Surnames: CORKE
Submitter: Frances Moore (
Date: 07 Jul 1999


Does anyone know anything about the William M. Corke family from the Sterling area in Whiteside County? In 1920 William M.Corke lived in this area with his wife Ruby J., a daughter Noamie & his mother Mary L. I would appreciate any help with this Corke Family. Thank you.
Surnames: BARNUM
Submitter: Lynn Tenney (
Date: 03 Jul 1999


Henry BARNUM spent 50 years in Whiteside Cty., ariving shortly after service in the Civil War, he died in 1915. I am looking for other descendants, and⁄or information about his life in Whiteside County. HENRY M. BARNUM (ABRAHAM10, BETHUEL9, BETHUEL8 BARNAM, RICHARD7 BARNUM, THOMAS6 BARNAM, FRANCIS5 BARNHAM, MARTIN4, FRANCIS3, STEPHEN2, NICHOLAS1) was born January 18, 1842 in Kingston, NY, and died 1915 in Sterling, IL. He married EMELINE REYNOLDS February 19, 1865 in Lexington, Green Co. NY, daughter of SIMEON REYNOLDS. She was born August 11, 1845 in Lexington, NY, and died April 06, 1925. Children of HENRY BARNUM and EMELINE REYNOLDS are: i. ERMINA BARNUM, b. June 05, 1866; d. October 1867. ii. RENA BARNUM, b. May 04, 1868, Whiteside County, IL; d. October 30, 1938, St. Peter, MN. m. HERMAN TENNEY iii. JULIA SARAH BARNUM, b. June 01, 1870; d. March 29, 1934; m. WALLACE GRATE. iv. DORA BARNUM, b. October 26, 1872; d. May 24, 1886. v. MARY BARNUM, b. June 19, 1877; m. ORION WIXOM, September 09, 1907. vi. WILBUR BARNUM, b. June 01, 1879; m. DELIA DUDLEY, December 1908. vii. EDITH DAISY BARNUM, b. June 23, 1883.
Submitter: Adrienne Dreier (
Date: 03 Jul 1999


I am searching for information on Robert SHANNON and Rose YOUNG SHANNON. They traveled to Sterling, IL Whiteside County in the mid 1800's form Hamilton, Canada. Cildrens names: Ellen,Hugh,Rachel,John,Anna,Jane,George,Mary, Thomas,Robert,Glasgow,Archibald,David,Prudence. I recently aquired information on Hugh SHANNON and am interested in finding out more on his father Robert SHANNON.Information on any of these Shannons is appreciated. Thank you, Adrienne
Surnames: WHITE
Submitter: Bev Nohr (
Date: 01 Jul 1999


Bazil White and family came to Whiteside co. about 1846. The left and went back to Parke co., IN sometime unknown, but after 1850. Any info on this family would be welcome.
Submitter: Sheri Baker (
Date: 01 Jul 1999


Looking for information on Andrew T. Bracken, son of William Bracken. Andrew died in Portland, Portland Township, Whiteside County in 1870. Andrew m. to Mary Crook, d. of Asa Crook and Mary Dustin Crook. Am seeking burial site and information.
Submitter: james L. Mallory (
Date: 28 Jun 1999


Search Subject: Detlof Mille, born 3 march 1852 Germany. First record available: 1860 US Census Clinton Co., Iowa (across Miss. River) living with Peter Henry Dierks Family. Detlof is age 8 thst year. Information is confirmed by death record in 1884. Only possible family member is Marty Miller Studeman. Clinton Co. search had no results except where not to look. Interested in Miller contact in Whiteside Co. Thank you.
Submitter: John Stewart (
Date: 27 Jun 1999


Looking for descendants of the following FRISBEE family to exchange info: 1. James F. FRISBEE b. 28 Jun 1830, Delaware Co., NY, occ.: Farmer & Stock Raiser, m. 1854, Emily S. LUNDT, b. 09 Feb 1833, Toronto, "Western Canada". James died 13 Jan 1872, Ogle Co., IL, res. Haldane (now Lincoln) Twp., Ogle, IL. 1.1. Eugene B. FRISBEE b. 15 Jun 1855, note: d. 90y, m. 11 Oct 1876, in Polo, Ogle Co., IL, Anna "Annie" Maria MANNING, b. 09 Jun 1851, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY, (daughter of Joseph MANNING and Caroline Matilda SEAMAN) d. 05 Jan 1922, Sterling, Whiteside Co., IL, bur.: Fairmount Cem., res. Carthage, Dakota 1888. Eugene died 26 Mar 1946, Sterling, Whiteside Co., IL, bur.: Fairmount Cem., res. Sterling, IL, 1007 6th Ave. in 1909. 1.1.1. Myrtle Ione FRISBEE note: d ca. 20y, m. Burton Darwin HOLMES. Myrtle res. Sterling, Whiteside Co., IL 1903. Bruce Darwin HOLMES Eugene Frisbee HOLMES 1.1.2. Pearl May FRISBEE m. Charles M. WATERS, occ.: Engineer, res. Wyanet, Bureau Co., IL & Moline, IL. Pearl res. Moline, IL in 1952. Marian WATERS m. Jack Earl RAWLES. Jean Ann RAWLES Robert Bruce WATERS b. 08 Feb 1942?, m. 08 Feb 1942, Blanche MILLET. Roland Milton WATERS m. June SCHMIDT. 1.2. George L. FRISBEE b. 30 Sep 1863. 1.3. Helen FRISBEE b. 23 Oct 1865. 1.4. Mabel FRISBEE b. 20 Jun 1868.
Surnames: HEAD
Submitter: Kristi Head English (
Date: 21 Jun 1999


Looking for information on relatives of Henry Ward Head, b. 1865 in Whiteside. His father was James Wilkes Head. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Judy Jacintho (
Date: 21 Jun 1999


James T. Phillips moved to Whiteside County IL around 1847 Parents: Thomas J and Catherine (Smith) Phillips for 20 yrs taught school. Rented a farm then bought that farm of 80 acres. Later bought another 80 acres at same place. In 1867 moved to Genesco Henry County.
Submitter: Don Harrison (
Date: 19 Jun 1999


I am researching the Odendahl⁄Odenthal surnames. Several Odendahl⁄Odenthal brothers left Germany (from the Rheinland area) and settled in Whiteside County in the 1870s. In particular I would like to find descendants of William Odendahl who was registered in Garden Plain in the 1880 census.
Submitter: Doris Belt (
Date: 18 Jun 1999


I am searching for the family⁄families of Joseph George Heilman, born 3⁄1⁄1807 died 4⁄8⁄1894, son of John Peter Heilman, born PA 8⁄11⁄1732. He was raised in Whiteside County and a son Randall was born, date unknown. Randall married Lucetta Barber in Canada, and moved to Iowa. In the 1870 census, surname spelled Hilerman, and the 1880 census, surname spelled Hylaman. Please contact me direct. Thanks so much.
Submitter: Anthony Bickel (
Date: 14 Jun 1999


Am searching for birth⁄marriage⁄death certificates for my great-great-grand parents, Thomas Patrick and Lois (Ingham) Patrick. They were married at Ustick, Whiteside County, Illinois on May 28, 1840. Thomas was born Oct. 5, 1819 near Toronto, Canada and died Mar. 19, 1844 at Ustick, Illinois. Lois was born Jan. 27, 1821 in St. Lawrence County, New York and died May 23, 1863. They had two children, Rosetta and Asa. Rosetta was born Oct. 21, 1841 at Ustick Township, Whiteside County, Illinois. Rosetta claimed to be the first white child born in that County. I have quite a bit of information but no verifying documentation. Am willing to share all I have.
Submitter: Nola Fanger (
Date: 14 Jun 1999


I am working on my husbands family and have come to the Brandenburg's. I need a little help to complete there death dates. LaVonne 11⁄1924, Dorothy Smith Brandenburg no date, Earl no date, Edna Farris Brandenburg, Mildred Blom Brandenburg, Raymond Brandenburg. Any information on this group will be appreciated.
Submitter: Darleen Cummins Pettengill (
Date: 13 Jun 1999


Information wanted and some to share about Mary Hylaman Modler Strong, lived and died in Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois.
Submitter: Bruce Brooks (
Date: 11 Jun 1999


Looking for parents and siblings of Marion Brooks, b 8 Feb. 1842. Parents believed to be Alphonso? and Eliza Brooks. Marion, my ggfather, moved to Iowa after the Civil War. He died near Bouton, IA on 23 May 1936. He married Louisa L Matson, also of Whiteside County, 23 Mar. 1864.
Submitter: Gordon (
Date: 07 Jun 1999


I am looking for any information on a W. Holland born 1900. Father is Rudolf Franz Otto. We found a newspaper clipping in 1936 that Rudolf Otto was visiting from Calif and was going to see his son for the first time since he was 6 months old. Until I was going through my mothers things we in the family did not no he had a first born son other than my Uncle. He was born as far as I can tell in Sterling, Ill and I don't know why the last name is Holland and not Otto. Please email if you have any information on these two people.
Submitter: Jocelyn (
Date: 03 Jun 1999


Emma TOOHEY was born 9 Feb 1861 in Sterling, Whiteside Co., IL. She was the dau⁄o Patrick TOOHEY and Johanna WILLIAMS. Was Patrick born in Illinois or Ireland? Emma TOOHEY married William HAUF 4 May 1886. They had the following children: Frederick george HAUF Marguerite Katherine HAUF md ROGAN John Christopher HAUF Emma Theresa HAUF md RYDBERG Is anyone else working on this family? Thank you.
Submitter: Bob Fondersmith (
Date: 02 Jun 1999


L:ooking for information on Aldes Harry Fondersmith born 8 Feb 1851 lived in Sterling in 1876, wifes name was Mary. Had a son named Harry Samuel Fondersmith born 2 Oct. 1870 and married Jennie Belle Smith.
Submitter: Kathy (
Date: 30 May 1999


Looking for information on Wilhelmina Van Howe born 1874 died 6⁄28⁄1945.Married John Muir died 1928. Then married John Van Zuiden in Fulton, Whiteside County in 1931. She died at the East Moline State Hospital. Does anybody know any history or where to find history on the State Hospital?
Surnames: STEELE
Submitter: Barbara Wilford (
Date: 29 May 1999


Whiteside county am seeking information on a birth of Leander W Steele 1850 or 1853 want to know who his father and mothers names were
Submitter: Pat Edie (
Date: 29 May 1999


Would like to find out more about my great grandparents. They came from Germany to Pa. where I know they were married in 1858. I can't find and death records for my great grandparents. My grand parents moved to Whiteside County sometime in the early 1900's, because my father Oscar Walter Roselieb was born in Springhill in 1914. My great grandparents names were Charles Roselieb and Mary Roehow and my grandparents were William Oscar Roselieb and Julia Anne Horton.
Submitter: Lauri Haines (
Date: 29 May 1999


Seeking information on ALFRED BENTON HAINES and family who lived in Whiteside County, IL ca 1840-1862. Does anyone have a copy of "A History of Whiteside County" by Wayne Bastian, published ca 1968, that could xerox pp. 57 and 452 for us, please? HAINES married SARAH NIXON and had about 12 children, most born in IL. He supposedly left IL ca 1862 and migrated to OR on the famous Oregon Trail. Any help would be most appreciated.
Submitter: Mary Anne Hinchey (
Date: 28 May 1999


Looking for burial record of James Henchey (or Hinchey), and Wife Elizabeth Noonan. I believe in Calvary Cemetery in Sterling.
Submitter: Phyllis Crane Kuykendall (
Date: 27 May 1999


Requesting lookup in Bastian's "History of Whitside County", page 137 re A. CRANE. Possible connection with ancestor, Adoniram Crane. Also seeking information on Charles C. WELDON who married Jennie M. CRANE on 11 September 1872 in Whiteside Co. Believe she may be Adoniram's daughter. Thanks for your help.
Submitter: Lorraine Graves Short (
Date: 24 May 1999


GRAVES, Thaddeus W. married GEISINGER, Amanda E. 14 June 1871 in Whiteside County. They were my great grandparents. Thad's parents were Allen GRAVES and Mahalia HAYS, both born in Vermont. So far I have unable to find out anything about either of them. There were several Allen Graves in Vermont and one in Illinois, none of whom used middle names or initials. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.
Submitter: Carol DeSpain (
Date: 21 May 1999


Re: Hulett, Schafer Looking for Benjamin F. Hulett and Sarah Schafer Hulett. They were in Whiteside Co. in 1860's. Daughter was Sarah E. Hulett b. 31 Jan 1841. Any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: Yvonne Shultis (
Date: 20 May 1999


Does anyone have information regarding my family member, Dr. Robert H. Trusdle (Trusdale) and his wife Hannah ("Hattie") Bryning? Dr. T. was a physician and surgeon who practiced at Sterling and Morrison, IL, prob. 1870-1879. An infant daughter, Gertrude, may have been born and died there in 1875. Mrs. Trusdle's brother, Samuel Bryning, was also a physician and may have been associated with Dr. Trusdle. Dr. Bryning lived at Fulton, IL, at one time. I would welcome any information at all on these people.
Submitter: Tricia (
Date: 20 May 1999


I am looking for information about a St. Leger (St. Ledger, St. Seger) that purchased land in Whiteside County Illinois in 1855. He was born in Champaign County OHIO and probably stopped in Champaign County ILLINOIS to visit family before 1855 but after 1850. He does not show up in Ohio but may show up in Champaign⁄Vermillion County ILLINOIS in 1860⁄ With such an odd name I am hoping that some one can help me. Tricia
Submitter: Jennifer Fahey (
Date: 18 May 1999


I am looking to find information on my grandfather and his parents. His name is Glen O. Campbell he was born in Sterling, Illinois (Whiteside County) on July 29 1900. He died on June 4, 1985. His father's name was Edward Campbell and his mother's name was Jennie (Rusch) Campbell. We cannot go any further back in our family tree. Please let me know if you have any information on any of these individuals.
Submitter: C. Astleford (
Date: 16 May 1999


GRIFFIN, HAMILTON, Henry (1803) and Hannah (1802) Griffin, parents of Sarah Louise Hamilton listed as 67 and 68 in the Newton twp. 1870 census, probably buried in Whiteside County. Requesting the names of cemeteries in Newton twp. or death records.
Surnames: SCHUTT
Submitter: Rena Miller (
Date: 13 May 1999


Juls Schutt was my G.Grandfather. He lived and farmed in the Rock Falls area of Whiteside co. His son Clare was my Grandad. I have some info to exchange with any one interested.
Submitter: Pat Edie (
Date: 06 May 1999


The Roselieb family. Oscar Walter Roselieb born November 21, 1915 in Springhill (Erie), Illinois. Died May 23, 1976 in Prophetstown, Illinois. He was married twice and had three children from his first marriage. He was married the second time to Lela Irene Post on June 21, 1947 in Seattle, Washington.
Submitter: Norma Green (
Date: 05 May 1999


I am researching the family of George Washington Rowley (2⁄22⁄1806) and Hannah Brown Rowley(3⁄9⁄1809). At the time of George's death two of his children Rachel (Mrs. James Brown)and Hannah Mary (Mrs. John Willett) lived in Whiteside Co. I am hoping that information from descendants of these siblings might help me find the parents of either George or Hannah. Both were born in Steuben County NY and came to Ill in 1836
Surnames: BRANCH
Submitter: Lois E. Branch (
Date: 27 Apr 1999


Ira and Lucy Branch resided in Rock Falls, Whiteside Co. Il. They had several children including Edward Dock Branch, Charles Branch, William Branch. Family lived Rock Falls for years Edward Dock Branch was killed in WWII in Germany. We are trying to locate members of this family as Edward's son was only one year old when his father died and he would like to learn more about his heritage. Just starting to research this family, can anyone help?
Submitter: Debbie Geidel (
Date: 26 Apr 1999


Looking for information on a Pearl Ferris family. I obtained a birth certificate of my grandmother, Jane. It shows her mother being a Pearl May Ferris, refused to give fathers name. Shows residence of 409 5th Av, Sterling, IL. County of Whiteside. My grandmother won't give any info about this family except she says her father left at an early age. Somewhere along the ways her mother married a Cunningham. The birth certificate shows my grandmothers name as Pearl also, but somewhere she recieved the name Jane Eileen. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Debbie
Submitter: MFinn (
Date: 24 Apr 1999


Silas MARTIN, born 1780s in Mass., moved to Oxford Co., Ont. ca. 1800. Removed to Whiteside Co. IL. ca 1837. His wife Sarah was accidentally shot in Whiteside Co. Silas' children: Cynthia m. Charles WRIGHT; Emily Martin m.William DURANT;Sarah Martin m.Thomas YEOWARD; Sophia Martin m. Sydney BARBER; Harriet Martin m. William MCKENZIE. Wish to correspond with anyone tracing these people.
Submitter: Alice Lindsey Fluegge (
Date: 23 Apr 1999


I am doing genealogical research in Whiteside County, IL (Morrison)on these surnames: FLUEGGE BRUHN To see what I am working on please visit my web page at http:⁄⁄⁄~alindsey⁄index.html. Look under the Fluegge Family Tree. If you are researching the same lines, please contact me at to share information. Alice F
Surnames: MAY BOYSEN
Submitter: Jennifer Allred (
Date: 23 Apr 1999


Soren Peter MAY, married Emma BOYSEN in 1898 in Clinton, Ia. They lived in Fenton, Fenton Twp., Whiteside Co. from 1910-1916. Am looking for any evidence of this-census, land records etc. I'm not sure they actually owned the land, just lived with someone on their farm maybe. THANKS
Surnames: ROBINSON
Submitter: Wiliam E Robinson (
Date: 23 Apr 1999


Searching for info on John W. ROBINSON who lived in or around Morrison, Whiteside Co. Il. in the 1930s. Believe to be born in Washington Co. Il. in 1861. Had 10 brothers and sisters. Mary J.b-1842, James M.b-1844, Marget A.b-1846, William P.b-1848, Thomas J.b-1851, Nathan C.b-1853, Riley J.b-1855, Sarah C.b-1857, Henry A.b-1865 and Emma E.b-1868. John was the only sibling who lived in Whiteside Co. Thank You for your time. W. E. Robinson e-mail
Submitter: Carolyn (
Date: 22 Apr 1999


Do any of these names sound familiar to you? This family once lived in Fulton, Illinois. Gertrude Marie FELL-OUGH (09-03-1887), John Wood OUGH (06-14-1879), John Arthur OUGH (08-27-1913) Rejean Phyllis OUGH-BURKE (12-25-1914) Other names include Mary Elizabeth STICHTER-FELL, Fred FELL (FOELL), George STICHTER, Conrad & Rejina STICHTER, Lenor & Katy STICHTER, Lillian FELL-SPROAT, Chalmers SPROAT, George Henry & Ruth OUGH, whose children were Lee, Marion, Jim and Charley, and Cynthia Georgina HUFF-OUGH.
Surnames: COLE
Submitter: Ivan Phelps (
Date: 18 Apr 1999


Looking for Charles Welsey Cole, born Oct. 22 1828 possible in Whiteside Co. Also John Cole born 1781 died in April 25, 1859.(Is there any burial records availabe) John is Charles's father, there may be brothers and sisters. They may be on the 1860 census or 1870.
Submitter: Ann Shaw (
Date: 17 Apr 1999


looking to share information on RAMSAY, BUTLER, SHAW, WARNER families in Whiteside Co around and after 1860. Related to George Ramsay Shaw (b. NY m. Orpha Warner), John F. Shaw, m. Maria ?, sons of Elisha G. Shaw and Betsey Ann Ramsay Shaw. Other Shaw children possibly married in Whiteside CO--Emma, Melissa. Elisha's sister Eunice Shaw BUTLER was married to Ezekiel Butler in Sutton, VT, lived in Rome, Oneida, NY, as did families of David Ramsay, William Ramsay, and many Butler children who came to Whiteside co in the 1850's. Henry Utley also m. into this family.
Submitter: Ann Shaw (
Date: 17 Apr 1999


looking for information on SAUNDERS (Joseph, Walter, William, Martha, or Mary) and MOREHEAD (James, Samuel, or William) families. Joseph SAUNDERS came from Cleveland area by 1860, with his children: twins Martha Esther (m. James MOREHEAD, moved to Boone Co, IA) and Mary Esther, b 1847 m William MOREHEAD, moved to Boone co, IA, Walter, b. 1843, Joseph b 1845, mother Urenia PARNELL. m2 Elizabeth, children Eliza,b. 1851, m. John C. VAN METER, moved to Boone Co, IA, William J.,b 1851 ? moved to Boone co, IA, and Reliance, b. 1861. MOREHEADS came from Venango Co, PA, possible brothers--father of William known to be Samuel MOREHEAD, mo Mary HOLLIS acc. to CW records. also linked to Elisha SHAW family, lived in Whiteside Co 1860's, moved to Boone Co.sons George Ramsay Shaw and John F. Shaw remained in Whiteside Co. looking to share information
Submitter: Ron Feldman (
Date: 16 Apr 1999


Birth records for Frederick Peter FELDMANN or Frederick Peter FELDMAN born 9 Feburary 1884. Marriage or census records Peter FELDMAN or Peter FELDMANN
Surnames: FLIKKEMA
Submitter: Bonnie Pillers (
Date: 14 Apr 1999


Looking to correspond with anyone working on the FLIKKEMA name in Whiteside Co Illinois.
Submitter: Mary Kay COLE Ward (
Date: 14 Apr 1999


If anyone has access to Illinois censuses after 1880 and would do Look-Ups for me, please reply to Mary Kay COLE Ward email When my gggrandfather, Gilbert COLE's death in 1873 his only surviving son was Dudley COLE. Dudley (the son from Gilbert's 1st marriage) was 22 years old when his father died and had been living in Union Grove, Whiteside Co., ILL with his father and his young step-mother, Louisa SHOLES COLE. Apparently Dudley married Eliza A._?_ in Whiteside Co. in 1874 the year after his father's death, because by 1880 he was married and had two daughters. I found him on the 1880 Union Grove, Whiteside Co, ILL. Census: C. Dudley COLE 29 OH, NY, OH farmer, Eliza A. 28 OH, OH, NY keeping house, Stella 5 ILL, OH, OH, Sarah 6⁄12 yr ILL, OH, OH. BUT I've lost Dudley COLE & his family after 1880! I don't have access to Illinois censuses after 1880. I wonder if Dudley and Eliza A. Cole had more children and when & where Dudley & Eliza Cole died. "Dudley"'s full name might have been CYRUS DUDLEY COLE as Cyrus was a recurring family name and Gilbert had another son, CYRUS, who had died at age 4. The 1880 census was the first time I had ever seen Dudley referred to as "C. Dudley COLE". I'm also interested in finding the correct name (first name) and more about Bud Cole, who was a coach, instructor, principal in Morrison, Whiteside Co, ILL in the 1940's and 1950's. I've also lost Louisa SHOLES COLE (the dau. of Orin SHOLES) the widow of Gilbert COLE after Gilbert's death 10 Dec 1873 and burial in Grove Hill Cemetery in Morrison, Pleasant twp, ILL. Lot 34, 1 stone. Louisa and Gilbert and son Dudley (from Gilbert's 1st marriage) were living in Union Grove twp, Whiteside Co, ILL prior to Deacon Gilbert COLE's death. Any leads will be appreciated! Thanks, Mary Kay.
Submitter: Kim leese (
Date: 12 Apr 1999


Looking for any Ewbank from the Sterling area for a friend who is not online. Especially interested in any Civil war info although there are no Ewbanks listed in the Illinois rosters. Have contact address for Al Ewbank in Saginaw Michigan for any Ewbank's.
Submitter: James L. Mallory (
Date: 11 Apr 1999


searching for parents of Detlof Miller B-1852 Germany (Prussia) d- 1884 Sac, Co., Iowa. Detlof Miller first recorded in 1860 US Census living with Peter Henry Dierks family in Lyons, Clinton Co., Iowa. Possible Lutheran Church relationship. Clinton Co., Iowa research has come to a dead end.
Submitter: David A Lewis (
Date: 10 Apr 1999


I am seeking information on Edward PERKINSON who purchased land in Whiteside Co., IL in 1857. Did he leave a will? Does anyone know his family? My ancestor James PERKINSON married in Cedar Co., IA. He is supposedly from Dixon, IL. I believe him to be a child of Edwards, but have no support for or against. Any PERKINSON information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: Dolores McLaughlin (
Date: 07 Apr 1999


Information on HenryMCLAUGHLIN died abt. 1857 - married to Christina REAM -having 8 children, we have records on Edwin, and his son Henry Bonabrite born 1873, married Cora Howe. Henry was born in Lanark and his father Edwin was born in Pa., married Rebecca BONABRITE. Edwin and Rebecca lived in Sterling Il. abt.1897, not available on a census. They were in Lanark in 1900. His father Henry lived there the majority of the time after moving from Pa. Appreciate any help.
Submitter: Pamela Dollarhide (
Date: 02 Apr 1999


I am searching for information on the family of David C. COHENOUR b 9-19-1850 PA, d 1926 Sterling, Whiteside Co,IL; m. Hannah Catherine RUNYAN on 4-23-1874, Mount Carroll, IL. Children: Emma Florence; Nora; Martha (Mattie) May; David H.; Minnie; & Lloyd Lester. Would like to locate fellow researchers of this family. Any information would be very much appreciated!
Submitter: Robert B Runk (
Date: 28 Mar 1999


I am looking for Runk ancestors that moved from Huntingdon county, Whiteside county IL. I believe David E Runk could be my great-great grandfather.This is the information i have on the David Runk family: David was born 18 FEB 1820,died 1896 in Sterling,IL He is buried in a Mennonite cemetary in the Sterling area.His wife,s name was Sarah Sneath,she died in 1911. I believe they had a son Peter RUNK,possibly my great-grandfather. Peter was born in 1858 died 1933. I am seeking information to confirm what i believe. I have much inormation on the Runk,s prior to and after David i am willing to share. Thank you.
Submitter: Kathy (
Date: 26 Mar 1999


Looking for any connections to the Ardapple⁄Aardappel family that settled in the Fulton⁄Morrison area. Came from Indiana. Have information back to the 1730's in the Netherlands.
Submitter: Kathy (
Date: 26 Mar 1999


Looking for any information on Everett and Gertrude Hook Van Zuiden Family from Fulton. Everett died 12⁄21⁄1932 and burial is in Fulton Cemetery. Children: Lizzie V.Z. married James Frame, John married Jennie Ardapple then Wilhelmina Van Howe, Dewey married married Jennie Thornton, Alice married John Baker, Frank married Jennie Hook, and Jacob married Mamie Janniga.
Surnames: VAN KAMPEN
Submitter: Kathy (
Date: 26 Mar 1999


Looking for any information on the Van Kampen family that lived in the Garden Plain⁄Fulton area. Jan and Hendrik Wierenga Van Kampen born in the Netherlands and lived in GardenPlain in 1890. HAd 10 children.
Surnames: STERLING
Submitter: Paula Wolek (
Date: 25 Mar 1999


I am looking for a marriage record for John STERLING and Sarah ROBERTS on Oct. 9, 1862 and any descendants.
Submitter: Bonnie Grimmius (
Date: 24 Mar 1999


MITCHELL's Mr & Mrs. Frank MITCHELL; Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth MITCHELL; & Ilabelle MITCHELL, living in Lyndon IL, attended a funeral for James MILLER in Clinton IA, 20 August 1932. Would like to learn the MITCHELLS relationship to the MILLER's, GRAVENOR'S, NISSEN'S, JACOBI'S & MOHR who also attended the funeral.
Submitter: Herb Steltzer (
Date: 23 Mar 1999


STELZER, STARRY, CAPP, WOLBER, JACOB, GUINTHER: Charles J Stelzer 1822-1885 from Germany married Edith Starry? and moved to Whiteside around 1850. Burried E. Jodan Cemetery. Children: Christine F. 1861- married a Wolber, Henry M. 1862-1930, C.W., Edith 1864- married a Guinther, George M. 1866-1928, Nettie Jane 1857-1933 married a Capp. Edith Starry (Stelzer) and her sister Catherine may have come from Carrol County MD. Henry M married a Carrie KUGEL, Bertha WERDERMAN, and poss also Margaret MORRISSEY. Henry M's offspring became the STELTZER surname. When did Charles J and Edith arrive in Whiteside and from where they come? What happened to Christine, C.W., Edith, George M., Nettie Stelzer after 1870?
Submitter: Dorothy Cline (
Date: 21 Mar 1999


I am in search of any information on the family of Rosa Diana (Garrett)Bell, wife of Arthur C Bell of Jo Davies CO, IL. She moved to Fulton after the death of Arthur in 1875 to be near some of her children. Rosa was born January 12, 1819 in Burksville, Cumberland CO, KY to Sarah and Hiram Garrett. She was the mother of Zephania, Elizabeth (Conley), Hattie (Sanft), William T, Hiram C, Barney, Grant and Edwin. It appears the boys may be of the Fulton area, Elizabeth was from Hanover and Hattie (Harriet) was from Milwaukee. Rosa Diana owned property in Fulton, Lot five (5), Block ten (10), Range two (2) in the City of Fulton. This property was sold after her death to pay her debts. She was the mother of 15 children. The above mentioned children were still alive when she died on November 27, 1894 in Fulton. She is buried in the City Cemetery. Does any of this look familiar to you. Please contact me.
Surnames: TEWELL
Submitter: Kevin Tewell (
Date: 21 Mar 1999


I am looking for information on Uriah Tewell, anyone that is related to the Tewells, or anyone that is researching the Tewell family tree. The Tewell name could have been misspelled as Tule. Uriah Tewell was originally from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and was married to Mary C. Leahman. Their children were John, Sarah, Bessie Mae, Jacob, Daniel, Lena Maude, and William.
Surnames: RANCE
Submitter: Brenda Rance (
Date: 21 Mar 1999


I am looking for relatives who may have moved to this state in the 1880's on. The family name is Rance, lived in Ontario, Canada in a small town called Clinton. Thank you to any info. you may have.
Submitter: Mary Kay COLE Ward (
Date: 20 Mar 1999


My gr-grandfather Gilbert Cole moved to Whiteside County, Illinois with his son, C. Dudley Cole, from Ohio after his son and wife both died just a couple months apart. Son, William Franklin Cole died Sep 1, 1865 (Did he die of injuries from fighting in the Civil War?). Gilbert's wife, Sarah Owen died Oct 3rd,1865. Within a year, he married 2nd Louisa Sholes 9 Oct 1866 in Illinois. *COLE-SHOLES; 11 Oct 1866 Whiteside Sentinel; married 9 Oct 1866, by Rev. J. W. White; Gilbert Cole and Louisa M. Sholes, at the residence of her father, O. Sholes. The family was on the 1870 census in Union Grove Twp: COLE, Gilbert 57 NY, Louisa 37 VT Dudley 18 OH. He died 3 years later. Did he have any children w⁄ 2nd wife Louisa Sholes? Gilbert Cole is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Morrison, IL Lot 34, 1 stone, Gilbert Cole died Dec 10, 1873 AE 60yrs. Here's another item...12 Aug 1873 - Whiteside Sentinel: COLE, Deacon Gilbert; 59 yr 11 mo 27 dy; d 10 Dec 1873, Morrison, b. Gorham,NY; movd Colbrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, at age 19; to Whiteside, 1865; mar a dau of O Sholes, 9 Oct 1866. Louisa Sholes father is on the 1870 Union twp, Whiteside Co., census, Family #133: Sholes, Orin 62 VT farmer; Mary 44 NY keeping hse; Loomis 18 male b. ILL. Does anyone know the Sholes family? On the 1870 Union Twp, Whiteside Co., Census, pg 11 family # 71 could be related: John W. Cole 37 OH stone mason, Charity A Cole 36 OH; Mary E. Cole 15 IND; Willy J. fe ILL.; Daniel W. 10 b?; William 5 IND; Phebe C. Cole 1 yr. IND. After Gilbert's death in 1873, his son C. Dudley Cole was on the 1880 Union twp census, Family #106: COLE, C. Dudley 29 OH farmer, wife Eliza A. 28 OH; Stella M. 5 ILL.; Sarah 6⁄12 ILL. Then I don't know what became of C. Dudley after that. Did he die? I haven't been able to confirm Gilbert Cole's parents and grandparents although I believe they died in Gorham, Ontario County, New York where Gilbert grew up. I'll be so grateful for any leads! Thanks! Mary Kay COLE Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, VA 23225-2906; ph 804-232-9338
Surnames: LENHART
Submitter: Pat Lenhart (
Date: 20 Mar 1999


RE: LENHART, MALONE, SHANNON, BROWN, WARD, WETZEL, HARKNESS, KNAPP, BRINKS, NICOLAS. Would like to hear from anyone researching these surnames. I have extensive material on Knapp and Harkness. Looking for missing links in the Lenhart⁄Malone lines. Anyone have any information on Jeremiah Lenhart, b. 1810, came to Whiteside Co, Ill before 1850?
Date: 19 Mar 1999


Looking for information : Henry MCLAUGHLIN or could be Frederick MCLAUGHLIN. SON OF Henry is Edwin MCLAUGHLIN,who also resided in Sterling Illinois abt. 1892, then went to Lanark, Il. Appreciate any help. Thank you.
Submitter: Shirley Brewer (
Date: 16 Mar 1999


I am researching the BREWER family: I am looking for Leonard Isaac BREWER b. 1904 m. Bertha Ulrike FREDRICK 21 JUly 1923 in Jordon Whiteside Co. IL their children were Verla BREWER and Marvin BREWER Bertha's parents were: John Frederricks and Gesine Dirks Thank you very much Shirley
Submitter: Nancy Ohda (
Date: 12 Mar 1999


Naomi Courtney Householder, the wife of Edward Thomas Henderson, lived in Rock Island and Whiteside Counties in Illinois. He died in 1910-12 but she was still alive in 1927. I would like to find out where she is buried or anything else about her.
Surnames: PEDERSEN
Submitter: Thelma J. Brand (
Date: 10 Mar 1999

Response to LIGHTCAP Query below


Bertha's family shows up in the 1870 and 1880 census, they were NOT in the 1860 census:

1870 in Sterling, Second Ward:

LIghtcap, William 31 M PA Teamster
Lizzie 25 F PA
Nettie (Feb) 5m F IL
McKee, Frank 19 F PA ⁄$100 Seamstress

Nelson, Maggie 20 F PA ⁄$100 Seamstress

1880 in Sterling, First District, on Main Street:

Light-capp, Wm. M 43 M Brickmoulder PA PA PA
Elizabeth F 33 M Wf PA PA PA
Nettie F 9 S Da IL PA PA
Laura F 7 S Da IL PA PA
Bertha F 6 S Da IL PA PA

McKee, Robert J. M 62 W Laborer PA PA PA

In 1870, it really says F for female on Frank McKee...and being a seamstress I suspect it is correct, Frank was probably a nickname for Frances. In case you are not familiar with the census abbreviations, in 1880, this means Nettie was Female, 9 yrs old, Single and a Daughter. She was born in ILlinois and her parents were both born in PA.

Interesting that Frank McKee is no longer in the household, but a Robert McKee (Widower) is...this may indicate a relationship, but since they did not record FL for Father in may not!



PEDERSEN: Looking for information on ESTHER VIOLA PEDERSEN. She was going by this name in 1949. She was a resident fo Rock Island, Ilinois, Rock Island County at that time. She had 2 other daughters at that time. She gave birth to a child on September 16, 1949 who was born in Davenport, Iowa, Scott county. She may have remarried .
Submitter: Steve Brockmaan (
Date: 07 Mar 1999


I am trying to find more information on my great grandparents: Bertha L. LIGHTCAP born September 16, 1874 in Sterling, IL. She married Robert D. WALTERS born July 23, 1874 in Rochelle, IL and was buried in Sterling Jan 4, 1960. They had six children: Robert L.; Elizabeth; Donald; Lawrence; William; and Evelyn. I would especially like to find out any information on their parents.
Surnames: ROSE
Submitter: Ellen Moberly (
Date: 03 Mar 1999


All and⁄or any relatives of Wayne Rose. As far as I know he lived in Garden Plain from 1959 on. He had seven known children.
Submitter: Bonnie Pillers (
Date: 03 Mar 1999


Looking for information on Nels P MATSON born 16 Feb 1842 Sweden, died 21 Mar 1920 Erie Whiteside Co IL, married Anna NIELSEN. Children are: Nels, born unknown Alfred, born 26 Dec 1877 Wannaborga Sweden, died 20 July 1940 Moline IL, married Nancy VANGILDER 1901 Knox Co IL Nellie, born 29 Sept 1879 Wannaborga Sweden Willing to share information
Surnames: MAY
Submitter: Joyce Metcalfe (
Date: 02 Mar 1999


I am looking assistance in obtaining a cemetery listing for the following persons: Martin MAY, died between 1900 and 1916 and his wife Eva Catherine MAY (nee HERB), died January 22, 1916 Catherine's obit states that she was to be buried in the "Riverside Cemetery". She was living in Montmorency Township at the time of her death. I have the Cemetery Records for Old Sterling Cemteries (prior to 1886) published by the Whiteside County Genealogists; but, of course, neither Martin nor Catherine are listed. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. All the best, Joyce
Submitter: Julia Ryden (
Date: 02 Mar 1999 rev. 15 May 1999

Reply to BOWEN-COLEMAN Query


This family sounds familiar...I may have worked on an earlier query on the same family. Do you have the 1870 and 1880 census entries for the families? Will post them just in case...this looks like the right family!

In 1860, I did NOT find the BOWEN Family, there is a COLEMAN family, but will hold off on them. You did NOT indicate you needed Mary's parents, the family in the census has a daughter Mary, but the age doesn't quite match.

In 1870, In Portland Twp. is:

Bowen, Lester 65 M NY Farmer

Silvia 53 F NY
William 23 M NY Farmlaborer
Hellen 17 M NY

Hattie 12 F NY

In Lyndon Twp, was a Randle BOEN in the household of George Coburn.

In 1880, the above were both in Lyndon Twp. as:

Bowen, Wm. H. 34 M NY Farmer

Mary Jane 27 F NY
Porter A. 2 M IL

Coleman, Ella 16 F IL

Bowen, Randall A. M 35 single NY Farmer

Silvia F 63 Widow NY (mother born in MA)
Clifford, Alice F 35 Married (servant) NY

Orlie, Herman M 19 Single Germany Farmlaborer.

Silvia in Randall's household supports the idea that Randall and William were brothers. Not sure about the Coleman families, I do NOT find an Ella in 1870 who would be the Ella with William and Mary in 1880.

From Jayne Kennedy Swegers book, Deaths in Whiteside County:

The 23 Nov 1876 Whiteside Sentinel: Bowen, Sylvester (Lester, birth matches?) 71 yr 2 mo 8 dy; d 16 Nov 1876, Lyndon Twp; b. Oneida Co., NY mvd IL 21 years ago last Sept; lvd LaSalle Co. for 10 yrs, moved here in 1865.

This would account for the family not being in the 1860 census.

Be glad to list the Colemans if you are interested...



PEARSLEY ⁄ PEARCELEY or SCAGGS ⁄ SKAGGS My great-grandfather was John Pearsley and my great grandmother was Susan Scaggs. They were married in Whiteside County on Oct. 1, 1868. They bore a daughter, Martha, in 1870 in Illionis and then moved to Nebraska. Susan Scaggs was orphaned in 1865 when her mother, Mary Ann, died. In the court guardianship papers there is mention of personal property held by the Ohio County, Indiana court. Susan later (after 1872) disappeared from public record in Johnson Co. Nebraska. I would appreciate any information anyone has on either John or Susan ---------------------------- Judy
Submitter: William R. Jentzen (
Date: 26 Feb 1999


My Great-Grandparents are William Henry BOWEN (b: August 29, 1946 -- d: unk), and Mary Jane[COLEMAN]BOWEN (b: December 18, 1852 -- d: September 25, 1914). They were married in Whiteside County, IL on December 28, 1876. Four of their children were born near Lyndon, IL: 1)Porter Ray Bowen, born April 3, 1878; 2) Golda Bowen, born July 23, 1886; 3) Elizabeth May Bowen, born April 4, 1892; and 4) Myron S. Bowen, born October 8, 1894, prior to moving to Iowa. I'm looking for my ggf's death place⁄date and his parents & siblings, who may have been originally from New York(?). Please contact me if you recognize a connection to your BOWEN or COLEMAN family.
Submitter: Shirley Brewer (
Date: 24 Feb 1999


I am looking for any information on the BREWER family: Leonard Isaac Brewer b.1904 in Cowden Shelby Co IL married Bertha Ulrike Fredrick 1923 in Jordon Whiteside Co IL I would like to have a death date on both of them. Also would like to know where they are buried. They had 2 children Verla Brewer and Marvin Brewer I have nothing on them yet. Please if you know any information please email. thank you very much Shirley Brewer
Submitter: bob fondersmith (
Date: 23 Feb 1999


I have a letter addressed to Mrs.H. aldes Fondersmith, letter dated 18 july 1876.need info on Harry aldes fondersmith or his father Samuel.Would like to know who they were married to and dates of any information available. Aldes harry was born Feb 1851, Samuel born oct 1815,died 21 apr 1870, possibly in sterling. the letter sent to sterling.
Submitter: Brian Young (
Date: 22 Feb 1999


Looking for information on my Great Great grandparents Jeramiah and Sarah Young. Jeramiah was born in about 1832 in Pennsylvania. Sarah was born in upper Canada in about 1828. She was married to a guy with the last name Warren and then married Jeramiah. Jeramiah's father was Daniel Young born about 1798 in Pennsylvania he lived in Whiteside County and I believe he maybe buried in Whiteside County along with possibly Jeramiah and Sarah. If anyone knows where in Canada or Pennsylvania my ancestors are from or any other information about these people please let me know.
Surnames: CORNEAU
Submitter: Nancy Myron (
Date: 20 Feb 1999


CORNEAU, Charles, bought some land in Whiteside County in 1853. I am trying to determine if he was related to my grandfather, Albert A. Corneau, who served in the Civil War, 152 Illinois Infantry, Company K. Albert's daughter, Hazel, married Alex Ollerman. If you have any information on Charles, or Albert, please contact me.
Submitter: Larry Miller (
Date: 16 Feb 1999


Seeking information about George and Sara Maiden, who lived on a farm in northern Whiteside County in the late 1840s. Sara died in about 1853, but I have been unable to locate any tangible documentation regarding exactly when⁄where she died.....or where she may be buried. George left Whiteside County in about 1856 for Tama, Iowa. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Surnames: SHERE
Submitter: Brad Shere (
Date: 16 Feb 1999


I am looking for someone with access to the BASTIAN INDEX do do a lookup for me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Looking for information to SHERE. Thanks, Brad
Surnames: SCHRYER
Submitter: DThompson (
Date: 15 Feb 1999


Looking for information for my family tree- Surname is Schryer - located in Whiteside County around 1860's or earlier. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you
Surnames: MEDEMA
Submitter: Susan Sabariego (
Date: 14 Feb 1999


I am looking for the date of death of ELIZABETH (also with a "s" ) MEDEMA (meiden name DIJK or DYK) - she lived in Morrison or Fulton - she came to USA from Holland (Europe) with her chindren on about 1902, she was already the widow of Reinder Medema. I would apreciate it very much if anyone can give me the particulars, She is my great-gran- mother. Thank you and greatings from Holland. Susan
Submitter: Jack May (
Date: 12 Feb 1999


My great grandmother was born in Prophetstown on August 18, 1868. Her name was Elizabeth PACKARD. Her father was Roswell PACKARD and mother was Rachel ROGERS PACKARD. Wondering how best to obtain a record of her birth, and if this information contains names and birthplaces of parents. jack may
Submitter: Sharon (
Date: 12 Feb 1999


Looking for the families of Bertha Legel McKee, Charles and Lewis Legel of Morrision, IL. These are the children of Franz (Frank) and Anna Raak Legel of Fairhaven Township, Carroll,County IL. Katherine Christine Legel married James Law and is my husbands grandmother. Thanks Sharon.
Submitter: Florence Clendenen (
Date: 10 Feb 1999


Looking for information about MARY E. FITZGERALD, born 1852 in Prophetstown, Whiteside Co., Il. She married James Warren PRESBREY June 3, 1872 in Sterling, Il. Who were her parents?
Surnames: CHASE
Submitter: Ken Sanders (
Date: 09 Feb 1999


I am looking for information on William Alan(sp?) Chase, born October 1919. Would have lived in Fulton, Illinois. Divorced from wife Helen, remarrried and had twin daughters. 3 sons from previous marriage. Might have died in mid to late 1980s. No known military service.
Submitter: Kelly Adams (
Date: 02 Feb 1999

Reply to GEERTS Query below

With dates that recent, I really recommend you call the County Clerk's office in Morrison (phone number is on this site). Death certificates often show parents names and places of birth, IF the person providing the information to the physician knew!



Researching Berend DAMHOFF who was born 24 Jun 1837 in Netherlands and died 22 May 1920 in Fulton, IL. Married GEERTJE(Gertrude) DAMHOFF. They had a daughter ANJE(Addie) DAMHOFF who was born 3 Oct 1877 in Garden Plain, IL she married a REINDER KETTLER on 7 Feb 1900 in Fulton. She attended Northern Illinois College in Fulton.
Surnames: GEERTS
Submitter: Jeff Geerts (
Date: 01 Feb 1999


I am looking for the birthplace and childhood homes of Edward Geerts and Flora Dood in the Netherlands. They are my great-great-great grandparents and I will be going to the Netherlands in March, so my search is urgent. I believe Edward was born in May 1841 and Flora was born October 17, 1844, both in the Netherlands. They were married on May 26, 1866 and moved to the United States and Whiteside County in 1878. Both died in Fulton, Edward on March 3, 1928 and Flora on December 26, 1928.
Submitter: sheila gonzales (
Date: 28 Jan 1999

Replies to COLE query below:

He was in the 1870 census in Union Grove Twp.

COLE, Gilbert 57 M NY
Louisa 37 F Vt

Dudley 18 M Oh

and is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Morrison, IL

Lot 34, 1 stone, Gilbert Cole died Dec 10, 1873 AE 60yrs.

From Deaths in Whiteside Co. by Sweger:

12 Aug 1873 - Whiteside Sentinel COLE, Deacon Gilbert; 59 yr 11 mo 27 dy; d 10 Dec 1873, Morrison, b. Gorham, NY; movd Colbrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, at age 19; to Whiteside, 1865; mar a dau of O Sholes, 9 Oct 1866.

Looks like Louisa was a second wife!! it is! From Marriages in Whiteside Co. by Sweger:

COLE-SHOLES; 11 Oct 1856 Whiteside Sentinel; mar 9 Oct 1866, by Rev. J. W. White; Gilbert Cole and Louisa M. Sholes, at the resi of her father, O. Sholes.

Looked at the cemetery records again, a C. D. Cole purchased lot 34 In Grove Hill on 12⁄12⁄1983, two days after Gilbert died. I suspect that would have been Dudley.

An Orrin J. Sholes is mentioned in conjunction with a Masonic Lodge in Prophetstown in 1876, I suspect that would be Louisa's father. He is buried in the Prophetstown cemetery:

Sholes, Orin J. 3⁄29⁄32-6⁄13⁄1895

Sarah Jan 4., 1836 - Sep. 9, 1920

Everett L. 1868-1957

Can't be the right O. Sholes, Louisa was 37 in 1870, so she was born around 1833, would have been a sister perhaps to this Orin Sholes.

In the 1870 census, was this family in Union Grove, which puts another Orin back as a probably father to Louisa:

Shole, Orin 62 M Vt Farmer

Mary 44 F NY

Loomis 18 M IL

This would make Orin's birth date 1808, nor 1832 so perhaps the Orin in Prophetstown was a son from an earlier marriage. Orin definitely had an earlier family, a C. W. Sholes purchased lot 101 in Grove Hill in 1878 (NOT a typo) and three Sholes are buried there. Joseph Sholes, 1771 - 1864., Rollin C. so of Orin Sholes, died at Alexandria VA Feb 3, 1862, AE 22yrs For His Country; and Clarence? son of Orin Sholes died Jun 1, 1857, AE 9yrs.

There was a Chipman Sholes family in Morrison, possibly another son of Orin...why the lot was purchased in 1878, years after the burials, I have no idea, may be that it was contracted for, and C. W. paid it off at that point? Most of the purchase dates are in the 1870's and most of the burials are earlier in this section.

Did not find any other trace of Louisa, perhaps she remarried and is buried under a different name. Also nothing else on Dudley. If you want to try to track him down, I could have my sister in Morrison check the official index of marriages, etc.


hi Iwould like to know if anyone out there knows about a joseph snyder and wife elizabeth lena neumann that lived there he was born about 1840 she was born 1855 pennsylvania, they later moved to oregon he died there and she moved to canada there descendents still live in pendelton oregon elizabeth lena snyder above was my father lee a bryant born 1916 great grandmother. love to hear from anyone thanks sheila allied families are delp,kiler,severance,williams,biggs,thornburg mills,moon, williams,baldwin,bryant,grubbs
Submitter: Mary Kay COLE Ward (
Date: 28 Jan 1999


Can you help me find information about the death of my gr,gr-grandfather, Gilbert Cole, the husband of Sarah "Sallie" Owen. He died in Whiteside County, Illinois in 1872. He may have moved to Illinois from Ohio after his wife died in 1865 but I'm not sure when, why or with whom he moved there. Maybe he had relatives there. Sallie Cole, the daughter of Joel & Mary Owen, had died in 1865 in Colebrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 7 years before Gilbert Cole died in Illinois. Their 4 children- all born in Colebrook, Ohio were: William Franklin Cole b. 14 Dec 1839, Mary, Dudley, and Cyrus Owen Cole b. 1845 died at age 4. Gilbert Cole b. 1810 was the youngest of 5 children born in Gorham, Ontario Co., NY to Jonathan Cole and Mary "Polly" Ann Brewer, the dau. of William Brewer and Mary Goodale. Gilbert's siblings were Willard, William, Hervey (or Cervey) and Melinda Sally Cole. Gilbert moved from NY to Colebrook, Ohio about 1830. His father: Jonathan Cole was b. abt 1770 in Mass. and he had a brother, Willard Cole b. 1779 in Mass. They were the sons of John Cole born. 19 Apr 1744 and Hannah -?- b. 31 Mar 1746 of Gorham, Ontario County, New York. William Franklin Cole b. 1839 Oh and Addie Edith Barrett were parents of my grandfather, William Barrett Cole b. 1864 and his sister, Edith Corintha Cole b. 1862. William Barrett Cole married Mary Stowe in 1894 in Colebrook,Ashtabula Co., Ohio and they had 5 sons who they raised in Painesville, Ohio: Gilbert Stowe Cole, William Alfred Cole, David Barrett Cole, Kenneth Roosevelt Cole and the youngest, Victor Arthur Cole b. 1912 who was my father. Mary Stowe Cole died in 1917 and W.B.Cole married 2nd Fannie Dann. My father, Victor A. Cole married 16 Jun 1933 my mother Mary Elizabeth Carter b. 11 May 1915, the dau. of Simeon Carter and Nettie Rippin in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio. If anything here rings a bell, please write me. Mary Kay COLE Ward Richmond, VA 23225
Submitter: Lorna Roberts Frechette (
Date: 27 Jan 1999


Searching for any information on John ROBERTS; 1855-1903. Married Pina DAVIS. Children: 1)George Foster ROBERTS, b. November 2, 1902 Morrison, Illinois; d. June 19, 1978, Ames, Iowa; 2)Frederick F. ROBERTS, George's twin brother, d. 1902. There are many other children (10-12) I have no information on. I look forward to hearing from you and will share any information I have you may be looking for. Thanks!
Submitter: Jennifer Godwin (
Date: 24 Jan 1999
URL: http:⁄⁄⁄~godwin⁄


The REES family were Quakers who came "West" to Whiteside County from Virginia in the 1850s. There were intermarriages between Wm. McGUIRE & Jane S. REES and Wm.'s sister Orlein (Orlean) McGUIRE & Jane's bro. Samuel D. REES. Parents of William & Orlean: John C. & Sarah Hamilton King McGUIRE. They were of Mobile, Alabama. Parents of Jane & Samuel D. REES: Jacob & Thamasin Mary LUPTON. Siblings: Jonah m. Annie JACKSON, Ruth m. Loyd DILLON, Martha m. MESSINGER. William J. McGUIRE shot and killed Samuel D. REES in Sept. 1899 in Mobile, possibly over Orlein's will. Looking for Sam. & Orlein's son J.C. (John Christopher) McGUIRE REES. William J. McGUIRE had a news and tobacco store; Samuel seems to have had some kind of farm near Kushla. Jacob was a miller, for a time in Cincinnati with his bro. Samuel.
Submitter: Pamela (Lane) Dollarhide (
Date: 24 Jan 1999


Searching for any information on the following family: 1. Abraham HUNSBERGER b1⁄21⁄1840 Bally, Pa; d 3⁄1920 Sterling,Il. m. Lovina Kline Son: 2. Alvin Riccardo HUNSBERGER b 7⁄14⁄187l Rock Falls, Whiteside Co., IL; d. July 18, 1949 Rock Falls, m. Martha(Mattie) COHENOUR; 3. Grace Ione Cohenour HUNSBERGER b 10⁄5⁄1903 Rock Falls, Whiteside Co., IL d. 1⁄15⁄1998 Sterling. m. Lloyd Laverne Lane & #2 Roger Marshall. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Submitter: Valerie Varner (
Date: 23 Jan 1999


Trying to locate Patricia L. Chapman-Rimmer. Married in Whiteside County, Illinois to Jerry Rimmer in 1971.
Submitter: Lynda Goforth Smith (
Date: 22 Jan 1999


Whiteside County, IL. I am looking for any information on DOROTHY MAY LABRIESE⁄BREESE⁄BREEZE⁄BRIESE. She was born Feb. 15, 1882-83 or 84 reportedly in Fulton, IL. Her father was reported to have been a doctor and born in France. Dorothy may have been in an orphange or endentured after the death of her mother, when we do not know, and her father date unknown. She married Wilfred Robert Smith or he may have been going by Arthur Adams or a combination of these names in about 1899-1902 in Lyons, IA
Submitter: David Clarke (
Date: 22 Jan 1999


I am looking for information on the ancesters of ALBERT WARFIELD and LUELLA (THOMPSON) WARFIELD, my maternal grandparents, of Erie, Whiteside County, Illinois (according to the social security death index). Specifically, I am looking for the names of and any other information on, their parents. I believe they were Henry and Margaret Warfield. Albert was born 27 Feb 1896 and died in March, 1976. His wife, Luella, was born 18 Dec 1901 and died in July, 1973. I believe they had 7 children: 1. Viola Warfied who married Lee Sweely and lived in Prophetstown at date of death. 2. Harold Warfield. 3. Roy Warfield. 4. Lee Warfield. 5. Ruby Warfield, who married a "Brown". 6. Lucille Amelia Warfield (my mother) who was bord June 29, 1921 in Mt. Caroll, Illinois. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Does anyone have a list of newspapers that would serve Erie and Prophetstown which may have obituaries for Albert and Luella, as well as Lee and Viola Sweely.
Submitter: Patricia Ratcliff (
Date: 22 Jan 1999


Seeking information on William THATCHER, b. 1829 Ithaca, N.Y., m. Louie LUKENS, d. 1909, pb. Oakwood Cem., Dixon, Lee, Il. William resided in Whitesides Co. and I believe he was the Deputy County Treasurer at the time of his death in 1909.His sisters Marion, Elizabeth, Mary and Esther(m. Lyman ADAMS) resided in Dixon. Marion was a survivor of the bridge disaster that occured in Dixon on May 14, 1873.
Submitter: Barbara Murphree (
Date: 21 Jan 1999


Looking for information on HUNTER, JOHN LARUE born March 31, 1873 in Fenton, Whiteside County, Illinois. Parents were William Oliver Butler Hunter (b1848-d1922) and Julia A. White (b1850-d1878). Siblings include Minnie, Charles, Maude and William F. John Hunter is my grandfather. He died in Mt. Auburn, Indiana, September 3, 1944. Thanks.
Submitter: Elizabeth Parker (
Date: 20 Jan 1999


Searching for descendants or anyone who knows the history of the HEATON FAMILY. James M Heaton and his wife Virginia Armstrong Heaton lived in Sterling, Whiteside County 1850 - 1900's. They had twelve children. William, John, Clarence, Albert, James, Clinton, Homer, Camilla, and four more daughters that I don't have the names of. Camilla was born 8⁄30⁄1871 in Sterling. I have the daughters husband's names. Charles Finley, Owen Wickens, Oscar Wickens, William A Miller. Camilla married Henry Leighton Parker in Sterling on 9⁄13⁄1891. Camilla died in Ida Grove, Iowa in 1911 and at that time stated that all of her brothers were still living in Sterling.
Submitter: MaryDona Fabiano (
Date: 19 Jan 1999


I am looking for any info. on my greatgrandfather, George Warren born 1843, came to Ill. from N.Y. married Elizabeth Betchel,1900 and1910 was living in Whiteside co.(Prophetstown? Had 2 daughters Beatrice (Lillian??) and Maude,my grandmother. Maude married William Zolper, and they had 8 children.They lived in Aurora, Ill. Maude Warren (1896-1935) ANY info. would be great.
Submitter: Coleen Florke (
Date: 19 Jan 1999


Looking for two obits. 1- Harry SMITH, b. 13 Oct 1779 in NY; d. 21 Oct 1858 in Lyndon, Whiteside, IL 2-Melinda (WARNER)SMITH, b. 13 Dec 1782 in CT; d. 27 Jan 1854 in Lyndon, Whiteside, IL Thanks for any help. Coleen
Surnames: LUTZ ORR
Submitter: Karen Lutz (
Date: 19 Jan 1999


I have reached a dead end on my family research. I am looking for death records or marriage records of John Lutz and his wife Amanda Orr Lutz. They were married in Whiteside County, I believe Sterling Twp in about 1876. Both were born in Pennsylvania but I don't know where. I believe John died in the 1920's. Could someone help me or tell me where I can write for info.
Submitter: Jan Mcgrath (
Date: 17 Jan 1999


I need the parents' names for Carl Werntz - born 1874 in Sterling, IL.
Submitter: Nathan Smith (
Date: 16 Jan 1999


I am looking for a George T. B. Smith b.12 Nov 1837 in Columbiana Co. Oh. Moved to with parents (father- Henry b. 1808? d. 1886?) to Whiteside Co. in 1854. Had a brother William V. Smith. Was in the civil war from 1863-1865. Married a Sarah A. Baird 23 April 1869 and moved to KS in spring of 1872. Would like any info. on parents, town lived in etc.
Submitter: Monique (
Date: 10 Jan 1999


HERING HILLE I am searching for information on Jonas HERING. He was married to Rachel PARRIS. Their son, Orreleous Agenous HERING was born in Sprighill, IL on 4 Jul 1860. I am also looking fo information on William HILLE. He was married to Caroline HONEYMAN. Their son, Fredrick A. HILLE died in Erie, IL on 17 Jun 1912. Thanks
Submitter: cathy porter (
Date: 08 Jan 1999


JONES, James C. Born March 1, 1854 in Wisconsin to Albert and Anna (THOMAS) JONES. He died before May 31, 1936. Was living in Albany, Whiteside County, IL in 1916. Who were his wife and children? Thanks for any response. Cathy
Surnames: MORRISON
Submitter: DAVID MAY (
Date: 07 Jan 1999


I am trying to find out about a ROBERT DANIEL MORRISON, Son of BEN MORRISON. They were in morrison, Ill. in the 1800s. Ben left morrison and married jenny bailey, daughter of James Bailey(Barnum&Bailey Circuis). If anyone knows about them I would appreciate an email. Thanks Dave EMAIL:
Surnames: BARLOW
Submitter: Michael Brown (
Date: 06 Jan 1999
URL: http:⁄⁄⁄bikenmike⁄index.html

Reply to BUCK OSTRANDER Query below:

From the 1870 census, in Albany
Ostrander, Daniel N. 36 M NY
Mina 32 F NY
Bell 12 F IL
Lilly 10 F IL

Mary 6 F IL

Well the census puts Mina (Ermina) Buck's birthplace as NY in the 1838 time frame. Ivy (male) and Duty Buck were both early settlers in Albany and I believe were brothers, the Bent Wilson History lists Ivy's birthplace in 1801 as Nassau, Rensselaer county, NY and indicates at an early age he went to Ellicottsville, Cattaraugus Co., NY where he remained until 1837. Those might be good places to check for Duty and his family.

In the 1860 Census, Duty Buck was listed without his family as:

Buck, Duty 51 M NY sash & door maker

Green, Joseph 23 M NY day laborer was living with him.

There is another cemetery near Albany, the Rood Cemetery, SE of town. This is where Duty Buck is buried.

Buck, Duty d. June 3, 1860 a. 51 yrs.

Buck, Isabella, wife, d. Mar 19, 1860 a. 48 yrs.



Looking for information on Jireh⁄Jirah⁄Jerah BARLOW. He's in the 1840 census for Whiteside County, Illinois at 60-70 years old. I need information on his kin and descendants. In the county history book I see he's listed on page 466. Does anyone have access to that book? I'd like to know what the reference is. Also, what resources for index's for Probates are easily available? I'd assume he passed away before the 1850 census. He's most likely from Vermont since I see the same name in the 1830 census index. Thanks
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BUCK OSTRANDER Duty BUCK died in 1860 Tornado that hit Albany. His daughter, Ermina Buck, married Daniel N. Ostrander, and their daughter, Isabelle Irene, was born in 1857 in Whiteside County. Ivy was brother of Duty--they were early settlers of Albany. Duty was sash & door maker according to 1860 census, as was his son-in-law, D.N. Ostrander. Do you know of this family?
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