clara Stites        Nellie Hanawalt
Rollie Green

Names who ranked first:
A class, Carrie Franks 98
B class, Katie Stephens 99
Sadie Hanna, teacher       

       ROOM 5
Total enrollment (boys 34, girls 24)     58
Average daily attendance        52

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Elsie Strauss        Frank Williams
Alice Potter

       B Class
Herman Nelson        Edith Mann
Irma Wallace        Charley Longfellow
Mary Dazey        Glen Townsley
James Pierce        Richie Lukens
Willie Miskimen

Names who ranked first:
A class, Elsie Strauss 97
B class, Herman Nelson 96
May Andrews, teacher       

       ROOM 6
Total enrollment (boys 28, girls 36)     64
Average daily attendance        58

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Lena Hill        Ora Welford
John Nelson        John Barton
Naomi Woodbeck        Ada Musson
Mabel Griffith        Mattie Stites
Reece Heaton        Josie Schuessler
Miranda Rusk        Nellie Abbott
Charley Rice        Alice Green
Allie Walton        Maude Wood

       B Class
Nellie Silver        Bobbie Dallstream
Ray Decker        Willie Pierce
Walter Williams        Albert Harris
George Steely        Blaine Knox
Josie Hall        Beulah Campbell
Anna Brown        Claudia McQuade
Inez Unger        Mae Wallace
Gertie Stephens        Lynn Care
Eva Rallings        Allen Moore
Ollie Johnson        Frank Newman
Lizzie Krust        Clem Smith

Names who ranked first:
A class, Lena Hill 98
B class, Nellie Silver 98
Carrie Owen, teacher       

       ROOM 7
Total enrollment (boys 16, girls 12)     28
Average daily attendance        26

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       A Class
Bessie Sherrill        Mande Brillhart
Carl Marston        Willie Gibson
Cora Pugh        Dora Kennedy
Morris Lee        Willie Hussie
Elijah Grinner        Edward Stephens
Bert Bell        Luella Blevins

       B Class
John Erickson        Clara Wyman
Ella Dixon        Frank Williams
Scott Ingie        Jennie Vines
Charley Diehl        Nellie Abbott
Harry Ingles        Ada McKnight

Names who ranked first:
A class, Bessie Sherrill 99
B class, John Erickson 98
Louie F. Fent, teacher       


Total enrollment (boys 28, girls 34)     62
Average daily attendance        50
Names of visitors            13

Names of pupils ranking above 90

       B Grammar Class
May Wood        Allie Eads
Anna Wilson        Grace Ingles
Claude Townsley        Hattie Clifton
Lena Woodbeck        Barney Carroll
Ella Rusk        Ernest Hustton
Charley Chamberlin    Dollie Mann
Horace Crouch

       A Grammar Class
Laura Kight        Orrie Heaton
Irv Smith        Lennie Miller
Jennie Himmelright    George Dazey
Anna Williams        Lulu Swaim
Jennie Weisel        Eddie Erickson

       First Year Class
Josie Williams        Anise Smalley
Mabel Norris        Minnie Abbott
Anna Mann        Fannie Tennery
Mary Park

       Second Year Class
Charley Flemming    Nellie Swaim   

       Third Year Class
Lyman Logan        Lewis Duvall
Arthusa Sabin

Names who ranked first:
B grammar, Dollie Mann 98
A grammer, George Daizey 98
First year, Mabel Norris 99
Second year, Charley Flemming 98
Third year, Lyman Logan 97
Etta A. Bayne, teacher
Total EnrollmentL        516
Boys                 264
Girls                 252

R.A. Bayne, Principal.
Abstracted from Hoopeston Daily Chronicle, November 13, 1891

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