Latest Updates
Date Latest Update
1-18-2019 Revised text on main page describing submissions to this website
Removed the Available Searches topic from the Navigation Tree
Moved the Google Site Search to the main page.
Removed the Find-a-Grave search and Expert Genealogy searches
Removed GenForum link on main page.
5-7-2018 Added Search ILGenWeb to the Available Searches topic.
Rearranged main page of website.
4-23-2018 Added Cotton surname to Surnames A - Z topic as submitted by Maggie Jones.  
12-31-2017 Added Military topic and added Ilinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to the Military topic as submitted by Norma Hass.
12-20-2015 Changed Searches topic to Available Searches
Removed broken link People Search - Genealogy Resources
Combined the three separate searches in the Available Searches topic to display on single page
Updated text format throughout web site
11-20-2015 Added ObituaryHelp link and description to Links page as submitted by Suzie Kolber.
Added navigation graphic examples to main page.
Updated formatting throughout site to make uniform
4-29-2014 Removed all emial addresses from Surnames A- Z topic as addresses were obsolete.
Updated links in the Libraries topic.
Updates link in the Newspapers topic.
Added Google search in the Seaches topc and removed the AtomZ search due to shutdown of AtomZ.
Corrected and removed broken links in the Links topic.
1-15-2014 Added AtomZ search feature to Searches topic.
Added People Search - Genealogy Resources to Searches topic.
Added links to all searches in Searches topic on main page.
Formatted text and spacing on all pages in the Vermilion website.
12-25-2013 Renamed Query Archives topic to Query and Query Archives .
Added subtopics 2013 Queries and Query Archives to Query and Query Archive topic.
Added Buelah Campbell Easley query from Lisa Knox to 2013 Queries subtopic.
3-25-2013 Removed header graphic
Updated page format on all pages
2-29-2012 Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.
1-19-2012 Added Robinson surname to Surnames topic as submitted by Sharon Robinson Peel.
Added Edward Lahey obituary to the Obituaries topic as submitted by Linda Jensen.
5-21-2011 Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
Added page header graphic to all pages.
Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
Added Searches link to main page.
11-05-2010 Added more detailed obituary for Mrs. Elizabeth Mertz in Obituaries topic as submitted by Beth Rasmussen.
7-20-2010 Removed Baker from Surnames topic as email address for researcher is no longer valid.
5-31-2010 Added Obituaries topic to Navigation Tree and added Richard H. Johnson obituary as submitted by Beth Rasmussen. 
Reformatted Surnames A-Z table in Surnames topic.
Updated email address for Louise Armstrong.
Added Pape Mortuary link to Links Topic as submitted by Beth Rasmussen.
Added cemetery burial records to Cemetery Data topic for Atherton Cemetery, Milner Cemetery, Springhill Cemetery, Walnut Corner Cemetery, and Danville National Cemetery as submitted by Beth Rasmussen.
Added Marriage Records topic and added marriage record for High⁄Saylor.   
Added Elizabeth Mertz and Grace High obituaries to Obituaries topic as submitted by Beth Rasmussen.
Updated email address for Beth Rasmussen in Surnames topic.  
3-4-2010 Added Latest Updated topic
Revised Links page to table format. Removed dead links.
Revised and updated format in entire Vermilion site
Added Mail List topic.
10-21-2009 Changeover of Vermilion site to new county coordinator and new TreePad format
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