Rockford History 1958-1961

June, 1958 ----- Voters approve $4,235.000 in school bonds to erect Auburn High School (city's third senior high school), Whitehead and Haskell Schools and Bloom and West View additions. Johnson, Conklin and Lathrop grade schools are completed.

July 1, 1958 ----- Key site for city parking system - property on S. Wyman St. -- is purchased for $487,700. Funds also are released for other parking areas.

Aug. 20, 1958 ----- Gov. William G. Stratton, at Rockford opens 76-mile section of Northwest Rollway between Elgin and South Beloit.

Mid-December, 1958 ----- "Little Rockford" base in Antarctic is named by Admiral George J. Dufek. The United States and Rockford flags are raised at the site.

January, 1959 ------ St. Anthony Hospital announces plans for a new hospital building, and Swedish-American Hospital reveals plans for a 10-story wrap-around addition. Work starts on the men's dormitory cluster at the new Rockford College campus.

March 14, 1959 ----- Plans announced for the construction of a Central Catholic High School.

September, 1959 ----- Wilson Junior High School and Haskell and Whitehead elementary schools are opened.

1960 ---------- Rockford officially becomes the second largest city in Illinois. Census sets city's population at 126,706, deadlocking it exactly with Madison, Wisconsin, but later figures boost the Rockford population over the 130,000 mark.

March, 1960 ---- Heavy snowstorms followed by floods; 1.700 left homeless north and south of Rockford.

April, 1960 ------ State's Attorney John B. Anderson wins Republican nomination for Congress in 16th District after Leo E. Allen, U.S. representative since 1933, decides to retire. Anderson, 38, wins election over Edwin M. Nelson in November, 1960, to become first congressman from city of Rockford in many years.

June 28, 1960 ----- Rockford hit by its worst hailstorm in history; damage to buildings is estimated at $1.25 million.

July 29, 1960 ----- Catholic Chancery office announces the new Central Catholic High School in Rockford will be named for the Most Rev. John J. Boylan, D.D., third bishop of the Rockford Diocese.

Aug. 16, 1960 ----- Cornerstone laid at 4100 N. Main St. for new Boylan Central Catholic High School. A $2.5 million institution. Plans call for continuation of Muldoon High School for girls.

1961 ------ City annexes 270 acres. First cluster of men's dormitories is occupied on the new Rockford College campus.

April 4, 1961 ----- Benjamin T. Schleicher re-elected mayor of Rockford for a second term.

Nov. 22, 1961 ----- Gust G. Larson & Sons awarded a $710,544 general contract for construction of addition to Harlem High School.

December, 1961 ----- New Rock River Savings building opened downtown.


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