Rockford History 1965

Jjan 5, 1965 --- Mayor Benjamin T. Schleicher accepts the All Rockford Party nomination for a third term.

Jan. 17, 1965 ----- Dr. Thomas A. Shaheen, 47, chief school administrator in Commack, Long Island, N.Y., becomes superintendent of the Rockford School District on a three-year contract at an annual salary of $25,000.

Feb. 27, 1965 ----- Rockford College launches $5 million fund drive for two years to finance construction of buildings on the new campus.

March 9, 1965 ----- Rockford Lutheran High School Association votes to purchase a 65-acre high school site just outside the northeast city limits, east of Alpine Road and north of Spring Creek Rd.

March 18, l965 ----- Rockford Board of Park Commissioners awards a $432,700 pact for preparation of the new Earl F. Elliot Park 18-hole golf course on east side of Lyford Road, south of E. State St. and southeast of the Northwest Tollway entrance.

April 7, 1965 ---- Mayor Benjamin T. Schleicher elected to a third consecutive term by Rockford voters.

April 14, 1965 ----- Clifford G. Erickson, executive dean of the eight-campus Chicago City Junior College, is name president of Rock Valley College.

April 16, 1965 ----- Rockford Board of Education votes unanimously to respore kindergarten, effective with the opening of school in fall, 1965.

April 30, 1965 ----- Rockford's downtown becomes the brightest in the world as the new street lighting system is turned on. System installed at a cost of $252,535.

May 13, 1965 ----- Rock Valley College's Board of Education takes an option on a 217-acre farm northeast of Rockford, at the northeast corner of Spring Brook and Mulford Rds.

June 29, 1965 ----- Rock Valley College Board of Education approves a $550,000 contract for the purchase of Dr. J. J. Rogers' 217-acre farm at Spring Brook and Mulford Roads.

Aug. 16, 1965 ----- Rock Valley College board approves lease for use of Harlem High School on a temporary basis; classes to open Sept. 29.

Aug. 17, 1965 ----- Delbert E. Peterson is chosen by Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners as the new chief of police. Thomas P. Boustead, named to the post on March 1, 1953, retires Oct. 1.

Sept. 7, 1965 ----- Aldermen annex Five Points area east of city. First annexation of July 19 nullified because residents were not given sufficient advance notice.

Oct. 25, 1965 ----- Rockford City Council legalizes Sunday liquor sales in clubs by a 19-0 vote.


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